Message From the Pleiades

Daily Tasks on Plejaren HomeWorlds & Plejaren Time of Occupation on


Earth :

_ 9/Qn cur hune worlds, all human

b©in«e perform or work their daily Lank*, just like u*>, who are* performing our mission here nn Earth, but our time of laboring is iruch higher rave*: in coipariscn to our bonewurlds and to your tint**; of (professional) working- 10/OuX time of cravat ion is normally about 1<5 earthly hours each Say, afton even still more.

CR 58, Monday, June 28,1976

– meier brings olga’s type writer gift to semjase along with a packet of 500 sheets

– meier meets pleija

Punctuality & Non-Punctuality:

Meier— Please excuse my being late- T simply did rtfir. come away from home in time. t have sent my wife and children to the hill behind the forest, and this also needed its tire.

Quetzal- 1/You seem to be angry because of the retardation, but you shouldn’t be.

Meier- I want to be on time.

senvjaee- l/’Tnis is good character for ycu. 2/Punctuality i« of much value and evidence about response. 3/E^-purtc±uo 1 ity evidences indifference and Ioejs of interest. 4/But It is not all your guilt fox coming late now. 5/1 do not know delays with you, and in ccneequcnoe have control led (myself) abcut your nonappearance at tha_fjxcjd_tiire. 6/It is really not in your guilt. 71

CR 59, Tuesday, July 28,1976


3 American Governments & ET Dead bodies in Pentagon:

Meier- First, we should clear up sane things, before we occupy ourselves with new cfjesticns. Namely because the eart±*human brings are still ignorant of many facts, from which irismderfit^nxUngs then arise. Such happened, for exan^le, with two questions tram wo, oorscerning the American Gm^rnment and fcha Pentagon* in respect to materials and dead borH-=»R of extraterrestrial origin– With respect to thn □jovnrr-ircnt/ you h^ve agreed that it has son© obj&cts of extraterrestrial origin in its poe^eion^ whila you have neglect ecl thic for fcH^ Pentagon – Wow it. w^cn’t evident why you should say yes oneo, and then say no once more.

Scnrjasc- 1/Yaur qnesticn ie very i 1 logical-

Meier- You do not seem to understand, ftnong <js the questions ore logically put, but the answer is not alweys understandable for the earthhuman beings# because they do not know of several matters- Like this. It is farreaciianq unknawi to than, that the American Goverrrrent represents a countries govem-Tv-rI , while ihz finsrican tajfcagarj esbodiess the …ij-istries of defense and war. So you should give cm explanation in this field.

Sanjase- 2/1 understand- 3/unoficially America gets governed by several kinds of governments* 4/Gn the one hand is governing there the yiesidenLial govern” ~ert, tut on the other hand as well are trie E^irTicrit anc the CIA norecver. 5/Tney officially belong together all right, nut in truth, ^11 three of these formations work for themselves in their innermost, for which reason they form in a certain re-spect each a gwernsnent of its own. 6/Tnen vtei your


questions referred to the official qui.-ut en the one hand, and to the Pentagon cm the otter, I will have to give you two answers, one according to each, too, r*hich is, that the presidential guveriimerit haa sever a 1 materials of extraterrestrial origin etc •, while there is nothing known to us of the Pentagon being said to have posession of several dead bodies of extraterxes tr ia 1 inte 11 igences, 7 /There may d 11 right be a chance for this, but we don’t tsave d!iy cognitions about whether this is really true or nut. 8/We have meanwhile cared for U16 clearing of tJiis question but v%e could not gather clear results.

History & Destruction of Atlantis-Mu :


But now I want to Know tl.uioughly from you ail ahonr ALltiJitla antl I4i- Already more than nne war ago, you bad yiiiiilsed !tf! That ymi uould glue me suff iri?<nt Infomatinn ahnur. that.- wanwhtie yo*i all right gavp seme lew notes <-nrrprning this question, hut yen gave no tlronajyh wcpianations and details.

Semjase- 9/Surely, and then T explained to you that i wjuiQ AiiiuiiB yuu witai uie tiro was nar/ore for ir.

Meier- I krowf but isn’t It fci eiiutiyli new?

Semjase- time has cone to talk about it.

Meier- This cfa&ig ita ire, so do begin. I ml eagerly listening.

Sonidse- ll^As I already explained at an earl r time, Atlantis ami mi nrutueuy destroyed one another. 12/But there was a special state of affairs, and so I have to start the history at a very early time*. 13/Around 50, POO years ago in earth timer our home-worlds finally fcund peace and nherty after very long tin*-* of vary and revclutions. 14/A short time he-fore the settling of the peace and quiet yetr a scientist* by the name of PKLFroN elected himself jearier of a group of acojt 70,000 human beings, with whose help he tooK pogeaBinn of wwral greatspaoer ships and fled, lb/Being an ijnportant scientist, it v*as an easy thing for hrn to coerce the 70,000 head grai;p under hi* control, and to bring then through space and tijne in his wild escape towards Earth. 16/On board the stolen spaceship wre nearly 200


very good scientists In the roost different fields of knowledge. 11/By these themselves, as hy the whole group, Pelogon was unanimously acknowledged as their god, whioh moans, king in wisdom and leader. 18/During the following millenaw., they lived on the Earth and originated a highly davelqpeC culture. 19/They built up many and great cities and inhabited al 1 the continents of Earth. 20/Their flourishing time last-ed nearly 10,000 years* 21/During this time, everything ran well and all found a very high position of development. 22/But before the ID,000 years were ishedf by the desires fox power of come might-thirsty people, unsatisfactions once more arose, leading to deadly wars, that caused tho whole Earth to tragic in e wild war-cry ir.g, 23/There; happened an earthly world war of a measurer like never before nor in later tine until today was brought upon the Earth. 24/Everytrjing, without exception, was damaged and destroyed, rind only a few thousand humans cur-vlvprt the immense oaLcistxophy. 25/Dut these few escaped in good lea yd 1 stance spaceships out into the -■::r~:o‘.i, and settlwd uu a ^Uw^’r v-a-i:;. 2C/OnLy a very small remainder remained back on the destroyed Earth, aiKj they degenerated completely. 27/About 7,000 year** 1riterr when the distant descenoents of the escaped returned to EaiUi, they tound only very wile and oNsgenerate beings there, 28/The return of the desrenderrtfi nf tlicta* once escaped, was done arain un:l”r ti-p leadership of a god, whose govern ment built Nu as well as the Siiall^r- ar,c Gicttty Atlantis. 2 9/Greater-At I at t \ a ana rcu were risen the two biggest cities ever built on Earth, and for the cake of peace, were built on two different continents , 30/Again a high culture developed and everything began to flourish. 31/For tiioubdnds of years unity and peace ruled, until once more some scientists degenerated in their thirst for power, and were trying by all moans at their disposal to tear to themselves the top leadership. 32/sut the people, remsrrfceriiig the wars of their tore fathers, revolted against the power-hungry scientists, and these had to flee. 33/With the help of some sympathetic allies, they were8able to take posession of several spaceships, and they vanished out into space.

34/Calculated in earthyeaxs, this was a bit more than 15, D 0 0 ytgars ago. 35/tXirlnq the next two mil-leniunsj. these evil-minded refugees lived in a neighboring solar system, produced mny descendents and developed high technologies, which offered huge possibilities for them. 3 6/ Hut tney raised tliese ife-oendents in hate and thirst for revenge, because they wanted to bring the Earth under their government and control. 37/The hate and passion for revenge by the descendents was always; incited and driven by their gowrrmnt so far, that among their own ranks a certain order could only be maintained by very troublesome and cruel punishments. 38/In this way a nation of wicked and beastial character arose- 39/11 was also because of their hate, that the average life of these haters was driven by research ana nutations etc., so far that it finally amounted to several thousands of years. 4C’/Every single being of this nation was educated into war technologies and impossible intrigues- 4VAfter two thousand years, this hater-crtwd was sufficiently

ujjLUrtiif LJiaL uii aLLativ u^ujjjj‘- Ll‘k; EauLh V*a3 cicwi into consideration* 42/So they aasefl&pledj boarded their greats pace i ships and center tu Earth- 43/This-occurred about 13, QOQ years agi?. Wfficir leader was the THffl BBU&m a scientist extraordinary beoatial mind and of overpowering force* 45/ror tils assistance, he called rcany scientists of the different fields of knowledge as representatives and sub leaders, in the arcount nf 200. 46/At a moment they came robbing the Earth and took, pceession of new lands r by which result they could settle the north of what lis new ftnciwn as America. 47/ihis is the present Florida, which first came to be laying in the present courn neraise r.f a change in the Karth. -F/Spreading out from there, they nhta Lne-3 imirh power by flqntlng all over the- Earth, while they constantly attacked Atlantis and Muu 49/Always and always again, they attacked the Greater-Atlantis and ptu, with the objective of taking possesion of these cities by war actions. 50/In consequence worldwide wars raged for two further mlleniuins, until there inliltrated into the rulim ranks of Atlanta and Mu, wicked <=>l«sr&ents of the hater-men, who secretly incited hate and power

so lony, that by their intrigues the Greater-Atlantis and yju were rxnpletely destroyed, while the few survivors were tnken into servitude, and the qreat scientists were able to escape iii their spaceships, and returned to their ancient Ikiuoeworlds in the Seven Stars, thus to the Pleiades, which were first colonized by their rmst ancient forefathers, when these left: their orininal hctrewnrlds in tlte region of Vega ir\ the constellation of Lyra. 51/The nature and manner in which Greater-Atlantis And >|j were destroyed was so ful 1 of cruelties and intrigues that in the history of eartririanklnd there likely wiLl newer be an equal. 52/lhe intrigants Incited between the Atlanteans and the inhabitants of Mu evil-i:iinueJ inachinatiens, which caused mutual Wir-activities. 53/Between both arose a wicked hate and will for cfestructicn. 54/Mu, which was situated in the desert of Gobi, made war upon Greater-Atlantis, which was constructed in the groat isle region between the present Africa and i^merica, be tore it submerged in the greatest earthly war catastrophe of all past and

likely a* wMl a 11 future afw^r.,, Art*m -infn th« at.-

1antic Oeean, leaving only scmp few small islands, which you presently call the Azores, 5f>/The war powers ot Mu and Atlantis werw of horrible scale arid force at their prune, and were equipped with the highest technical attainments. 56/So Gneater-Atlant-ie alone disposed of” an amy of 4.83 ml 11 Ion people, {4,830,000 nan) r which was wall equipped with small f ightcr-beamships. 57/Moreover, the government of Atlantis comnanded a giant fleet of 123, 000 units of cnc-iran-ccstroyerghips, tho sinallast baamshipe for earthly close corbert• 53/Deslces these there were still 16,431 eliminator units, smallest bearrship6# which by the influence of heat could eliminate all matter in a fraction of a second. 59/Pinally they disposed of 24,23Q ovexhi) 1-bearrera, which each needed 10 men for raxnipuiation and were built into median class teamships.

60/Against tills huge power, Mu was superior, because the scientists of Vtx had as well developed very dangexous weapons which were still more dangerous cuid destructive than everything of the At-lantians together. 61/Na*ned#r the scientists of Mu

had discovered powers which mode it possible for them to convert whole small planets (asteroids) into all destroying cosmic bombs, which they tore out of their millions of years old courses and steered them with great precision towards an exactly defined aim (orbit) of another planet, and let them crash down with terrible power; and exactly this horrible weapon did they use when Greater Atlantis started it attack upon Mi. 62/lhe be3t and rrc>st suited scientists of Mu were ordered to o suitable planetoid which could be used as a deadly and destructive missile against Atlantis. G3/So they flew out in their beamshios into free cosmic s^ace, and in the rinq of asteroids outside the orbit of Mars, they found an object suitable far their purpose. 64/It was a planetoid several .kilometers in diameter, whose exact size we still have not determined. 65/With atomic and electromagnetic energies, it was pushed out of its orbit and took a course towards Earth * 66/lhcn the self-rotation of the planetoid was braked down and stopped, while they hjilt a propulsion drive on

thi. -jitk; uway fx&Jtti tilt ELxth, a £i.ivw «jI •-jiyaii.Li-siec, with the goal of an iranense acceleration of the little planet, which would be directed by rushing speed into its aim* 67/Only loss than a half a day before the groat attack of the Atlanteans against Mu, the cosmic bomb was inproved? a death bo&b of human delusion of great importance. 68/Whvn Atlantis started her attack, the producers of the deadly missile were informed by hyperwave-impu 1 sob within a few seconds pf the bogiiTning events, and were coronanded to get the deadly rtdesilc started, 6 9/A few seconds after receipt of the cormand, on the side of the planetoid turned away from the Earth a thousand suns seemed! to rush into the dark cogitiog, and by gigantic power, the monster started moving. 70/Jtapidly the speed of the death’s messenger increased, guided by the control of the monster scientists, who, sitting on the planetoid, observed their task, themselves also dedicated to death. 71/ Meanwhile, on Earth the Atlanteans destroyed the oity of Mu, leveling to the ground, 12/Those who had not escaped into the subte^r-u–:” Sji^ic‘! citi*j^ -and into space, died away in the eliminator beams of the

Atlanteans, and nothing witnessed any longer their once existanee. 73/The victorious Atlanteans returned to their island kingdom and celebrated their victory over Mu in great transports of joy, 74/But their joy did not last long, because they had barely begun their festivities, when there came in, cArertumbling one another, announcements about the raging clanger iron the cosmos. yb.Only a few hi*jh governors and scientists were able to take refuge in their spaceships and escape into the cosmos, before the catastrophe broke upon Atlantis and it submerged into the sea. 7 6/These destined for death saw the disaster rushing near, high in the sky and far away in the northwest, above the ocean and the distant continent. 77/Like from nowhere there suddenly appeared a dark heavenly body, which raging fast came nearer, and whose back side pushed away glistening light. 78/Hic monster shot along, and became a giant within a few seconds, first only visible as a small

falling star, it rushed within a few seconds to very close and of gigantic si2e, trailing a firey tail.

in horror, the humans stared at this none tor, which so suddenly and noiselassly rushed noar, yet then suddenly gave out an unbearable howling sound when it entered the first layers of the atmosphere of the Earth and was exposed to its friction, 61/Two seconds later the planetoid glowed like a supernova and generated a heat of more than 34,000 degrees. 82/ Whole regions of land burnt to glowing ashes within seconds when the heat from the speeding planetoid rushed down from the hurrying giant* 83/lhen suddenly tho cosmic bomb exploded at less than 172 kilometers height.. and broke into many thousands of greater and emaller meteorites, which were flung like small atomic bombs towards Earth and destroyed everything in their way with great force that was within reach of the intact and pressure waves- 84/ The whole IVirth shock in the huge explosion and thunder rolled over all the glebe. 85/1he Earth was badly shaken and many volcanes broke out of her. AS/ Two great parts of the exploding planetoid crashed like titanic fists into ^e Atlantic O^ean and hit through the hard earthcrust at the bottom of the sea.

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