Message From the Pleiades

ftemjafie- 62/Such an evant is unknown to us. 63/lf this would really have happened, then we should knew abrut it. 64/0n the other hand, but from a private side was shot from a station a disc into tha free space, in the 50s years, which was or-cupied by four persons. 65/TTiey were a urxvm and three men of Russian origin. 66/The initiators of that ijnctertrftlnn were one of the groups, which after World-War TT had taken possesion in Ggnnany of the plans for the flying discs, and built up for themselves ttelr own organization. 67/Sctre data about these events hsvp cone public in seine inexplicable way when i-hoce wsre

later on distorted and falsified—–and presumed

to have been a Russian Gpacso capcule.

Meier- ?»& far as T knowr it was then said, that Italian radio mateurs had received signals from this spaceship, or whatever this had been by construction.

Semjase- 68/11116 Is fully lnrjosslhle, because the total destruction of the talking and wireless signal ~.~rrrrj’.”!ri:r., as well Tor 1 “>-■ r–rm-nr.ri fi:r ::r.:rfflS

of the ship, was responsible tor the ship going off course and being expelled tabards the enpty space.

Meier- BJt then news must h*ve spread sane other way about this event.

Semjase- 69/As 1 said,, hut it is inexplicable for


Mr.Refz’s Spiritual Drawings & Books – ‘Die Chronik von Akakor’ & ‘Brucke


zur Freiheit1

71/Bat concerning the matters and the boofc of Nr. Relz, I have to say the notifications are quite in error, for they con^spond to a hierarchiaa conception , wnicft is connected to a technique. 72/so wr. Keiz puts alone barely understandable to him, spiritual forces and facts into a still less unclerstand-abie to him technique, while he moreover still presses this all into hierarchlai consanjrtigns* 73/in Donssquence, his drawings are fully worthless and of no meaning, 74/1 troubled myself to read the book fpie ChroniJc von AkaKor), but the included matters there are fully unknown to me. 75/we ail have troubled ourselves iruch about this matter, and tried to prove the notes in the bocK. Te/urifortunatjeiy all was in vain, and we could not find proof for any of the details• 77/When we all have returned from our vacations, we will yet together still lock for these matters again. 7B/something might have slipped frai our notice, but this possibility is not great. 79/so you have to wait for a final answer at least sane six months.

Meiei> of course, and there is no hurry at all. What was the name of the book once more?

Semjase- 8D/”Die Chronik von AfcaJcor”. 81/B5sides, 1 have brought the things baefc to you again.


Meier- Many thanks. – So you think, that there is not much “worth in the books of Mr, Reiz?

Semjase- 82/Surely, for they are ori^n.dlt:^ in on astray form of thinking in hierorchial values* like in this case where Lhey corresrxaiti to the “Brueke ztir Frelheit” (Bridge to Liberty).

Meier- I understand* It is very regretable.

Sesrjase- 83/ilie earthhuman beings have a very great difficulty in liberating thenEelves from their religious or semi-religious and other heresies. B4/ With cpen eyes, they meet with their damage, and devote belief to the cheaters and inpnsters……

Pleajren’s Destroyer-Mechanism of Objects & Instruments :


Meter- ‘^mWmWmWmmmMWmWmmt -tec HOW I have Quito a crazy question: do you do about any ofajocts which go lost frcfn you and which you can not out back any more, by any reason? Know, in that I mean, what do you do about than if a taking back simply does not oxiet, and no chance of it any nrore for you? maybe if the object got into the pocossion of another human beinrr? “–

Semjase- 91/Your question is not crazy, but very reasonable. 92/But *diy do you ask?

Meier* Because I have heard that sore objects had simply dasar^ozired or burnt, or dissolved themselves in sana way, if they were found by earrthhumni beings and if the objects belonged to acme extraterrestrial intelligences.

Semjase- M/Hae reason therefore is the elimination of theae objects. 94/tae and many other intelligences are able to eliminate lost, or fallen into insincere hands, things by different ways, or s triply to bum these to _^hes. 95/This happens by very far-reaching transmitters, which am started by a means built into each Instrument, a destroyer mechanism. teHe clest.royR r-mech an 1 sns are “isualiy built liitO the objects anc? instrunmts, which to take to strange ann” still lowly-fere Icped worlds, for reasons of security, so there does not cone the damgeroos for them possibilities of progress into the hands of the concerned still lowly-developed

forms of Hfo of any planet. 97/Thesf- h sUuroents or objects equipped with such destroyer-m^hanis^ are normally produced from synthetic materials, lite for example this small thing hera.


Pleajren’s ‘Selective Warning Instrument1 :

Meier- Hiat is that small white object?

Semjase- 98/TMs is a selective warning instruincnt-

Moier- That effects rre very Laforned, for I h*ve no presentirnent what that could he.

Eanjase- 99/Xhis is a warning means, which annouji-ces by a fine signal tone to me* vhen tor eynjnple now should anybooV ccrne near to us, whose brain^vnue Eat tern is not noted in this instrument, by which 1 mean* not registered.

Meier- I see, and If you lose this* then by circunv-stances you are in quite a bad situation, do you?

Serrjasc- 100/Certalnly not, for we always carry a second instrjrrent with us, you ©eer this here at the girdle.

Semjase Performs the workings of ‘Destroyer-Mechanism1 with a Selective Warning Instrument:

Meier- What is that small white object?

Semjase- 98/Thls is a selective warning, inatr»xpcn–


Meier- MHHHHHI^^Bl

demonstrate fcr rae hew you destroy such a thing?

Senrjase- 101/In purpose of your accc*nplishiTer)ts, yes. 102/Loak, I aiiaply throw it here onto the grand, and now do cone a bit asice. 103/ – Like that, yes, 104/Mcw look at this girdle-JJistrurent? when yon push these both flat buttons, then tho warning means will start, itself to burn and chance towards a viscous and brown-black, syiitlietic nass . 105/Pay attention to the means laying t2iere and push the two cut tons.

(I allow n^-self to push then.)

Maier- >tysteriousr the thing really smokes. Does it really burn to ashes?

Semjase- 106/SUrely, if you allow it to bom on long enough.

Meiers Can 1 haw the rare jailers? Know, I want to lot thflBL get analyzed-

Gemjase- 107/Ves, but than ycu should stop burning

tills mass, as otlierwlse nothing will remain far you. 108/000’t touch it until 1 1/2 hours have passed, as until then, certain radiations dissolved by the can-bus tion will have escaped out of that mass.

Meier- >tell, but don’t you think that our scientists could analyze lnpartdnt facts from out of this rrass?

Semjase- 109/lhe chance is very small, because this sort of synr^tir irate rial alluus no more recognition of the or I g1 th1 cccigxjumLa, will in similar form be used as wet I nn th« Edith. 110/But now we should leave ansr^ier, ah Just now I have heard human voices in front there 1ji the road.


CR 63, Wednesday, September 22,1976

– Billy asks Semjase for film showing him firing with a Beam-Pistol

– Meier asks semjase for a map of Switzerland where earthquakes appear more Menara ship’s Propulsion system:

then, tOOY Perhaps as well she ray leave acme traces too?

SFinjafle- 7/shfi surely will caee same Lime, hut her leaving traces will be more difficult. d/Iter ship hHE a drive, for plaretary flights only, which very near the ground generates gas accumulations which catch fire and ton the ground. 9/”Plus a he normally does not lsnr; her ship. 5ttt laiwe it suspending.

Meier- Ktit just this would hp interest-Lug for us, for photos, you Know?

Cassiopeian ET’s(Eloha):

Meier- ^■■■■i^B But now a question: I have previously net with a kind of man, a certain Carlo Disch, from the n&ssine. He ccoupies himself very much with or concerns, and seems to succeed a lot in that, itfhat do you think? Should he be active in our concerns? Presently ho is unemployed and thinks about going to Austria to ask for a nob m Kuweit, or should he be working for us? He also wrote a report for me, according to which he supposedly had a contact in I960 with a certain Eloa from the stars z>£ Gicslcpc-ia. At that tiroa hn wae ordered to wait fiftcon yearn, then he would bo callod for a dofincd task in the natter of truth-spreading, an organizational one, so then, when from a certain side the truth would get published, (he could confirm it). He


now has announced himself to us by the statement, he would have to fulfill his mission with us, because by us would have been given the then dated si en to him* What do you think, arid what should w do?

Gemjaee- 17/Cnly a very few stars of Cassiopeia do have human creatures, and I know only a few friends there I 18/But on Elca is unknown to me on those stare, but there is a more similar name, that is Bloha– 19/This might be a ndeuncorstanding by Carlo Disch, in the way to have Heard the name incorrectly. 20/His experience is unknown to us, but this could be cleared up.

Meier- I do not think this is necessary, yet you surely will not keep fror dcinq this. ^m^mWmMM%9

* .’mm m. * » * ^ a -1 ^m, •

CR 64

(^■IHHB ….. Bere I still have a letter from

Carlo Dis-eh. He wants an answer on it as soon as possible

Bcnrjosc- 78/Thcn I will read it here……………

(taking several minutce) 79/ӣhc demands Carlo Disch is requiring, are ungrantcblc in each direction. 80/ He is just Blinking impossibly within these concerns/ and he seems rot to be conscious of our and your mission. Bl/His considerations arc completely over-strerKfthened and dangerous. S2/H& still has much to learn if he wants to become active for your group. B3/G2neeming your guest ion, as I told you last time/ he himself has to decide what he desires to do or to emit, os we are not allowed to influence his decisions-84/ln the matter of his information that he had, in the beginning of the sixties, contact with an Elhoa, I hitherto could only find that at the then time two Cassiopagfln ships with several orew members were on the Earth for around 4 months# anu ciIbu hod started


bo contact earthhuman baincs, fiS/But all of tha records ware not transmit to3 to tha hone planafc, but wore taken by the storage instruments of tho ship, for inexplicable to us reasons. B6/By regret has resulted new cur in? c^r research, that one of fch&M ships was destroyed in your year 19£>2, with all of its crew, on its flight back to the hcmevorld, and all of the records wero lest- 87/The reasons for this destruction are hidden in darkness, and could not be found, for this happonod within the hyperspaec-. as was shown hy the impulses about the coordinates. 8H/ Tr.e second ship left abect 7 years ago from the Earth as the crow vac active until then in e^rpeditrons – 89/ Those had no knowledge about the records of the lost ship, thus they ecu Id transmit nothing about them tc their homowcrld, 90/Unfortunately as welLr this ship has not roached it5 home, because seme influences have flung the ship into a strange dimension when it tried to break into the hyperspace. 91 /This matter resulted from, that all et the cmtrclling instruments, which were connected from tar to the instruments of the ship, suddenly received no more impulses when the breakthrough cam©, clearly indicating that the ship was flung into a strange dimension. 92/There is krcwri concerning both ships, that the destroyed flight means had been camanded by a male learier with the name Elhoa, while the disappeared shin was under the cenrrand of a certain Ahar. 9.1/1 will later on trouble for clearing up, whether perhaps hy some nir-cumstanee anything is findable which indicates a cert-tact with a Carlo Disch, to whom you yet may giw my answer now, to his overt en sinned wishes and conditions which are fully impossible, and he himself would have to decide what he wants to co and to emit.

CR 66


B 21 /In tha iraantinw it was T>occible far roe to look farther on into the concerns about Elhoa and Carlo Disch. 2S/By comrnunlcaticn to a station at Proximo. Centauryt I learned that all the rccordincs of Elhoa arc stored there- 2&/The records speak of Elhca having been in short contact with two ear^ihunan beings* 27/A Carlo Disch was not among these. 28/Con-tradlctinq these things/ which Carlo Disch has mentioned before to you, caused ms further dcubts about the information, for which reason we looked, closer about that man and noticed, that the whole of his words, as well as many other related things, too, have only risen from his own fantaayful brain, and that he has still never seen a heamship nor been in contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence* flP

Carlo Disch – Cassiopeian Contactee:

Meie- Wk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Wk\\\\\\\\\ But now a question: I have previously m&t with a kind of man, a certain Carlo jj jy”, •  frfe pies hinspll ■■r-jy

SjchTwith our cencems, and geems to succeed a lot in that, what do you think? Should he be active in our conrerns? Presently he is unemployed and thinks about going to Austria to asSc for a 30b in Kuweit, or should he be working for us? He also wrote a report for me, according to which he supposedly had a contact in I960 with a certain Elca from the stars of Cassiopeia. At that time he was ordered to wait fifteen years, then he would be called for a defined task in the matter of truth-spreading, an organizational one, so then, when from a certain side the truth would get published, (he could confirm it) – He


now has announced himself to us by the statement, he would have to fulfill his mission with us, because by us would have been given the then dated sign to him. Khat do ycu think, and what should w do?

Genrjaee- 17/Only a very few srtars of Cassiopeia do have human creatures, and I know only a few triends thereI 18/But an Eloa is unknown to me en those starsr but there is a more sinilar name, that is Blojp- 19/This might be a niisen cerate-ding by Carlo Disch, in the way to have heard the name incorrect ly-20/His experience is unknown to us, but thic could be cleared up.

Meier- I do not think this is necessary, yet you surely will not keep frcrr 6cinn this. J^HHJ^^^^

Meier- ^■■■1 but what shall we do now with Carlo Disci L?

Serajase- 2VTn first position, I will have to ex-arcine him and his report as well* 24/But from your wcn*!s= it rippears to me, rhat t!ie ‘mji li goodwortll to you, and accordingly he could be active for you. 25/Jhere it would hsue to be, that Tie 061114 earn some wsges by seme ranner, which In tdCt is. besides this due to you, and that is tlie first thing.

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