Message From the Pleiades

Meier- yy regret, hut i really have wondered if you really had telepathic rent acts with him and had not informed rue about lt_

Plejaren Conscious Telepathic Contactees on Earth & Europe:

,.^m^mWmmMMmmmmWm9 rp|1 w&t HnW TSV\Y persons

in fliropo are consciously having tftlory.thio con tarts with you Pleiadians?


Senrjase- persona*

Malar Are they men or wnrnen?

9mjase- 130/These are two ferraie beings, of whan, one is Amata,

Meier- Qh yes, and hew many further contacts by conscious telepathic ray are the Pleiadians keeping over all the world?

Senrjase— 131/ln a trueLy conscious manner, ag the earthhuman beings knew this, there are only tw persons, Amata and the other varan.

Meier- Can I hear the name of the other lady?

Semjase- 132/Certalnly, hut you are not allowed to tell this, 133/This is a person by the name of —.

Meier- You get me carzy- Yet tell me ence: Do the Pleiadians luster still other personal contacts besides with me?

Semiase- 134/5tot with us…

Plejaren Landing Tracks – Spiral_Shaped Anti-Gravity Oscillation:


Meter Well. – We scrrietlmes have noticed already, that the prints of the touchdown supports of ycur and Quetzal’s ships in the grass and hushes etc.# got pressed down in spiral form in against the clock-wise direction from the outs ides to the Ins ides center. We dn not understand this, because, as I have seen, the bases of the landing-supports da rot turn themselves.

Semjase- llZ/^lrils is very easy, 143/The round areas of the traJOhflown supports vibratet like the whole ship, in a astral-shaped ^nttgrav-oscliiaticn, which as you have seen correctly, forms itself counterclockwise fren the outside towards the center. 144/ The bottom of the ship has four of those centers, where three are in the lancrr.n Eupports, while the fourth is formed by the center of the ship at the bottcm part.

Meier- I see. ibis sounds very evident. Bit hew does it happen now, that the grass or the bushes do not rise again after some tim=# but grow unaltered for weeks after in the spiral-shaped rum right along the ground? We now have tracks which are older than four weeks and which have not changed at all. The new grass and bushes etc*# quite simply grow up in between the spixal-shaped pressed down blades etc.

Semjase- 145/Ihic ac woll can be quite easily explained. 146/The anti-grav oscillation, which is much stronger than the gravitation-oscillation of the planet itself, causes a gravity-shift inside the plant forma of life, by which they hold themselves down in a counter-gravity, and vsork against the normal gravity of the Earth, in which ccnccquence they then grow further just laying in their spiral ii.-xii!, as the plants do not get hurt, by being bcuketi off.

Meier- Ibis do I really not understand yet, because accordiriy to your weeds, tlie plantE would have to push themselves away Iran the yrojiiu, and not all the irere press themselves down against it.


Scmjaso- 147/You think very unlogically, but yet you have no cogniticns about these things. 148/ln these cases, the csntigrav-oscillation does not lie below the plants, but on thorn, in what result they press themselves down from above and repulse themselves freffi the gravitational force above trtera, in cause ot which they rcsrvain down, 149/0£ course the gravity force of the Earth itself still plays a decisive partf which makes their attraction force effective.

Meier- But nevertheless, I do not understand these tilings. Itiey arc simply beyond my reaaon.

Semjase- ISO/Don’t get excited because of cnis, as even the earthly scientists axe still not able to understand these tilings •

Meier- IMe is quite calming, then perhaps I am not stupid. ^■^^■■■^■■■i^^^^^^^^^^^B^B

Free Masons:

^^^B What support -do the Freemasons get?

Semjase- 153/You alreacy asked ire this question en© time, and I knew no answer for it. iS4/Meanwhile I have cleared these concerns. 155/Sb help at ail is aiven to tixem frcrn putsicte the Earth, neither In a material, nor in a spiritual manner. l!>6/1he assi©-ances given to them are of purely naterlal^and natural earthly manner, as well as does conduct tot all the other ones, or«sni2ed and owisting in the same way.

Meier- Well-cried, that is calining. Number of Chemical Elements in the Universe:


fViirj- ^mMMMMMWmmWmmmmMWmMMW you tall

how many chemical aliments do cxict in the univarscV

Semjase- 157/The amount is not known to mef regret-ably, and these matters do as well not belong to ny field of knowledge. 158/1 would have to ask for it-

Meier- 1h<^n please do.

Semjase- 159/1 will grant your request.

Elementary Particles in the Universe:

Meier- The next question refers to the aleineritdxy particles. How nany are there existing?

Semjase- 160/1 haw to ask fat tfiat as well, Plejaren not allowed to bring Animals from Other Worlds unless Ordered:


Hcicr- Well. Yet now somethinq quite JJiteiestliiy. Some child pupils want to present you d little cat. Do you want to accept this?

Semjase- 161/it is an extraordinary delight to hear this offer, but tlxjse things are not allcwed to us*

Meier- h Pity. Ddj’t you fceejj Qcm&Stlc animals yet, or similar?

Seuijdse- 162/But yea, we as wen keen ocmestic animals, gPfflO cats gpfl dogs, roo, \tfitch ft J ready in earlier blues were brought from the Rsurth to the Pleiades. 163/But «■? are not allowed to appropriate earth Ly animals, because certalr sideness excitants live ir. them, wnicn no mom appear m animals, and which are trans terabit by tho htjron forms of life irtn the- animals, ten. lf>£/Sft this: 1s a reg-II ] at inn frr th« «?*Vp nf wiir1fyr whf>n wo not al inwrt too <eep earthly animals.

Meier- This T do understand, as we, too, have such regulations among the lands. But you must nave the possibility of cnnplate disinfection etc., don’t you?

Semjase- 165/9urely, but about this our nations and

our reason determines whether we need any animal fron another world. Iko/Sjch .i^cioWn* are only th^n made if it is demanded” for one of our worlds.

Existence of ‘Ether’:

Meier- ^L\a\u\m^- My next question: Does a rroterial, fine-substantial, penetrating through everything jdium exist, being called by us “ether”?

Semjase- 167/Dut certainly, and you are informed about it.

Meier- Use question here was not from me, because scroeone wanted tu know this £can your side, ^^^l


Einstien’s Theory of Relativity is WRong:

Meier- f^^^. My next questions Does a materia 1 r fine-substantial, penetrating through svezything medium exist, fccdng called by us lfether”?

Semjase- 167/Dat certainly, and you are in formed about it. ~”-

Meier- Hie question here was not from mu# because someone wanted to know this from your side.

to give information.

Meier- Ttds is evident, thank you.

. – — _ ■» i r*-

Plejaren Government- High Council:

^^^B What kind of adbtinistration do you have for the Pleiades? I ncan, what administration as a government?

Semjase- 169/This I already explained to you earlier- 170/wfe do not keep any adnujiistratron, but Uteri only escists the High Cv.r;:il. I7l/Its way L.i this, to give high advice, bat never a carrand or an order of a cecinandinq kind-

Meier- Thia ia known to me. This suffices*

Clothing & Footwear of Plejaren:


what do you, usually have of arjoeworks, but not always these boots, as you and the cthetones wear?

Semjase- 172/Our shoes are similar to yours, but they don’t consist of anirrc.1 skins, but of rate rial 3 we generate artificially. l73/Likc thus behaves our clothing, too, and they arc very similar to those which you will use in about 70 years.

Meier- So for us, something utopian-

Stsnjaae- 17 4/Not exactly that, but more purposeful, maybe today still somewhat strange for the eartbhftjirian being.

Introduction of Menara & Her Lineage & Language :

eemjace- 17 6/Excuse me, ito* I have to explain to you in a few short words some isnportant mttera; 177/In a few minutes, another one of our ships will land; one which will be a bit unoonmor. for you to view, because it deals there of a product of one of our further races. 178/The ship is cccrnandcd by 2E©3^# a qirl cf the planet QERQN in the Vega-Systcni. 179/Menora will take ever my task here en the Earth for the next tine, and this until the end of your year. 180/Durinq this tijne Quetzal, I and the remain inc ones will leave our station on the Earth and return to our hcneworlcb- 161/In earthly terns, we keep that whidn you call holidays.

Semjase- 189/So will be; Menara is very j very dark-skinned and flashing with delight ir 190/You will understand one another most well.


Semjase- 206/But no, Plejn remains at the station. 207/Besides, siie is there since only a short time, and makes no demand for holidays. 206/But look there, Ken org is coming in the an t iqrav-1 ufe >

{Menora is really very pretty; as Semjase/ too. Her skin is extremely dark colored; « very intens brown. She is about 10 centiireters shorter tiara Semjase, and evidently has negroid marks, much like the Hot-ten tot ts* Sent] disc and r^ikua. talk together for sane time, while I can get an imagiuaLluji of tine girl.

have, and that in the fttrloan spnere, a human race, which we call “–” who have quite considerable European 1 nf 1 u&nces- A-sker. once explained to m@ at an earlier time about this. This race-mixture would have heen generated together frem the actual negroid people and the whits people,, or similar- Is that right?

Menara- 9/Our race really originated on this earth, because our forefathers mingled together with the earthly inhabitants arid generated the co-call ad tribes of the Hunsf who in later epochs came together for a short time with the negroid races of Attic*. IQ/FrcHi there rose new racesr for example during a very long span of time the Bottentottc. J/Soma at those races new connected themselves again to our later forefathers, and generated with then out presently existing races.

Meier- Somewhat intricate, but nevertheless somehow understandable.

^^■^^■^■■^^Ki • But new, scrcething astonisji-es me: You have such very pretty bl^ck eyes. which marvelous ly fits your dark skin- l%e here on tte Earth


Meier- very nice, but how Is this with yoUi Henara? from this, yet: surely have a special, characteristic for your race, own language, don’t yon? What -do you call this?

Mmara- 12/JPfflM.

Meier- Jenan, this as well I estimate as pretty.

Senijoae- 22G/^^^HH^^^H^HHP73ut I want

to plead you ccucerjujky Menaxa, not to put her in <l predicaraent by many unusual questions. 22B/As she has rather few cognitions in respect to earthly affairs, for she has at first to work herself into these, which doing will take a longer time. 229/Be-sides this, she is on Earth for the first tiftis, and has to first find nor way here.

Meier- Oh ray dear, I didn’t know thic, as otherwise I v*x» Id not hava asked her about the Hottontotts.

Secnjase- 230/She is informed about this, and you have not put her in a precacament. 2 31 /But consider that I myself had to exercise four years of iriterr aive study, until T waw able tr> give answers til you. 232/But now you really have to go, tor you have to sit in front or your writing means at the right time.

Semjase- 233/1 still want to inform you, being ocnr: time during the night in the region of your dwelling place, for explaining to Menara the different suited places for her contacts with you, the landing-places.

KOSAN, J EN AN & SARAT Languages:


i^ta’- &WmmM%^m9* Besides, can you tell me wn^r you call your mather-language Inoeec]?

Semjase- 2lVAre ycu thinking here of cur pnftsftnr. language, or of our original language?

M&ier- Of that which ycu speak today.

Sanjase- 21b/Ws call it SLftPJfl1.

Meier- Soma peculiar. But 19 this S&ratian a separ-ate language?

Semjase- 217/In our world it ia, but not on ait the remaining worlds* because lift* with you, dltfn»r^nt languages prevail. 218/But there behaves, that all the huran, and forms of life united with us, speak a single language, which you could call an intercom mic language.

Meier- Isn’t that a hit too much? Would galactical

not be sufficient?

Semjase- 219/This languace reaches farther than our galaxy, and we call it the rosfiN-language.

Meier* very nice, but how is this with you, Jlenara? From this, ycu surely have a special, characteristic for your race, own language, drn’t yon? What -do you call this?

weier- Jenan, this as well I estimate as pretty.

CR 62, Thursday, August 12,1976

Semjase explains the process of getting in Communicaiton with High-Council to Meier:


Meiers ^L\mWL\Wm\\Wm\\Wm\\^L\mmamanow another ques-

tion: 3 s it possible for me to get in contact with your High Council directly?

Semjase- 40/Fcr what?

Meier- I don’t want to explain this to you.

Srtnjase- 41/Then you have secrets. 42/But okay, if you want so; there does exist a possibility for ycu to do thie 43/1 will explain the way of thia ccru-munication pjGsibility to you, but it is destirtedTu yourself alone-

Meier- I will suroly keep it to me alone. Semjase- 44/So listens ………….

Meier- Then r will haue to train scene time for this and to strain vyself rather a lot.

Semjase- 45/Surely, but you will succeed in it.

Meier- At aLl, I want to start this as soon as possible.

Menara’s Race Evolution Level:


‘1^11 me new, can you give ira information about, by bow many years J»5enara, respectively her race, is in advance of us in the total evolution?

Senrjase- &6/ThlG is no socret, and Venom heraelf will answer this question to you.

Meier*- But I want to know this already now, and by you.

Semjase- 47/As you want. 48/These are 3,150 years. <9/By it, 350 ycar3 loss than we.

Mciar- How that?

Semjase- 50/tihen Menara’s people left tlie EoLth, they kept the same position in evolution > like wc. 51/But by Menara’s nation, our notion was 350 v<-ai» advanced in evolution, while other nations are still in the status of rapld-educatiun, and this chance was given to them acme years latei.

Meier- I see- Then the lftwl of evolution is nearly the same. This calms mo vary much, tor M-R. gave such a peculiar annotation in the sake ot the nogoarthy origin of Menara.

Genrjase- 52/Ycu speak it wrong r for it means “in sake of the negridian originn

Meier- Thanks for teaching, you really are getting better. Now you already teach me in German languaga-But irony thanks for it.

Semjase- 53/1 liked to do it.

Secret Russian Space Module – 2 Italian Radio Amateurs:


MHpr- f/^^. ~ Is anything known to you, that the Russians have stiot a space module during the 50s ox 60s towards the cosrcer vftilch should have been manned bv diree men and one wjnan? Further on, is it correct Ujdt these four humans went off their course in their capsule and shot away into the cosmos, to finishf as I assume, their lives there?

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