Message From the Pleiades


+ 3d does result From this, you uould not be allowed, what u fight against this evil dasease, to tell us?


44. You unfortunately speak the truth by that, because the eai has to elaborate the necessary knowledge by himself in thi for he-grows by this in himself, and will firstly by that a lot of things, and learns by thia the right way of deal:

45. If but we would reveal this knowledge to him, then we wouJ mean into earthhuman being’s hand, which he would evaluati and damaging once more, because the knowings about the cat this desease is hiding tea many forces and too much might could render account far revealing it.

46. It is still too realy for the earthhuman being, to be abif this knowledge.

47. At first by the proceeding and progressing evolution, he t able for arranging himself into this knowledge and its fo: might, what way he will use it by suited measure and in tt laws and bids, without evaluating it by negative form.

+ It is but a devilish pity, but I conceive your position, manyanes will say, this would be barbarous and megalomani;

4S. So will only do earthhuman beings, who are still not capal thinking within good shapes, and because they selves live uhich they are inable to raalize.

49. In this cause, they uill abuse us far barbarous and arrog; ue are by no means, and regret it very much, that ue are to give help in these and certain other matters.

50. Ue don’t have the right, to influence a human evolution a ta lead her forwards, than this accords by all creationai laus and bids and by the present position of evolution to

+ I do understand this allready clearly, you surely don’t n youseif.

for the “Pfnusei1


■ Yet once a some silly question by me: Are you alsi

ro^he “Pfnusel” ?



52. I don’t understand this,

+ Aha, of course you don’t understand this. Can meanwhile yoi “Chuchlchaschtli” ?


53. I am still trying to do, but uhat means your question befa

+ Oh yes, that: Are you as well susceptible for a catarrh? T uas my question.


5*». I just said, that ue have to bear appearings of colds, ale are 3ble, to attack them and to confine them.

‘White Eagle Loge” :


Can you teil me now, what one snc about a confederation dy name “wtiite Eagle Loge” in Llss/Er

59- The name la not known to me. + Could you explore for it?

J = –

So. If this is necessarily demanded, Out it will not bear frui’ assunptipn comes true, here dealing of a sect or something

61. Cught it be?

+ I do not know, yet once I will ask. 5emjase

62. Please so, I would be thankful, forue could use this time I manner.

Plejaren’s Crash-Proof Beamships:

+ B here I still have some other questions frt

in Nurtingen: Has one Df your beamships one a time crashes


GS. we don’t have spaceships on the earth, as the question wi! refer on that.

+ I keep myself the guilt, I have to put the question by loi Has ever, since you are here again on the earth, one of yi an explorer or 3 telemeter disc, crashed doun?


57. fJo, our gears of this sort and which we have here, are fu. from crashing down.


Dead ET’s in Pentagon:

American Pentagon 1o to 16 glasa-cofrina or glass-vitrines lay dead extraterrestrians, who should be about 12o cm of


£3, Something like that is unknown to us.

+ Joes yet exist a chance for such? Sgr^jase

59. Surely, but this would haue to be known to us.

+ Da you doubt this information? Semjase

70. It will vary likely deal of an assertion without each con1

71. There is nothing known to us respectively such an event, u let elude to the crash-down of a beamship of strange origi

APollo 13 – Oxygen Tank Accident:

uhat is uith Apollo 13, whose tank for flown away from the instruments’ part and escaped Jhat had been the real cause for this?

ojcygen sn into the


72. About this can’t I give information, for I am not Informed these concerns.

Plejaren Humans working on Earth(1976):


+ Then another question: How many humans of your race are 11 presence on the earth? present


73. Completely we are 11fr ones.

+ That’s going alert.

fjjj): you told me, that you were 11*. human Deinga by tota. on the earth. Is this number constant?


111. rjot this changes From month to month.

112. Je often are less than 5o, then again more than 3oo.

+ I see, this will be connected to your missions, does it? 5er-jase

113. Surely, yet as well to the transports for our foods and i equipments.

Cf course, as you have to eat, too. ^■■■i^i^iVHi^i^H

Reincarnation of Plejaren on Earth:

+ ^ B 2n 3 Question, which as well you have answE

sufficiently and which thus has to appear lllogically to yc some of your race incarnated on the earth?


76. You know, this being impossible; you ask very unlogically.

+ I said so. I have not given the question by my side, but fi of Mr. Uiitzer.

77. I see.


Atmospheric Composition of Tayget-System Habitable Worlds:

+ The next question refers to the troposphere of Erra: Qf whi does she consist?


78. It is nearly earthlike.

79. The tropaapheries of our worlds keep normally between 75 ar nitrides, those 25 to 29% of oxygen and 196 rare gases like diaxyde and Argon etc.

do. Erra herself is keeping the greater contents of oxygen, by 81. Tracas of Argon and other cases can be found only by o.3%,

nitrides by 67,3%. 32. This is but only referring to Erra, as I explained.

+ That is fine, yet you evidently talk of the atmosphere, the question concerned the troposphere.


83. This is one and the same thing, as you usually name the tn in sake of plainness just as atmosphere, which yet gets coi seen from down to upwards, by the troposphere, stratosphen sphere and the thermosphere.

+ I see, x haven’t known this. By regret I have a lack in edi this. Thanks for the teaching.


B4. These knowings are not of greater meaning for you.

Planet ERRA Details:


How large yet Is

gravity of Srra?


65. Jo you uant to know whole the datas about my homeuorld?

+ Thl3 could not harm, for I get askeO far that always agalr don’t understand anything of these things, unfortunately.


56. I will tell you the most Important, not yet mentlonned da* then should be enough by that, for these matters are not c meaning for the earthhuman being.

57. The surface gravity amounts, Dy earthly basic measure, 1«c a little more than the surface gravity an the earth.

56. The density amounts 5.521, and inclination of the axis 22.

equatorial diameter 12.7U9 km, while still is to tell the

speed of 11.19 km/sec. 59. These are the most important datas, which may really suffi

+ It is all right, girl, one was but interested in this. First Space-Travel for Plej’aren Fore-Fathers:

m^ny years alrq^dy y”ur race masters the spacetravel. by wha mean your forefathers until the eldest members?


92. There happened already 21 million of years ago, that our f constructed the first spaceflight-able flightmachines.

93. This happened some million years after the oreat catastrop The Destroyer brake through into the ^jega-5ystem.


Age of SUN & SOL-System:

Vet tall me, are you informed old the SOL-System is indeed?


9k. Je haue occupied ourselues to this: …

646 billion years

95. The earth is a planet by a medium ace of S*tS milliards oi her first gathering for a ball.

96. Cther planets are much older, and already are slowly diss

themselves again, while yet Jupiter and Saturn firstly dE

selues towards planets.

– 1 Trillion 730 billion years

97. The ace of the sun amounts 1 billiard 3nd 73o milliard oi

the details respectively the age is based again onto the

Adamski – UFO models & Letter written before his Death:


ftaw yet once more a question concerning the dear Geor: Has he ever seen a spaceship or beemship, and are his phot together falsifications?


55- Your question is once more illogical, for I have answered already several times.

+ I know, you said, that he has never seen himself just onl^ nor even a spaceship, as well no explorers or telemeter di to your informations, he shall have built from the informs woman, who once realized a beamship, different models etc. of about 3o cm, by help of which he then produced the pict what about his pictures, are they all false?


99. Certainly, so does douotless cehave.

♦ Okay, you once have told me, Adamski should still short Ce death have troucled himself for assuring to the posterity, been a charlatan. From your informations, he shall have wj this by writing and have it signed himself. Have you founc where this paper is, and is it possible, that I can look e

100. You have to keep some patience still, because we still ha». indications respectively the person, which keeps the papei

101. Sut by sure, it will be accessible within the time of one

+ For that I am eager like a bow and arrow. Same as eager I

Testing of Gypsum found in Jmmnauel Burial-Grave, in Max Planck Institute:


for another answer From you: As you know, do I possess Fron of Jmmanuel a transparent, manyfold-stratial Foil. This mat got analysatad by microsonde in the .’-‘ax-Planck-Institute (] for Scanner-Electron-Microscopy) in Munich. The result Is 1 word, like I have uritten this here: Besides sulphur and CC recognizable D_ and H_Q. From my opinion, it is dealing of line substsncs of calcium-sulphate (by that gypsum). Paean’ appear by th’is Formation at us. The remaining assay gets si organically, then one can get a better imagination. The as< burnable. It burns uithout smell to a white powder. – – -Jhat nou I am interested in, is that: Do you knou, from ufu calcium sulphate, or whatever it may be, is originated, uh’ combination gets not found here? Do you have a presentiment


112. You talk of the glassliks natural material, which was insic grave cavern of Jmmanuel?

+ Exactly, I talk of this.


103. This uas a present, from Gabriel, the guard-angel Gabriel, 1 Jmmanuel, uho’s foster-father uas Joseph.

104. This present was given to Jmmanuel at an age of Sevan years the explanation of hia father Gabriel, it would deal of a ; in purpose of the constant reiatedness, uhile this materia; as a condensator for Jmmanuel.

105. His father Gabriel had brought it along from Alkyon.

+ A huge story. Then I have by this even a personal keepsake Jmmanuel.


106. It uas provided by him in this manner. + You make some silly jokes, do you?


107. Jith such concerns, I do not joke.

* I really cat beaten – – – ah human – – the world seems : anyhow become crazy.


1o6. So does not behave, oecause, if someoody bequeathes somethj

himself for later time …….

+ You talk by ridoles.


+ fcau yet I am ail the more interested. On you assume oy tf will get this keepsake from his father jmmanuel once more


11o. I haue yet told, that I will explain nothing more about t + You are quite obdurate; so leave it.



a question concerning Agharta: Can you tell me, hou largi subearthy town is really?

:j 2 ^ j 3 5 3

11*t. Yes, surely:

115- Agharta is built by two parts, each of them by a size lil uhich you call Zurich, that means, the Agharta belou the Gobi is for about 1/S smaller than Zurich, uhile her sat. is aoaut by 1/** smaller.

116. Soth towns oun the name of Agharta, yet keep the additioi alpha and beta.

+ 3y this, you yet do not say, where the satellite town Agi is located.

117. 3y your question you explain to be informed about this, not know else, the second town keeping this name.

+ Cf course; Asket had explained it to ma then. But we hav this of written forms. Can sc you explain it once mors?

115. Yss, if so does behave:

11S. Agharta Alpha is placed at several hundred meters of dep surface of the desert of Gobi, where I am but not admitt. the exact location.


120. Agharta 3eta is samelike constructed subterrestrally, is bi below the Himalaya.

121. Agharta Beta comprises besides the actual town still an imr of cave systems, which was inhabitated by the subjected hur which caves but today are not habitated.

122. The cave systems had been the essential habitation places i people, while Agharta Seta was the government center, whici again below the higher command of Agharta Alpha, which was center of the both Agharta.

123. Both towns were connected by a 2oo feet in broad and 13o fi heicth tunnelf corresponding to a measure of about 65 x **o what fact is yet not exactly expressed by me.

12**. The connection tunnel yet cot nearly completely destroyed grest catastrophy of Gobi, and not repaired.

125. So today is still existing a small connection tunnel, whict a little traffic.

Like that, also Asket told me. fl^H^^^^H^H^^^^^^^^H

^^^■^^■■^^^^■■^^■^^^^■■ft *;ow yet exists a man respec Agharta, whose name I unfortunately forgot, who appears si 1o to 15 years sometimes 3nd pretents, to be the master of and the upmost chief of Agharta. ujhat is to think about tt”


126. The existence of this man is yet unknown to me, yet it uil sure, that he is an impostor.

127. The regent of Agharta would never show himself in worldly for there are neither existing reasons nor interests.

123. At the other hand, this would mean too many dangers in it and this as well for Agharta herself and her inhabitants.


Origin ofWord’CHRISTOS1 or ‘CHRISTUS1:

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■i . :ou I still have something in ths nomination “Chrlstos“. From where is rising in detail ana wnat connexions are to him?


129. Christus is the German name of the old-Greek term “christo 13c. fit this term, it deals of a direct relation to old cultlc of mystical kind.

131. thi3 means, that the termination “Christos” got used at al cultic and irreal treatments For the nomination of the cul herseif, where anointments etc. got made.

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