Message From the Pleiades

M/Cl)WQiown* Henriquo Castilio/Braei l –

WCUriknawn) Herbert «ielscn/BRD.

40/(+>) Car\ K. AfKfeiBonAl&\. With certain nervation*

respecting reucirua exprocalu*ui Tiun bla own thcriioh-ts.

«1/H Gii! A- Andexscci/USA- As wall I call this luana.

Ilka that of Orfco Angsiunci, sasar synptona. 4Z/H-> I go ELrlch, log. /Austria.

4V(U*JKs«i> ?. Uop^loVAoatrla **/f-> frank E. strangrjs/ u».

«/<-» Jtalnhoid o. SdhMt/in. sVH itenihlro T&Jktm*a/J*ion

47/ttrsuiown) irvKa IWri


<aV(unknown) JoachUi rehl.

W&f this 1 Ik-va russnd all written run*™, ajuJ not ncntionoc pare ajUuis nf rnoes. SO/Hona up should Beep with this row, because tJarse natters arc not of la^wtance.

Plea/en on Contacted ‘Unknovn’ to them


teicr- Jhat do you say, hut with in, th* pw-pi* w*nt \0 know wluit ia. ttjv mn there be to itany nartas that ynu now saw *rv urfrjfuw to you?

51/teur option is ratified ,n UuM. *2/It 1m thnee parsons uitrn have no orraaffla with extra-terrewtrioi inbrllluencve. or that t>- r*rm+ wrttten here *™ nance. SJ/ra« it ia also possible that

Th*y r*»! yj.tact forewiiy. about whir* wa ctUI ajn not

Wlsit these <xnL*rt* can not far ol inport.wvy, because we would have soon been inioaaad u: aucli. SVaivjthar possibility sun, m that their omtaers roc* p\**+ itb lnt»l? ruwww unsjtsai lu ua, who sorwrtxw could have sore in urrcorpnjaod tyrrogn our err* rota, whirh vet is very

rfKue dais supinations we e*n not always <vr*r*i exactly.

W>l*r- tl*rt 1* fun, timt probably frcat this side yog

M a lot.

:*wij*ae- v*/»imiy( jiii nght in cortain concerns 4aseaal> CR44

heinr- Cfcay, but now in spits ot your last wian od *m «v-tfung srrv, still a gusmiloa about what you called negative paracraii CtM tlattc not exist xacng t*ws». at taswt one or ATisXax of Iheis, trx chance then? *»a* been any contact, nut knesrt to you or yours, and that thosa ountacta have, so to -ipraX, ‘rushed through your fiiwsjrc*?

aniline- iO/9Us la by absolute aurwns* inwibic, 71/ ‘ihe |wmi« uealgnoted tv no arw out OOBBEBBu 71/M leaat they never had contact with a*trater rne trial urial-il^enrvw, vCsj case* i*ra fnaty.J aw**. — *»aviua*

free space nor thrrixjh era? rf * HeaT””liT ft~*r*T* bur/awse *he*e noaaipiii.»;,i*= gjir rrM”*>1**1 *rw so Unfitly controlled that it Ls cjujlataly werweeihie for evao o tiny unit to slip through without hmng nuUcad by ue, or by tna controlling: tha Earth intr*l I ignnccs. n.Winrver a peoctru-tion wcur*v than all Is very Uiuroughly contmlled and aonitorad. 74/nnd chase ixaitroLs and registrations show no posltlvo Indications of the so-called negative pernona*

SMer- Bit isn’t It uuutble the*, that they could have penetrated by distorted or urriaible m*ww*7

75/That as wall is completely unpuesitic.

nuiui- Tkit why then Nrvo you said about different ri-iaca, that a iwitact could all right ne i* but you would

not ivw this?

i;^ vr “Thar ls wry aasy bo explain* t7/to* abltsore •ran ^faj rWrour <*—>rymona wbd peiyiy interr-j*^dt to* cjalte cjati’« reaeunw, wliich T as» not at lowed to *ci:Tfi/ Dmwj ihia tlsar It wee then possible for anrecognli*d oh-

jg<*fcE to penetrate, and tiiuy did.

faSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsV rli nr.-^x Can yOU tell fUi

stalls about the wrr Sv^tv.’ ‘ rt*™, nhi-sit thalr puffiowe and their rise? –

Jtarjott©- ai/For ra* also are <nn«n only the necessary facts, no anru. 82/Rit these facta 1 as \ol 1 only Know fro* fart:-. topQ. 8J/0nly a few things are known about their rise frora the ccnnacUori are! nger>tc>»taow of our workyoi

should icox for such book*, and toll Lhia to those who Ivwe put this Question to you.

K*lwx> Yon immn, tho question ls not from nyseif 1

aaarjaae- 85/Surely*

miu– rhtm you have hit the point.

#ter Meier’s Death :

fflliBBBBBBBBBBBBBV jL t%7* i still Want tO ut^a SOWt^ng

HitH on you: 94/Truubie yourself that the inheritance of ^irwd la secured, because the value of tfir tra-v-flUted lessons should not be forgotten, but go the way ur the von-cranio, and gat- to their objective. try because oi

than to find suited Vrowludqeable tn to n yon cvsi

entrust I he spreading and preservation u£ all thn lessons end or.hcr values, so that they contlMJV when it is your tiso to finish tha earthly lift*. «/lt ought m he so, because after your u^ath we haw fujf iiit?d_ cyi auwiiui Itarw, and will r&tum into <**r dianosirji” u7/Al*o Aratet__AtJ^rfW«i and tlv> Pptaia-gphare will discontinue their WJ^J> frm that point In tine, and will no lenger maintain contact.

Nruer- You art? wishful thinking again, bit it is evident to ne, i uill look around to find the suited persons. Only this will not be exactly easy.

r*v..-*** Se/Suroly. so it unfortunately is, as ycu say.


Jfciiir- this eourtoa T^sonflble to aat, but do you now Interrupt fi’Jttf* ixjtiI inuEuc rontrols txxsn to .■

Saiw 79/>U, mj raised the” to full scale after the expected tis*?. BO/T uVii’t yet went to disclose to you, frm the chance of an anjilanatlon, that the parsons T designated as nenaUve may havo been in contact perhaps, vlth the Uituilcwjes, or still stand in that connection, because we uq net exercise control over that^*

hater- Then this dance exists?

lesrjaac- Hl/Airely, but than tlai porcona uould

haw ben very badly led astray- 82/Aa well those, too, who ur*rr foccivfd ry £iruuy i ntn 11 «grrny; of tT£weP tills neanc, who own tho stolon ruga tflc Guinea* rwvTjhips^ and who an™ nounre thcnsolvg* as ^xtrntwrivftti i«is to the Earth huran beircas*

ftairr Oh man, there the cucoo nuy ujet wise rruu Utot_»ajg% Thule-Society:

Semjase treats Meier of Evil Cold & Overt! red nessv^ith an apparatus :

Snmjaso- m. v N clt down hero, I wnnt you to. hcier- If ycu think so……

Sem)***- 13VSo, now <iut your Itead lt*re t-j?i>w*l, y»-s» so It u ell right- )3$/»x do close your eyes for a r -.-r. this ia omd? now how do you feel?

htier- You make ae crazy- “feat is this? Th* stratiqe swarm of Hay-buTS has di*srry*arM froa my stall, and the stupid btitchinq and tuaroring as well, l feel much better.

9te>afr i i.1. ■- it ia o^ey, ycu will *»ijih nuc -,

yonrsetf. iW/f>r twn yen wl M feel much better.

Iteier- / .i-,- . you, Semjose. I really feel much better- X” i sdroclc have you done there?

iVnrJasr^ 139/You not only have an evilcold, bet >eu are alno rrjch overtired. HQ/During the next Cvw cay a you raailv should gat mucti nrtre sleepf this Is urnjently necessary Tor ycu.

Haiex- by this, you ouoin escape my oueatinn. nhat hare ycu rime?

semjase- 1117The explanations would lead ton far; shortly saidi I have lsTjrovcd the household of your fnrtiw.

H*ler~ I tmm9 n kind of ■ -t ■ ■ Jrn nt of forces.

Snsjaac- 112/&uely, t have disaulved for you a very tiny unit of ctfininai cuftatic energy.

neinr- On yes, rhln 1 Co understai-d, even rhoxajh the 1*0-:tzr. is a 1 u Cur an.

:>ttj t, – 143/Por thia, you should as well not cmro, b*rau»e

thn process 16 of pure technical character connected to blt^-priysiral forms.

Mjicr- IQU baJfe beyond ny unucrsUsiiinu.

Scalane- 144/Vour value lies In other fwtlds thnn Just in these sciences. HVBut now the tome has slowly oemo for you to 00 home* 146/veu really have tu cset wn” sleep.

CR 44, Monday, Febrajry 16,1976

* Mrs, Use von Jacobi intends to write a manuscript of Billy’s Contact report

– Genesis. Prophecies, Decalogue – Hutter Publisher in Munioh(Mr. 6outsohek & Mr. H utter)

– Present Leaders hip(KarlVeite« Co.) & future leadership are & will be imprisoned in religious concerns

toiler’s Original 8 mm Movie films lost infesting in USA :


im ■** tm>*m*4 iw* all mi vm mmim fr-hup*** jj w« rt»i*ii««

mv. -* m» m mi. .a** u» sjmi

f; .1 him *»M ta ut % r^i nw». wa-.n* i*w t-.» »ry«i ■ —

^^ la m Uati m n IK: Uii™: 5c»t«a^ «w —a *r n*« ■rtV-a) «a~

BMltl^M it « hhu uiri B mm mm/ *WU*W fm fci* t* a*ppti

*m *•*•»■ am, wi *• f*m !*»■ it i** tirot am aaoptta *u «*•

*™» r» PW *wfjm* f ™ «. amf r» mr»fc**t. *l*r. tVln

«h matt* i* a» a* i* m^^-tr^a tn* ir«lM a*M. ■*

•ftajli #»a«d rm* Am\U+tm a*** ha .m akna*. tw—e it oMrf*. *o

MM *■ … i |a>a- tht* ia pm fj Hi* M »#^-» il* to

t*e*r *t *>. ]

St. German

Kalliope 4 Children watched Ghost fotovies on TV:

lAit ynui wUv < 5 *re flCAeMut turcened. For which

roaacn 1 could not mrhiewy una too deeply. B/W »■ has ronfuaHr! droarm.

letivr- rti yen, I Kid not lhu**T* of e*3t. S^e necessarily tented to lOOfc at a ojamrtrilr In the I.V., »d thoam gft-mtl will oow, of ccurma, haunt thmuofc her groame.

tanmjaoo- W*» it will m,«»hPhMffl expressed fam^ey.

Itoler- Tnu netd tMa already at an t>erlteT tiaf.

tieataee- ‘^Vturely, but ry tv* ick “fi™ r»*< r;>.ir.-r-jaaat. and lixe that, the cMltlrwi, *ho thr»ivna cre*n con-r^ed th^noa.

*nor- ny nWi -ue there ohcarta haunting tte younojeow. la

ttmiw ■ ii — T

5%/fhia mar he njiit* wall poaaLble, •van when thoy have not lontod at T.V. Vi/Yuu yourself have no reanect at au for ahr-Mtn?

H-ier- I? Aj» yuu czary?

•■tjaaal Wmuat i havo sruUlod yuu nnto the roll cne tine.

“tier- tou taep espreamone and proverfct ilt^dy tike a cartar’i ma. Tnu taim » >■ ■ foot.

smjann- W/hoL 1 have a onnfl tmr^r. Ivteier wantito hvite.Herr Rsps- ResJ Vision Contactee:


quaaucin aurami a centorr^?, n’j-oly Kvrr_ Kapg, ab^jr you have aalri hL* b^ina a regi c^ft1 a ? IWv rxv wane to invito Kin lo us, and den’t knew stot we shall 60. Is it worth while tor t», ana ia *u» really trusvwrthy’/

maijase- 62/hn is no lcne»r lite that stnrn scire time a«j», unfortunately, inr which reason ail his mrar*?rjncos of his l ^uuV^^eriigicca wore cilsUMted,1 61/Since then he rx-tupicft hln&elf In spxwadinn; untrue thinoa about tumnalf*

Hater* Ch dWr, that’i a pity. But why that?

&3d)oac- SX/Almviy, tefare he cane to gajblic attention, be did no jore fulfill Ma cfoiaed miaainna, in rrns-seYioe of which an rmini seance* vsrv LaXun away tr<xa Jiln- fi5/0nly veoue and uncertain thin/* rgnaired inside hinr, frm when* alnce then he pretenub, fiee frcoi cun juciaaa&nt, matters -*Mch «j* untrue.

Ami ‘ about his report?

an)***- C&/Y/*i moan Uut coo vrach wan written by his- and

H>l*r- Of rnursni c*j ctill other cnes exlat?

<%Tnia*e- 67/lhere am cor tain further mattero, yoe, but

they** am Uttlo auccad with U-% truth as tho xsmtioned


n>i«r- hut why then have you celled him a contavtee?

Sjalase^ he/ttceuae nt tlxsl he r**Hy had rea\^ujo^V ana so rw-Uy -as a mntactcc, wro r«.y ^

rr>ro rrwiory of that.

Ksu-r- 1 sue- rJatn in renult, vc can dispons* vlrh hist. flearjene>- B9/ycu would j. v*u In this.

‘young journalist1 – real vision contact ee of ashtar sheran


” ‘ * r faeaeeeeSaeeeaeeeeSe

Sernjase’s Parents


now what about thia toitar i^hcron, door* no atill renain in thia monnn?

£*e;}a*e- 83/S* ha coos, but n^fi jJVl>J*Y has finally .com ti> zip erre, but he ic not 00 noor by that onu could call hua “in thta region”->

heirr- Good as wall, but now what about tho yotnr j^ra^i-i£t_vhO naa written an the*** r-pirt^ frro t-onran. or has he slaply reputed chum? Meanwhile 1 ham mad tnosr rc-I’.lI. , -i they were given to

Seaiaae- 64/That omu i» nut ehqt hu has been described. 6V Ke has nevereye* jwjatj gjfarijg jjc liii-tii ifr-rad^rf. and

still less h*» vxp&UvrwGd thu evaitti reporter; by htn. fie.701 his information ia pure fantasy.

fttuur- I do not .r>Vn*tuv3, that Ashlar Ac run, in

spite of this, nevertheless exists, if this nan has inventud sit?

fierrjaae- b7/Thia as woll is very easy to explain. U/A*h-tar Shiran h#l JJiC.i^r^cc lu*. wrcn ho was arl 11 in doubt, by r^.il*v 1 ^ ‘nm€i**t rt/td unfcit’^iatoly aritt*- fron caro dltfi?rutit tr.1r.53, for exasrjlc as well tha i at*] ullsunstion when he il -‘H-iM; rvlmn>3 Jimnclf fnrn *he <^r^t-lr>tclligerjra.

Way thia, that man, if we say call bin that, car* r_o mx certain v**jc rpcplleoticoc of a certain kind with his 1 ledt-lc*5 /anajesy, anJ spread rher fta tnith– *C>I was intorrol or all these thinea less than nine “uays ago, b«^use the clearing up of thoso things has hntsne a snail part 01 ny which has already ecrupled m for so long. 91/lf CtclzaJ had not been very holpful in that, although he is released iron this suasion, then still today I wyuld how no eviOenoa. 92/But this now is really all i a* allowed to report to you officially.

leal ex- All rlefit already, l tlvtnk you for It- i see the

natter rorw clearly- Mien now 1 can bring tbu two rosstining explanations together with tha two f”” before, then the picture gots quite woll rtxstdad.

Si/Surely, but new you slraild go. M/lhe tune haa

Mar- I an airway -ftlng, auil aw single cjueMiai i navai la your anther still living?

Sbmjaae- fb/lut of rrnmc. 9*75*1 live* Wither with ay father in his sarce*1u.

lldftC- A pity tMt i 010 not guL VJ miu* iar. uhc otir-ij *– wonoerful wife,

s-^rvr 9?rtcu flatter no very mjch. WAV “J”

dr-r^ vary wericterrul “aan. W/fct psrnaoa you once will have tha~i3ppt*’tx\ity to get to know hex.

H-ler- ‘ihjs would delight wo very -uch- Anyhow^groat l«r by unaoguaintad ctete, and also ccngratulate rex tor nnr vary pretty a^tajhteT.

£caijaoo- 100/? ? 7 T eVn’t unCnrstand you-

WAiar- ia it go difficult to forward n pretty gnwting?

^- 101/So I would Hta to do, but you are wrong, be-mm she tawva_vj- already an-ch better than you s«ur». 102/aut” : AWt orate*Wv) your word* with her daugiirer, for T am not the only one-

Iteter- All the better, than thinX about that aare>tlnc?-by? dear clrl-rrrrjaae- lOJ/Cgcdbye.

CR 45, Wednesday, frebraury 25,1976

– D-Maik ourrency notes were given to semjase by money-collector. Quetzal to be later handed over to Meier to get items required for plejaren

– Semjase gives Meier, the names of Sfath, Asket, Ptaah, Quetzal & Semjase with spellings

– Meier gwes a voice recorded tape to Semjase in an envelope

– Semjases reveioes question from outeide through Meier that she would bring kitchen instruments or tools from ERRA which she rejected as normally

* Meier asks semjase lor a piece of Beamship metal

* Meier got a new electrical typewriter which he cannot type as fast So he asks Semjase to make it slow, butshesays that there are no retardation elements not built into the transmitter means as well as not into the trasmission emitters

Beamship Ivtetsi-AJloy :


about* .1 j « %fl^l<l briny to wm mmmtum a pte*-t> nf miTAlt not caiy a pioco of era, but a pu« which was ^invarod by

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