Message From the Pleiades

132. find when I speak there of anointments etc., then I da this reason of the better understanding, as in that old times, i evented fr.hpsp Rltitle and mnrrlprnim RRtlvitlBS, thsre got n ointments and oil for that, but little childs and virgins

slaughtered, their blood caught by vessels, held fluid or ned, and then besmeared by it the sacrifices for the deit these sacrifices mere normally human sacrifices as uell.

133. Firstly in later ages, these human sacrifices and human s got slowly expelled, and the blood got suostituted by goo salues and oils, while there came in place of the humanly animals, fruits and vegetables etc-, what doings have unf got maintained still until the present ti^es.

134. The cults have not received a change towards progress of kind, but have remained laying in the traditional misery, annointment keeps still presently alone the cultic inwort

135. In consequence, does still today mean the term of Christo the absolute negative and evil, with the number’s value o

13£. This was the reason, too, in uhat sake Jmmanuel defended name, when he knew, that this would get addicted for him.

137. Similarly behaves to the nomination of “Jesus”.

13c. Jhen then the earthhuman being is speaking of Jesus, of C Christly consciousness etc., he then treats by this extre vely, and is conjuring all negative forces to a degenerat

139. Thus he should never talk of a Christ-Consciousness, ore formations of wards, if he wants to adress the poised, be the telling and the acceptance of these ward formations, each negative towards something degenerating.

1*«o• 5a the earthhuman being has to get ordered for, that all tions in relation to the terms of Jesus or Christ etc. ge ana changed ay name into their essential worth, uhat way true nomination in worth of balance.

1M. Thus is only alioued, to speak of a creatianal consciousn similar, uhile but as uell the knowledge in this respect educated.


Plejaren – Undesired Pregnancy;

– (^^^■^^^^^^^■■^^^^^^^^^^■^^■■i^^D If you ‘

then I have again a very add question:

142. I wait far her.

+ As yau uill surely Knou, so ue nave generated in concern overpopulation problems the aocalled “oill“. The questior to, uhether as uell your race knows something of that kit uhether as uell there get taken any medicaments or simi. the amount of descendants- In limits, uhat yet does not si in 3pite of the pill.

– _ ■___

143. The question yet is really a ait queer, put she is vnrv

M*i*m – Fiot we are not in need of such things, as under observ natural laws and bids, we arrange ourselves to their ords ourselves to the periodic regulations*

+ So does it mean, that you ones are only then making sexus this is arrangeadle to the womanly time of infecundity?


1*»5. It does not completely behave like that, because human ci

as human creatures as long, a3 they are bound to physical 1**6. Sexual demands are also appearing outsides from the time

of the woman, in what conseouence as well outsides to thi

accorded to these necessities. 1t*7. For but not to generate descendants, are existing manyfoJ

means, which we always care for and use, which but doas r

appearing excepts, and undesiredly descenoants get craati 1^6. Each woman yet of our race disposes of technical means ft

indication, to be able to recognize an undesired pregnant

three days already.

Jhen this behaves, then gets dissolved by natural prepare early menstruation, what way the fertilized ovum gets ex( cefore it is able to develop itself on.

15c- This way is not occurring a process of aoortion of earth! because there gets not destroyed an inspirited life.

151 • As there is known to you, the spirit is at first inhabit; creature of human worth three weeks after the procreatior that event df an early induced inter-menstruation get alt the substantial basic elements and substances, and no lii killed.

152. This looks otherwise at the earthhuman being, because hi: for the recognition of a pregnancy still are very little reason he can realize a pregnancy firstly then, when the ted form of life is already inhabitated oy the spirit ani

153. A destruction of the fruit in tnis state does already me; of life by murderour manner, being no more admitted by t! laws and bids, besides t£3 real emergency esses, while by

or birth the lifs of the becomming mother is menaced.

+ My dear, that is a long talk. Jhen yet I have understood you ones use for a prevention of pregnancy only pure nati as for example the mean, that 3imply you already jump ou’


153. I see it admirable, haw you are aole to describe and circ these concerns.

154. Yes, this is one of our natural means.

+ Jell, I don’t uant to ask, of uhich sort the other means surely are quite manyfold?


155. Surely, but at all of these means, the harmony among man demanded, as else it uould be distasteful for the one or partner.

+ That is intelligible. At us, it is unfortunately very dif talk about such concerns, for the human being of this uor confoundedly prejudiced and narrowed in this respect, uhe fool of the Pope plays a great decisive part. Especially land, this theme is tabooed in practise, as here these th exspecially much injured by the laus, but as uell by mora and sectarians of special sort. Here but exspecially the knaves are those, who in greatest publicity hava the grea and confound and condemn everything, that is connected to a naked body, who but behind the curtain and secretly kee dissoiutad and immoral life, and celebrate sexual orgies, short uords, they play ahead the publicity the decent mor iitias, for to cover, being ths much greatest pigs by rea


156- Unfortunately does so behave, this is known for me.

Mr. Retz – Lord Surya :


– ^p^p^p^p^p^p^p^pjB^p^gjBj^^^^^^ Yet now

inscription in Castle of Cesar Frederic II of Hohenstaufen:

+ Here I still have two questions from Mr. Schutzbach. He h book of the title “Disclosed Secrets (l/erratene Geheimnls has met with same things. In I*aly should be a castle by “Castel del f-ionte“, which should have got built by Cesar of Hohenstaufen~ Is that right? The second question relat first one, namely that would be placed in or on this eign castle an inscription of following -in:::

DS IDC3 D81° CLPSHA2 Added, he wants to ask, what this inscription means?


159. There is nothing known to me like that. 1′.:u. I have none informations about it, neither about such a c. of the called by you inscription.

Semjase’s Learned Professions:


Mr. Reiz has sent to me from Munich for you. This deals a Lord 5urya.


157. Please regard my thanks and my greetings to Mr. Reiz. 15c. I will occupy meseif to this paper, uhen it is possiole f


yet another question that occt^icc all of uc. You knew, we earthly vormc troubles ourselves with tha coca lie J professions• So now our ajuoEticr. ainc to tha-. Vfoat have you actually learned for a profession?

Semjase- 161/1 conceive, even if wo do net term our activity by your names. 162/But if I have to speak of a profession, then this bocomoc seme eenplicated, for I have learned, by carthhxrnan understanding, several of those. 163/My tanks are connected to my own learned knowledge, referring to education by spirit’s lesson, coordination, technologies, archeology by tims-retur^travel/nost-travol, earthly Ipw*is rin religion, politics and eoonory, earthly twnan’s history, and different other enhjerts, for which I am still instructed at each single part, arc ediicatpe. 16VIt does not happen with us like you, where you only Learn crie or two field* of tenrwledce, an wp .normally master 1? to it) and ;rrtre fields.

Moior- Dear, 1 would like to have such a head.

Strajase- 165/You already are a ereat exception among the earthhURan beings.

Humans Ear-Organs:

161. You are very sensitive at feeling of orientation and Dalai matter get3 controliec via the ear-organs.

Teleprojections for AM ATA – Emigration Ships of Plejaren Ancestors :


^^^■■■^^^■^^■^MHB^^BM^^B^BI^^^^^B^A Amata as follous: Are the great ships, uhich always again I rea great superstructure and many cabins alone spaceships or spacerships? How many persons are about on such 3 ship?


5. At the description of the objects, it neither deals of t.u the other, but quite 3imply of very great emigration-ship of 12o kilometers in diameter in average, by seating for of life by number of rounded one million persons.

6. These giant ships are solely serving for purposes of emic exspecially then, if a uorld is very much menaced, and a has to get considarated.

These are the same giant emigration ships, like they got at earliest times ny our forefathers, when they reached f Lyra-jega-System towards earth, and later as uell inhacit

or colonized the Piejadian stars. S. Their outside form and size get maintained since then, bu’

aluays subjected to novelties of technical sort, thus tod;

equipped by the newest level of technics. 9. _-hiIe Amata received out tele-impulses as teieprojections

realized all by extremely reduced size, because she uould

seen able, to conceive and to survey the gigantic size of

+ I see, then in practise, she has seen something like mode QustZ3l

1o. So does not fully oehave, for the projections are rather Teleprojections for AMATA – Late Descedent of brother of an IHWH :


11. Jhat is the second question?

+ Jhat uill mean these creatures, uho walked out,in Thursday night,from a wunderful redness in the sky, aluays after a uhich no thunder fclloued, and from a vehicle, and drove c positianned at the environment UFQs on or acove tree3 etc. all clothed ay uhite garments, and all locked at me. Cne c □oun a stairway, cy lane unite garment uith uunderful spa; on it, moved beiou my ulndou and then ualked towards one, belou a tree, UFD. From there, he lookeo towards me, uhile more other creatures in white dresses and by whole groups


12. “his appearance is a teleprcjaction from our sice, in puff the dissolving of a reminiscence.

13. The clothed by white garments beings represent our Forefai a “Lime of about 7o.qoo years, who then came to the earth, stay there within solid houses, out in their free-floatinr which they mainly had positionned above the forests.

14. From that the seen by Amata and floating above trees UFCs,

15. detuegn the ships uas a girdlg gf rays nf visible nature, as connections for the formations, and shena up by intervc

15. These are the seen cy Amata flashes.

17. The covered by the uunderful cress man with the ornsrr.entir was the IHUH of this emigrants’ group, unose lata descent live as own smallest group of then extratarrestrians anywf on the eartn, who but oy all thinkable means we hitherto it aole to find.

16. .’-ieanhuile ws only could state by sure, Amata having to oe descendant of the brother of the then IHUH, meaning thus, group of extratarrestrians, who, 3S mentionned, were a par

forefathers, have mingled another here an the earth to aai

seines, and must have forgot their actual origin.


19. And uhat way these relations are running, and how end uihtri descendants of these forefathers are living, this is one of and in that sake we care for Amata, too.

+ That is really phantastic; here then another question: In of Friday cane along from behind the Moon a vehicle, hangj clouds, and floated down onto the roof opposite to our hot suddenly was covered like by 3 white stratum of snow. Fron window, an old man with glasses looked out, wearing white The vehicle remained for only short time on the roof, rosE and floated along my window, while the old man looked urge me, climbed up again towards the sky and disappeared bsnir


20. At this .teleprcjection, it deals of the exposition of the the old IHIiJH, for to release further factors of reminiscer of Amata.

21. The suspending between the clouds deamship of vehicle, as represents the position of deputy of the old man far cein:

Teleprojections for AMATA – White Figures


+ Ckay, then the next question; Other white Figures again sat opposited balconies. A nan uitn unite dress got lifted out by two men with grey working dress, and lifted onto 5 stagE be sat down and looked over to me. Down in the yard of the house stood a lot of people with grey working dresses, dirE .to the stage. One of these men came out of the ^roup, gave star and hanged this over tne garden fence. More and more c were camming by great beam- and spaceships, and settled dc surrounding, roofs. Then again appearea craaturae 3y ~r-izz ; in vehicles, which appeared like thick trunks and having Is 5y these vehicles, they directly drove into an already pres ship. Could perhaps ne these white Figures heaven’s sons?


22. As Heavenly sons our forefathers and ue cot named while ear by the earthhuman beings.

23. At this teieprojectian, it deals of a value of the cast, tr and the future.

2k. I can’t but officially give the interpretation, as here it of that, uh3t I am allowed to tell alone for you and your c group, as I have indicated already before. + Ckay, does the explanation need long time?


25. It uill need some time.

There are 2 ‘CR 57’

CR 57, Sunday, June 27,1976

-Olga likes to give Typewriter as gift to Semjase

– Semj’ase leaves to Jura-Mountains to perform a task

– Quetzal guides Billys to bring AMATA to a place so that she will bite and eat, that is


given by Quetzal

Preventive Methods of Plejaren Pregnancy – When Population-Limit Reached:

Met fir- refers am more to

the “Pi lT^Yo^nce had explained to me, that JfOOT people would ini-prsamft Mag nourishments with seme preventive substances, to keep this way the amount of births under control, fib tiie lost contact you have told of quite other connections.

Semjase- IfTnen you vive asked Uie question very precisely- 4/lt is correct, that we add natural, plant ^instances to our foods to prevent preqrancy-S/But this action is cnly referring to this kinc of prevention being exercised if the numerical superiority of births menaces, that ia, if prcblens of overpopulation appear. 6/ln most cases this nethod is ueec vhen a race has reached that point, and it knows this, that the planet is onl* able to carry

and Itj feed a distinct number of human creatures without artificial inLeifprinces having rr> be done. 7/TVius this is related to the spiritual evolution. d/On Uie utluiL liaiid, it sc happensr that ill human forms of life on worlds can voluntarily cot the foods with birthpreventing substances mingled in so as tc regulate the amount ot their births- 9/But not all of them do so, as many prefer to use other preventive rreans, though the substances are by no f*mils harmful, which unfortunately one can not say about your birthpreventing preparations. 10/So there does not exist a general conrand for the use □f these substance mingled nourishrrents, in cense-guence cf which all are used voluntarily. 11/A caff-jywails_ onjy when birin control has bQ be lntrnduned anew, for to effect a norm adapted to tiie world status ot births.

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