Message From the Pleiades

195. ttlnoa remained standing as an isle, but the isles of Small

disappeared in ths sea, the isles, uhich uere situated an

+ By this, you have ansuered a further question to me, unici Mu, namely uhere this uas placed. fJou still alone leaves ‘■ uhich meaning Mu actually had kapt?

~ jr– = =

19S. Mu had been a land, and sameti:ne the capital of that.

197. Mu uas a country like each other, but performed had been i restrians the toun at the surface as uell as the subterrei Df Agharta, uhich each got govered by a man and a uoman.

19B. Of special importance uere neither the land nor the touns that they had got constructed by extraterrestrals from thi and colonized, and also got destroyed so again.

Eruption of Santorini Volcano & Survivors:


188. Small-Atlantis got destroyed rounded years later, t by the giant Destroyer, the huge comet, which 3.5oo years Venus into the SOL-System.

189. By the vast destructions of the hurrying along Destroyer fallowing after him Venus got done immensely mucr. damage

190. She shook, broke at many places, and great valcanas erupt

191. Cne of these was the existing Santorin.

192. He exploded, and tore from far environment different isle the ocean, while the sea began to boil, and generated a r high flood-wavet uhich rolled over the today Creta until

193. Creta was then still named as Minaa, and her inhabitants dants of the Atlantians.

194. Many of them could escape to the Hellenian continent and rescue themselves.

195. Minaa remained standing as an isle, but the isles of Smal disappeared in the sea, the isles, uhich were situated ar

Reincarnation on Other Planets:

+ 4! B A further question is, whether earthhi

they have passed an according development, are aole to inci other stars?


199. Your question is illogical, yau know but very well, this ni

because a creature can always again only incarnate an that

which she has died or gone.

+ I know, the question yet came not from me, as well like thi Do creatures of other stars incarnate on the earth, and if a special mission?


2qo. Juat like on the earth, extraterrestral creatures can alc-□n those planets or worlds, on which they have as well li their death.

201* If yet differently extraterrestral intelligences incarnat earth, what happens very rarely, then these gat or get br during their lifetime, while they live there until their later on incarnate there self-evidently.

2o2. Never behaves, that creatures die on other stars and inca on the earth, as also the spiritual and still body-bound planetary bound.

Zo3. From that, it would not even be possible, as are speaking seveness and the cosmical order, that a creature can die neighboured planet and incarnate on the earth.

‘Great Convenience’ in Antarctica & ‘Midnight-Mountain’:

L The next question is: Does ex Antarctic the., IJGreat Convenience“? and at once the next qi that: “Is the Midnlght-Kountain reality“?


2oU. At the first question, it concerns a matter of a ssctical

of similar character as at your first question respective spiritual centers. 2o5. I can not answer your second question, far there are no d to me, concerning a f-fidnight-Kauntain, if it does not tre the r^ount Shasta• + By regret, as well I don’t know more, yet I will once ask




3y which forces or mights get the f

2o8. This is not completely known to me, out I will look for a clearing.

Prediction of Mongoles:

yQU know the predictions of the f-‘pngoiHS in their earthly government, and what these are telling?

2a9. Do you still keep questions, which I can not answer? + Don’t you know them yet?


21o. 5y regret: No, I never heard something of this.

White Race Mission:

t ^ the

rcice kHRpir.rj a idssion zs jeii in Ace cr .atcrnan, rand

be able, to perform it?

211. Each human race on earth has to fulfil a mission, and if f; recognize and acknowledge the truth, so they will also get perform it together.

212. At that, no race is preferred or injured, as all are “swimi by one ooat” without a difference.

213. The termed for white races forma of life have not any spec like this does doubtlessly sound from this question.

21**. She as well is not placed above others.

+ Gkay, okay, it surely was not meant in that meaning, fl


‘Forces of SUN1

But now the last question: Are the fornes of the sun beings?

Senjasp- 215/1 have already answered this question for you, when I told ynu about the hierarchy. 216/Trie forces of the sun are less like beings, Lifce all remaining universal energies are not like beings either.

CR 056, Saturday, June 19, 1975

Murdering & Dethronment of Pope Paul VI:

Fiftysixth Contact Saturday, 15th

Thaunht Transmission Contact

+ For the first thing, I want to get explained something, find me to rest. You uill surely still knou, that ue ha\ Pop* Poul vithe last time of pill-Pauly. Nou it is not evident to rm informations, uhat uay actually could happen his dethror murdering. I do not understand the connexions, can you ‘ about it?


1. Surely, but as uell there has to get maintained silencs + Cf course. So you understand, uho is meant?


2. Surely.

3. The pityahle matter happened like follous:


10. And for to be Fully sure, that never this immense intrigui □f murder uould get knoun, so got by churchial powers of ‘ office eradicated each notice and drawing of the birthes’ in uhat result today does nothing any more indicate for tl tsnce of the true Pope_and his relatives etc.

+ Is that all?


11. It uill suffice, doesn’t it touch you?

+ Uhy? Should it? I am accomodated in a lot.


Pope Paul VI – Hemophilic

V ^Then yet nou one some unusual question: Is the fcelo* Pauly (rope Paul VI.) walking in homophil fields, or is tt a disdainful conjecture by some writers?


55. This is a very odd question, uhich yet uill base on certa: that lately got diffused?

+ By this, you are right. Can you ansuer thi3 question to mi


55. If it ia Important for you, -hen surely. 57. Yes, the rumours accord to the truth.

53. So did already oehave, before he stepped into hia sneaked

CR 057, Wednesday, June 23, 1975:


– semjase gives an autograph for child, which she forgot in the last CR ICE AGES – Cycles


r iftyse’.’ Contact

Jednesday, H3rd of 2o.5U h

+ Today I have again a question concerning the glacial peril earth; something does not seem to he all riant at the las kind of question. Look at here, like that I have asked yoi glacial periods have met the earth, and uhat is such in dt


1. I have answered this question for you according to best ki

-r evidently not so, as by the questioner, you answer got oh. thing has to be unclear. Maybe I myself have done the mis a wrong question at you? Unfortunately I do notning under; these concerns.


2. 3y what manner got told yet the question to you, can you i

+ Not that, yet I still keep here the then paper. Here is si In the new geological literature one reads, that there h3 the last glacial period of earth (in the end of the tertl about 3 million years ago, until the presenceJ six qiacia 3ut from my opinion, there have only been four of those-right? (Jerner)


3. This question is fully illogical and inunderstandadie, so she contains a provable wrong assertion.

km I would not have answered this question to you, as eviden confused kind she serves for an unsincere purpose.

+ This I did not know, yet I assumed, she would be illogic so I havs clothed her by a logic form.


5. So was to assume, because your kind of question was very + Gkay, yet can you tell me now, why your answer got object.


S. Jhich interests is the asking person advocating? + As far as I know, it deal52 of a hobby-geologist or simila Semjase

7. Then each further answer is in vain, because hebay-geclog earthy origin are same as stubborn and Ineducatable, like

a. They just cling themselves ta their assertions, though the

manyuay urong, but they believe, to be knouing.

5. 5o a Further ansuer uould not be oF uarth.

+ Yau are likely in right, but I myselF am very interested i uering of my question, as I can enlarge this uay myselF my like that as uell of all those, uho are interested in you: etc.


la. This sounds very logical.

11. ilhat do you uant to knou?

12. Render precise to your question.

+ As I said, I don’t by regret understand a lot about these there is to elude from different expressions of that habb\ that the geological science of the earth assumes and aeli; realized, that uhile the last 3 million of years uould ha\ 1o glacial apes on the earth. 5a the question respectively 6 glacial ages uould only have been a trap question. So is opinion, running the question to, uhether there have neen 4, S or 1o glacial ages during the last 3 million of year*


13. The kind of asking of this person is very silly, and does indicate far a very expressed spiritual activity, this shi oe noted, as, if she uould have put the question by sincei and logical as uell, she then uould also have got a suitet

14. Sy nou but, the kind of questionning indicates, that this very much prejudiced abaut herself, and not just taking mi uithin her sincerity.

15. Hou uould else she dare, to put such a question under liel falsifying mode7

16. In that consequence, I don’t uant to turn to thia questioi her, but in cause of you and in respect of the truly Intel as far as I can do this:

17. As I mentionnad already, is taking place on the earth per: in average each 7oo.oao years a glacial epoch, uhat accan uarth of a great icy ace.

1s. Setueen these Great Icy A^ges lay different interglacial at 19. Their cycle is at rounded years.

Zo. The glacial epochs are covering normally 1/S to 1/4 of tht surface, uhile the interglacial ages cover 1/1a ta 1/12 ot 21. From this is easily calculable, that this mislead geology-

nave existed 1o icy ages on the earth, aecause there have 2,5do,ooo years totally those k Great Icy Ages and those e clacial ages evoked new changes on the earth.

22. In summary is thus to realize, that 12 glacial ages have c ally the earth during the last 2.600.000 years, and evolul the earth is preparing herself now in the presence for a r age, which will reach it3 maximum after 15o.ooq years.

23. The second, following glacial epoch, for which the earth : ring herself already, will find its maximum after yet it will deal at this one of a Great Icy Age then.

+ 3y this you will have answered sufficiently the question, yet is not still clear for me there: One has told me, the ages or meantime glacials would simply be an enlargement < masses, which shift themselves very far forwards and slcw^ then. Vour answer but tells, these intergiacial ages bsini glacial epochs. Here something seems to be not quite corn

2*». Your question might bs justified, for the earthy geologic; does namely live within the astray acceptance, a planet wi OWE real glacial era, which always repeated, and that the ages would only be enlargements of the glacial ages.

25. 3y the repeat now, that is the appearing of always anew 01 epocns in a yearly rhythm, they nave recognized tl while yet fcr them, the scientists, is unknown the rhythm years.

25. Dealing but as well at the intergiacial cyclical aces, wh as well for small icy ages at us, of real glacial times, strange for them.

27. Thus they live errful with the assumption, dealing at the ages only of glacial epoch’s forwards-wanderings.

23. In truth doss not behave this way, because the interglaci. real,cyclical icy aces, which have nothing common to glac wanderings, though these take place indeed by a cycle of . years.

29. But these are mere claciasei forwards shifts and glacier wai wnich effect themselves as earth-regenerative, and which i changes of the climatics.

3a. These shifts and wanderings of the glaciers can get define glacial ages, so smallest glacial times, which but as wel

31. So occurred on earth the last great shift of glaciers of I rounded Soo.aoo years ago, and which uiil repeat already i years, while the harbingers for this make themselves kncwr on the earth.

32. The small glacier shifts or forwards-wanoerings keep a cyi 35.000 years, while the last event like tnis had happened years ago.

33. Calculable from the cycle, will fallow with the next grea shift as well a small 3hift, while yet the covered by the locations on the earth will be different.

3**. This answer should Suffice now really.

35. At the other side, I myself do not knew more about that.

Diseases/Sickness – Cancer, Cold, Catarrah with Pie jar en:

I have forgotten last time, to put a question from Koni. know, whether the medicine on your home planet is also kn sicknesses, which we are having on the earth. He is likel that, whether these evils do also rage an your home world do exist there. He also asks exspecially for the cancer, Further on, he wants to know, whether you ones keep other evils, or know those, or whether you have simply overcame


3S. ;-any of the socalied sicknesses have got conquered by our already centuries ago, but still today prevail, transmitt stars and earlier ages, evils of pathological character.

37. They but are by na manner deathbringing or bady-destructi

35. By the main thing, they are evils of insignificant kind, example colds and so on, from which can 3lso result pneuir similar, which yet we normally are able, ta get scan unde thus they can not rage.

35. Like that, does behave to other deseases.

Uq. we only are human creatures, like the earth-inhabitants, consequence as well we are susceptible for certain things nature, but can usually control them and cure.

1*1. There exist as well at us certain deseases, which are unk earth, over which yet as well our scientists became the n

UZm Concerning the called by you cancer, which gets emcodied wrong-controlled life, is to say, that fortunately we ha\. desease already since very long time.

U3m This but was at first possible by this, when our mankind scientists kept away certain negating and negative opinic of conduct etc. and started to think and act by new shape

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