Message From the Pleiades

279. It is meant by that, you should inFluence authoritative

persons making certain steps.

+ Yau desire condemned much From me, and besides this, I ha no more done such things since years. I don’t knou, uhetl” it succeeds still for me.


25a. It uill, Far uhen yau have learnt something, then it is < present tD you.

+ Dkay,then I uill try it, even uhen it doesn’t suit ma. 11 not my line, to inFluence other human beings and to let 1 dance From my uill.


281. DF this can’t be the talk, and you also should never da l 252. You single and alone shall lead certain events and inFlui

touards good, but alone there, uhere this is oF extremes


283. In this case it concerns, yau provide For, some certain

getting led onto a quite certain trace. 264. By other kind yau shall certain events also in future no


285. So yau shall not guide certain occurences, but only infl in the mode, that certain steps get undertaken, by uhat a uicked degenerating gets nat able to event.


+ IF this behaves so, then I am content- Uhen I understand right, then I only shall assist the police a bit.


265. Sure, that is the meaning.

+ Then later you do not transmit to me this talk and I alsc have not to mention it anyhow?


237. You are urcng, because you should later all urite doun.

+ That does not go, that is simply crazy. Uho at all uill ! this From me? One uill but designate me For a crazy one i a deluded, nobody uill yet believe, I being able to do si things.


2BS. Still today uill I transmit this report and as usual sha you urite him.

289- This uays you have recorded our talk, beFore the events happen.

290. Hou much time do you think to need for the inFluence-uor I think, you can all have done until the next thursday, 13th September.

+ The time uill suffice. Yet nou tell me, uhat I should do actual or whom I shall influence – and why don’t you do


291. It’s an earthhuman labor, and ue have no justification t things in this respect.

252. You obligation consists in influencing several persons i San Francisco in America and transmitting to them knouir about the hiding-place of the SLA, uhere the gang-membei Emily Harris, UJendy Yoshimura, William and Patty Hearst

293. This gang has at least for some time come into sure poli detention, to preserve from a worldwide catastrophy.


294. The most important person you haue to influence, is the person of the leading man, who leads the investigation f these criminals.

295. His name is fir. BATES, and he is by profession officer o American FBI.

296. Here – that is a citymap of San Francisco, and here is t city district called mission-district.

297. There habit, by small exceptions, only Mexico-Americans, here in this house the criminals’ gang has settled and k itself hidden.

298. These are the dates you should emit.

+ I uill try for that, and also try to lame the resistencs the anarchists, uhen this is suited.


299. Surely, blood-3hedding is not necessary.

+ Nice, then I uill see, that the robbers’ den becomes smc out in Thursday, that is the 13th September 1975.


300. So it is uell-



+ Uhat is that huge Formation there in Front? It really appe. like a gigantic uall in middle oF the cosmic space.


391. This is the galaxy NESAR.

392. It is a dead galaxy, destroyed oy the unreasonaOility oF h Former inhabitants.

393. Uhat there you nomlnaLe For ci mall, are InTiuffBeroua planets and stars, uhich Fell into one another and generated this unique Formation.

394. You realize in the mass oF these dead uorlds still some little light-appearances.

395. This are the destroied stars, uhich yet still shou a small lightpouer and only slouly loose this.

39S. This galaxy is 173 Billiard lightyears in distance From yc

home uorld, but though this Far distance is the reason Foi

tha destruction to Find in the earth. 397. The inhabitants oF the NESAR-galaxy, the NESARIANS, uere c

technical and spiritual highdeveloped race,and they Former.

a unitary race oF humanoid kind.


393. During a time of years they lived in fully peace together and uith the races of the known to them other galaxies.

399. Their spiritual evolution uas very high developed, hut in the knouings of utilization of spiritual forces.

400. A spiritual goal in itself did they not knou, and they by no uays knouings about the Creation.

<*o1. Their uhole spirit’s cognitions consisted single and al in the cognition and observance of the nature’s laus.

402. Living from these, they treated right, but uere not ene to reach a spiritual goal.

403. 3y the omitting of the most important factor Creation remained one-sided and exposed to the danger to get lec into confusion by irreal spiritual goods.

kaU. This danger uas very great and aluays greu, because the Wesarians uent in their explorations very far auay fron their galaxy and came in contact to fully strange intei cences, uhich owned very strange to them forms of thint and lessons of the spirit.

4o5. As long as these could still get aggreeded with the na’ laws, so long all went still good.

4o5. Then but happened, three expeditionships of the Nesarii lost their says by a wrong leap in the hyperspace-regii to the SDL-system and found human forms on the earth.

4a7. This happened exactly before 967 years in earthly coun of time.

4o3- Very similar charactered to the earthhuman beings, the among these and lived during rounded 5o years together them, unrecognized and very much interested in earthly things.of all kind.

409. Exspecially their attention fell an the the earthhuman covering religions.

410. Uith their highdeveloped technical possibilities they each gettable in respect to the for them got knoun rel stored this into their^apparatures and let themselves mych influence by it.

M1. Because they uere by spiritual respect only natural-la straightened, but not creatianal too, they very soon f

412. They nou kept a Further goal and lahorous endeavoured foa reaching it.

413. The this uays by the earthhuman beings received religion For them being oF unusual great meaning and importance.

414. They started the uay to Find their home galaxy again, uhi succeeded For them past Four long years oF going astray.

415. For the misery oF uhole the galaxy.

416. The on the earth learnt religions got diffused on all inl tated planets and learnt, uhile a small armada oF gre3ts[ became sent to the earth to collect Further dates oF tha govering religions.

417. Uhile Five years secretly got explored on the earth and registered, uhat had to do uith the religions.

418. Then the expedition returned to the home galaxy.

419. There landed, the expedition members stated, meanwhile different changes had happened.

420. On all worlds god’s-houses had got built, and the human had become incontent.

421. Although these statements the new dates got evaluated an spread, and during Further FiFty years uhole the galaxy under the inFluence oF the most different earthly reliqi

422. The human beings could no more understand one another, a each otherwise believing became accused oF irreai lesson

423. Soon these rebukes led to evil accusations, to quarrels then to hate.

424. The Families among themselves divided themselves in diFf religion groups and directions oF belieF, and then soon first blood Flau.

425. The Family members started to fight among another and tc and already soon family against family stood contrary.


*.26. This encroached on residentals and uhole habitation areas, and suddenly everyone stood against everyone.

**27. Past further seven years rose that, uhat you call a civil? uar.

428. The High Councillors uere plain mightless against that, bi organisations as for example your military, uhich could hi performed order, uere unkngun in the NESAR-qalaxy.

*.29. In sudden recognition of the delusion of the religions, brought in from the earth, they prohibited these.

i*3o- But then it already uas too late.

431. The civilian-uars had already enlarged themselves ta uarl uars, and already soon the first uorlds gat destructed.

^32. Three years latprT a uicked galactical destructian-uar ua in praceas, uhere the centers of the galaxy gat destructe

433. Collapsing into oneself, they fell into oneself and tare irresistable pouer all systems into them.

434. A gigantic mass rose, uhich uithdrau all still existing.

435. At last it uas so far, that the planets and stars got uit in uhole heaps and connected to the huge mass.

435. This uays rose the huge formation you see there. 437. A destroied galaxy because religious delusion – dragged i as deadly kind from the earth.

+ That is really delusion.


353. 5ure.

354. Attent yet nou one time there far auay. 355- That is a hole in the universe.

356. fl hole in the universe is very dangerous.

357. In such one it treats of a gigantic blackness of vast ext in the empty space.

358. The rise af such a hole in the empty space can easily get explained;

359. Anyuhere is for example a sun, uhich by vast inner events collapses into itself. 65

CR 35, Tuesday, September 16,1975

Timeless Tunnels vs Hyperleaps :

ffeier- ^HI^^HH^^HD plt 005 thine is not nlear ta me. It has struck jsk that in the traveling, always again, Which we perform continuously/ in a steady run of hyperleaps, you eta not seen to care tha*. nearby planets and stars axe in the way of danger. Semjase has told me earlier that you have tc maintain a security distance to the next star and planet… Why do you now neglect this precaution?

Ptaah- 626/With my ship we have much better capabilities for overcaning db\stanceo. 627/ihe technologies of our ship enables us to also neutralize time, as you Know and have nov experienced. 628/By this process it is i^oesible for tis tc achieve a safe distance in less time and to then transmit.

Meier- That is not evident for me. Something there is not right in the matter, or axe you keeping ccnevthing fran ml

Ptaah- 629/You are UrelesR. 630/Ori the one handr we neutralize the tine until shortiy !-»*•• f.-,r= the poinr of fli^rture. and on the other we generate in the space a neutral, tuneless tunnel, through which we can then overcorre within = epi if-cpmnri. Hut fihnrr ri*stance for safe position.

Meier- This Is nevertheiass not near to rae. If il Lb a* you say, why do you then still pcrtexn hyperleaps? I thin* tills process would actually be easier than a hyper leap. Besides this we can talk, and -Mculrl rot always get lamnec aqain by the transmission.. ■ Why then are you perform! nij il so caiplicatedly?

Ptaah- 63!/You observe carefully -rul keep deep-ruiinirK thoughts… bi2/The tunelessness tunnel 1~ indeed easiei to handle than a hyper leap. 633/Such a tunnel can only B ggrteratea vnrhm certain distances. Is which the sort Od envircnifronfc must always be regarded. 634/ln different g^l-axes and systems, the different energies limit the? extent o2 a 11 ml es sness—channe 1…


Billy didnt feel hunger or tiredness during Great Journey:


Meier- W|^HHMi^l^HHIM« But there is stme-thinc elge haunting nry brain* Before we zspuke of the time-less-tunnel, there is still sunetldiitj not clear to dee. Sciie?-thinq not clear about tliis journey. You have said that X would be about onc_half hour younger in relation to the other humans of Earth. I knew, all right, that nry arm watch always goes crazy when T get near Semjase’s sliin. ifcw die watch seems completely crazy, because I have on it tha aate of the 12th. From that,. 1 will already have beer. <jone more than two days, crossing with you around the Universe. Vbuf Semjase, had told me that T would need about 30 hours. But besides the tune, I am neither tired, nor do I hunger or thirst. II‘3W is that?

Ptaah- 648/But Semjase has given you s~m= nf our fruits, and also seme vegetables for dinner-

Meier- Of course, but this was a long time ago.

Senrjase- 407/The vegetables and fruits are, compared to your similar products, much more nourishing, and thirst-quenching* ^Ofl/Uriey are able to calm your hunger and thirst for up to 90 (of your) hours.

Meier was guen an apple grown aboard the grear-spacer vfUCtl he tnnfc trim with him and go Me to his good friend Sui rirM^r rggbragggr – Hejng 9c rar» it wes» Guitib did not cat it tut put Lt on o ahclf in hia kitchen to cave aid lung ^waltile. ftirca rwritTis later ttiat apple still lied not begun to pj_il” r 11tut s Irmly tlpss-irar *rj and shrink in si2e as it lost noj*ture. Wo e&™dni&d tit at eppls many boiiHtd aft&r that and it still hod nat hwcun tn

rol- hfacn Meier inquired tjF Senjaoo a*JOUt this pJienanBrion, aha .-said :L msa

rn njfffiry, hecauSR tfw prnrlnrp grown gDaertl –Tip Hlsp ifrHB cultivated Ireo of cJeGtruDtive bacteria.

Bfcier- I accept this explanation, and it seems as you say. But still semethin^ is not all right. Khy am I not tired?

ptaah- 6av/Tni« is also simple to explain. 649/You breath* here in this room, the game air as we. &^9/But this is adjusted to the conditions of our hcrceworld, and is much more healthy arid Invigorating than that of Earth. 650/The cxygen content is sens values higher than on Earth, and also the


cornpourid of other elements is somewhat different- 651/But ail this is as breatnabla for yew as; ourselves. 652/HSib different composition of the air keeps us awake longer, and In need of leaa_sl^p than is the case on Earth* 653/Tliat ie why you arc not tired.

Time-Shift after Great-Journey: Meier:

Wl^^^^^ Is my watch really playing so rrcd that it suoV denly is two flays In advance?

Semjase- 409/Your watch is wry exact.*

M&ier- … ? ? ? … Then this means, that for more than tia days we have been traveling around the Universe here?

Semjase- 410/Certainly; we have used more time than we had provided.


&mjase- 4Id/Father already said your watch runs all right, and vte are indeed already’ so long on the way. 419/But you need not worry in this respect, even when we still need another day before we will bring you back* 420/You yourself have evident ly not yet conceived what possibilities are at our disposal, respectively the tune… 421/It will last.,,

Meier- Oh, I see. – IMs I had forgotten. You wiLl surely touch the tiroe—travo 1 Ing? perhaps in the same way, as I know from Asket?

Semjase- 422/Surely. ‘323/Because we move—in free space and influence no occurrences, we can travel without hesitation SEDQ time back jj±o the past and live on therein, without anything changing. 424/Although you will be on the whole mare than three days away from your home, you will have been away by Earth normal tine nnLy about 24 hours.

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