Message From the Pleiades


23. This is a passion, to which many earthhumans are subjsctec

29. In this are also hidden several dangers, exspecially For p persons, thus different, often heavy-weighting illnesses c appear by that.

30. Decisive but is there the bodily and psychical constitutic ones, uiho enjoy this poison.

31. Exspecialiy chemically treat and mixed by parfurnes todaccc dangerous, while natural tobaccoes keep much lower values them.

32. Contraricusly to this negative affect, your smoking also £ positive tendency, because it decreases a too big taking c sponsors by effective elements as well the ability for thi very effective wakeamines the spiritual powers get kept ir high activity, and only rarely tiredness appearincs in thi up.


33. These substances are very suited far those human beings, u a oreat spiritual labour, as by these and their effects, t generated will, they firstly get able for performing such works, which are missing to all other humans.

+ So you mean, that I have not to give up the smoking? Semjase

3U. It may allright once injure you in health, when you don’t limits, but it is of great meaning for you because the to] which enable you for great efficiencies.

35. This may but alone be under your decision, whether you war to the smoking, or want to turn youself auay from it.

36. As yet I know, you obtain the limits, and thus have not tt of dangers.

37. jould this behave otherwise, then I would have made you at

+ This is already sufficient, thank you. Hitherto, too, I h; alone thought the smoking for often inconvenient.


3d. About this, you snould not incite, because you don’t troul your smoking.

39. Jhen you want it, then at each time you may lighten your 1 us, as well.

+ For this, I have no desire, don’t know, why.

Meier- For this I have no desire. T don’t know wfiy.

Sonjase- 40/Th- aiyirnr merit will cause this, and also scne other guTccpheric carbinetiun ;iece» wuich has Us sajne effect.

Meier- This may rx*, but you know th’s better than T. ^)


Plejaren Home-System Data:

d P what is actually your home planet and to which sur Are ycu alloued to plus informations about that?

Sen jase

Ul. Surely, it is no secret.

<*2. Je call my home world ERR A, and she belongs, besides nine to the sun system of TAYGET.

+ Can one realize that from earth by good telescopes or so?


**3. This will hardly ba possible, as too many factors injure t values of such earthly apparatuses and instruments.

+ You have told, that you name your home planet as ERRA. How are living there?


9u■ fauu millluns.

+ r:icef so there do not exist there mas3 conflicts in cause population. Now yet I still am interested in this relation how many pj.anet3 are dwelled in the TAYGET-System. You tal about your home pi3net and about nine further of those.

91. Surely, besides my home world are habitable still three fu and inhabitated. too.

92. All the otherones are already subjected to fading away, or form themselves up.

+ This is logical; cne planets of one system are normally or age. As well our planet3 Saturn and Jupiter are firstly de themselves for solid planetary bodies, while otherones lik Uranus and f.’eptun are already vanishing. Asket had cnca times of difference can in practise be unlimited.


These are decisively of worth alone Tor the SCL-System its values outsidea, they are very faultful.

+ Aha, once more something on the heBds of our dear astronorr CR 057

How do you call your sun Tayget by your Semjase

7t». Similar to you, namely TAGET.

+ Dh yes, and which diameter keeps your hone planet ERRA ? ierr.jase

75- She is very similar to the earth, as I already explained oe

Plejaren Base-Stations & Semjase’s Obligations on Earth:

yet already are you stationned on the earth, -3rd for which Tlready exist the atation in Switzerland?

**5. I got entrusted with obligations on the earth since 72 year

**G. r-“y regular time but only amounts four earthyears.

**7. Our station in this land got alrHHdy established few time rr

tnreehundred years ago. + An I allowed to ask, where the both otheranes are?

1.8. About this, I am not allowed, to give official natei


7 ‘ET Stations on Earth:

tell me please, how many other extraterreatral races arc a located an the earth7


52. There are Further seven by number.

+ Do they all keep stations here, and are you in contacts wi Semjase

53. Surely, they all own as well stations on the earth, as uie communication with all of them, too, and cooperate.,.

+ Are countad in these seven race3 the Gizeh-Intelligsnces,

55. Surely, they are, but their kind is limited onto a certair pure nature evolution.

5k. Wo, they aren’t.

Animal-Spirts Evolution:

■ behaves to the forms of ar

nto a spiritual evolution?


+ This means, they have not to perform an evolution or the s common sense, as this does behave at the human being?


55. This is correct, because their spiritual evolution is not the improvement of spirit, but alone for the evolution of her settled order.

+ Said by other uords, this means, that all right the format develop themselves in spiritual respect by certain, minima do not oblie to an actual evolution touards perfection, ye nature-lntellect-tievelopment, uhich one may mark fcr insti or similar?


57. About, it is correct uithin this definition.

+ Yes, so I am on the right uay. Please do not explain furth for I want at first to deliberate on this myself.

53. Surely, so is right and uell; you ualk the right uay.

Plejaren Communication through Hyper-Space:


Ar* you aliased to tell hew you coxn-municate overgreat distances? I mean, what technical means do you use?

Senjase- 59/1 am allowed to tell you sane facts about that, but it is not very much. 60/Xou would term our mechanical rroans for communication as radio, but with the possibility of no retardation while in transmission. 61/ Also the transmission does not happen through rornsl space, but by the use of hvoer-space. through which we induce cur signals deformed with over-lLght-apeed particles/ which by their billionfold speed of light spread within niciiaj-itl p^t-t-.* over the whole hyperspace and in this reform themselves at Uie same . uik at ttieix target.4

Meier- What you explain there is still a riddle for ms, for I am not versed in those things. I may liave ccnccivcd some few natters likely, as for example the cbfoxmatig] of the signals. Here it will deal with coding/cutting, which happens with any coding machine?

Ecmjasc- 62/Nd, Us deformation deals with a universal enlargement o£ the signals and impulses in relation to Uie sttecd of the impulse^ r-hwrged by 3ust these signals and impulses, super—light-speed particles, which axe called taciiyons by ycu.

Meier- Now I tun caipletely at the end of my knowledge. You tell iiK a riddle of seven seala. let us 5t.-j- it, it will lead novtieze.



have another question, that is concerning tne graui electromagnetic Formation, one- or two-poled, or does she by intermediation oF gravitons?


S3. This is a question, which I am not allowed, to answer simp Sfc. I have at First to ask the otherones.

+ Can you at least answer my question rougnly?


65. As Far as I can respone For that, certainly:

66. The gravity is oF electromacnetical nature, with two unite contrary Farces.

57. 3y this, the gravity works as well attracting as repulsin: 65. 3he yet is connected to the mass itself, so at the earth u himselF, which exercises the coherent, but appearently sec by himselF, namely the generation and getting-in-use oF tr term For gravity.

+ The term oF gravity is not rising by me. There but sasms 1 you explain, that this gravity and the electromagnetism wj the same time, and would appear as attraction and repulse’


59. Sure sa, but I am not allowed to explain more to you oFFic I have discussed with the others.

+ It is already enough, I do not want to urge you. Can yet \ me, haw the gravity rises, I mean, the gravitons and the e magnetism?


70. I really have at first to council with the otherones aboul + I do only mean, by rough drawings, as For example by heat


71. Again you seem to know more, than you canFess.

72. ujell then, the causes are^o Find at the one side in the i cold, in the self-warmth of the planet ana the cold of the

73. At the other side, also the solid cernel of the planet wil like also tna atmosphere are an important factor for the i gravity and the anti-cravity.

75- Jhether I am allowed in later time, to glue mare explanati show itself proof.

+ Preliminary, I am content by this answer.

Developing & Vanishing Stages of SOL-System Planets :

V p; the planets of one system are normally of

age. As well our planeta Saturn ana Jupiter are firstly de\ themselves far solid planetary bodies, while otherones like Uranu3 and Neptun are already vanishing. Asket had, oni zI-eo of Jiffsrenca can in unlimited.

Book on Uranian ET’s:

There really anyone has previously urittE that the Uranians would test the earthly people, or had ti do you talk to that?


93. You do but know, that insides of the SQL-System, only the inhabitable and settled.

+ Of course, I know the book being built on deceit.


9u. Then we don‘t have to talk of this.

Astrology is a Science:


but known to you, that we an earth exercise astrology, i Semjase

95. Surely, it is this a science, that traces back to gut ai

which we still foster today. 95. At you on earth, she has but gone in loss of her essent.


-f This is known to me. Haw does but function the astrology Semjase

97. 3y the same manners as an the earth, of course yet with and other total perspectives.

+ Unfortunately I do not understand much of these objects Plejaren Unit of Time & Calendar:


99. When I speak for example of TAIGET or ALKVDfl, then I alue this whole the system, thus not the sun of it or one plar

100. da I am from Tayget, which then means, from the SYSTEM of born an the planet CRRA.

101. This, by that my home world, is very similar to the earth from what reason in earliest times he gat selected fur ne by aur ancestors, when they had left the earth.

102. 5a ail datas of the planet are nearly corresponding to tr-earth, by only feu differences.

103. The time of surrounding the sun amounts 365 1A days ay e while one day in your time keeps 23 hours and 59.t* secant

1ofc. This results so nearly the same time of rotation and dayt

is own to the earth, too. 1o5. Against this, the other planets keep differences, as this

in the SQL-5ystem or at all other systems in universe at 1o5. All aur units of time are but otherwise named at us, “har

yet correspond up to little differences to the earthly ur


1o7. So an DDUR is corresponding until feu parts of a second i and as well a MUSAL is quite exact an earthly day.

1o3. Je have parted aur year to 13 ASAR, which means 13 monthE compensation time ulthln 23 years•

1o9. So you realize, that we have only insignificant different your reckonnings.

Semjase’s Date of Birth & Astrological Sign ;

uith your birthdate, uhen you reduce to our time, uhen are then?


110. Dur 13 monthes can also get divided into your 12 monthes I from where resulting I were born under earthly counting ir Feoruary, as answer to your question.

+ Aha, then also you were a waterman according to our astral That is nearly crazy, everywhere it is just still “waternii


111. Uith this, yau are not incorrect, as also in our reckonnii


of my birth is under the starsign of waterman.

112. These starsigns are known since old times on the earth, b’ forefathers, and the same signs gat tradicted to us, too.

113. Yet seen from the Plejades, their positions are very much and thus they result another arrangement and another view

+ That is conceivable, if but i the earthly astronomers etc.

Plejaren Process of Evaluating the Level of Spiritual/Consciousness of a Person:



13**. Our performadle by us valuations of the level of conscioi

form of life base on a total grade parting of 7oo single

are to divide to seven periods of each 1oo single values. 135. The highest value of 7oo represents in our spiral-formed

the aasoluty of the perfected, that must get equalled to

unit to the Creation. 135. These values now are, called by our mathmatical terms, a!

towards your mathmatical understandings, what way you al:

rough criterion. 137. You now have to keep the number of 7oo as absolute value

this by seven, from what you keep 7 x 1oo. 133. You now have again to divide the nominal value of 1oo by

in your mathematics as U9_. 139. This number is responsible and worthful for the single vi

sub-periods, which result for you the very exact value a

of consciousness, respectively its level. 1**o. The remaining 51 values represent the values of the spir

when this uay as well this is calculatable. 1*»1. Tnus the first calculation leads to a maximum of 357 vali

second to 3*«3 ones, where both values added, express eaci

absolute level of Liie consciousness by digits. 1**2. Is this understandable for you?

+ I h3ve conceived this, alone one thing is not evident fo: Can this spiralformed calculation also get used in retro;


11*3. YDu think illogically.

+■ I don’t, my question is based in an affirmation of trie c: I-‘yself am fully conscious of being impossible this way, can not happen a spirit’s involution towards a levex, bu subjected to a continuing evolution, resp. arranged into


1**<«. I see; so the question is not of you, it would really ha cally by you.

1*»5. Hq, a retrograde application is not possible, because, ul has elaborated one sphere of consciousness, then this do in property of her, for here it does not deal of the mati intellectual power of consciousness, but of the spiritua

CR 055, Monday, June 14,1976

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