Message From the Pleiades

these o^terndnationa from my side, and the Ki^h Council wilL not do so as well. 135/Dtcept your teachers, only you are enabled for our cooperation.

CR 52, Monday, May 17,1976

– Mr R.Sch. from Biel gave Billy a writing which was said to be ET script, but semjase told that it was a primitive falsification

– Mr. Sloman’s(from Lindau) book will not find actual understanding until after about 150 – 200 years, as the results of the probability calculations say

– Swiss-Army Organisations with helicopters & apparatuses are searching at the Beamship landing places for radiations

– Semjase burns the photo/Film apparatus of the Swiss-Jet Fighter that chased & wanted to take photographs

– SEmjase leaves Billy to North Sea..may be to observe a major oil company disaster which was later corroborated by wendell Stevens

PETALE Prophecy – Giant RED INDIANS :



But now 1 have quite a special question? Tn the 10th of ^5ay/ I have got from the Petale-Sphere a new world prophecy, which I have to clothe in lyricsr and to interpret. Something appears there MUch is completely unknown to me to ne# It deals with Indians of huge growth who live somewhere in Peru, and wlio according to the prophecy must have already attacked a viLlage about: ten days ago- They seem to be did of the lnca’s, vho keep themsslvos: hirirten srmewhere in the jungle in leaf-huts and gufoterrsnoan tunnels. Is anything known to you about these Indian giants? If ycu cculc give me some details about them, T would be very glad, and surely this will bo of much interest to other fttirari beir^s.

Semjase- 24/surely, the existence of this form of life Lfi /UiowTi to us- 2b/With them, it deals with the far descend-ents of an extraterrestrial race, who have an average body size of 210 an. 26/Their sldn color is a redlike-braftii, like that of the other Indian races- Z7/Their hair color is as well red, yet partly tened* 28/Around 500 years ago, these giants retired into the depths of the jungle, where


they constructed an oridercnrQund vl 11 age, and have lived there since then. 29/But they are also living above the ground in lear>huts» 3Q/They are all still wild, clothe themselves in daer-skins s and live on plants and by hunting. 31/Recently they have worried about dc3ccndenta with respect

ago, to rob women from the civilized regionsr especially white cms, 32/Their genealogical tree traces back to the Disss, and Uiey axe distant o^scendents of them* 33/Thece arose in still earlier ages, quarrels among, different Incd races, so they fought against each other to the folocdy end* 34 /It happened like this, too, between the giants and another, aeseenfliny from the Inca, Indian tribe, which called themselves Cnanaca or Chanca. 3b/Ihey attacked each other very much, because the Chanacs or Chanca fought against the still more pure-preserved Tnca tribes, 36/The giants stood at the side of the still more pure blood Inca, and started to battle against the Chanca or Charges, to keep than badly occupied and to attack them heavily- 37/CJ£ to about 500 years ago, until which time the giants had maintained then-selves, they suddenly disappeared from the society of all other tribes, and retired deeply into the jungle, where they led hitherto a very difficult and trojhleeom© i±fer and ar© believed to have died cut since their leaving, 33/As they themselves are descendants of the Dicas, one can only consider them Incan enemies, when one considers that they are onLyenniLtyHiuJided against the degenerate Ineas, such as the Chanacs or Chanca.

Meier- This is Interesting. But you speak of Chanca or Chanacsr don’t you know exactly what they are called?

Semjase- 39/these are two names that were always cawnon since older times. 40/Uiey are known by both names, 41 /Bat, thoro is still another name, about which I can not yet give mformation, because I myself am not exactly informed about It.

‘Curse of Pharoahes* – Pyramid of GIZEH :



~ New still another questicr., respectively two of them. They axe fron Mr. Mcosbrugger of the Walsextei: What is the astronomical date of the pyramid of Gizen, and so en, and does there exist a “Curse of the Pharaohes1‘?

Sernjase- 42/1 want to answer tin* second question first. 43/A “Curse of the P”iar=iohs” doss not exist- 44/Thls Is only

a fantastic piece at worfc of legendary character, as usual settled by Earth hunan beings, who believe they see behind all rratters, sane secrets and mysteries, because they axe still far too ntach omipied with their religious superstitions etc. 45/1here have always been the dead, where the craves of the Pharaoh1 a were robbed as well by your scientists, because they, tO0r exercised grave robbery. 46/lhis traces partly to provoked accidents, and on the other hard to the protective mean© of tho old Pharaohes and priests, Who were well aware of the coming crave robberies* 47/For that reason, they inanufacturec, for example* protective installations and similar. 48/So they ordered slaves to collect the hair-spines of the Fjgidinus cacti, and poisoned then with pnisnnous Jidxture49/These spines then, suckled by a thousand years durable deadly poison, were spread over the bondages of the dead and ante lined Pharaohes, and the ones who at later times come in contact with these, were unnotioesbly prlcXed by the hair-thin spines into the skin, and killed.

jfeiex- Fantastic, but do you mean with tha hair-spines of the Firjidirrxis cactus, those hair—fine spines which are cm the surface of the cactus fruit?

S^niasa- bU/SureJyr


Astronomical Date of ‘Pyramids of GIZEH’ ‘


still another question, respectively

two of them. They axe from >lr. Moosbrugger of the Walsertal; What is the astrcjiomical date of the pyramid of Gl zehy and so en, and does there exist a “Curse of the Pharacbee •?

Serirjase- 42/1 want to ni-swr the second “Curse of the Pharaohs” does not exist.

ques ticn firs t. 44/This is only


o.-.T^.-.-r- Mm but now to the other question: Ji/wiui the pyramids wore built, the then astronomers had already calculated the further fate of the Earth. b2/The measurements of the pyramids were elaborated according to their calculations. 53/nheir calculations revealed that many thousands of years in the future, a catastrophy would menace the Earth and that from the cosmos, like at the time of the construction of the pyramids- 54/To reveal to the later Inhabitants ot the Earth over the ldtex ndlleniurns, the threatening catastrophe, the measured dates in astronomical lorm were built into the pyramids for the far distant future.

means that they were constructed exactly according to the dates and measurements, which will exactly then round themselves with the astronomical dates when the catastrophe from the cosmos starts to threaten anew. 56/lhe ancient astronomy was very able, and thus recXnnned the dates very exactly, BVy’Thoy oven considered in their calculations, several world crashes, and could reckon the dates with very exact precision. S5/As pre-calculated, the Earth did then convert, and agreed with the then and since long gone science. 59/Now slowly the time bee ernes mature, that the astronomically measured dates, which hs nentioned, served in the construction of the pyramids and were decisive in this, agrees with the astronomical values of the present, and announce the more than 70,000 years ago prophesied events this way. 60/i\nd this event will be exactly then/ when the solar light of a very far distant star, a central at^r, falls through the tube-like Opening of Revelation, which draws itself from the outside of the Cizoh Pyramid into the center, in a straight jnir^gr^pt^d l-frl^i and illuninates one certain point. Gl/I am not allowed to tell more about this.

Meier- But it would perhaps be important to know mare about this.

Senrjase- 62/surely, oat 1 am net allowed to talk about it.

63/If you want, then I can explain it for you alone.

Meier- T will keep silence about that like a fish.

Construction of GIZEH- Pyramids :


Meier- M^^^^^Bk but what now about the certain secrets which rank around the pyramids, and how they built up, hy machines perhaps?

Semjase- 66/Real secrets are not to be told, besides this of the existence of the Gizeh IntelLigencesp the concerns of the jnetasiired dates in connection with the menacing danger, and the matter of the ctarlight which at a certain time will fall through the Opening of Revelation. 67/The pyramids were built by spiritual telekinetlc forces, as you already know, thus 1 have tc tell no more about that.

light of Telemeter Disks:


^^^■^^■^■^^^^^■■1^ But tall no cnce, «fiven*t you noticed srrrwtKitkj at X:20? There ncneiy vaa high er/nr vx an object %*iich ^loaned in * v^ry unrennon rhythm as it pawed along. To sen Aether It WJld perhaps be an airplane whnse gleajn-rhythm had to be a defect* I tried to orriar tJy nhj^t to turn off it* light- vhlrh it

wen did after a ^crt I he, for rvairrle after tive or ten BPULakto* Thus It mist have been a r-nlrra^tT~rjy or ftcne— rhlng similar, because I con not influence an airplane. This I also told ny cccpanions. Do pi knrw anything about this? \x !>’ – Mis, «r. Scnutsbach ac veil saw eaiethiix about ten nanutee later, a red light In the tt^r forrration the Great Dear, which then rtbruptiy died out.

Semjase- 84/r haven’t localized the secuid rhject. It w=w lUccly there **en I wo already tun. ftVMt the iirst object, Were yrw turned off the light, vbc one of aar tc lens u=>r discs. 86/The etaticn announced to iw that it had *-efcn ■ »i icensed by un-local!zable furces. and drifted away irOT its course. 87/Yau should be rare careful in cuca Meters.

Meier* Is at bo bad if T take the MghL fiu;i such a nfiner?

Semjase- 86/Surely, becauw* the light of the tolcnetcr-ahiDs is of a special value and terves for ccursc-dcflngienv* 89/ as you have already noticed. It oilers a certain Interval and ie -/cry strong. 90/These are rcgiio-llkft lfpjlses btiich aerve for pi loi lug. 91/When now you attcct these, which you tcok Cor a light, for turning off with your thought torco, then the teleireteraiiif? runs out of control, and it rrcves trolled oat of counae, tttx Lt han to be brought mder cciitXQi again by the station on the Efarth*

Mnior- Then I will no r*jre do so In the future- I really intended no evil in ctolng that.

Srngace- 92/9uroly, you also c^uld nut have knon It.

CR 53, Thursday, May 27,1976



53rd Contact

Thursday, 27 May 1976

13:34 h

Thlc i& tho firct dayliQftt face-to-faca naetinq in sow tire, and now 5cffjase opwis thia contact:

Semjase- 1/Tbday I bring bac* to you the painted expositions, and you should only label theoi according to my instructions.

Malar- you rraan th*> ratters nf Mr. tieiz in Munich? Soujosc- 2/Surcly, here they are.

►teior- an,——– this is; a ‘Wihm^n MMd” forrre,

inundorstandablo as tho drawings c: Mr* Reiz hUnsolf.

Senjase- 3/You will understand it ;4ien I later give you Hie explanations for it- fl/Now take here the pencil, and write All into it according to my orders.

Fteier- As you want,

II have to work for about 15 minutes as I label the painted registers frcro Senrjase’s ortiers.l

Semjase- 5/This nay ba sufficient. b/Thorc is no need for nore, and zrcre wculd also be of no advantage, because re are rot flllcfttfKl to cverlftap positions in evolution by tco much detailed information. //You should not forward my original paintings to Mr» Reizf for they ahould bslong to you- 8/Ifc will be sufficient (for him), to have a ocpy of them, as yea rail such.

Hcicr- You have said it right. Should X give any closer infontaticri to He- Reiz? Know* it wculd be very difficult for rre, because l can not form connections for fie fcon these drawings.

Sestijose- S/That is not necessary, tco- 10/My explanations will be enaxjh, and Mr. Pels will surely understand then. 11/At least ho should bo ablQ to perform according to his own deve lcfraent –

Mftiar- Wis cams me wry mjch as I was still never able to easily dociphor cravings in this form.

Ssnjase- 12/This is as well not necessary for ycu, as 1 already said. 13/But listen now: 14/Ttie round spiral eloarly oxprosccc the Crsational conEtruction of tlio whole-


fSqalanafclons tor the pages lnn5__~ 1010 of original notes

1005; Scnejne in the discussion with Samjase and her explanations to pre 1 iiuinary reports in the matter of Mr. Relz of Munich (“Briicke zur Freiheit*1}

1006: Semjase*s corrected exposition for the scheme of Mr. Reiz.

1003; Sesnjase’s corrections the scherres of Sir. Reiz. 10D9i Soarjase’s corrections of the schemes of Mr- Reiz. 10LO: Semjase’s corrections of the schemes ot Mr. fteiz.

[fro* Wig <Je annua and diaQrant. ‘jujpliBd hs i\v. one nay eanrluSe that

Is s stucJtnt af wta-nhysies, and m particular the eoatcrn philosophy of the Iheosoptiiflts and of the Rjxjicruciena, still strorq in Germany. That thoeo decwinqa here not aubsLantially chanOHd by Saojasn mirjoeste that trie Pl?iad:ans thHnwHvas anrept thea» nhiloaophlos as substantial!) talii, as far as they go in describing our Uuaanity In cwolutign gn thia planet.]

Pub I i aha?


15/Frcm it may be recognized! the whole rreatianal power rarifatmg from the center, hot as well from the outer as the inner. 16/Ttie new creations radiating from the Creative forces oscillate thus through the inside as well as the outside, and also develop themselves in this manner. l7/lhe arrows directed towards the inside and the outside represent tills. ia/ttuey should akduc this prucess distinct* 19/lhe according seven levels of evDluticn/develcpnent, which are separated once more by 7 x 7 fold,- accord as well to the conditioned positions in evolution as to the energetic forms of the forces of life, 20/So it becomes reall3able, that the whole construction runs by spiral character, and is absolutely uniform for each farm of stuff, for the fine-material as i*el 1 as for the gross-material. 21./As well, this form of evolution, which is not able to offer arty other form, is of universal validity. 22/So when the Earth, human being hurries for other concerns and assumptions, then he rroves in basically wrong courses and wrong acceptances, as the whole universal life of each fpgBl is saine-dircctcd to the Creation Nnd surrers iio degeneration or abnonrslity. 23/lbo Craa-tional force itself, as well as every other existence, baa to walk the same way; of this the Earth human being is ignorant and unknowing, and in consequence he explores in re-:-HHrch, rind draws illogical conclusions iron his seeming observations. 24/Triere are nc seven existing spheres of the SOL-system, because all existing spheres are ail-universally In which consequence no vrarids and suns or whole systems dispose of separate spheres. 25/So in truth only seven all-universal spheres exist, bat which are otherwise arranged in thei r Whole construction, too, as is assumed by the Earth human being. 26/The drawing brought to me by you is thoroughly wrong, an3 accord’s exactly with the Earth human imaginations . 27/To correct this wrong matter, I have used for the better understanding of the painter, his own exposition, from whore he can aee the truth, if he really troubles hireelf for it. 2B/Be will not understand that I can not confess 😮 him the idst and Host retailed information, because he has to elaborate these by himself* 29/For his better tmderstanding, you should give him those ■drawings respecting the levels of development, that I have already given to you at an earlier time. 30/You also should explain the following to him: 3l/1hc added sketch, drawn by me from liis own scheme, shows the true structure of all spherest

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