Message From the Pleiades

minr- This it fantastic. So thia xust to an that a tamm bnlng have an experience which in truth ia simply not what it seem, but only nana frost a pnvj acted vision, but ha ie nnt otjIo tn differentiate this from reality, arsl thu* ostoran the srfvunq experience to be o true experience-

Uantasc- lOVSurcly, exactly as you deecribo.

War- Out now, if a hunan being has an exrtarleitce, is re-

liwai firm it and Uviaj en as usual, to bw a^din ixstfrgnted with such a real-vision later, what happens than?

Sonjaso- io*/ttotrjng, because hie roal*vielons ana tho n=-silly rtl*^ ** form** ttf*1 rind rrntyriiiouJi garifta_n_f events, which can not he differentiated froo each other at all, rut bv LjHfi huton””neingje*

hnlax- Ihia ia aore than luntdstie. Cfo cry deux. So Cor tfc-exple, I coultl be United by yuu to a ieel*vl*luQ. and would believe in ray consciousness I had e*perirn. .-■ . thn vision in nsaiity. Then 1 would Just go on living and lead a nnunsl Hie, to be sow tmw later treated by you to a real-viaion, Wee experiences I would one* rsore efrteain for reality with* ait noticing that I had suffurod in roality only a visimrt

Seaijase- 10″./that ia it, only you have ehcoen a bafl example. Itolex- Vhy7

flBt^aser IvVfcCeSaSS ypu am able to differentiate the ruality frcm tho roal vision, too.

Jteler- ‘that la crazy, hhy should I be able to do that? Seuj«3Nr- -v-j^tf that……

»*ter- My daar girl, hew da 1 suddenly cat into your ship? …..-


*tnr * still do ik* understand how you ywt ftjne this nt all? Just ia till* rvire. T hove been in your t^annrilp. and at the? save tlse I alt here before the typewriter and write dr*4i Sly question, while- T wen In the ship. .1 7 u Joke. You haw* only ahuwn lomprhinfl. to i*>p hut i bin iacuawu to nnnune hi. j. ■ really been in your ahip. He persuasiOT to h»Li«e thia curaeniy strong, hit why?

taapasc- Ill/Do you now mm? 112/lhot was a rml-visian af * f^_gg^onrh tjueetior. uj/sut ycu hsve fcjgaatsM \-*\iY ci yna. which always affects ecus recoaelt^nc the ejseUaaV IWOlJser cieet rma ret <irw «*i j blnrk, and in a rractlro of a tocond they fall to usj inil-enc-, to ae-the ilf. j for a <jiven truth.

heier- This in crary, girl. Uut for all th* world. \hy tin you ck> this? This is deceit.

rm>sao- 115/atarclkud In this fona it ia not rtrreit. be-cause the event ttn^a for thn eniaruertanl of truth in the

creature. llt/uhm Earth iiw beings are in-tiunad in this way, it happers only Era a taassA because theae would not be able to emperienar the vleicrvtrv *-*enta in reality.–

p%fi«r- 1 accept tma. ecu tmy Uaaov i«m!*vU;^ l«*t u long a tine is the reel euunt wuki t*K». Thus rather rrcch tine could pass, and *van ittiny noun?

iiearjace*- llJ/SUre1yf irvmi days weeks*».

hr*ier- Dear so. saTal these poor crestuieo would starve fro* linger.

Ccss>asr- llB/rnu target, t/Ja dsion appear* ***ry artlvdly real.

**>l<-r- Ym ». 1 net the influenced persons feel then their r.itural reeds, llae hurccx and thirst an* titverttsa, and so on?-3

Snsrjasr- lll/4ir»lY.

h>lar* Bit Mul tb the** people cat and drink? 2nd *hen they h/reo long xeuJ’Vlalona out of Iksm, t/*r» dothey elr^p?

aalac- 170/thai la ouite simple. 131/ln the state of rr~j^Uyr1 trey am asest r* -icepiuw in their sttrcrew^DOS,


rrjnaciomiy in the «mr that by the feeling of hnar end thirst tfarr eraser*** are prw^ipit^t^ solidly exactiy

those Tt|#Jl|| I^o dtpofbic taiftas whirr, thrv g^ri^-»

Mssir rosl-vlsicrw. m/aw thorn then they tlsc nourish tv-*acjvcs. 124/Thls is lite the evert ee^arxavtrated rV VTM7itl arruv two Hu*sU yuacs 900 when he fed warn ^j*0^ EaiUi tftrn* K ir»£i by brrart ufiich he sultlplled in ^*fi l.VThr CltfeievM is txily that real-vtslnn in-

flusnonu persons exerrnw* their ^ulitlee utiarasclous;v, while ^syswjupj ways consciously ab.^ 10 ix> thia.

Hslnr- Dit thia aUll onnm not explain tha concerns of slwpU^,

**i}-a«- 125Ana influenced an™ arc wry QflPBl in thia respect. 126/They keep Thenrclves up lisa rney are used to in ell respects, but do sleep whan U«y sir away fron tore, ar.yw1«-ta b- thn* e^virrm^r. 12?Abuolly this la arraroed, the influenced i-angn Lolng gui<fed to trustworthy l3S/HsrMlly nlao these tmMwrthy ones are m-

fli.^ <*1 I.*., 1m‘ In /if ‘vol naiUM, Ul –iJEiiAJK^r VMCfc

they care fnr the vi * km-n

*Mer- That is interest Uw. but what 60 these people ssswJl

Wi ■ -r –

Snjano- !2*moy ire influenced, tnuo novo no recoUecttcn jI the visionary.

Real-Vision Contact*** :

sut l rocnaniae fna your irtforaation. that neiliwu Fata :At.3ct« t iv rhw ir spaceships,, sad jaws; Bel Sal cxrcricnoaa us tho font LHEaSaw W vcu.


tt, erv-ueh wit* ■■ But now «e»t about tixjec pal* wrxj have received nflssaooa rrusi fc^-y ancry,’ One of thussr pexarra I know of la assert 9g£* BaB one in not on tha list* On tJhe other band avjssj oBssa are known rrtft-*, wtn are asspecially mvS in the Ventia Arlae t*xmrani– – in hnrvs and v^moi.–

[Swf la It tfwr .. , j,.. * ^ il. *w*ex t* <sd fcst St St—ss#jsw

MUt |S—| WMns pvutU <ii*trtWJl** tUv 1^0 -1 um it* «1b, csiiMt we SW^silOirin. lac* *t*u (waili** ira wm m^iviiJ

rrferujae- l )2/Ao yuu were infurstxl by Quetzal, AiuaeaX be-

imo* to Usi Ui^h-Tntalligencoa. and gj* d^Mm-nt was expect^. 133/** are ^forand ot to « U ta£ ad MBlfto of Venn* VyW ^^^^,^1? as Skinv oUai «iv and aiauln persona. contvicteoc,

rrU’ »…….>t»V*W urix^aai \o us. while irany o*J»r we

^ ttu*» t«rt1y the Ci3<^Tntalli^svicaaf or SlAas the


atoior- That will an uproar, Saralase, because lunt

the wntia varlaq puMiemticna indicate very osny nanas…..

telair iW/.,.Of uradi only a f«w are contactefis. hticr- are sathor rsrU’-sil.


CR 40,Thursday, December 1$, 1975

~ Theze is no girl friend as ‘Theckla1 £oz Semjase/ as told by Hans J ac ob

~ Semjase only mat on Earth accidentally with a woman named Elsa Schzoedez in Z aha dan, Pezsia when searching £oz a cyl indez

Spiritual Lessons from PSTALE sphere are to be Re-Interpreted BY Billy a^p^paj^i^a^a^as^as^psa^ – f«;icr*£; this fr^tr out Lho PntalQ lyhcrp. I haw <?ot <w iransai salens-

sarrjasaB 37/9uroly. this Is known to im. lB/ht.w Uk s&l£r than was nrovitfad.

Meierv Tnoy are only hacir l**mxix. 1 should rsysejf write tlvr int^rpretationa-

fernjatat- 39/5uiely, that is llAc it always iB* 40/lhe tho-rouuh explarvtttone am thri lnor>r of each prophet has fce>-core; taiyjht in Knowledge. 41/it is his i ■ _ ■: as well/ to write the explarntions and caeojtitxo in urriergtandThle la^cijaoe* 42/BecatKU or *Jtla, the ;prophut£ are educated in ■jiaat. fcr^ledge and wiyln. 43/Mone for the contact with ue or with other torea or lire, it wild not have boon neo-tssary to teach you and to let you find arorsou* *nowle£*>, recoqnlticrw and wtsduo, and the truth. 4«/Thifl all no you

alone need tor the explanations and interpretations of tho spirit’s _ i – .: -. ii, a-<i ‘i ; should offer to the earth wnri [*■*”. – in an understandable <15/±hls alsslon Is

cnanjed to you, for which mnsm «tm are only transmitted to you tin basic leataon* of value for all ires, tfticft you should offer together with your int-n>ret aligns uxfrluj>a Lions to Ue Earth tixrxi beings-

rtoiar- SO that is tlrr wcy it is- This will uetxrna rathar a lot of labor.

CR 41, Wednesday, December 31, 1975

– Semajse draws Jmmanuel portrait in 11 minutes

*SE)C Taboo on Esrth:


Msler- The first concerns your desrendeni*. dft produce then t^hen you want to hurort

JWirjaae- .3/That in a very peculiar question.

fcfeicr- It is not fraJi lie.

anrJaBer 4/fiimlyr rtwuld have Mtnninr^j i _ i: bo-eawfle yen Know that fratflrifll crrmcurBs……

tt-icr- …..fiwitiply therwive-, in quite the same w.

SnnjaDc- a/Surely, cc why iMVWthfllMS afiX?

Mtiej– But I don’t want this Sjllfistian answered ny nc.

Sonjaw- i5/SUJn?ly* ycu already asnt-icnad this, but Lite qtjtpfttiftn is rwslly vc.ry csctritnniinary

xbies” ft? m-»l u? grew ioe4?

Malar- Perhaps you harbor «i “insanity” and moan en* Is roc sllcMBd to talk about iud> nwttar*, aa it crttai behaves with tho dur Earth wojihr, because they are araauftlly UuUMtfrfli

OmQmh B/YOUX talk il v*ry pgce^ling.

Mder- But, is that so difficult to understand. With ufc BurLH worms prevails respecting seorual roncprn-, *tc. awiy already sick lnhlhltlcnsf thus it is gocd behavior not to

tal>. about, social nuttexa. .Many bttHeve S€* ic crxrrtl‘i Lnq “Jft-


ethical, or e*=n a matter of the devil, Then TiNsm arn ntiii dieting; tl“K? apcrf?11 rr. ~rf moral n~*%. who ni In thnwcj tilings ^rm?; hnnorlcss,. r.r cvro nnr— th i r«{ a mpire and incral«

tj;, so to speak, often, a tl’teme vhlcti is simply taboo and atout which ofte dtoea not talk.. Tim that, ^ call thn hunvm beings sexually intiibited wnen they Liv* in thin fnxoi cl thinking. But wry ofton this bahavioc ia only c3K.-e.Lt and ofcmiinqj, because It is rinne thia wny only .in pub* iclty r -arid prof.nrvoo, while secretly real orgy-l-fXe piggeries a*v orlnhT?itcd^ which are ciTy-red Uv tills hit-1 bi ted beJiaviox.

[Jeurjane- !»/1 und-ratartci. 1Q/Inie Is «<ery rncjmttn n I o. 11/

– – Mo, 1 didn’t r»r»r tfts peculiarity of the question to thia uTund*r«t«ndAbl« ta m= farm of tnirftlngf, but that It

– vncs ooncerna wnici. in tj.ixiclvuu no explanation. 12^’aut evidaaitly tlieae r**r.«ective concerns ranttln inflvldnnt tan the Earth human beinga until now, thus t will n«vnrthn-leaa an ewer the guasticA, thoii^h thia sbouia not be nsow aary. 13/IL la ……

Mr.irx- ”W-m-nt, Bfetfljas^y you havo noticed those things, that tha Earth human beings art> vviry much lad astray. This, especially by acctariana, who work In UFO natters, and *dio mark tfra cKtraterrtjati irtl a as Goo-sost cnos are* ■angplc, and uioriTy tfcsn by that. In their limit Lege fantasy, *nnrf

to these then a spiritual near or total perfection, by which they then hypasfi tba nnrwrel rvot of procrcatlrn , and auppos-odly could proOToata dascCTidnntS ‘teantalTy”*. This. Idiocy oonaiata on the one hand in the pretention that Jtimanuel would have been procreated in aomn mental way Iby the dear Gudy ai’ul the uLiier handy tltat the normal and natural act of procreation would be. an unclnnn or «unn .-nvraL matter, for wrUeh the explanation is again to March In the pretense of tho ramtal pracraatioji of Jnmu».i*l.

Semjase- 14/’ajt that is; not the truth. Semjacc- 14/ajt that tfi tint this truth.

Meier Sow don’t you play ■araryj db ycu oosubc that 1 lie to you?

Snnj.w- l VT don’t dare to think that, because I know about ycttt <tnncrity. Wl wnnt ro by py wont. ~-“;t th.-r..-religious Inbarprebit torus ara conflotely not understandable in any wy, and have bo be untrue, for they i3o already reach the limit in stupidity. 17/But this has ali been un-

tawswi to ma In thia tc-nm until new. 18/J woa wily portly

orient*^ atctit this. lQ/TSkyv yotr I think your qusatlnn Is ji-.^t 1 firxi, and no Icngar ntranqri. 20/Jtiw 1 araderHtand ft lest imps, in coneaquana& of lAlcft 1 no/ want to anewai: this question In da-tall: 21/tfe procreate our deaoendentB by tha aam natural vny as ia riiaraetcristic for th* fiwrth batitt

fecinge, and all nthr-r ir>r~.r -■- iifa of tnaht-ritl f:n:^i .fi f.I I


SEX in the Universe

fl-ii^^M^M “‘ -roereaie our **cenu*nta by the am natural way as is characteristic for tho Earth hatan beings, ml all othar rorsc of Itfs of raster i*1 form in all universe*. smaai there orsiple iwi ant MM to-

gether, to undftrqo an act of procreation. 23/Thls torn oi proration lfi in “h ^ivcrflw 1 ™»*iwv n*»tral eancasa . ;■ h aiwr/fi and evary^horo is ncarauiy performed in this way. ran <?ohabltnt*b with a woman, . her and

gets her with cliildj thus a procraation takes place. 25/In : .. – I t<MP>, thia Is d ■ ne by tha quirting into one another of the bodies, wM-h means that man and wojran utasm© up to-<h?U»r, unite one another in love, ann the ann nuinv-i his prrcreational part into tho roonivlng npontrnj of the wuusi, who take* up Urn uiwiwatina, epenre Into herself, and la In-probated, and in this way onvMopn new life, ux-

lste no ether form of pcoervation, when we abstract trm exceptions, where by circiaaatanres a mental procreation is done, which is still a vory ooiccn evont! 27/»> as an

uvpraunatlcii by mulflvial fonn, whl–h snarly only in ea> rrtro f*wi is pwricjisahi tm injsj railing of the species, «/ But on the whole th- nrrrrreat inr ol nrjwOTdantfl Is directed toward the ncnrul act ot cohabitation, because this form alone accords to nature and to the cn-stlcml giving nf laws and -ulnars. 29/And enly the obwrvanna In this fl^nrcr in fixed detail voir hoc for tha eon*latency of the spiritual and hnrtlly nvnliitinn nf a fore of life, because rmtal and artificial inaenunations hold aanrjets in ttw» ^a in thia v*y |trncresrad 1 Vacant falls In ivitalnly tu i*n> ly unnrcou–imhlr mitatinn”, which In the muiss at Linn juuulu little by llttla mbim racea of -features and pruduces hcdlly and spiritual nenst raft ties.

hnler* 5o *V»a» this stain that casplctc races can become satantsF

aomjaoo- 10/auroly, and they also lose their ability for resistance m*) Ur- hurra 1 pvuvirr uT tKinMna;.

Helcr- So mmtal and artificial UtaeadnaUon should be owlttnd?

Snsjaae- H/Rirely, hpceuaa in list cujrua of tins* lh*y nec-easari ly lead to o>ynemt \m*niritucl ly as 1 as cocaly*

□escendentsfroman Impotent Marriage Partner


telex- …… I . ‘ will _r.”-, – ; j.-^uw aspects, vfcen

T . –uj – ride

vmr”- -17/9urcly, CO it Is. Hwiat Qn, ne*r 1 hdvw got you.

08/1 dr> tot unrierstAPd you?

ntlpr- Onra irons, you law aretered u-untenticmLly a <*jm-Saxrissc- ’19’tlavu you let sc aiicfc win?

frier- Or thinly, for you ju*t – -. l – ■ —< * to tse that yau fflfti rawial atrtlvlfcy pleasing,

tanjaoe* 50/Haw I really?

h>ier~ Are y™ fl^twiwl necAuse of it?

Sanidso- 51/1 did not vnr.t tx talk abrot It.

Hcl«r- toi novorthelees ftcw hove, tad GiAoc you have alrc&dy i-Mri ycu can alco explain th* rvet.

>>i-; ii>’ – i only did not want to talk ■ – t this, rrcrnwa

I how not considered it irepcxtAnt. an net ashaned to

tnlfc ftmrr l r-11

hfcier- ttit for tnc tsrtn raiw this IB uirtfrtanU amy of efton boncua that «tr»lerr«triale are of otter charterer Ia such respect. So it mild tm w*ii it yen rcrtod southing about that.

SbiJubo- m/Since it Is lite that …… well then: W

ttm factors **ichr dcscriVtf bv -tore ■:tf>tii. they nre singularly at oil bound to toiles. creatures. i£/ n*n men and wmii oohabltatc* their thoughts tvy.^e in fsr-cy, Mhk‘h tllsfrolves serrations of feellrna cf ncot different waye* ny v^irr bb^~ar^Bga*tai ecngs cf cham arc nc**d and fill the tody with ck^lrc. j7/flese dyiis ore very pleaa-irfli «*1 fill the £om u£ lilc with many wistt^ .^rid tnrtr-atrlctlons, which each creature needs, and hy «Mch it loc*-=ja itself Iji suUtantial nannoi- Sft/fiidi fcrre of lifo bn-hsves liXe tliLaj as 1 as we uursolvm.

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