Message From the Pleiades

hVJer- cr7.ilon#t you give tr* sore suitable plana and details fur such? –

Soiusse- JeTlhla would conceal great o^xigers In it, beeauoe by such, the P*rrl human t*ing» would bacon* able to create a<ni-organic life* which thty would ndauaa for tho conotrje-tisci of jjidroid£( wtdch thoy uould form into cxtccsidly ‘^ut-acious fi»a? 1 iny-m ^< \ r**,

hsicr- Hut 13 possible, tha Earth hunan bvintj ifc \nfa*d so

Houses, Factories, Cultivated Lands £ Tasks of People on ERRA


Hell ttxn, slmJI we leave ‘tt tnia/ a> you 1 on thn TMciaocs ia houses, a* w» oo?

Sumjas*- 79/1ha q/iastion Is illogical, nurcLy, ag ho slso are living In ttfuocn, rtiiy we ub ;nt call Uiw r^nsatirm like ‘i.1..

IMer- Thr Question is not illogical- m>rharst 1 have only pot It a bit silly, by vM<n yru ivvn m*und>rstood mo. I vmnrad tn as*: do you live in the Pleiades as well In louti I tho the cries w* have?

oration la icqical. ai/no we <to not ran I tat* la^tte sow *r*r<wmrtr«. *nr nur rorra of building* sjo all tours)* of fl^t-mjt}^ fnrn with wuUj*ilii^iai an for example my becst-fhlp, or they are sphnm-llfcc round. tU/*a*a dWllirsi objects* as you Xiww me**,1 are ritrt rasa with ua because all people……

m>ler- Pardon, Uy mass dvellinq o*r)erta, you snan the c’mosi Pssmmi nad herd-all ex* ?

13/Ycu spsafc in riddles.

mi*r- 1 roan with lt»t Modes of fiats #wl etc, \n vmch thu husan rmmgc iiw r«iiy vn norm, limi in silos. If possible, still quits: eVrrelv =hu*-<***x\ together, by which fact they already while stalling rr^srple into ti* e*ra of another.

Ucsnjase- W/T mas. HV- htJf these fnnm of ImbltaUcm possibilities wo do not own, because all cmaturas with \m lisvo claims fer nv* frmyrw, which 21, wr) 1 rnfvrs w Us? hmbttaticm of rmmr placm. 8fr/Eacn family ham an own nrom-plaot at Its dtspnaal, which is municipally oorw>tructod and fas no casrswtsattorw am la CCSmcD witJ* run* Sifsbese ….

•%?lc*r^ toi trar hiiwi^ r.r rent?

Mnjci da/Surriy, such ™rr#is tattr*! u> the bygonr put, rriusc airvjJ. lor a very leng tlms, wr* no ror» iifr any payment anans. .- an well, the in. .1 . usiatxucted

hossl|mlscssl are not in need of ru*uit«r-i **.ti. W/*lr»e** rrnw-places axe not arranged In trm wish, *iu with you# built trvTHtvjr to other nramrs. fi/lhcy aiw all sue standsnf -\rrr in a great land fcoart of 100 m 100 smtors, which la farmed for a ^rnon or swsdo» or a park, **c., nb sau/


timers, bjs^^g on^ trees aid rony other plants, like VBqn-tables, etc. – –

HMtfir- ct» dear, this needs huce plots ot land.

Smjsnn- 92/£umly> but with w, all inhabited world* have bMi nr^ fertile to th* last possibility. 9V8very usablv area Is cultivated and rerti liygd. 94/Ctoly areas which could rot be pv*3e fertile be^cne occupied by greater oj>£ several form* of bulldlnqe or £irell_u»j* at the sema …™, by but idingt which you would call factor las, with installations for atjgeryiaion end bearish ip yorts, etc.

heleir- Ch ye*, and who ttai ctes th? wrH in the factories?

Seajaae ^^frfhThil fllri ‘T^^roicfa uneter the ^udr*/T and con-troJ of a few mm and woren, wtc yet only exercise technical chiigaticns of aupetvialcn and control.

Hoistr- I sou, and what ctae the renuininq part of the Ple-j-…:… nunXinJ i.n :Mtww then? Are th*y perhaps turning Uw thumb, and lie on thwlr wrx?

Semjase- 9G/wriat do you thinX? 97/All of then have their tasfa cn the planet itself, as well oa In the uuversa. 98/But to talX about~thio would op too far, at least if I fccxiid ikiw to tell you about it today.

tticr- rt«U, hew aany persrra cn tiim live m au3> a mpierw.

did i-, vhliii rstariy same like a paradiK*, as 1

i -I- – ii” it.

Sorbose- 9$/7here never live ncre than five rerfiona; two parents and a rax limn; of three cftilcren, because thro* 6W-cendenti is the limit, because of which we also do not suffer :i in an overpopulation pecelen, as the Bnrtfc beings .

Piejaren M3ther4r|-Lay/is cabled ‘Qeranisa1:

Saiiase- 99/3here never live nore than ilve parscrta; two parents And a maxlmon of chr« cm icren, because three des-centAmto is tho limit, because n£ which we also do not suffer £mn an overpopulation pcobltsi! aa the fiir^h beings Co.*

hei©r- Then you have also solved the problem with th* Tpr^ox— j>nw, fantastic This I would also flnjny. T thtT-Jc, T chnnge my Hvtnc plaro to thft PlfMade.***

iiecjaae*- 100/1 d^ not understand the problem with the mstFer-in-lav, when do you call this?

heicr- Thia ia the mother of the partner In satrwony* Kith uBj the irotlier&-in*law 0. not juBt haw an auroolo around their brad, because many times they interfere- in thfr matters of the natriffony, etc., of thoir cMidren, and in this way ‘jeywrate twllish treublo. Dut this is not tie* atandard CosWj rhiR has to he said for the good and lovable mothers-in-law.


and f Know amoral sucr. clvvuc woaeai. Unfortunately I eon only Kf«k n. ■ i ay jrrxher-in-low and not sing pralso hymns, as sis* la )i»t u truo hyong, and U>e neraoniflentton nf the devil’s tuanutoUitT, so to spuk.

semlaaer- lvl/1hcxc arc wry new things for at. lOVto, with ub the tfgi*nd»* prevent thasssilvcs from such iMerfnr-anoa ia the ciroenv of their sauried Children.

ftVirr- Tvj oall your aether a- w law Geranlsa?

^tasw- tOJ/ttireiy, have I said so?

ffelwx- wise I would not know it. 1 think this is neirvotnuw. Wvrt eta ycu thufc, how sony cwrtitly woiifft wonld lick their flngcts il !.»■!’ with us would rule the ordnr for thg roUjer-m-law that you have on the lluiudus*

Seajaoo– IOi/lt it is as you say, ttien I unoerstand. Mjstc, Literature 4 arts :


know mis lis, I; t ftroture and or km, and d”> you have schools accordingly?

Scss^aae- lUb/Surwiy, as thces anthers drp :Aar ui:tiit l^SJ-r* all husjan torsw of Ufo fn the ‘”‘tit– l»ffie do also ■w^*^^ n*uw -tf^oie *heae rrrvtems. hut these can

only he used la/ really talented intnrsatta, who lawr wyrt tor V* r^refit Tf all. lD7/*Theee Intareauad pait i^m are Judged for their existence of talent, for adauaaiuri to tho SChcciS, by union only roaliv taientod onra nr«i *<-rx*>*t 108/ilLjb those thinqs bon* i v><I»t, SS are cunra on faxth, that interprets for the public, who qanerate u-r-rwilnlng buncs. 109/1 often find it hurrlhl* when 1 liaten to forth


ssrter- it is now barbaric nusicj anne surdering, sufai blcoc, sutm oWth’s eryinrj, eroakuij, hysterical brawling, sad erne fooleries of ascuaeri Iowa and amkflry iiswwJcsji This the Earth aja finds beautiful, this you bavo to <.naa> ■wsaflw

Sosrjaart- 110/U is horriblei all the wore, T aniov real good ard hamsvlc earthly ifuatc, which has nothing in wuh these hits, whiuh are nonytold bad and iTmiaieau

■teier- Huwe you are right* k*Jt hnw ones your stale eound, sod what sort of uurtruaarita do you hew u «e?


Seniase- lll/I cann;* describe this aisic fox ycu, bcc^iav? it sound fully arrange to ycu. 112/JVvl the instru-

centa as well would be strange to you.

Ifclcr- Then you can step this. Wrruld it be possible tor you to brine; re . m. t .m-. h– sucie rates, a bonk or artythiriq c )*e, perhaps a picture?

3euiaae- ‘.’ –: ■. you to Lcuch ai>d see, yea, but T en net allowed to give it into ycur noeeeelcn, or to show it to c*hercnf»-

Wwlrr- Rut why rat?

3txija*je~ 114/Tl*»e axe secuiiLy uiucis *hi<Ji we have to observe in every case. 115/1 am not allowed to bring any things to th? Earth if thoy would not main in wy poces&icn. 126/Ecccptions ore only seen in the crystals and minerals, which should be a help fox you.

How Plejaren get ‘Esrth Money :

rVier- 4sbbbbbb) Can ycu answer still one almjie ojjcatlcr, for me?

5uuta&e~ ll7/5uxeiy.

n>inr- From v/toto do Km take the srmey when vou stroll aiuuuu uu uui COuUi miO Uu* wmmu^ aumbvnero/

fioniaac- u6Vror these puxtoceo, we inveatigate on tne Earth by our search-nearis, nreclouja r^t^lq JfVl precious stoics, which we cxnoee in very eron quantities, and 5*11 j: ill/j\ iv^v^ ‘.v ir.v*j-V.T** ****H T mutual VkUsI immmmVmnfl us with –nri 1 ‘” j ‘ which according to the denond, vr> the? rr.ircr intn the noadud currency.

ncicr- l*en you are actually earning the mjney isi-

ly* as the nwchlrvv* are iSnlna the work lor you. Indeed erect problem at all, afl aueh dinoHnq objects axe layui? axcurid in irony places on tho Earth. Vet it is all the bet lei when yvu care Cur the necessary peefcet ncney this way. Ecme already believe ttat you rrh it from ©caeploce, poEtiap* avon hixo thoro undertake a hank r»^hheryt

tarrjasA- llv/Rut this is r*nt &lltv**d, to be true.

msiMT- It is nr7t so at all, – ycu always hovr to ot cm* swp into the mill.

Saniaso- 120/So it was a ]oko again?


ffciox- Of cow*«, *£mi\ iuw you . • .

^>a*e- III/I &n*t kron it ia anothmr form thar the •ot-1 hitherto known to an.

anlex i am rich in tocaa – haha. – Kat not counted by mmrjaan- .77. i <fcn*t oncatrstand you.

Jotlatr- So it la better, but new 1 an really tired, Semiase. I go tor sleeping now.

hroriaon* i/l/wy; T wish you a mna^orativo ainnp* hVirr- In thia rrrarn with ycu?

au*0*sv- 124/1 have leaned UU* fiun you, but go alcepinn now. 12VvVttd-byc, dear friend.

CR 43, Tuesday, January 27, 1976

– Lost Reports from Asketwill no more be transmitted became they will be overshadowed by Spirtual less ons torn PETALE-sphere verb GENESIS book

Prof ou/vj truth: Each form of Me has a dehnte place in desfny. by which it gains as existence for al and wefh ai things, without estimating ibeH of peater value became of that

List of ETAJ fo Contactees :

rnMer- Of course, and sc X have e*r*ln prepared ay taction* in wrttine. And 1 have rra*g« the Hat a* wen. i wot* ui* nanva* I let of tne coatactem- – Hora……

Cwoffiiaav looks Umruuohly mr acme dm mt the two typewrit-■ t ildes of text.)

ttaijaae- MV*m lists are not very wtm*., and Leatdea 11 li , the – Ti- ia not from you.

Tnat’s tight, one nf riwsm ia trow anmthodv else- Bat why are thev nut oorroctj

!Vnrwkse- Jftm thlc carat hero arv rvaw»* ml title* of boo*»* wall* — iiji nrifj correspond only in tnone v* uoca’c suthot.»« who tssansi Im~st *wve never been – ■ i *

nslar- This nay be, but one you av«nrtl»le«a> tall oe when wn can trust?

IT i j i i 4/^smly, but after this it should be enooon wUa that natter, a* wa cared already srnons sec* about those1 rs_m-osmi. Von your List i also find names wrurh are enfrncwa to m. but on the* other hand 1 suae cr\ then teen rmp

Meier- We could rut find out the rw»-n of all contact***, ot of all prnrrnded onntanteos.

ihoijnsn- airely, Uii* would not ha pnaolblo for you. 7/1 U iv* not yet tJvjrunht of that in my ^pr***!*™, Imt tjwrc arc ruft* (ks^ h, wrx«e carriers arc ^ vli in juin ir, whn

1- i i’ -rar^ of the dacoivars, 5*1 wtw iiw; arc the aans a* those of well known emtacteee.

HuiuT* T*v*n tiy lists use 1 we.


^»jnao- 8/NDt Ctnpietely. *J/You h*we already cot a list nf the imst important orntactees, – except for three n sines, which I still have to conceal from publicity, 10/Kith Uie help of the Ilsts, yen enri rnrt; nnr all rtoe* who are of lwrtr i^i^r lance, while I have ta explain that of dose ere still many fasidreds more then your notifications contain.

r- T**t uc do it thiv way, that 1 road you the narua MsteyJ here, or that you reed them to nc and tellne positive or nogativo, or iuvr-y .

* *bcd *r utian.i i* in order far V? **v*”. -■ – aliead) *cl 1

Wwrf iFO whutcthm. suit* irpmn^ly mnotiaated b* * ■: *no

found &jt4t*nti*l cmtiiUuraLim nlr-r *iiwpn. f^,> ; – e*Mne«h

ha, e* mil tfltabinrwd at . u umt *#ls« ..j-., and caila I m h* .■,

■ ‘ • l> ■ a*** Its* ( » h» rtfvtf j nogftar-lla) ri**ot of o*^or ciyit*rlu«

thai *r* : II r rt< that nrwtf haohfl of fce‘or*. mis *ug-

9»tc itvil nor lowla of irifot«it na Oi f far*#t fro* our* ana mo- alwo tr tu IL *s **- leM SOnl mr. r«rtt it&t drrid? o» tf«tr (utmtK? Tur

•tf«WJf boo*d o« Ml o»*i toi<-aeaQ* of M mists.

larjsec- ll/ihat 15 a gcod idcar but please den’t interrupt ire then in sry explanations * 12/s2 1 will begin* and leave here all those vho are only knowr. aa authors of books or

13/M Itumifi ftrthruVuSft.

ItfM enrclsxo Ocnovw/>fexioo. After ttichaick and

ivi-.-” -.if he is the next-tollournq and greatest deceiver.

It/Dr. n ; ■,■ a lor him are valid certain

reservations in the Adamski matter, becauaa he was badly deceived by this deceiver. (Basel £ lw* not to imrk contacts.) Author.

Thj, j* r> tMrpla of tot cl»s drilerttfaly cultivate* t» •luwa UN tT flitter*, nr fk> n>i*r hiaitMf v*mi 1‘ tM ■ ni – . too rum ^ei> la laid on ue ■■ inj ■ roiftancw (- – ■- or : tti coat* u wiich Btnsrs

find lo be i .1.’ Ij .. ‘ .% WtcTiet thia la oup to »an|l> or Jr*tc<*m

or : j- on tnc pare ©* 5er»jaw oc e*i*r a* a> rot ratal

cocn jucgr tor Maselt, 03 ‘ :■ j u\m all t*it f*em *a« told la re* Me

trt^Jlr*!ly twet *”* **** Plr^Mtann atftn tn\d Si* arly *r*al U*r»

#antaa hin ta i * ParKipa ■an»#ii r» diaeAura^a hn rvuaairMfi^

uthh IFO cialrlit raaaa. Va round tfl)lUWon*a eantattl aulta talld»

WCUiknown; Elans Klctzbach/SBD. 17/ W Brtorri rtacjer/U?A.


19/Salvador wasrien nr rWasil.

20/l-J KTaviw Castillo/ a g – .-

£1 f {ijr\W*m) fernaroo SewWSfcai/*-

22/(lruax*m) inn\ KeeveAGA.

23/(-f CDOXlc Mlinuh^ra/ttwlcuil.

21/<+f D. >&r#Khi/USA.

25/(+1 vlnt*>*r/U5A.

26/M !toitaUl/U».

uwrarga Oor»ar./lSfc. ?&7 rujwurwril atirfdn l*w-n>Vhrll^nd. 29/OJsuiacil Jsff UTOTtwwAEA.

30/<rrWovwtO .V:tOUo vj:^V«,Sf4:i

M/t-l ftmlu Siracuea/Italy, lath innervations abcwt

rcliqloue -^cpreaaiona, which ‘-vrrocnorvl to hxa own ■ !■ ■ * >«.

32/f*) Orfco Arw^iueci/UiJA. <*eul-vlslcn contact without

SMXinino.) With £«eivat rr*»prrting rellClCUS

rxi’n-nftir.n-., whxch roan frm hla own tlr-ightly world, for hw la a vary religion* and irystical cturartaavjd nan, a- well aa hln wife, too. 3V (-) Orfeo vrMucci/USA. This ll an < tware

of a oaenlwar, who of far* limwlf to different ClXClca. and wno*w ratt la pronuaiund vtu^ul lllu* lhat of the real Angaiuccl. WH haaaoAl Ohlar/Jaartrla

:: ” Vr–^’ Dick 1 i –

nrk aVlui/lltt

37/f»» Mburto SuMrtia/^Min. seal-vis ion contact gf 111 Ma wanning J with aoaa reservation* respecting religious exureuatons of his own trvssjhts,

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