Message From the Pleiades

141. By this, thp fnrm nf 1jfp lnnses the contrnl over herself ana over her vehicle.

142. The creature looses indeed the control over her own functions.

143. Of course may each creature slowly and in certain degree accommodate herself to these factors and to master them.

144. But anywhere for each creature exists the limit of the absolute where sne simply has to fail.

145. From earthly terms this can last often for years, until such events afflict a human being.

1(-6. Young and full of force in each respect, a human being =on Dear a lot; but also his time comes along, where he gets overcome by the disregarded laws of the nature.

– 1o2 –

147. Each individual is different to the otherone and by this, also its terminations.

1^a. One thing is but sure: Uhen once a time a creature Fails in this respect, then a limit of the bearable is reached ano he is not allowed to lead any machine of any kind, which reaches more than the velocity of his own walking; except when these machines are protected against the mass-enlargening influences.

149. If the earthhuman beings would regard and observe this law, they would have less need, misery, invalids and ceads.

15a. But the earthhuman being is obstinate stoic, as since ever, and he doesn’t want to let himself teach.

151. Btill today he presumes hi-nself for crown of Creation and lives with this delusion, to be the single human creature in universe.

152. Nevertheless but you should diffuse these words among all those, who have already coerced their megalomania and want to observe our expositions.

Plejaren-lmpulses as Inspirations:

+ Phantastic. – Our utopics’ writers are ahead these things indeed still only scanty writers without phantasy.


153. Do not deceive youself, as many among them come very near to the possibilities of reality and the truth.

154. Extreme good writers of such kind get even often inspirated, and by their books then the human being3 prepared for the comming.

155. Same ways scientists get announced uith certain fields and possiaiiities, from where they search then in distinct dirfccLiuiis and uotain successes.

+ This do you tell so easily?

5em j3sa

155. Surely, for it is the suited time for this explanation, and

moreover already many human beings make themselves thoughts

in such respect – even if they only assume these relations.

+ Then the fast development of technics etc. of the last 1oo

years is not 3lone the piece of work of the earthhuman beings?

– 1o3 –


157. :.o, because we also and many otherones have contributed some, though this development is according to the age. + You mean the Age of Waterman ?


153. Purely, I speak of this epac.

Age of Aquarius:

+ Yau mean the Age of Ulaterman ? 5emj33e

153- Surely, I speak of this epoc.

159. It mill bring revoluting events far the earthhumsn being; very goad ones, but also very bad ones.

160. Exspecially worse are there the religious influences, for this intellectual-spiritual age will create very many new and wicked religions, by which the human being shall get subjected still more into their ban.

1S1- This but do we try to prevent, because else happens the same, which also happened for our ancestors: Namely that the scientists mount by the time sameways to IHUJHs and effect the same catastrophy to creatures and solar systems, as it was peculiar also for our ancestors and many other races.

162. They namely are always the ones, who recognize for the first ones the truth, that over eacn creature and above all very single the Creation, which yet in each direction ahead to any creations and events in the universe behaves fully neutral.

163. Her name tells this by himself, what she is: She is the Creation.

164. Over seven greattimes she creates life in innumerous forms, always and always again.

155. Continuous she creates new forms of life – incessant.

156. EJhen these yet are created, then they remain left Tor tnem-selves, with the life’s mission of their development.

Spirit, Soul & Pvsche:

+ A further question concerns soul and spirit. Semjase.

Am I right uith the assumption, this t.o be one and the same?


157. Surely: Soul and spirit are only tuo names for Dne single factor, that is, For the spirit. + Uell, and uhat is then uith the human psycnis?

Sen: iase

1£S. About this do you know more, than all those, uho you call psychiatrists.

+ These are a uhole flouer-aaroen-

Life-Span of Life-Form in Whole Universe:

* B riou Dut oncE more a question respectively the

liFe‘s age. You said, the age being conditioned by the genes, is that by hundred percent right?


170. Wot in this quantity, a«* also rtiffprpnt other factors play an important roll.

171. The most important points are there the outsides influences-+ So have I thought, too. Can you tell me more about it?


172- That uould lead far too far.

+ Well then, how does this yet behave at your race?


173. The laus are of equal value in uhole the universe.

17’r„ Uhen us have a higher exsuectation of age than the earthhuman

being, then is it life-conditioned.

175. Research and evolution but play there a not undecisive part.

+ That is already sufficient. Are there any chances, to influence the life’s expectation for age from our present judgement?


175- Surely do those exist, but I am not allowed, to tell these.

Semjase gives Meier a names of Precious Stones, Crystals,..& Plans to Construct a Machine that Cures lllnesses(Rheumatism):

– But can you at lsast tall ma something, by

what at least appearings of sicknesses can get decreased?

Semjase 177. Hou Far?


177. That is nonsense in each respect.

+ Uhat is then uith metal compositions etc. and uith cristals and precious ston^a, uhich are told to catch up certain radiations or adsorb them?


I don’t believe to such things, yet I think here of sacalled fortune-brinners, of amulets.



This keeps its truth.


Special of such thinas have a certain effect.


But thsy show only partly sucesses and are not of hundred-


1o5 –

Principly they are but worthful and can avoid much need and misery -+ Can you tell me same?


161. Surely,

162. Yet I would advise you to keep these knowing for ycuself. 133. As you have from for me very good known causes no regulary

income, you could manufact these things by youself and sell for very useful helpers. + I am no materialist.


164. This has nothing common to that, for you have also to live. + Df course, yet I have first to deliberate it.


1E5. Do it thoroughly, as you may by this help many human beings. + If this is the case …..

Semjase 166. It is.

+ Then I am agreeing.


166. So listen now: …………………..

(12 things get called, for which purposes they shall serve

ana haw they have ta oe manuTactea. Tney concern wltnout

except things, which are able to influence rheumatism and

many other sicknesses etc.).

+ Thank you, Semjase. Is there but still anything in larger measure, effecting a better working?


167. Surely.

168. I can give you the exact decription for a machine, which effect an extreme effect for manyfold afflictions and sicknesses.

169. This macnine results an absolute refreshing of the whale body, a complete bleeding-through and new enlivening in connexion

to a curing of differentest afflictions.

– 1o£ –

+ Phantastic, Semjase, taut hew shall I build this machine, as there lack for me the financial means.


191. You will Find sponsors.

+ As far as I see, would such a machine cost rounded SFr.


192. nevertheless, you will get able to build her, and you have also not to worry for your livelihood.

± When you tell so …… ?


193. It will be so.

questions: How got created the first life? Semjase

194. This is rather known to your scientists.

+ So have not simply been creatures there, but everything rose frcm a sacalled origin atmosphere and the from these resulting amino-acids!


195. Certainly.

mmanuel should not be Glorified:

Meier- My last question; we have already talked about the Talmud Jnmanuel. Jnmanuel has been represented the lost 2,Q0Q years as a main religious figure. Will a new representation of this long dead human being serve once more to make him a center of belief and an idol? Is this how the Talmud shall serve?

Senrjase- 196/No, Jnmanuel was himself only a human being, like all others. 197/Yet he was equipped with great knowledge. He entooied neither a symbol, nor an idol, nor any such. 198/He was a teacher, a prophet of spiritual knowledge and wisdom? nothing more. 199/No creature should ever become idolized or even adored, as is the practice of hinaan beings of Earth. 200/When we allowed the removal of the Talmud from its 2,000 years hiding place, the only reason was because the time for truth had come. 201/The lessons of Jmnanuel are not HIS lessons, but those of THE CREATION and its laws, which Jmmanuel had to learn, to recognize, and to acknowledge. He has only repealed that which the natural law provided for.

202/Never again should the mistake of the delusion be committed, and Jnmanuel be seen as the embodiment of his offered lessons, and become idolized. 2D3/The truth of the Talmud ought to be learned and acknowledged as such by itself, without invoking the name of Jnmanuel and without his glorification. 204/Important alone is the truth and the laws,


but not the person who has brought then. 205/If then another cult should be constructed around Jiimnuel, then, the purpose is not accanplished. 206/The human being should not be glorified, because only the truth and the laws are really important. _ _ ©©

Meier’s Friends & Acquaintances wanted to Come in Contact with Semjase & Photograph/Film Her & Her Beamship:

Meier- A — the quest ion concerns friends

and aquaintencesiu^o^wanTing to come into contact with you. At least they would be content if they could see you and your beamship, even only from afar, or photograph or film it. Is there still no chance to content their eagerness for knowings, etc.?

Semjase— 209/Have T expressed myself too little clearly? 210/1 told you already several tiroes that this will not be possible under any circurstances. 211/We have elected you alone, where we also remain. 212/Nothlng can be changed. 213/It is known to me (that) some of your friends only want to contact me because they doubt your information ar.d want proof. 214/They don’t even accept your photos, because they are captured by distrust… 215/They consider themselves to be realistic, which is not true. 216/Their recognition of reality is not based on knowledge… 217/Thoy believe that only what they can aee with their own eyes can be real,

wherein they do not consider that U>ey could be deceived by their own seeing. 218/Evicence then is only valid if founded on knowledge and recognition, which means only hard spiritual work enables real reasoning, but never only seeing. 219/ We gave you the chance to collect photographic material so you could confirm your details in respect to the existence of our beamships, with pictures. 220/And although you nave many good photos; some do not believe you. 221/On the contrary, they demand still further proofs in tho way that we should break our own good principles and Lake up contacts


as well with those other Earth hurrans. 222/This we will not ate, and will deviate in no manner freer our objectives. 223/ WO still don‘t want, and are not aiirvcd. tn QQflBCB to Oflfc-vince Earth humans of the truth. 224/We arc only allowed to do what lies in reach of our objectives, and for this we have selected you, and you should spread the knowledge according to your best cstiination. 225/How you do this is up to you, for you are a free form of life. 226/Explain to your friends that we are not willing to grant them their demands for a contact with them. 221 fit. is absolutely impossible to concede this; in every respect.

228/For the coming while you also should not take further pictures of my beaiTship, because the cnes you have are fully sufficient. 229/1 gave you enough chance to get good photos, which became only doubted. 230/Thus it shall suffice for the time, for it is neither our nor your mission, to remove from doubtors and critlcizers their spirit-obstructing activities. 23l/7he mission lies in quite other fields, as you well know.

Meier’s Camera Exploded when Photograping Semjase’s Beamship upclose:

228/For the coming while you also should not take further pictures of my bearrship, because the ones you have are fully sufficient. 229/1 gave you enough cliance to get good photos, which became only doubted. 230/Thiis it shall suffice for the time, for it is neither our nor your mission, to remove from doubtors and criticizers their spirit-obstructing activities. 231/The mission lies in qui be other fields, as you well know.

Meier- Tills doesn’t sound very kind, Semjase, and it also

diS^pprtintfi nw> +b^t T shruilri nnt- fcalra any fiir-hhrai- pi/—Miwe

During your absence I have bought me a film camera, because T wanted to get a movie of your ship.

Semjase- 232/Your disappointment pities me, but the status Should remain. 233/Still I will admit your using the film camera, that you may be allowed to film my ship. 234/But you are prohibited from doing this up close, and also you may not get me on your film– 235/But I will give you a short demonstration of my ship.

Meier- Thank you. I could not film from near anyway, else the camera be destroyed. You had said earlier I could photograph your new ship up close. As you know, I tried this last contact, which failed because my camera, so to speak, “exploded” in my hands and fell, and the light measuring instrument and searcher were broken. I had to send it for expensive repair. (6)

Senrjase- 236/Did this really happen?

Meier- Of course; should I lie to you?

Semjase- 237/Certainly not, and this was not meant like that. 238/1 am sorry about the occurrence, and i will clear it up.


CR 09, March 21, Friday, 1975

‘We(Plejaren) are just HumanBeings like You1 & Natural Barbarism is Necessary:

– 110 –

ftlneth Contact Friday, 21. March 1575, 16-13 h


1. Unfortunately I have to keep an a bit one-sided conversation today, for I have to put right important things: Already since decades us become by different earthhuman Beings and by uhole groups partly consciously, partly unconsciously, pressed in spheres, into which ue do not fit by any forms; spheres, in uhicn ue do not uant to be at home, too.

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