Message From the Pleiades

Heier- M^^MHBHI^^B... Oh yes, I haw still one more questions Ifcw oto you see the matter of your (public) appearance on forth; when will you land officially and present yourselves to the people of Earth?

Ptaah- 1066/11113 is not provided for still a very inner i- n;y , as well as with others too. 106″?/en the contrary* nearly all our extraterrestrials will retire from your planet# if

certain circumstances come up. until now unknown to us human start to visit the Earth.

– .Jtii’/’TmH vi j 1 be* i&BH BH race rrora the cosmos will





cr 36, monday, octoboer 20, 1975

~ semjase taught billy how t=o build ‘block1 inside of kim

~ effeiar looks into general iss imo franco spain with are a analyser


%*l£r the tire gradually beerava lr#vg for ae without pur** thar contact with you. otrawwia* 1 had my hands full acting en different mattant, and did not haw nwh tipie to obliterate cn y^u, dcafidax, on thn hth cf ortrfror 9on£ithing r«w tva* cone up. aw evidently highly developed life fom ha? pwtrated my thoughts in telepathic winnor, and has explainer! mym wry interesting thing*. m& &ald that t should call h*u hftaij;* tr» waning of that n&ae is still not evi-iV^ii to nr, br^«uw i haw found scv.r.-. aeanings £oi ivw in th* secret gcigncy_dictjnrprY-

is knumd to an. z/hm farm or ii tit iwvina atrongad contacts with you la not — you ruu ■ —. tot ‘ ^

pjrciy spiritual creature of sexless fotm, 3/so it in not a i-.–.u:- r ■: the *fha” oc “she* acre, tut an “it”. 4/fr also uy be noted that this fan in the n’**_i not accord to an ” :’ and because it already ia a pflito ft* f™*/ gpl^ jtual creatures into q we. vlhlb “eanft mi it la talking to you* which can only tappor from this side, that wen it of it ox it us tp-alting of tho eontrtned wk

nrjlor- sd thin irrann, th* we being au ouch an 1, kx>, cut -_ v – n: aco in fct1- case?

senjaso- 6/surciyj 1 dan’t knnw ax a natter explanatlcn.

./tv- -. .- . r and fox* stat&si shortly hotoro tho lnprovcnont, and is positioned several levels shove tt^ level of ftrahat wmjha, %h*\ fxoa this level, the level nf rcrnvi: was

infoartmj about you. 9/pctpti£ insane cor ycu. in thn etyirvjc— u?r uddiussec ‘luiaa* \x tl>ft iq/the aeaeaoa aanreaeed to y> front this hi^jb litval carvac tn nxplain important rar a» it utla case for the sxpianati=o of thn tra rrraitwanttr xrct-n tu you* 11/lhe cxplamtlono and wsasagefi in this cue

i* mven iror such an elevated and aubllm? iwl in recognition o£ th* latent wuxun *blch stall be awwaabla for earth sen.

wi«r- tnl» planaea me vnry men, but i thin* that now all will hectwp n ml too w** cor

&*tw- I2/tn* contact and hie uanamiaeiona wjlljal-ls11 S ifcmi becmiw only th* value* of th^ t^uaeh^^’f p+r’:ldbeoicplain-d to joi imldh iom tew ^ther tnc!ort^^ faccoea. lvltaa it will ret be diffioilt tor yojbn re-tim* «sea»^6 wltp them doun, and b*^i^ tnw

«ui to 0latora^ tlie imaaoaa fro> arahat axhvrsara w wall aa nv contacts. ha* -ire tnkina

dan you through ail ihi*, =o t»t ycu can forfctf* yrur lat»r ^ancurtl^rm/ l^/b-rouse of thi*f *ranat athermta viu transmit to ycu only m lew iiuantity furrhcr mw»ag-*-

real ufo contact***(1975) :


is it t*>6*ibl# to ifonufacL’jre for « a

iet~oi aii thato mo magflw cftn ™*iy f<*

sur trust, *nd who ire roHtlau: daraivrs ^ iirpofltera, nut art ttwrsplvwi ifcoavvd?

ftu|KIIt not «bl* to docide for mvsulli bo-

t–*roina abctit which 1 have not unlimited diauoaal In my 2«*. 17/m that rcsf^ct t will tai* to the otter one* and tall our decision. ADOLF HXTLBR : kir- ^^H«HHHH11B “■ q^t^ori con-

cern* utlcn gar. you u*ii « any ^mrc d-tailc o£ hit rise?

Sonrjw u/You tfeU* of Uw loader of the terror Geawn ftatlch, rtf *tolf Hit Id?

Malar- Jutit that*

Ssvjaac- 20/Ahout Uus I only alloml to sive yon »^rcn lnljJlM>rifm *hich ncwrtnel^m may to of inwreat to vw-

liAkOf Hitler was in raw respects ■ 2^?-stag rawed orar any different tajgipD* P* tajplMlqg r»-v. rwny sciences, pro irtcludino. tto utf ot nature ijiafr 23/ln hia form ha wa* «n Ir^rnatc^ c^amroof gP^*™

a hjfwr r-lng ol brains, and raasonixfg vnlucs, jgtingJ to l^d tertfi polities wl in * cortain direction

25/Por thie purpose he was jnd otUicarfri into Ms

position* 26/Ha imp doetined to give by power a n*w trap* to the world and to Initiate new forao of development. 27/ Ihi* wan carefully ocotroUcd and watched. 2$/But still all uorfc war; in vain, and he was not able to carry out his mission an — ■ ■ provided. 2V2uou9h tha iftula Society in Gor* nany tha Circh Intel tJgenc* was able to possess tlw hatng of 1 ■ ■ Hitler end to ■ – i– hln for (talc car* and wicker! purposes, without his being obla to defend hlaaalf against Ou*t* lO/BDelttoc this Ottcttination, many forcos in trio fom Of Strth humn beings fallen un6*r control of tho Gl20h Intelligence settled around hi*, a<|ainbt uriich inflwnoa he ww inable to ttwict. 31/Sq ho aeon was forced to wwt agai n*r his o*attny ant! to oarry out «ct* which did not

a\iix*:<l tu liu: will.

Neler- Sowthing J ike this l fuw imagined mywlf. Kor in* stance I oould new rtrrm^ mycrlf with th? ltea that Hitler wrwld have runply bv«n m nornal ncuorho^ry ptfa^n. hXl of his actions and deeoa, his kind of thoughts know to nc from bonka and scripts before the wax, can not bo rode to fit with tne ■ i ; r i wnd Uiriretslona ocnorally nadi about him after u» wnr rvrntr.

fm>a»- j^ytcrtainjy, it ia rauch «i ycu t«y. JJ/Molf Kltl«r wis wictedly niaisod by the Giw* Intelligenoe, wtere the ‘.'[*: itly playfi no tir icn^ctant f^rt*

Asht&r She ran’s raal name Is ‘ARVSEkK1


thw TTuie Saeiatgi i»l«y» no urilipxtant wrt- 1*Bncc

ifcaaz- so jw mm. «xwt tttfl Kciet}1 yt»i nmr .limmv 5o<oi nne t»m», in rwlwt lu to Aahtar Sheim, cir ututnvtir OB 1* fiallftd.l Thin JVr* surrroeJIv trmruttad a

rcw*l-like bar*. «■ I mm told, in UOdi a» uid tmt Ma siiouo V*)IG luvn tflKm dmr Iters, Jwut ).S»Xl win ma. -r. hrarJ 3 frrggMp. Saw -f -fee rli^ja m unll thw «•■>-

T***aiv esb mt i«MiU»ita a— iii^in ■ ib-

aLdee thin, tin* Ucnn dnce ni«o affln tlw bmbj oi itjw Imrta bach to than, fcj cues hnx gr*n scum ir-^l<.-«ti3ii « dBH OWWllli yet M*e rv»t atprrswd ynralf wy cW*r-ly, fc-^-w- yoj pldilr want not sure of tha svwrrta. rou hid pmnaed re to cleoc f*p 14. *hm you mulj IIVra> «vlcVlK9

about this. Iqikn interested in wncuiar tr» •nun* fltrirtr in flrnnany Ir In *iy r.Utiai to thit Svoran 4imqne, aM fchefchcr theoe have on>4ji ln rmw*i to «**> , ■ ~i» Inb-lli-

54’By yuB fj»«t lrm you havi> tnuriVBj a awrie* 0* avpi-natlcrw which l MMM to <ji»e ywi today. 35/By wnub-incae explotatiua end aaapexvidiorw w hm «*» In clw evidence * tew dayo aer>, that ftathir t-anii twaUy «tl*t«, and enly because or thla we could obtain knovi-.Oy ahrur him, Imcium tic iicrr*lv#My hiSes hiiaaalf in thie nw. “«/ His real nope la WIVM. and !*e 1» i enunui of the hlgnetrt C. 1 1ntcUigeiKe” T77ln their order In* controlb tK» Q»rnan Thuls-i.xnrty, into vdUc+i he has Introduced two rrrrriq telepathic elemmta, who also by telTnfic effect influawiew winy Thule-Socicty iwWra and HZtcnmt <»jtaUndliig group*, eueh as those who have noiwl paoudn-wrwwagfh trm *ietf ku Sheran.

Meier- Hv 1 tndarate/k) a lnt, y»t you called a word which ia unknown te» aw. Vo» aald tHmdal’: what dnea that aean?

8cnrj;«so- j8/Twl*n-»tir*l Birply mane tcl»«v.»» s ■ telepathy.

m*m- Thlfl ir. a Oula-mian farrat Tw ac. I raaliy don’1 kngw **hat this waild nnan. X haw nevor Imi 1 hda vncd.

r-^aiw- Jv/i’cu know abiait hyjwoaia, which la baueJ on oh-y»r-ti\^i m_’x^ a.ufct irni mfloenccs and la ocnatrurted on those. <C,’C^nrrmry ti» ir/p^ri*jri, BaSBwAa tusoJa no -1 •■ 1 or Baaaj tie Influence, but ffily certain high fig?^ nacilldtionf. wrich are tranar»llt»id inaudible cii: l:j|H y ” **

not belRxr OTw-ratoic foe h)» by inaUuwtaand tocrnical mh, auch aa radio, t«lepVfw>, wixalf-»9. telkvlaicfi and ntlasr oaajRunicatlon* and recelvinq uwtrtMtit*.

Heier- Ch yea, 1 woe clearly now. ITua I ahnuld actually h*w diaeowarad already trm ripe sxad W. I <* tenlly stupid.

Telenosis or Telenothy:


sirply mans tel^tq*ia«> l«l*nothy.

heirr- thib lr ■ uaamian fwnt tnr k. i raally mm knar a*it this would m», 1 hav* navar heard thia trard.

aajaaa” j9/tfuu dor about hjanni>« laxieh ta baoto on gfr» y^rttvat nod ac\a>* i*~ai u^nuenoca and ia coastxuciad e» tfose. 40/cmrrary n> nypnotlj, trtau»lfc t*uvja no rpfctiil oa* *eu»-tlr ‘inrft*, nut ftnly certain hji;h lig^^^y raciilationfc unieh arc trana*itt«d inaudible tr> ti’Mi liuvai car aa “warll fts nut baton; o>r*rtal>to fee hi*\ by lnatiuwrata nnd tocluucal ■awns, auch an radiv, ivlepvrta, wireless, televleion and ouaa niaailiii ■mm and revolving inetrdaanta.

ly near. thia i should actually rtm wdffd -tela”. i aai lea-lly

■tier- ct* yea, i boo cl h*w jicwnw aim?/ at up id*

fathima event –

arc vaufa \n at

gtbeh intelligences : * nos, vhflt 11 it with thft

axwctlw a*th sheraru Tteu have hoc give* w r for tnrt.

mvbm 1 rfttllv bew -v* ckuc. iflvfte* «h»”* arxu* at fa una rwlly trao& deck to umc lnteme>«co» and m» other sllular ownta ■ wll. lotauuwrto » ciily knt>” giaaii-rji^lliyn”f trttnq rapoifiiblt for tnmfl tv-au, hut th-v wrr ^rrltd c*.l lr; **ttar qcr-r or hit ex*r. %hicti btcw tacfcfi tr in a frv dm ago *m »» «■ v^ioatm hlf.

kofts-ten comrtanaments:

thin fihpran aunroocoiy haa

” ‘”‘ toc*’ aa i was told,’ an~*ioh ia eeat it** cueist ml* ham tnknn fom* abca* 3,sot *»am w.

c£ tea clxqua ac vrl. tn^r

on hoard ; rr*mtily haw

_ lh/ha) ccrofftai aram nr«m atp

rrwiao thin wplfllricd, l*r»jm the tbr crwaniiwts w-rf | alvm to hm in a react-ship, bat iprtanri in wit place a* ttff in bible- lm?tr> tr*t regard the truth we o>* a-rad to ycu turt it to;pdm*l ca*crni»i tt» plxc af

■hler- Cw w tru*t in that/

a r < a -xnaly* a r:


_ 108/Th© concerns aromcl >V*wo aro eerwvhrtL

nrhnjvlM than explained, because the Tw tont;^*en*sja*re not qiven to hio 1^ a spaceship, but i*rWo in that pl*=e as written in your Wblc WTft *hat regard the truth was delivered to you ~m£T it happonad, cenoarniivi Th* place or oc^uiranee,

Ktder- On ue trust in that’/

Soarjaco- 110/a.mly, With abaolura detecrd ration.

IMc, this figure hara far *r*anplQ rlwu fran the sun-rot-«ttu£ or ftr. J«aJh 11^/fchen now I anUrge it – so **ut do you then

Halar- Clrl, uoru ore nwl pictqm.

assjaaa- 119/9urely, and wnat do y^j in them?

heier- Bd»— wait a Bua-ntp.. that, .,.11111, that las Jay, n an I able to rwgnt n* that? I am opinu and. atiy do I know thia ia a day? – Kan alive, gixl, that is really the next WHfaaacay, aM that, ..-thai ia a 1 …■-.

Seajaae- il9(TaMaetic, you ax* abia to read the analyanr without ny having lo explain it.

hninr- a that ttal way it la?

teftiaae- 12J/9uioly.

Malar- Siall I continue reading?

Scnlase- u iv. vrot can you hirtnar rnnooniw?

Moior- It r daclpner right, then the tun? in Wednesday, the 22nd of Ortctstr 1976. and that at exactly lttOl. Ta that riont?

fiuujuso- 12^/ (lauuninut Qartalnly, and what elan?

H»1ar» Nr- Jaccb »izes the t*lenhcr« and dials a nurter. Daar 39. ha la calllnq . ftn want* to cobb to (m In the

afternoon, at about 14.00, nut thia tin* ia varying 5 tot.

SunlZaVYcu twd tho facts cortvetly, buuuusu that iti just what the onalyrer la tranamltting* 127/Mr, Jacob still

tr,-^ r/^li; >S ^-j>„- mijr.ii . < viUSa EE ml) 1-r

not b^ocra* conscious of them. lifi/Hic euOgpnseloufl alnaa^y Kjicws the ocadng thing, and uor^a in that direstinn, 129/ and as you aee, w haw the capability to record these facts by cur analyzers and can read then. I Win is is ths nannsr in ‘*tiid; »w watdi cj*.wx and control, in this way obtain

iapattant itata nn ^11 Ihi^gs which are iaenrtant tor S* 131/In the eaire way 1 Iwve Iakxtk* certain that our lnlorra-tlon regarding ycur influencing, certain *vm\ – is doubted in your own grnup. 112/lhua I rwvp not n^rfonmd a futur* vi*w» but havtt only ucod our anaivaorc in these ratters, anc lccK»:<3 into the subconscious of different persons of your

sklur- S-m I ui;d&rauind, – LuL thia here, Uxts-r peculiar


Sanjaw- l…..plcoae – so, now what do yon in

ii js anlarqaawtit?

Mn1ea> Cirl, – – these axe picture– iifi wall, but they eftanqe eontinuttiaiy and an? in nrotant cflragv roregent, – – wilt -oh yro — — — yes, it will he soi Those pictures can curdy nto only fro* tha cryiaeKaBngsfl. This nas to be the cai-seinnnness of Han* Jarob, or di T wong?

r«-iw 134/Tou ar* right in that.

fcteier- Fantastic. – fty tJ*w thing* ixjtlilng at all renins ‘ iiH fran you.

6om>aao- 13VSo it wold bo if wq *_jU use Own without stopping. IJG/But *uch is not the rase, and 00 Mil we haw to loam voxy, very ouch, so we use t^iesy a^E’-^j »’&a^T^: –ally foi purcooeB, of control ami aopArvlxinn mlv. l37|Ate gather all other neoe&aitfoft fr* ‘*nor 1n tha rrtasndird way, it with ycu, by working thought, which it in acomvlwi» vlth the normal course or evolutioK7 n6/&]t because this wry iordrjln?, ciatakes are nude in coning to recognition*;, and so ve also suffer wrong decisions, wrong actions and wrong ■■-■iuu.fiM and p-i^T^l . eta*/ iuat like the forth h*.win being cfcea.

Why Plejaaren m^>;c mistakes despite Hi^h Technology;

Wicr- Va^p^il^^p- «v tir^ tMngi* mudi^ at all xeuiEis hid*n fron you. Area Analyzer

Suh^cjo– 135/So it would ■ wguli uto thw without

etching. U6/But such is not the cue, and as well we htm to loam very, very nuch, 50 we use fooee apparatus essentially for purposes -jf «:ont vol ami a»p*rvlJtion only.137/wte qaU^r all other necessities bv labor In tha frtandard way, ac with you, by working thought, v*vich La in accordance vlth the roTirol jyninv of cwlutlonT 13fl/oW hrcauBG thie way fai scpandingf mistakes arc amfc in coming to recognitlonc, and so ve also suffer wrorvj decisions, wrong actions wrong and, etc., Juot like the forth h>mw

being cte.

Plejatren Changed their Views about ‘Feelings1 from. Billy

heicr- Ifcw nleaao stop tha ccnsulees ■.. h — haw once

agreed, not having to n*<?iifi* ontmuttad mistakes^ because nd»toXes (to really aervft tor further MftMOfNOt- *nd *»■ necessarily occur*

&tir)Ao>- 162/Surely, that la ». lCVMyte Jn oartain affairs T rantktm l*t uiyseU lx> suddenly 9^verm»tl by own rewllnns. 1M/&3 it will havo to be, for I haw . -. . . intad nysclf of sere factors chatacwrUtxc in you, tftV*nyhrvr T foal go-d about It, and no* 1 know that feeling* nan noL – yrx auply svitrh?<l off, and wnrtliT^i for oextdln Qu^ittijnd. lQ6/l^ertiupc ny race h*f givnn tco ouch OJiifil<ior-nUtin to oyLrol and tragterinc or” “rfllno^, nnrt in this h^y hfia loat aometMng. ioSA-or that reason, I haw also

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