Message From the Pleiades

152. Look, uhen yau uant to drau it by picture, you can do it the way, like I draw it here in tha sana.

(Semjase draws with a piece oF wocd a sketch on the grour

153. ‘Jhen later you bring this drauninc on paper, then you car uell recognize the Facts From it, and they uill be cancel For all otherones, too.

154. 5q I recommend yau, to bring this drauning on paper.

155. Here you see presentation oF a storm.

156. Outdias is the alternation-strata or tne aitemation-zom

157. Outsides aF the strata still prevail the normal weather conditions, while in the light strata itself the conditii become alternated.

158. First rises wind calm and very sultry warmth.

159. Also deep silence is connected with it, because the voic of the nature clothe themselves ir.ta silence, as they fe the comming of the storm.

16a. First here is the actuaLt-starm-girdle or the storm-zone.

161. In this girdle roar the elements and all might of tr uhile here in the center rules calmth and silence-

162. You recognize from my drawning, the principle of ths proceeds From an exact similarity oF the c-smic strt. and uorks so.

163. It treats oF the same process there, as it comes to uhile the rise oF a galaxy.

164. The laus oF the macro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos a; the same and alone diFFer in the size.

165. ulhen nou you start From the same sketch ana realize sion-barrier in it, then again ycj have tha same pr

166. Relatively seen, the processes remain another exact same, but their Forces correspond to basic differen

157. At the dimension-door it treats uith the F:rces in energies, in radiations oF quite special sart.

168. The eFFect of the uhirl or the spiral but remains t iF yet the appearing Form is otheruise.

169- The passover-girdle, the storm-girdle and the centE here, too, existing, alone by other kind rhan at a or at an elements’ storm on a planet, atar or on a

170- The passover-zone or the passover-stratum can get c uith a passing time between two ucrld-ti^e-age3.

171- Still the old common normal time is tnere, but alrt admits a look into the other tima-plane, into the c dimension and other world.

172- When in this zone now a Flight-gear Flies in, in ur Forms sit, then they all right still are in the no: view but already into the other time-plana and inti other world.

173. As while the flight they well lock Forward, they n Fully For them strange world and strange landscape; they never had bean there.

174. By the powers oF the whirl yet loose the creatures


they are not aquainted with the events ano not pos necessary gears and instruments, the control about flight equipment and this ways gets driven into th pass-through whirl, into the essential dir^ension-d

175. There they then already realize still only the other uarl the other dimension, uihile their normal time lays already behind them.

176. Then they get driven into the centre of the Spiral-whirl,

fully strange for them dimension.

177. If they don’t own the necessary apparatures and else gear then they are for all times prisoners of the stranoe dlmE and a return into their normal time exists never for then

178. In itself this events in the Bermuda-Triangle rather ofte and there aluays again disappear earthly airplanes, uhicr never can return.

179. Exspecially are many of these occurences connected uith making hunt by earthly airplanes for beamships of the th» in sub-sea stations living creatures.

1£o. Unexspected the airplanes drive into the radiation of tht dimension-barrier and pushed into the other time-plane, t uhere no return is able for them.

181. As I already told, get these events yet religiously evali by very unreal and religion-confused ufology-exercising (earthhuman beings) and clothed into plain urang facts.

182. It is still to explain, not only flight-bodies come into these change-spirals, but also ships and single creature far the radiation-reach and the pouer of the elimination transformation of the uhirl reach until deep under the sea-surface.

+ The uhole connexions are so effectively not mysterious-At earlier time yau but have mentioned, human beings get also kidnapped by extratsrrestrals in the Bermuda-Triang

153. Yes so, but such is so rare, like in all other regions o the earth.


184. With these kidnappings are in the main leading the Gizet intelligences, besides time-trav/ellers and other elemen1 From this universe.

185. Yet these events are really very rare.

Descendants of Atlantis ET’s:

125. The occurrences in the Bermuda-Triangle are as less seer as it is the case at the two other places.

126. All Is explicable, and the occurrences stay truely not i connexion to extraterrestral intelligences, uho are told to exercise there kidnapping and satanic intrigues.

127. Certainly, there exist in the Bermuda-Triangle same stat dBBD In the sea, habltated by extraterrestral Intelllgen

128. These yet are essential very far descendants of the forn continent-occupiers.

129. They are oF absolute peacefull nature and menace by no n earthly creatures.

13a. Their space-capable Flight gears are also seaworthy and to dive into very great depthes.

131. That is necessary, because their stations lay very deep the ocean.

132. Very oFten they also can be realized in these places, ui they dive up and disappear in the atmosphere.

133. They but indeed da nat interfere uith the events in the Bermuda-Triangle, as unfortunately gets pratented about t


Gizeh Intelligences – Teleprojections:


Far ths further I am still only interested in another mat in respect to the socailed saints’-appearings– I mean ult that those appearings, uhich according to religion get cl by a sanctuation as for example the preventive appearing a aocalled saint, from uhat then by the dear human beings get constructed in the appearing-place places of pilgrima A very ……..


186. VDu are really untired.

137. Already one time I have explained several things for you this respect.

183. Asket, too, has transmitted to you great knouledge about these events.

169. So you are orientated about this and knou the truth.

190. You knou very good, treating in these kinds of appearance only of pieces of uork of those pouergroups and those eai human beings, who uant to beat the earthhuman beings by 1 religious appearances into their ban, and far the other s get evoked by earthhuman beings by their overboarding re^ phantasy.

191. This means then, one the one side the uicked-minded extri terrestral intelligences, uho uant to bring the earth un< their pouer, evoke such appearances by projection or pla1 such a roll by themselves, and that an the other side

by religion’s delusion occupied earthhuman beings emit tl horrifying fantasy by their spiritual farces and evoke s appearances by projection or half-material.

192. You have experienced this several times and some time ge rated such projections youself.

193. From this, you are in possession of personal proofs, my statements corresponding to the truth.

194. In the past, too, you have experienced such events, uhe Asket took you uith your friend into the past.

195. You so have experienced and recognized, the appearance a Lourdes same kind uas a projection-appearance, like as U the fantasy-body of Satan, uhich as a child you have pro by your oun forces inta^Jaur visual field-

196- And yau also knou vary good, that as other example the

Fatima-appearance was nothing else, than the evil play c the Gizeh-intelligences,uhich let one oF their ships app by beaming light and then one of their uiamanly Forms of appeared as god‘s mother, where they but run the mistake tha woman remained in the cosmic dress, what got regist; by critical observers-

197. YDu knaw the gccurrences very well and it is absolute ii you asking For that again.

198. At Former time yau have becoma thoroughly and extensive! initiated by Asket, and it is inexplicable Far me, that ask me again For this.

limited Reminiscence/Memory gets in Pure Spiritual Levels: + Are yet you having a better brain? Semjase

202. It prevails the your3 within much, yet also my Force is unlimited.

203. In this cause I may not transmit to yau our talkings eti From my brains, yet I am depending on instruments, whicl make my knowing wordly recognizable again From my ineen-and transmit it to you in thoughtiy kind- subcon


2o*.. No material form of life keeps an unlimited force of reminiscense.

2a5. Such gets first reached in pure spiritual forms, when th-spirit is able to aquit himself of the material frame, d( no more need him and is nearer to the being than to the 1 + Then I am excused, am 1 ? Semjase

2o6. There is nD need for that. Formula for finding the truth about a Medium:


question: Formerly, uhat is yesterday, I have got confronts uith a matter, uhich I uant to clear up. It concerns.a medi uho occupies itself spiritualistic. It uould be very suites for me, if you could find out, uhat is about this medium. Is that possible for you?


233. Surely, I could do this uell, but in these things you are ; good experienced as I, and so you could find this out by youself.

239. Already Sfath and Asket have taught you in these concerns and initiated you into the necessary demands.

2**o. So you knou the possibilities for truthfindlng and need no my help.

+ I yet uill nearly not have the chance moving just in circl of this medium.


241. So you knou a confidant from this group.

242. Advise him on confidental basis and offer hin the chance,

to clear up the demanded facts by himself.

-*- So could I do, that’s a good advice. Here yet is the quest uhether I am alloued to tell to this person the formula Fn finding of the truth, as this is as strictly forbidden for me by 5fath a3 by Asket, alsc


243. This prohibition is valid alone for creatures, uha are going astray the truth.


244. You yet talked of a confidant, uho falls not under that compass.

245- You are talented to recognize the truth in human beings i to evaluate it.

246. Uhen then you talk about a confidant, then in your judgei she at least has to anticipate the forms of the truth am to be in doubt about the Tightness of the religions by hi recognitions.

247. So it is not possible, this uere otherwise, because your this concerning forces do not admit irreal farms any mor

+ Then I can tell her under the seal of the absolute silen the formula?


245. Surely, so I just explained.

+ I only uanted to go sure. Uhat but about the checking af person?


249. You knou this being aluays very good, but that otherwise best to yau kncun circumstances not aluays the truth can to the appearance.

25a. Yet although do so.

251. In first line rely on the formula, as she is creational conditioned and of absolute infallibility.

Medium alleged to have Contact with Arathat Athersata:


+ I knou- Then yet I still haue another question: in same connexion to the medium appears a Tact in concern to Aral Athersata. There got explained to me, the medium had got asked From sides of her circle For the existence or truth oF Arahat Athersata, on uhat the ones from the other uorli pretentiuely haue spoken by the medium about the actual existence oF Arahat Athersata, unen I have understood tha right- The ansuers oF the medium yet are aluays quite unc told and they essential do not ansuer the questions- All alluays so alternative expressed, that nothing concrete i realizable and thousandFold possibilities might occure. Uhat is your opinion to this?


252- Neither the medium not the beings From the other uorld, i take really part, uhat yet From your statements is uith g probability to doubt, are able to give any details about Arahat Athersata.


253. He has already gone into tha level of existence and of pu: spiritual forms.

254. Not even I am able for setting me in connection to him.

255. This remains alone reserved for our high councillors, who already correspond to half-spiritual forms.

256. From this, uould it absolutely be impossible, to come in connexion uith Arahat Athersata or even only to get knoun of any facts about his existence.

257. Not even an anticipation of his existence is an earthhuma being able to bring forth.

258. Same uays but are the facts in respect to otherside livin forms, if they are forms Df those, uho are still bound to material bodies.

259. When so any things get said about Arahat Athersata, from creatures of this uorld or of the other uorld, uhile the last mentioned creatures in this play are by greatest probability to doubt, then such statements or expressions equal simply said to intruth.

2So. You self are informed over the different beinos. and so y also knou the secret of appearance-explanation, uhich lau to each kind of neing has to be done, uhen one makes itse knoun to a material creature.

261. For uninitiated ones is this secret unknown — and it is r so – as this uays initiated have absolute sure criterion?

+ That is all knoun to me. Semjase

262. Sure, then treat logically and clear there up, uhere sucr is demanded.

263. You knou by youself the borders of hiding a secret and sc can by youself decide.

264. So do not near to me uith questions, uhich you can ensue: by yourself.


Billy sends out Impulsesto FBI to capture American Symbionese Liberation Army:


259. You also knou very uell, each human being is able to inf I aver unlimited distances athor human beings so, that thay just that, uhat is ordered to them.

270. You self have become able of these forces by the advice3

Sfath and Asket.

+ Of course, but since many years I have no more trained tr and used. I but don’t intellect, uhy you tell these thine as I knou these facts very good myself.


271. Sure, you even knou them very uell, and my talk connects the before called thursties for uorld-government.

272. And I talk in that of those intelligences of extraterresl origin, uho uanfc to bring this uorld under their coercior

273. They do not only use for this mystical inclined and misli earthhuman beings, but also other groups, nostly such, ut shou by any unclear and quite confused reasons anarchies. tendencies, as for example the Red Army in Japan, the Ge; Baader-Heinhof-Group, the Rote-Armee-Fraktion and the American Symbionese Liberation Army.


274. The last group nou, the American, shall neu by the called wicked intelligences get inspirated Far an Extraordinary crime.

275. IF this would succeed For them, it mould lead to a catast

276. This but ought get prevented by a contra-means. + Uhat do you uant to do?


277. frothing, as this obligation is For you.

278. The time has nou came For you, uhen yau shall lead such e useFul For the mankind into certain trails.

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