Message From the Pleiades

Meier- rJhat sounds a bit crazy. Now I am a bit norc tlian two days away from horns, and will together be s=nc edic than three days away. So this rreans: 1 have started with you on the 17th, for this journey, and now I am more than two days on the way with you, as today we have the 19th. Stow r will spend another day with you, and then travel with you back, into the past, to be home again on the_18th, although in truth I am still in the 20th on the groat journey, and cross around with you through the Universe. Is that all right so?

Senrjase- 425/Gertainly.

Meier- Actual ly very sirnple? Every human being will surely understand this and not even break his brain therewith?


Senrjase- 427/It can he understood.

Meier- Surely r surely, it ie also the simplest thing in the world; that I can start the great travel with you on the 17th, state in the 19th that I am already here more than two days, and return terror row an the 20th, and ifeach there on the lStli? Indeed, that is really very simple, and everyone tray perfectly understand that. It is only dealing with a simple crazyness of Uhiversal extent. That even a child should be able to understand, it is as simple as the eliminated trees.■r

Senrjase- 428/now 1 don’t understand you.

Meier- That is very easy. Tb mo, all is very il it-nttnaring, and T understand very well- Eut explain this clearly sometime to my dear fellow-creatures…

Scmiaae- 429/This behavior is characteristic for the ignorant and doubting Earth human beings. 430/So do not trouble yourself further with these matters. 431/When you tried to give proofs tho so were useless, because the understanding is ldckinc for certain concerns, tnat are not sponsored by cower. 432/ln earlier ages tor the human fjSings Of Eartil. visible proofs were necessary, to give them certain forma of thinking. 433/By these visible proofs they started to believe in marvels, and went astray again. 434/The present tiine of Earth has passed for visible proofs, and there must only be the way of clear and logical reason and clear mind.

ThBt tfa*emission e»ndod with that and nhs resurcjil la”er, cn Utc nm <je>-

Survivability & Natural Recovery of HumanBeing is never Lost:


Meier- ^^^^^^p- tfjt – sm&thing Is net evident to me. You said that tha humans developed themselves backwards to primitive state, Bjt this wculd moan those humane to be a product of nature and not a creature of The Creation itself.

Serajoae- 528/It is not as you axe thinking. 523/riTte human form is indeed a creation of The Creation, bid/It does not descend fran any aninials, as For exao^le t±je monkey, as sane of you cn Earth believe. 531/The evolution of the hum form is very long, if one considers the physical development nf the form. 53 2/It was first created in primitive form, tout with the destiny of becjrur.g advanced human, and was vivified by the Great tonal formes for hmtei advancement. 533/lhus already in the primary time of creation it had that destiny. 534/lhus this form of life is basically a separate creation since its ancient beginning. 535/Because of this


it was possible on Earth in very early atjes for the wile humility to mix and mate with the spare* travelers., brcedine up the human forms ycu have today- 5Jfc/Human creatures whe remain neglected eta not develop themselves the 5dre, and £ji uncontxol led jjibreeding can even retrn-dpv^lep. 537/Bjjt even this never goes so far that the creature loses its essential humanness, because at a cert a in point the degeneration runs out i3uc to an in-conscious striving for self-preservatlon, wliich obstructs further dbtcrioriation. 538/ itiis point is reachod where spiritual knowledge is lest and tho instinct for aclf-preservatlon prevail:,.

Ffeier- So a himwn creature can never fall back so for thac survivability and consequently recovery is lost?

Semjase- 539/In some meaning, yes,, but with the difference being the form of non-recovery duo to the inability to control. 540/HcrQ we speak of a natural recovery which has to be experienced by the human form in I .his stage of development towards conscious thinking and self-preservation. 542/ Trie state of this naturally evolving recoverabiLity/preserv-ability affects body performance thcuugh the ilirtis; organs,

roflcatcar nctiona, ot^c » , cww hj tilts ta jvlitjiillt-r! l/l l intlu—

ences. 534/&jch reflexes are not performed In a controlled manner before (rational) thinkinc has been activated, 544/ Reflexes are the effect of a cause outside the process of thinjerrxf. 545/ttien finally Uiinking beg ins r then the reflexes are rap 1 a cpd by determina 11 on, 5£6/m3vementc and action’? ar© then performed in a control led manner complementing the instinctive reflex actions, and reason has begun.

547/In addition to this, natural preservation through notion, reflex ur controlled, is another kind of rf»i f-prtutPTv-ation that is also instinctual and designed for self-surviv-ability. 548/Uiis is of a nature incapribln nf rmtion. 549/ UUs form can be evoked by various danger factors, such as lack of oxygon when dealing with Earth life ccndilittts. 550/The Earth human, like we, needs oxygen 1 nl-erspen&c with different gasses, which leads to coup late incapacity and loss r»f motion if euch forms of life are for eaoe time deprived of oxygen* 551/The lack of oxygen and certain gas-ses in the brain,, results in a paralysis of certain functions, which also may include some or those parts that strive for self preservation « 552/So the brain is disabled in sore activity and incapable of action. 553/Tliinking stops and


the body limbs and organs then react on reflex only. 554/ Though the creature is stilL living in this state, it is incapable of thought nor notion- 555/Life then proceeds organically-functionally, liXe a machine. 556/When the body is given food, It still digests it, but the brain is unable to evaluate It or to realise it.».

Meier- Girl, this is cruel. – This means that such d human being is living dead-..

Governments & Alliances of Plejaren & Other ET Races in Universe:

754/Our worlds are not, as on Hirth, separated into different states (or nations). 7bb/Each world has egg actual Ration dud one single world government, as you would call such in Earth terms. 756/On each world the government functions as an executive institution, and they are all subordinate to the “High Council“- 757/Ihis High Council ls the essential gcvenune:il of all of our worldsr thus to say, the center of government. 7^8/TMs council is rot on our licroe-world, but on a very special planet. 759/Tt is this government’s central star for our races. 760/1310 High Council, which lives on this planet, consists of ha If-spiritual /half-material creatures (cross-dimensional or bi-diraeiisiCfiaL beings). 761/Triese are human torns of life of quit© enormous positten in knowledge and wisdom, who are in a state o£ transition. 762/In their evolution they have already progressed so far that they release themselves from their mat-


Qrial body, and arc already semi-spirit, end also semi-material* 763/They are, too, trie only, still called human form of life, who are able to connrunicate with higher pure-spirit corns r which is impossible for pure-material forms of life. 773/The oscll latlans (vibrations) of the spiritual spheres are nrseh higher than we can generate. 776/lhe Earth human is able by his spiritual condition, to take up contact only with creatures of the same glade of uaciHa.tiuP.8j ct>d under certain circumstancesr to initiate camrunication. 777/This means that Earth beings can only cere into contact with those of about the same position in evolution. 778/This is a safety measure In Creations! Law, by which no form of life taps more Knowledge than is allowed according to ths state of evolution. 743/Our worlds then are all si±ordLnate to the central government which is fonsed by the semi-spiritual “High Council785/So the planetary governments are only executive organs operating on the advice uf the High Council •

786/The government of the High Council is based on the Creations! natural lav, and ia a form of goverrjrient unknown to you. 787/For all events end all regulation is alone based on natural law> from which as well, every single font! of life is regulated, and each decision of the High ‘.’ouncril accords with the font of life affected. 788/lhis- premises that every single creature has in spiritual concerns, a position in evolution, but where minimal differences can not be excluded. 789/Oar teachers in spiritual evolution trouble themselves by every means at their disposal, to study the spiritual development of each single creature. 79D/5n much for cur worlds and races.

791/In the whole Universe are found innumerable forms of space-trave 11 ing 1 ife; buflanoid as well as non-human races. 792/But on the whole,, like-minded and lifce-intentioned ones find closer alliances together. 739/These alliances are of value toward mutual help in each respect, as well as in respect to all evoliil.lnnjary concerna- 794/There is a wonder-* ful cooperation in all concerns of llfft, even those which belong to other universes, as for example, the “DPI.” Uni-verscL with which you are familiar.

796/But this does not exclude conflict, because in seme different cases there appear conflict seekers including non-hijTian forms, who, aceorxting to their character, Qrcerciso their power. 797/From such beings of course we must be pro-


tec ted. 7987’lhis leads, here and there, to »ai actions and to destruction of creatures and materials. 793/Wien alliances exist among different creatures, they are usually instituted to watch over locally inhabited space. BQO/IHer©) •.:. jeljJ Jnrj services are b;r-:: by Gn-^tgpaefttT.M

lite this # BOl/TTtese are great space stations equipped with every thinkable technical means to repel enemies if necessary.

804/But this universe, and many other universes as well, are populated by many different kinds of creatures, and so is unavoidable thai, nonfltct is a way of life– 605/Eut wherever possible, this does riot result in elimination nf fcms of life, tardaIs, etc., because every creature needs its evolutionj and fundamentally this is parallel in irony ways. 806/As profound, as the Earth human, and jrany other forns of life in the innumerable universes, is developed todayr so also our forefathers have stood, iron whan as veil actually, the Earth human has descended.

Why Plejaren do not Appear Publicly:


^^■■■■■i^^^HH^HHD- But what I an yet interested in hearing, is; why is Semi ass anxious for not being seen by utlner hunans, as was also the case with Asket and bfath. Semjase has given me some explanations vhir.h still do not satisfy rnc much. Can you tell mo more?

Ptaah- 810/Besides us, there are still tether different creatures of extraterrestrial origin, who here and there make contact with Earth Humans. 811 /In earlier tinea this happened irijch more, frequently, which iiad gyed reason. 812/ This reason is that m earlier times, by which I mean mil-leniums, very many humans knew about the existence of the “Heavenly Sons“.. 813/They were in regular cofrcnunication, and even exercised trade with them. 814/Eut by the inter-ferrenoe of different evil-inclined elements, of Earthly and of extraterrestrial origin, these contacts decreased, and step by step, the knew Ledge o£ the extraterrestrial intelli-gences was lost. 815/Secretly, other less beneficial intelligences built stations on the Earth and on neighboring


planets, and fostered cults. Bie/iTiis was all done in dee secrecy, Ht7/Besides these machinations, there existed un aertaKings by other less evil-minded i ntwi Hfygnnpc, vh troubled themselves to dssist the real evolution of th Earth huriiany, because these were descending from them. 819 After many milleniums one could not expect them to~suddenl appear before the Earth human very officially with beamship and with space-ships if front of his eyes, because the know ledrje of these craft, and them, had become lost to him. 82Q/A sudden rc-appearing might have bean catastrophic 821/Uien your “Sol” system moved into the epoch of folate (Pisces Zodiac) r and the way was cleared for a new chance ti enter Earth affairs without being not Joed. 82VBut etil before the “Age of Fishes”, prophets were chosen and prepared to work for this intention. (4) S3l/By then Birth mankind had degenerated so far that an official appearance o; extraterrestrials wjuld rave been attacked and made wai upon… (5) 83VSo conslrtering these factors, landings!^ Ijeamships are only done secretly. 334/And contacts witl Earth humans is done quietly and alone.

838/When tti&cpcjchs ciiange, so also cto the minds of the foirm o£ lir<=. 03Viiia iiriff aiso nappen«ci to numans now. 840/lhe Age nf Fishes was characterized by religious fanaticism… ftfll/lhen the birth pains of the Age of Aquarius began r ant suddenly the Ehrth human stinted to listen Lnside of himself. 842/And he started to think and to explore, and suddenly recognized logic only in truth. 844/Xfe developed in a short time his thinking abilities, and searched and explored. which is a characteristic: of the Age of Aquarius. 846/Anc this is one of the ir»ln reasons why certain human beings are now being contacted by extraterrestrial forms of life again. 850/lhe present ftge of Pqu-irlus demands th^nIcing and spiritual evolution of the hurrans of fcarth. 851/This can not be achieved by seeing and listening with the physical organs only, but only by reasoned thought. 852/if we appeared officially In our bearoships and spacecraft, the affect of deliberation and of thought would suffer, because the Earth human, in his present state of evolution, *1:j8S no longer deliberate and search that whi*ti he can see with his nwn ey&e arid hear with his ears. 853/Beyond the seeing and hearing, the interest is short-lived, because that soon becomes a natural event bo him, and lie no longer cares. 854/ Vhathe knows no more interests him. 855/1lis interest is


only aroused by secrets for which he can hunt… *teier- That is really very much that ycu are explaining Ptaah. ——^*

Effects of Atomic Bomb Explosions:


But I still have cither questionsP if the time sui fices. One question here concerns our Earth- I orren thii that, because the weather arc the climate seem to ire playii crazy… J could enns trier this being in connection with ri atcmic bomb’ b explosions, that these could bp th* rause ft that* which natter is still contested by the dear science* am i going right in this, or asm I wrong in my assumption:

Ptaah- 587/You search very thoroughly tor all reasons in matter. B88/Birth’ s ryignetism has been disturbed by fJ atonic ©flcpiosinns. B89/Tn this respect, the explosions art duced a weak repulsion of the Earth, influencing the rote tinn_ by nearly inneasurcble value. 890/By this moans tl Earth has also been fcreed a \ l.i I le nr.t of normal orbit ai now slowly searches cut its new orbital course. B92/By tk act, the 3arth scientists have committed a crime again-their own planet and ail Earth mankind, because the foro changes by these explosions will have far reaching effect < greet importance, and can produce catastrophic result!

3/Already the magnetic poles arc being displaced mcrea: ingly- 894/Thus today the magnetic pole is already dii placed into the Canadian Ice 9ea, while also the south po has been dislocated, and moves in the direction of Sour Enertca. 895/By the time of the third millenium, in abo 1,000 years, the migration of the poles will have progress-BC far, tllot t&6 BOUtJl polfi Will be it. Suutl America, whl the north pole will have movod to Saudi Arabia. 895/T calculated location of the north pole in the year 3,000 r suited in a loc-3t*on pn in- betweer .Thlrta, on the R Seej and hjecca, 900/A. much greater danger is presented the release * in those explosions, of elementary radiation which will present great riddles to Earth scientists, b cause they have not conceived their sort and form. 901/Uir main factors of Earth life are influenced by the release these e 1 empntary radiations, and are injured. 902/Ihe c tastrophic effect after an atomic explosLon the size of t Hiroshiraa bomb lasts fcr several centuries, and negative Influences all processes of life preservation. 903/Tbe pu atmospheric straturns of the Earth are influenced in a qui catastrophic manner by the release of these elementary r

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