Message From the Pleiades

Meier- ^^^BI^B- But row once more to Carlo Disch, can you reccmnnend if he should be active for as?

Semjase- 72/1 am not allowed to do so- 73/An according decision is in his judgement alone, because I myself, and the others, too, arc in no way allowed to decide such questions.



Carlo Disch. He wants on answer on it as soon as possible

Genoese- 78/lhcn I will read it here* *………..

(tailing several minutes) 79/’-be demands Carlo Disch is requiring, are ungranteblc in each direction- 80/ He is just thinkir.g impossibly within these concerns/ and he seems not to be conscious of our and your mission, 81/His considerations arc completely over-strencftheried and dangerous. 82/Ke still has much to learn if he wants to become active for your group. B3/Oonceming your question; as I told you last time/ he himself has to decide what he desires to do or to omit/ os we are not allowed to influence his decisions. 84/ln the matter of his information that he had, in the beginning of the sixties, contact with an Clhoa, T hitherto could only find that at the then time two Cassiopeon ships with several crew members were on the Earth for around 4 jnonthSf anu also had started


to contact onrthhuman baincs. BS/But all of the records were not transmitted to the heme planafc, bjt ware taken by the storage- instruments of tho ship, for inexplicable to us rests one. B6/By regret has resulted new cur in- e^r research, that one of these ships was destreyac in your year 19k2, with all of its crew, on its flight back to the heanevorld, ^nri all of tlie records ware . – ,0 reasons for this destruction are hi do on dnrkrese, and com Id not be found, for this happoned within the hyperspaco, as was shewn by the impulses about the coordinates. 88/ Ir.e second ship left about 7 years ago from the Earth as the crew was active until then in expeditions, 89/ These had no knowledge about the records of the lost ship, thus they ecu Id transmit nothing about them tc their homaworld, 9O/Uhfortunately as well, this ship has not roached its home, because seme influences have flung the ship into a strange dirnension when it tried to break into the hyperspaoe. 91/this matter resulted from, that all of. the centre 1 ling instruments , which were connected from tar to the instruments of the ship, suddenly received no more impulses when the breakthrough cawe, clearly indicating that the ship was flung into a strange dimension. 92/There is kroun concerning both ships, that the destroyed flight means had been cenrranded by a male leader with tlie name Elhoa, while the disappeared shin was under the cenrrand of a certain flhar. 93/T will later on trouble for clearing rp, utiether perhaps hy some mr~ cumstanee anything is findable which indicates a contact with a Carlo Disoh, to whom you yet may give my answer now, to his ovorterisioned wishes and conditions which are fully impossible, and he himself would have to decide what he wants to do and to omit.

CR 66

Stiiijase- flBHHHIHii^B 23/But new scroc-


thine else. 24/Xn tha meantime- it was possible for me to look further on into the concerns about El boa and Oirlo Disch. ccnrnunicaticn to a stotion at

Prcxima Centaury, I learned that all the recordings of Eahoa arc stored there. 2&/The records speak of Elhoa having been in short contact with two earrthhuflian beings. 27/A Carlo Disch was not among these. 28/Con-tradlcting these things/ which Carlo Disch has mentioned before to you, caused me further dcubts about the information t for which reason we looked closer -1-M.t thmt Tin rri.l nOtiOedf ti.nt Hi.:- •.viv.yn: c;f r: •

words, as well as many other related things, too, haw only risen from his own fantasyful brain, and that he has still never seen a beamship nor been in contact with an extraterrestrial Intelligence. 297 Everything ia a lie in purpose of self-elevation and in cause of his expressed desire to be esteemed, which matter ttas already caused extraordinary mischief for this man, well, his offering to work for your mission consists of insincere reosens, on the one hand on his untamable thirst for esteem, working inside him like a, passion, and on the other hand on grocery desire to gain financial advant-aqe o£ e%?erything and everybody- 31/His insincerity is so xuch expressed, that he would even lies to and deceive his best friends, if he has such.

Meier- That’s hard, especially for him.

Semjase- 32/OrtetLniy, especially then when ycu pass

. ‘Y v yids to liJ

Meier- As I will surely do.

Semjase- 33/lhat is my <3esire, too, though I fear he will not let himself be taughtt and will continue his hitherto doings. 34/He truely is so fixed in his doings, that he already can no more differ his frauds and lies in himself from the truth, and believes thera to be realiLy.


Meier- It is only a question concerning Carln nisiih. Did he have any kncwiedge about ELhofl?

Seorjafie- 228/ltois I will have to clear up first; and so tomorrow i will give you details of that*


67th Contact 3huxs&y, 11 Novcribei: 1976 15:45 h


Senrjase- 1/fts I promised, today T transmit to you my report on the subject of Carlo Disch- 2/Kithin a sJ’iurt time I weus able ta clear, that everything, and even every tiling without exception, that Carlo Disch has told you and your croup, contains nothing of the truth. 3/He neither has known of the existence of Elhoa, nor was this name known to him. ^yThis is the reason why, since the beyiiiiuny, he spoke of an Eloar who’s name was known to him frais old scripts and from different organizations of religious character.

conaclcHisly dirt not write this naine in its coro-piete fbrm, which leads back to the old nam? ELQHIM, 6/Nltli tie help of rry father I found out, carlo Disch had dene thiy hri tht* sake of his sglfish aim, to penetrate your yriiup, for the purpose of playing himself to the front and to become dominant.

7/Thus Iih Hi-fivl l*-rviiis*» nc r^thor lew dpsines, without the smallest sense of sincerity- 8/Hi« doings and activities are only for himself, for playing a donr inant part in the publicity ahead. 9/Untruths axe vay fit here for him, and he uses those without any hesitation. 10/He refers much to himself, and is very desirous of toeing doainant. 11/Tell him that he should trouble himself for his knowledge in a sincere manner, in the purpose cf satisfying liia own evolution.


UFO in Persia:

just todflYr I read in a . ► t . in Wmiom T. ia Lb nadd bo

Semjase- 21/The reports are known to as# but ve were not able to clear up these doings. 22/Well our teleneter-dlscs registered the in-f liujit of an unknown to us ob lect into the earthly sphere, but it had simply disappeared then without a trace, and was not found again by any means r thouqh we troubled for such.

Animals are sensitive to Beamships:

^mWmmmmW— Ihcse silly cows over there, they rrce-down the whole region still. If only thay could be silent once.

:v-jn.-i^- Tv:-.- 9eq diiirv.rl–.-i! h\ egg Ipf -‘-■•-y influenced by the esc illations of the security in-struments-

CR 75





Mr» i .-• r-

And just wait, have you perhaps interfered within the last days scfTievnerc arocr.g our grou] members?

Semjase- 29/Surely, cur little friends have looker

around at……and in the homo of Ehgelbcrt. 3C/An<

soon, too, they will look around at further menders

MeieT^ oh yes, thus from that, one namely has retire-this, while at Bigeibertfs the cat vent crazy for i while. Have you perhaps recently been at—-in …”

Senrjase- Jl/Manara has been there in the environs, and was pursued by a rocket-like f lightnttcrunc. 32/ But concerning the cats 3 3/An lira Is are very sensitive and feel us ac well in an invisible state*

Meier- Yes, and with the rocketlike flightrrachinej you likely mean once more a jet-fighter of the “Swisf Airforce”?

Semjase- 31/CcLtainlyf but now let wc write the list over aoain.

Semjase responds to the claim that, ‘Plejaren desire to conquer Earth’:


Meier- ¥ou also have choc on a funny place. I had to remove no loss than four cattle-keeping vires and to carry my vohiclo for about 800 rasters to fret hers at all. Just look at mo – this confcurcjed mid, like a deep-ground worker-

Semjase- 49/Hegrcttably it had to happen like this, because the air control became much stronger since the different articlcc appeared in the newspapers and mgasineEr though nothing is told officially about this and one is watching you very reservedly.

Meier- So I can imagine r the articles have snaked things up sufficiently.

Semiaae- 50/ln this matter it will become still belter, for after awaitable time, the TV-stations, also, and the rarHo broadcaster a will dare towards this theme. 51/The first success in this matter will come to -appear already within the next 5:w day*.

Meier Bjt then the nustcrs Arenda and Bertossi will oeccme green and blue with anger.


Jm wj.iim.” ^2/Certainly, anri especially so then, when they cense to know, that their intrigues against you and your group are really only to your advantage, because each in their folly are just causing1 greater

Meier- This we have noticed already, too, and we

spectally both these poor knaves still tear you into mud and pretend, you would desire to conquer the Earth and subjugate tier.

Semjase- S3/For each halfways reasonable earthhuman heing to witness this pretension, he must consider rhe limitless silliness and pri_-nitivity of both menr rnr, it we would ever have considered such doingsr we would have carried oat such plans long ago, rmcl T_hat before the earthhuTans pesessed atomic Vteapons. -u/nn the other hand, as wellr the present and still very primitive capons would not frighten us, thus nn obstructions could oe put against us.

. Vor what reason then, would we still wait ‘until die far ruture, it we would want to kidnap tha Earth? 56/aniy rather 111 and still quite si I ly-priinittve brains may thus hreec such nonsense* not brains that are already subordered to a reason-according thinking. 57/As well those ones are r.ot in a mch better position,, who give belief to such Lmreaccrined words.

Meier- This is hard, for the people don’t yet knew that these man are lieing like the devil.

Senrjase- !SB/lria? is net n–nplotely as you think, for It these huirans would think reasonably, then their way wculri lead to you, as with the help of the contact reports they umile becenva themselves convinced.

Me lor- Here you are right again.


Plejaren wont appear Publicly because:

74/Every earthhuriari being


always has to do such by hirrsclf dene, from his own power of decision and independently from us. 75/There has never to be anything {like tlist) in any fa™ depending en us, which as well is a further reason why wc make ourselves visible to only sane Lew earuinOliBn beinqsy where this yet only happens then, too, when these becciTfS aware of our existence. 76/As less as you are ever allowed to show yourself as a master of teaching, as less are we allowed to shew ourselves, for only by this performance is it guaranteed that, the earthhmran beings become ne l f-si import i ng, to think in their own way and to begin acting in a right manner, to elaborate for themselves the true knowledge and tlie liberty of insides and outs ides. 72/Mut if we itiould reveal ourselves publicly, and you would appear as a great teacher, then the human beings on the Piarth would again fall in their beliefs and remain reta rded 1 n evolution. 78/Bufc in this way nothing would succeed, and the earthhuman being would not become free and autonomous. 79/Frcm that exists the only way, that only tne basic orders o± the lawn anil bids, with their explanaticns, are ftandefl mrer to him, which he still has to elaborate by his rwi brain word towards truth and knowledge. 80/Any delivery of evidences besides those which we have given to you for evaluation, would be wrennly placed, because when a form of life -Is only convinced by so-called evidence about a natter, then this doesr.’t mean any more than a new belief. 81/Bat knowledge, truth and wis com can not be elaborated by such kind of evidence, but only by onee own labor of thinking and inner reaching of clarity by an inner generated evidence of truth.

Meier- Girl, this speech is well knewn to me- It is word for word originated frcni STATU.

Sanjasc- 82/From him I haw taken this. 83/He was my grandfather, as you would call iL.

Meier- Girl, I get crazy. – In 1953 I heard the last time anything from him, but nothing race since then, I always assumed that he then had died.

Semjase- 84/Your assumption is right-

Meier- He was a very wortftj6 of loving old man, and he always seemed to me like a venerable old patriarch.

Sfath, GrandFather of Semjase; Semjase- flBi^^H

8 3 /lie was my

^or.cfcth-i, yc: •■•r^jli –nil it..

Meier- Girl, I get craay. – In 1353 I heard the last tiire anything fran him, but nothing -iocs since Chen, I always assumed that he then had died.

Semjase- 84/Youx assumption is riant.

Meier- He was a very w>rthy of loving oL<3 rran, and he al\ seened to ire lifce a venerable old patriarch.

■■^^■■^^■V: His ppar-i iice ghipr was it one or your cennon ones? you had quite another 3Q0-ypar-nifi craft once.

semjase- 85/His ship vms a present fron one sir!an nation.

MPlpr- Ym mean, from a nation in sinus?

Spmjase- 86/Certainly, frm rm» of the two colonized planers of Sirius.

Meier- on yes, for a long tine now, l have ranted to as* yoc about that, whether there are any other colonized worlds anywhere.

spmjasp- H7/CPrtainly; those two, which are from their own sun-systems.

Meier- By this you sorely rriean just tws T>ian»rs. havLij arcjii -hemselves still orh»r -r-, in


SHiijase- 88/yes, 1 do. 89/But now, «b really have to a ay qmrJ-hye.

Meier- Ukay, i am already disappearing. TChys, dear sister-isart.

CR 64, Saturday, October t, 1976

– Menara & her girl friend ‘Rala’ visited Meier & gave him a laser-pistol

Sfath’s Pear-Shaped Craft;


which he burned through small trees

– Menara’s Ship does not have the technical possibility for an extensive investigation of the strange 3-part ET landing Tracks appeared near to Meier’s place(Brazilian Group)

World Public is not ready for an Official ET Landing :

IflHaS -1/But the matter now Is as to 1 Lews: b/Ycu cesire to give in the future no mors inrormatiens about our existance publicly?

Meier- You evidently have rummaged ence more into Try thoughts, which activity you should stop.

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