Message From the Pleiades

B7/lt seemed liXe the Earth would die, because the impact power of ciie xe^mcuit pieces was greater than 32 f 000 hydLroggn bgji»f as you dispose of presently in such absurdity. BB/Deep down in the ocean, the earthly crust was torn and the way opened for the bubbling of the Earth’s innermost hot and glowing maijrvi, whicb rrv tft i r.k-f luidly wallcjwed high* 89/The waters ot the sea Began bubbling and belling, and the darkened masses at water rushed up into the atmosphere to heights of 35, 000 meters {roughly 90,000 feet) – 90/By this eventt the raging sea was thrown up into a gigantic tidal wave, which w1 th gre^t speed shot along to a height of 2,300 meters tearing everything with it and sutoterrjing whole countrl p.s simply under water, and destroying everything it reached- 91 /The island kingdcvi of Atlantis was submerged in a speed ot minutes below the raging waters of the Atlantic Ocean, without leaving behind even one living creatures- 92/Ihe capital, constructed in the form of a beamship (circular) was rent into several pieces and sank with hor underground [facil-ifcioc) , 93/Di thie way or\^Lin-c»d tha history of Atlantis and Mu about 9, 500 years bacfc in chronology boforc the nodom counting of time.

Meier- Fantastic, but from where do you get all this knowledge?

Semjase- 94/lt was delivered to us.

Meier- Phencroenal – but you just said those occur-tetucea lay back by 9, 300 years, before nodern counting of timet as you say. Is thia date cf year exact?

Qerojaae- 9S/Gertainiy, exact within two yeare- 96/ Ihere were exactly 9,498 years, calculated backwards from the present time of counting, in consequence 11,496 years.

Otto Muck (‘Plato’) – Destruction of Atlantis :


^^^HD 92/Tn thic way oryrurrod tha history of Atlantis and Mu about 9,5D0 years bacfc in chronology before the modem counting of time.

Meier- Fantastic, but from where do you get all this knowledge?

Senrjose- 94/lt was delivered to us.

Meier- Phcrienenal – but you just said those occur-mvxst lay back by 9,500 years, before ncdern counting of timei as you say. Is this date of year exact?

Gerajese- 95/Certamly, exact within two years. 96/ There were exactly 9, 498 years, calculated backwards fron the present time of counting, in consequence 11.496 years.

Mpif*r- Such a tliLny can nuL happen. SOTJase- 97/You doubt my notes?

Pteler- Of ltd inly not, Ixit just look here; – Here T have a feature sent by one of oui yiuup i^Tfoers. Thpre such a man with the name Otto Muck, a German nbysieian, has calculated that Atlantis must have got destroyed at exactly 19s 00 hours of the 6th of



June Ul the year B, 495 ELC, and that exactly in the way you have Just told me, but he thinks it dealt with a purely cosmic catastrophe. Semjase- 98/This does not surprise rag.

Meier- Doesn’t it? And why? Ihis roan has calculated this all very exactly, exactly to the year, only that he was wrong by one thousand years.

Semjase- 99/Surely, this is a wrong calculation, because he has trusted in information which is wrong by one thousand years, 10(J/Besides, he assumes that the events or Mu and Atlantis were caused by the Great Flood, but which is wrong.

Meier- This is known to me, Yet I really thought that you would wonder about this wry sharp calculation, in my view, and th& reflation of the affairs.

Semjase- 101/Vby should I? The expositions of this earthman Muck are best known to us, as well as the fact, that he is very close to the truth. 103/But he must know that, because he first received and tixed the legends ot Atlantis ill wrltlfsy J.,ill yea/m ago, and surrendered them for posterity.

Meier- You drive me crazy – you really mean, that this Muck would be the ancient Plato?

Senrjase- 104/1 d? not mean; we know this very sure. 105/Rit here a comparison between both these pictures. lQS/Here is the bust of Plato, and here the picture of Otto Hock. 107/Does seme tiling strike you?

Meier- Hm, — m^nr girl, this is right, these both are but the sameones.

Semjase- 1 08/Certainly,

Meier- But that’s fantastic? if only that man knew this.

Semjase- 109/By regret he la not addressable for these matters.

Meier- A pity.

Senrjase- 110/By which saying you arc right.


or planetoids, ftfefneJy, of what does deal the so-called “torns-Group”? “Phift Mr, Muck snys that this cosmic missile would have dealt of a body frora out of the “Ataiis-Groop”, by which T unfortunately can imagine nothing.

Setnjaee- Ill/This can very easily be explained. 112/Eia earthhuman being counts as the Adonis-Groap all those heaven’s or cosmic bodies »4iich are called planetoids.

Meier- Oh yosr thus 7»^onis-Crour><rembar does simply mean planetoid? How complicated the human being can be.

Semjase- 113/Unfortunately they ore.

Meier- ^H^^^p. – You had told me at an earlier time, that you would answer my question referring to Atlantis and Mu cnly when the time was mature for that, Today you have given me th© answr, and I am unable to see the time being mature for this. From

Semjase- 173/That’s very simple. 174/Already for many years wa have controlled otto MDCk, who was inspired as well hy us for certain things. 175/ror the first of events, he should achieve great informative publicity hy the results of his researches, to prepare the earthhuman beings for the full truth about the events of Atlantis and Mu- 176/so he has accaiplished this on the me hand by a book, and on the other hand by a magazine article as well, which ycu have jusrt shown miT 177/By this the ground is being; prepared for revealing the full truth. 178/Tn any case, 1 wanted to tell you about the events surrounding Atlantis and Mu today, but you were first with your question.

CR 60


MHi^^^HH^M k*jt i tt<=- now please, what have you meant when you said otto Muck was rot v*»ry well addressable for certain things?

Semjase- 116/lhis ia a quit* simple ooncem. 117/ Otto Muck has already left this world and is in the region of the Other World, in consequence of which, he is no longer very “well addressable, because he would have to be disturbed in his present state of existence, which performance is not al lomeri for us without really deep-seated reasons.

Meior- I sec. I singly thought that he does not vant to talk raich about such concerns, as ho ray refuse

Life on Mars:


Meier ^^^^■^■■■■B Vet new another question: You had once told cue that no life would exist on Mars. If I have understood this right, you meatnt by this but planetsrian hrrun life, didn’t you?

Semjase- 114/Certainly.

Mei_<ir Well fchcr. your coxrli^r caiowcr cLqoc not exclude (the possibility) that any other life of _f lor-ic or faunic form can eKist there r or even doas exist. Sou then told (me) expressly, that life doss not exist there, while logically you had addressed only the human planetary life- Wiat do you thindt now. Will the Americans discover low forms of life w_th their gsncte sent to ^ars?

Semjase- 115/lriey will meet with surprises in irany respects, as in the fact that Mars has much more water than earthly science had assumed until in>w. 116/But there are also surprises in the character of the ground and the nature of the microvrorld* 1L7/The florlr: ard faunlc world can dbsuluLtily be found on Mars whpn the scientific iristruinerita ul these SQOdeB are wen enough rn evaluate and store the concerned


Meier- then “life on Mars” could prove true for our science?

Semjase- 118/It is in the eenpass of possihi lity, that the analyses couid verify this, when the scientific instruments are gooS enough, because Idunlc and floric forms ot life are existing nn Mars, even though this planet destroys nrher fnnm uf life hy its contrary to life nature.

ET’sfrom Centauri-Groups:


Maler- ^^B^^^BHHlB Bat now dJ1°^er questions The next sun system, sfwi from us, belongs to LI it Onr^nri-Groups. As far as I Know, &m first of thai Is railed Proxuna-Gentaurt, then Alphd-Ctentaml be newt, and thpn BPta-Centaurl, which is raned a bit othr-nvi^ hy iif, n*r>*!y fhfi HA-H-VAKU-Stitti or similar, which is a bit none than 6 llghtyeara fron us, Arc new you informed about, whether any human beings live in these systems, who cane to Farth too?

Semjase- 12’4/Snreiy, 3 myself do kno*^ dillenent kinds of friends in all three systems, but Hteie only one can he seen in the Barnard-System, that is, in the Beta-Cenranri system, f mm Earth, that planets are rotating ther* around the sun. 124/But why do you ask?

frfcier- It’s a bit a strange story. – Co you perhaps knew a certain ATHAR and a KUHUNV



Semjase- 125/These are two dear friends of mine frcm Prox lira-Pon taurr , but where from do you know their names? 126/You seem to be informed about certain concerns about which I gave you no information until now.

Meier- Maybe, but tell me, since what time do function these dear AT5IAR and KOHUN along on the Earth? – find do these have any contact with human Lyings of this planet?

Semjase- 127/They often coic here* 128/They obtain contact, but not of a very extensive kind. 129/They kept, their last Important contact with a man frcm Germany, imru than 50 years ago, who also received permission to portray them ui in very great detail.

Meier- Well, in the beginning of this year, they were again painted phyRlrsgnrmlca 11 y – And perhaps they are both here? look, here T have a painting.

Scnrjoee- 130/? 7 7 7 7? :31/From where did you get these point iivjc? 132/These indeed are Kohun and Athar- 133/How did th*»e paintings reacn into your hands?

Meier- This you would like to knew, eh? But lank jerej read that. rlhis have 1 received previously by the post.

(Semjase reads a long timor then she turns to me a-gain with a rather puz2led face.)

Semjase- 134/0*13^8 a very great surprise. 135/1 knew nothing about all of this.

Meier- You see, you; too, are not enniscent.

Scrajase- 136/1 have never pretended this.

CR 60, Thursday, July 29,1976


– Billy goes for a flight in aircraft with Connie Shutzbach & Olga Walder.

-They all watch 2 Plejaren explorer ships(remote controlled crafts) & Photographs in their routine flight but only ionization covers can be seen in the photographs

-Billy gives SEmjase a letter of questions by a diplomaed psychologist, Mr.Andersen

– Use Von Jacobi requested Semjase through Meier for a personal Contact

– Strange Light Formations of Semjase’s beamship registered in Photographs & Semjase registers them through her instrument for analysis

Great Biblical Floods & Other Great Floods:

But now the other quest ioms Can you toll me, vnat time the Deluge happened?

Semjase- 5y*Ycu ask very illogically, as T have explained these matters already at the beoinning of our first contacts.


Jteter- Yes, surely, but fur certain reasons, I wont to hear this from you once more.

Semjase- 6/As you want – hltlierto have passed quite exactly 10,080 years since that time.

Maier- But last year you told me they were 10,079, which I know exactly, because T have looked it up.

Semjase- 9/You speak very illogical ly. 8/You evidently arc still overtired and don’t recognize logical connections.

Meier- Yqu lihc.y -u:c Qatt —- – Eft* I rry.l, rf

course- Since then one whole year has gone past.

Sanjase- 9/Very correct| you really are overtired, and I should not hove called you,

Meier- But now have a stop. It’s not so bad. – This Efcluye, was it the enly one during these 10,080


Semjase- 10/No, there was not unly this one, which ycu call the Great Biblical Flood, because there still cajn? two further deluges at later times, one in tlue year 7,957 and next in the year 6,906,

Meier- Before the tiwe of Jnrmanuel?

Semjase- ll/Hb>, calculated badk Iran now.

Meier- It’s becomnJjiq all the more confused. Please explain to me once the rust jgrjortant cata&trgphles ot the last 10,00(1 years,

Scnrjaae- 12/Your question Is unlogical.

Meier- uhat is silly; but 1 am no scientist. With my question I mean the most important natural and as Mil human caused car^sf rrphies.

Semjase- li/That is logical now. 14/ – * So listen now: 15/r give you the dates and explanations without conversation in calculation, which means, as they wore in time of the last, and partly or this, year. 16/Uie Biblical Delwre happened around 10,0&Q years ago, caused by the D&stroyer. 17/ait by very great inaccuracies of the anc icnt chronologist s r then events became distdrted and falsified, and in

consequence were put in for being iruch latex* by the I^le^researeners and historians. 18/It —

Meier- I missed something in your explanation, wlilch are the occurrences ot MI antls*/

Senrjase- is/You are very much unloginal. 20/lhese events happened 11,496 years ago, in consequence T can not talee then with the eprrh of in,0fi0 ymis aqn.

Iteier- I see, excuse it, today I really seem to be rather stupid.

&?mjas4h 71/yon are TOSt in tlr^r. 2 2>Lt‘r tv ply better you return and first get ennagh recovery by sleep,

Meier— Tnis you may want. I am here and here I will stay. I surely will overcome this. I only have to concentrate myself some. Please excuse it, it really was my mis take. Please speak beginning from the time when Atlantis and Ma were destroyed, that is, since the year of 11,098 B.C.

£tidjaa«- 2?/As you want, if you arc- really able to listen?

Meipr- I am surely.

Sewja»- 24/clh#n listen: 25/Atlantis was destroyed by scientists from Mu, like I told yoo previously. 26/rftus ccmrred 11,498 years ago, as you yourself just now correctly mentioned. 27/TTiie was the first great catastrophy of the last 12,Q0G earthyears. 23/ Nearly 1,300 years later, another catastrophy followed, but idiieh was of coemloal origin. 29/Around 10,215 years ago, a planetoid of inranse size frrm space rushed towards the Earth and rrasrerl down with horrible fence. 30/lt divided the waters of the Atlantic exactly there where* already 1,100 years ago the asteroid part from the Mu solOTc-istg crashed dwn and destroyed Atlantis, hut wr r.r not yet know, whether this little planet had rrnv from out. of the free space or whether it came frcm the astenoid be 11. 31/After this event, only 135 years passed before the Earth was afflicted again by a cartastrr>phyt bigger and more gigantic than the one before, hut in the present eastern part of1QcJhe glcfc^ was oversvamped

by immense masses of water, vvtien the giant-comet “Destroyer” passed along the Earth within a dangerous distance, calculated 10,080 years back frcxr. today. 12/This led to worlcfrrtrle catastiophlesr but wtiich for unaccountable reasons were never noted by the earthly chrorre legists, and only in much later time round rheir anrouroenient in scripts, when anoUxef delu/je^. once more caused by the destroyer afflicted tfieEarth/ this years aco. XVFftirLny aruLuii

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