Message From the Pleiades

2. Often only in sake of appearances and of pure profit ue become put higher, than ue are in truth.

3. liie all are but only human beings, like all human beings. Um In your understanding, ue all right live in a position of

suoertechnftcs and of the great spiritual progress, but this

not in a prcau.-nption and predominance, which the gross of

human beings on earth ascribe it to us. 5. -Je are neither the guardians of the earthhuman beings, nor

any god-sent angels,or similar. S. Many selfish persons and by them led astray groups pretend,

ue were watchers of earth and of her human beings, and ue

would destiny their fates.

7. This but does not accord to the truth, because ue only perform a self-ordered mission, which hes nothing common ta a super-vlsianing and a regulation of the essential fates of the earth-human beings.

8. Thus it is wrong, to expose us for supraterrestrial messengers and guardians.

9. If we were messengers and guardians in the meaning, as gets affirmed about us, then we wauld regulate in all openess.

10. Ue are not, what one ascribes to us, even if we are spiritually and technically nearly for three thousand years before the eartnnuman being.

11. 3ut it lays in purpose of all those earthhuman beings, to make us for something godlike, who are themselves captured in a religious belief.

12. 5y that they degrade themselves and all their fellow-creatures to subdeueloped human beings.

– 111 –

13. 3y Faulty or quite consciously invented contact reports, which miss each truth, thus the impression rises, the earth-human being only performed mistakes and lived by nothing right.

14. So but does not behave in truth, for the earthhuman being goes his evolution-caused way.

15. Surely, he is barbarous and according to this, also impetous in his researches and often unscrupulous.

16. But the barbarism is peculiar to many creatures, far it is natural conditioned and suited, thus the life first gets guaranted for.

17. With this I name the natural barbarism, which is Free of degenerations.

18. Such is also character of by much higher developed races than the ones of the earthhuman beings, and this ends first at higher spiritual improvement, iiihen the necessary cognitions have got own to the spirit.

19. It is yet no uaye suited and true, ths earthhuman being only had to became abused and degraded for a monstrosity of the evil.

20. He is descendant of wild ancestors and has to go the way oF his evolution.

21. This way but lead3 under much need, misery and troubles towards cognition and knowledge.

22* This but does mutual need the hardness of a certain barnarism, without which no inclination towards on, towards the new can be claimed.

23. First a certain barbarism allows research and development, because in this exists the strength, to go over certain prisoning things, which obstruct the progress by chance: nax.ely strong religious imaginations, which hamper the progress in every direction ar even stiFle him in the bud.

24. Human beings may thus only then exercise Fruitbearing research in consequence, when they turn out religious Fancies mostly and search the truth there, where these are really hidden.

25. This does not injure the awe beFcre the life or even the aue beFore the Creation hsrselF, quite in the contrary: The aue ahead 0f the Creation and the life becomes all the more incited

by the research and their cognitions.

– 112

25. The earthhuman being may recognize this there to be really so, that no life could become liberated of sickness, if not :=:3.-e before life experimentally cut, to analysate :n? sickness1 germs and protective means.

27. To destroy but life for exploration purposes, for that is necessary a barbarism.

28. Yet as well all kinds of evolution of barbarism, because they generate the necessary strength.

29. Thus a laying under strong imaginations of belief human being is never able to bring decisive lifs-sponsoring development, because the thinks too onesided and too humane and acts so, thus he yet degenerates same onesided.

3d. The great danger is, scientists manyfold utilizing the might of their knowledge and beating by her their less developed fellow-creatures into slavery and exploitation.

31. This should be prevented, same but also their achievements in technical view, when they serve only for the destruction.

32. It is not of interest, they heaving themselves up for gods and by this committing the same mistakes, as already our forefathers.

33. This do we want to prevent by certain influences.

3*». Ue yet do also want to show certain ways and to let grow certain

cognitions in the earthhuman being. 35. And uhen we interfere uith certain matters and concernings,

then alone from the reason, that the earthhuman being would

not commit the same faults, as also our forefathers suffered

them painfully.

Why Billy only gets to See & Photograph Beamships:

+ Am I allowed to put you before only one single question, which occupies some of my friends ana acquaintances?

Semjase 37. Surely.

+ It treats of your ceansnip, respectively your beamshios, which I could photograph by several times. It is inconceivaole for rcy friends ana acquaintances, tnat only just I have seen them ana also could photograph ;hem.

– 113 –

38. This question can very easily get answered: The talent For observation is very Dad and cursory at the earthhuman being.

39. They do very often see out beamshjps for any earthly airplanes from what they give to them nearly no more attention, than for a short second’s part.

fco. They are very simply not accommodated to a very scrutinized

□aserving and viewing. **1. Dn the other side it is but so, that in the main we protect

our beamships against each sight, in what consequence the

human beings can’t realize us. 42. It is an easyness for us, to protect our ships, as ever desire

in diameter of 5oo meters for the whole or partly, at one sioe

upwards or downwards against sight, by a distorter-screen. **3. Uhen I admitted for you, to photograph my ship from one side,

then it was protected at all other sides against further

observation by the distorter-screens, thus no uninitiated

ones were able to realize it. kk. This will I evidence to you and your friends.

45. In this respect I give you once more the admission, to make thr=p fnrthpr phn1:n(?s nf my hnamshlp. For iwhst you ought bring with you your Friends.

46. Buy a new film, which you lay under their control into the camera.

47. Then come with them to the contact place, which I will still agree with you.

*tS. A bit aside to them you then should stay youself in position. i»9. Uhen then I appear with my beamship, you shall shoot three pictures.

50. As usual uill be on the ship the distorter-screens so switched that just alone you will be able to realize it.

51. So tell yaur friends, they should not be disappointed, when thsy uilll not become able to soc my ship as ucll as you*

52. It should only evidence for them, my offerings respectively the distorterscreens being true.

53. This will yet be the only evidence, I ever grant to your friends – further ones will never come.

5**. These have to he sufficient far them.

Meier asks Semjase to Record her Voice on a Tape Recorder:

Meier-Win T perhaps at this time, be allowed to record a tape of your voice?

Semjase— 55/1 have told you, the three photographs will be the first and last proof from my side. 56/1 can allow no more, please understand this. 53/Tf they already do not believe your words and your photo-evidonce, and even accuse tne latter oi deceit, then trio same should oe expected it you were to store my voice on a tape-recording- 5B/lhey would accuse you of deceit and pretend the voice would belong to an Earth varan. 59/Such an example is of meaningless consequence, thus I can not agree with it. 60/But I do not wane to engage in such discussions in the future, for I have already explained. 61/&cplain to your friends, if they axe interested in your details and want to accept than, then

they should do this in confidence in us and you, else they should no longer dedicate themselves to this natter, because doubts, distrust and criticism are not serviceable to our missions.

ffeier> That is harsh, Semjase.

Semjase- 62/it lias to be, as only tli£ truth serves.

Meier’s Friends wants to share Meier’s Tasks but Semjase Rejects:

Hn1nr Seme of my friends hold the argument; how would they proceed with my tasks, if by the intrigues of my fellow-creatures and authorities, anything would happen to me, which hQ3 already been the case one time. (2)

Scmjaaa- 62/TneBe are arguments which really arc none, because they will have in their hands all notes and an that


you deliver to them. 63/When they have confidence in you and us, then this is sufficient for them already. 64/They don’t need more. 6b/Their arguments do not alone concern this care about intrigues, for in them are also established selfish thoughts and a great distrust of you and your details and your pictures. 66/Partly, this is only another attempt, in their way of reasoning, to achieve their objective of working into first position…

Meier- Okay, I will no more speak of it and no no re trouble you by such.

Accusation that Semjase’s Details about Talmud Jmmanuel & Talmud Jmmanuel came from the same Pen:

+ Cne had thrown to my head, it were very strange, that you had come to speak about the Talmud Jmmanuel, and that your reports and details uoulc agree with the Talmud. There got said, that probably both would rase from the same pen and thus any things could not be right.


71. One really has? + Yes.


72. Don’t trouble youself because it, as it is character of the spiritual ignorants, exercising continuously critics in their distrust and unreasonability and to accuse everything.

73. So they often search connexions, uhich they can’t understand, far they can not think unfinited.

Ik* Their spiritual knowing and thinking is subjected to sharp borders, which they only hardly are able to overcome.

75. Because this, it is also unconceivable for them, the truth, the knowledge ano the wisdom never suffering, through all times not, a staggering and so always sounds equal.

76. uhen Jmmanuel so Zooo years ago brought the lesson of the knowledge and the wisdom, then he could do this only in the same words’ meaning, like already got done tenthousands of years before his time.

77. And when in the present time I speak about the lssson of the knouledge ana wisdom, then I can do it again alone in tne same wards’ meaning, as she got already told by Jmmanuel 3nd all teachers before him.

– 115 –

78. When then my words sound equal like these of Jmmanuel, then the logic explanation is to extract from that, that in the lesson got nothing changed.

79. The truth remains for all times always the same, consequently she also sounds over millions of years identical, even if she gets told by other words.

80. The meaning does also remain the same. I am very sorry about this being not conceived by your friends and they exercising critics because it.

31. It is but to advice to them, ta educate their reason and to train themselves in logic, as only this ways they get able to master their spirit and his forces and to use these.

82- By critics they obstruct the spiritual further development, when their critic is unlogical.

63. To make this evident for them, will not be easy, for, as I already explained to you one time, they are still far behind you in their spiritual evolution and unable to fallow the lessons*

SU. Still too much they are caught in their religions, than they

could recagni2e the truth and accept her. 65* They still live in the astray belief, that truth, knowledge

and belief would be religion and that one could designate

this also for religion.

So. They believe, any better form of religion uere well and would

Dring help to the form of life. S7. They do not understand, that a religion suppresses a being

and makes it depending on something, that stands above him

and gives orders or advices. S3. A religion causes always such, thus the concerning creature

is no more master over her self, but subjects herself and

suppresses herself to something, which should stay powerful

over him.

89. Thus in whale the universe does not exist any farm of religion, which were good.

9a. That I have brought in discussion the Talmud, is but only logic.

91. Even in resoect to, tnat your friends stay ahead the spiritual


92. Its answering is but so logical, that safely it can get

answered by a Greater child: The Talmud Jmmanuel represents the single scripture, which really got written in the times of Jmmanuel and which as the only one contains unfalsified the lesson of the truth, the knowledge, the wisdom and the spirit.

93. Other writings of equal character do not exist, thus consequently this one had to taken in consideration.

9U» All right we could have written this lesson newly and given for you for diffusion, but this lay not in our meaning, becau alone the existence of the Talmud is evidence the untruth of the PJew Testament of your Bible for many human beings.

95. As I see the things of this question, all runs tosards, that an evil distrust consists in it, and an unsuited criticism in all and everything.

96. Who ever has put this cuestion to you, is spiritually vsry injured by religions and lives in to her connected distortions.

97. That means, many different explanations and interpretations of a religion being established in this human being and generate a dreadful confusion in him, which he self can no more unravel and neutralize.

9fl. By that, the human being gets pulled between real and unreal, when it concerns matters of religion or of the reality, the true one. + You use hard words, Semjase.


99. The truth does always sound hard, loo. But da spare me futurally from questions, when they don’t

rise from youself. 1a1. 1 have pointed this already one time for you.

102. From today I will not answer any questions any mare, if they are not basicly from ycu.

103. I have no need, to answer continuous questions, which are already since long time no more a secret for you, but.

1o**. Moreover It is not my obligation, to sponsor the formation

of knouledge of the earthhuman beings or just of your friends in the uay, that I undergo tne answering of their ..logic questions.

– na –

105. Uhat I have to explain, lays in my ana in our estimation, but not in this of your friends of feliou-creatures.

106. If it uould not be so, then ue could reveal us in all public, for uihat ue but really have no interest.

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