Message From the Pleiades

Malar- You think Uui arahdl -i:-i- will start a m ‘ –teation to te . only because ot this q : t

ipi.iro- IQ^Airoly, fer sany of th*» earthly Bsmfctnd, ths answer to thia ojMtion la of great inrnrtanre. 39Abu have pit this question because you cust have been directed to It.

tt’fi-r M^yts* vou are rigttt- C\*e*tl/yis are often pit to rc, yoa know.

aorjase- flu/aireiy, this can not hp nvnldcc. 41 site (RMstt tine brirqa along many aucations for the Earth IsJbJR bai£*».

S&mjssegeis NewB&amships :


want to e^veyaunoLlce oi nSnuS >^w* whichwill intereet you aa nwh aa all the grexs? m_ Lerei S9/B) the run of »o*t Uro, a new b^wwhip will be ijlven to no. b4/It la one ot our newest ccnstractlcna-1

Meier*- tttft then wili harden this ship hvr«?

f«3a*e- 5S/Xt win bP ua*d rur»h»r ^f and taken by Qu*tf*l.

thie, both Explorers win as well b9caa* auiwtt-h<i>»! \ty nftVFt ir->*rtj5tnyrtirrrs and the total nudec of cur ships i norm and to neven»

Haiar- T Mi then quite a pretty aroda will cone toqether. [&i £ then photo rai : thaw all to^thvr ■ ■ – tinw?

Saa)«aa- S7/Thii will T 58/Ar laaafc ynu should get

duze pictures of ay new ship.2

K*i*r- Wrtl it** tha naw raw> Imk like?

arwjaco- SQ/Ukw MumnU will n-amn nearly the Md and In the* outer rtt^^rano* cnly ami differences appear* £0/lhe greater novelty IS tho incitfe* arrat^dcaits, *4iich of” fer audi raon? capability than ia the era. with my pre«nt ahip. 61/With T>w new one I have the ability to bawaX thr-lugh diflCTfciitft* in tm~» direotform.

Meier- Thro indeed a lot will bo nw.

Srarrjaae- 62/5urely. tWttt now you should go- «VUvc wll and ^wd-byd-

f****r- A pity, just aa it becaoe Interesting. Yet your order la a aaaaaaaal tor rw. bod-byc. -jirl Port\»p* I win rrun-about you.

CR 49, Sunday, Msrch 28,1976

– Billy’s ribs are bokenforthe Ihird time CR 50, Sunday, April 6,1976

– 6 emjas e says they can control their fee lings betterexso ittakes longer time for them to lose control

– 8emjase cures Billy of broken ribs completely by regenerating them, says ft tikes 2 months for the inflammation to decrease as she didnt bring the apparatus that cures inflammations.

Dead ET’s & Spaceships undsr American Government :

Maler- ^LaaaaaW – Hvm. f have a fcholo list- ‘Hie first enaction ia: Et»* U*- J^rloan “ov^rrrejit twve «p^wjvp3 and daad bodies of getratgrmsrria l & in their rraes&lcn?

iui s;/Ttv?y haw in thnir pcasaaaicn certain destroyed

*ai:*rial of *a»r^«hip3r as w-ll aa aana doad bodice ex ovjarr* like extraterrestrial huj*ai creature*. 58/ Hut functicoinq cnoraKlpn are not yet in rh-ir pcMtaion. 59/TW existing materials are held under ti* atrictaat ctniiocfK*, and only suie jini.tto* :r%re aro info»aed About this, and cleared

up in it.

►fe>Ser> Does the danger not uxi£L, that from thaw nbj^cta acono \ka ran ho dorivad?

60/All ia so aiK-h defocnod and destroyed that no ♦jrdcrntincanq can be deduced frcai them!

Jfr-ier— TtoL la a relief to ‘<r/v.


ET 3 st ions below CsJverHTe&osI, Unt&bergat Salzburg (Austria) 5 Bodensee( Germany]

atKI^Km\Wm\\Wm\Wm\\\W9KmamW CjU*fltJcr.

Are there GOTratcrroo trial stations baiov c^ivort, towc, t#”*i At tha frntPTT^rrr Stolrhiirn. (Austria), ara \t\ the ft>-irnsop irrjOFanyi J

Srnrjeoe- 61/Ac nonr* of the nd*Bu plowed.

Nteler— But IL Ls ■ J especially of UnLcrUrrg, that extra-”■■”‘”■^ n-‘i” have a citation there?

aoajaae- G2/I*jt that in not the ease, 6VA11 atatinna rr. *tE Btftft sr**** to ia. without: doubt, and so it is with

usrtvmijKitiun *e”*en T t**ll you thee there is U3 extraterrestrial a tat ion at Iritrrrxirg*

H&i*»r— That in peculiar*

huier- Hitharro it haa always basn effitire-l that ftssetUaSj at that kind la there.

aaolase- ‘fcil that la really not the cue. 66/0n the ether hand, it swy be in errinartlon vith another stJti*r. loyJiwj hidden there, naav*iy tha onn nf a group of Earth heocn betoni who luvc- UilU thoro nacratly during tha se^*^ w^rld vor, a atelier, d**p Inaicn fit the rocks, whsi* they live and1 wori. 67/Tt m ono of those groups who havs tak^ pomoaion of plans by which they ta*csrv» *na&larJ to huild -wonhirviik* fiicjiitirraxiirigs.

Moler- You refer to the g»rnwn ‘Hying. Pise*‘?

Senjdse* c&/Sureiy- G9/but their fliqhtnchines produced srs still cjuito prtmtive and not able for sparn* JO/Hsry are thus a till oartjv-tcunu% bet tore CBS h«vw uulta a lot of capability. 7i/Hlth these Earth hunan beings It eons concern, too, of cr» of those groups w1k> appear to &rth nurafie: and prutond to crrai in their disc*like fHghrjrechirsui froa tha mfntM, end of beiofj c»Lratcrrca’*.ri3is.

Jfclcr— 1 are. So that’s it.

‘li.-v 72/Sure ly.

Secret World War II UFO Station in Untsrberg


Arv tl*r^ ^” iattitcx ri51 eratic-nc £alov Gal wart, ttmt, arrf At tha rVt**rt*r7 *r ffalzhnro; IJfcwtria*, am in tftp Hn-


(n* TViTjarnarg

il/M nam- of the —I plact*.

iitl*r- But it la mid tjsfwiallr of Ontcrb-rri, that artn-ffntatnftlfl hove a static** there?

9n-jamr~ t<?A*Jt that m -*jt the cae*. ah/mi atajeinna an

tjc il-u^’, frj^,cr wltnett” <V«br, *r.d an it is vith

dtHimaljiatl^ T * yr«i thoc tJaue is ‘_–.tr it-::

trial station at ttit^rrjnro.

*m*r- thar In pmiluir.

ifciiar- Mithano it haa alveya baen *rfinraal that «i*UiUtj or that kind ia thin.

M/1M that in really not the cue. W/Cr* the LUkci hfitdf it Bay ha in connection vith another station loyintj hidden thrrr, nw»1y tha m« nfi a group ot forth

world wi, a pIa*lir iWp IryirLn ^. th* ixc^f vhrre U»£Y live arid* work. M/Tt 1ft mo of those qro« *_to haw t^fcan of *V Al* rh*y haewn* mablrt to hmW

Ifeilenr— Ytv n*f*r »n tfn> (wr»»»r> »»lyi-ng :>iig#?

scn>iue~ *&/9urvty. ft/M their niflJitaacMnea }arocumJ aw atm gjuitai primitive amS not as:? *cr 19*^* !Ortla.-> ana thue atiil earut-tcCTd, but tor* thr> BB ^ilai a lot of caaaaUHLf. il/Kith theae tfarth Uaaan teinaai It dona rt*r*rrt too* r< nr» of thooc |BftfJBl «ro ac^ear 10 f-arth Mauw -f J jpnatand to ctaaa in thelx iiac-lU* fll^tam fron thai etarn, and of bcn»j aitraigrrcatriala.

ncicr- 1 aac, fc tfaafa U.


Artifical Tunnal Syatam 4 Metal Foils in Equador:

Hetar- Hall, the neat tiucationi Ta them axiatiryj an artificial tunn*I avatar under Pruaaor, and a qxwi m»h»ra*


tiwUt foils jji 40 x 96 cm also, cxm^lsi by uryjinwn tattitrii?

1*^1 73/!?jrat/fitia] tiirtnel aysterej frcai pesr tires 6*>

tixlftl, all oygj thw Ertrth as wl 1 as in Ecuador* ?4/But strm o* those tunnels have l«»n crmshwi by the latest earthc\’*gA^g in QjaUjala. 75/Diirerent Dtrth .uicui beiinis Itrve pnrtatvlad thaaa B-tiadoriftn turnelfi axe inhabited ajuj are crnnectnd to extratrrrrtitrl a i tewn* m which ewtroterrea-trlal husan craatlim liva. 76/^it this accords to purs fajROay which la willful, and aa well an evil nuncfeti achenc for profits.

heler> i o=c, ana wrwt nhrwt the frrtal toll* than?

Scnrjaco* 77/lhoro arc nono of those them and in the touching sraee, which would be of extraterrestrial origin. 7B7 Iters do wist, all right, foils of the else you have said, bnt theao w*?r» produced scae y>*ars a*p by Earth human beings for Innincor^ purposes.

v*j i”r Ihe answer is clear, but wtat letters arc cn tlvwo foils produced by hunkin Celiacs i

Smj/iae- “W/ihey w*rw produced by a whole orojr’ ot Earth faxoan bolnos, confusing, but consequently for deception par-P**cec Bit/Put thoy or© likely cosplotdly tmanir/iloee.

Waste Dispose & Conversion :

heier- ^bbbsVb^bbbbbbbbbbss^bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb^ yet the next question, rasing frcrt the sat&e source? lb where with the Eaxth lutkish?

5ar*>lco- 136/Cti our stdo wa hsva vary lirrlt* quantity of rubbish. 1(TJ/Ttw* anpaaranee is ctennrrl in nonversLon tuild-inus to u&rahie_soit, which la ccnuoiled by rotate* 106/ ;\a» oWonda ft very advanced technology tor vfiich era Girth huran hninu. U still nut capable. 109/flut teen relatival?* the Earth limn Lelno. pos*s&*& a *.uailnr focni pr^^y^raion of rubbiah to ©oil- U0/¥K these techniques fur cowersIce, mto soil is baaed on ejuita otter prir.c^lea than crirfl, Ill/As far as I knnw, these converters ore working on the basis of ccafaustico, whlrh tarves tha saiss purpos*. 112fYet this is very good, but atil! rather primitive. 113/ftjt it achieves the :i pht object iu&> which is, that the bsccmlrig to rubbish tiatvrlal is ■■ ■ 17/ ■ into soil* thus is is

given back to the forth again, fren which it was taken.

feeder- So you now rur rubhjah crrthiatlcn factories.

Saarjaeo- Utfiba fwy mil it that, yea, that ia the ngM way. llVCnly the E%rtJi himm has to iicprove trvje* installations by insrh etill, ynt> ho is const-uitly tnt^nnlng to do


Plejaren – Smoldng & Printing


tore qna^rion ynt lean Una earn origins m y*i rtnnilc and on you stokcs?

fVyjme- 116/A typical Girth husan Queflticn- 117/No, with is growing ic unknown. w*11 tha crlnXing according

*o ISrTT unrSfaMnTnhg IS nja^pnaw- though wc do oa wcit hove drinte which aiw similar to alcoholic b^raccs. ii9/la that information sufficient?

hWar* l ttiink eo, aataffavaffsffsffsaaaaaaa”

Quetz^J Eliminatedthe3-Point Relay Stations for Negative Radiations vath a Special Instrument:

hYtfr- ajms-ss^aas^a^sssasa^. y^L a question fron rfc: Have

you rouj!dTu^soncthuT9^f*^Liiic tho peculiar thra*-roir.tflprlna, whom m ny vcrJOm*roonj T oot shot fcy very negative radiations?

»*tJmo- 120/Vfc need a special instruowit for this, which IB already baimj [wXr+ti by one o£ cur tcciwcl.w., 121/BY our hitherto inatrunenta vn oould analysu nothing, 122/Vou will hava to wait a bit. CR31


Malar ___

This loads to another question, that is about the odd three-point at the Bachtel site. Have ycu found ant anything?

Sesnjoae- 55/Qustzal has occupied himself with that- 56/&nd yea, he has not troubled in vain. 57/At three different plages were, by distances of 2r300 meters each, extremely snail fortifier-stations In the trees. SB/These stations of a size of a naiLuv/ quarter centimeter, functioned ac roiay-stations, which radiated disturbance waves from a central senderin very intensive and dangerous values. sg/TTte central sender f located in a constant position high up in the free space, but ve could not discover its origin. 60/ We only have possibility reckonnings about itr which by only 47 values enable a very thin evaluation.

Meier- 1 understand, but in spite o£ this, I can think cf a distinct possibility

Semjase- Gl/We have considered this peesibility as well, and indeed different matters are pointing to Gisah.

Meier- Vfoat E)ov?

Semjaae- 62/Quetzal lias removed the stations, which coes not mean that there c«ji not. lie otherwise again be such in-strumnte newly pcsitioned, 63/rihese concerns shall become controlled by us, by which tho chances of disturbance will become less.

Iteier- Tnank you girl, that’s very kind of you all. Semjase- G4/lt is in our interest as well-

CR 51, Tuesday, April 27,1976

– billy took a whole 24 hours to decipher the symbolic picture which was radiated by semjase after meier’s lecture in munich, 27th april, 1976

– billy gives mr. sloman’s book to semjase for her opinion

– mrs. hannelore working in w. at state defense ministry sends her greetings to semjase through billy

‘Eye of GOD’ – Patterns of Natural Origin:


flHBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa> Then once another question: I was able to get photograrris of the “Kyn <if Gnri“. You then told rae this formation a piece of human vwk, a memorial to a rnegal maniac uo£i, so to apeak- 1c thic m^lly correct?

Spmjase- 83/Surely, do you doubt nr/ words?

Jteier- Surely not, but I wanted ta assure rryself once mere. But – ia this formtion the only one like it in the Universe?

semjase- 34/Yci-r question is really very illogical. 85/lhc “Eye of God” was generated by a hctaan being, as I have already explained to you. 36/Such objects can only ba produced if tin? universal power, and all natural events allow such a creation, whlnh mwis in other worris, that according patterns of natural origin have to exist, 87/itiis means thar ccsriic forces and fornatioris can be clothed and changed by cone creatures into certain values and effects, only II those values and effects already exist. 88/Fran this you can conclude that for the “Eye of God” a pattern already had to exist, an3 that of natural origin, else the IHWH would not hove been able to generate it.

Meier- Vnis i have alreddy known.

Eemjase- 89/0£ oour3e, you hac to dc so, thnur^i not in

astronomical concerns. 90/Ail the more, your question seens to :ne illoqical and silly even. 91/But it must be evident to you, that if the IFfWH was able to generate the “Bye of God11, then there already had to be similar existing- patterns before, of natural form, of which and in qur_ galaxy alone are known 502 examples of smaller arc greater size, while in the whole universe are innumerable ones of them.

Orbital Period of Earth/SOL System around Galactic Central Sun:



thp question comes from somebrrly else, namely as wall from this Mr. wWmMM in Rimstin-j. Hero – as voll from him, I have a letter which you should read-

Semjase— frrrn there this silly and Illogical question.

93/ – Can I see it? ..___. 94/TSie first two questions 1 have

already answered- and it is unnecessary to still go into the i^raining matters. 95/lhe person putting these questions is quite evidently prejudiced by earthly data of astronomy and similar, and in coitssc&nicncc can nut confront himself with the truth. £6/Quite evidently, to him «s w*ll are unluxaflrj the changes in velocity in ths course around the central sun* which the Earth and the ^hole systcrc suffers, from where he accounts the time nf one rotation as 25>729 instead of 25fB60 earth years, 97/To state this still on scientific basis is a bit too much, as how can cne presume such a thing, when one has constructed his knowledge on assumptions alone, vr-r-i -I—’ rot rv:i” naarly the truth. 95/’_h;it the wrong ac counts respecting the point cf spring, as this is called here, resulted in enly a fraction of a second of arc, and in con sequence with the whole cycle only two Eartli years, is just a stimulus for laughing-. 99/lhat earthman can not even see clearly In his time, and has intermixed it with heavy wrong guessing, and then he wants to- indulge in matters about vnich l-e knows Less and understands less !h->.’ about his own existence as a material creature. 100/Sc I see no necessity to answer these questions even nearly.

Jteier- You ara quite con founded radical today.

Plejaren Contacts with Billy’s Teachers:


Hsier- ^^^HIssbsssbbbbbbbbbbsbsssbbbbssbssss} ^ still soie-tMng else: Especially in Vicrma, very irany questions wore put to ma to arrange a contact with you» Ts there perhaps existing tha possibility?

Serojase- l3D/¥ou do know that I con not agree to such desires. 131/It rsrains in the way of staying in contact only with you of personal Kind. 132/Thcre is no possibility to clrcmnvent this determination, because this is ordered by the Birth Council. 133/Ejcnepticns are fontriiicj for only seme few Earth bxran beings who were your teaohors, and with whan -• ■■■■,>•. – ••- :-.. ia._«- .jIu liiiks. 134/So I car. not chancre

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