Message From the Pleiades

+ This should have been said to him ay this extraterrestral creature about ten years ago. Uhat do you maan to that?


33. ——— That is very intsrestinq.

34. Also these events are unknown for me.

35. I will but at once look for that and as passible let explt the datas.

3S. ‘Jait hare, I come again soon.

(Semjase goes away and disappears in her ship, uhich stant a bit aside. Full 27 minits pass, until she returns.)



37. Quetzal has uorked up the datas and brought under control by the fan-analysators large regions here of the surround.1

38- He actually has found such a person, like you have descril one.

39. It treats in this of a man, aged aaout 41 years, by name Alois Rlckenbach.

40. Professional he runs by health’s causes a free work, uhicl yet not accords to his abilities.

41. Formerly he uas occupied uith graphic arts and this uays up a peculiar pedantic character, he transmissed an all things of his life.

42. He also has very much met uith spirit-scientific matters has this uays found traits of the truth, uhich he but fir found in their beginnings.

43. He indeed acts spiritualisticly, and that quite honestly; this he can be valid for a great exception, and hp fnils no means to the usual compass of pseudo-mediums.

44. The analysatars recorded, he indeed must have spoken uith Gloria Lee, and she for the first time since her death ha come in contact just alone uith him.

45. So but did not happen one year ago, but first three month ago.

+ This is interesting. Where lives nou the man?



50. Here at all your time data Df ten years is wrong, and, ti it keeps not its Tightness with the name.

51. You had spoken it by a “P”, but one speaks it with an 11F it puzzled me then and it seemed strange for me.

52. – Now 14 years have gone, as this man, who has written tl letter to Mr. Jacob, had met with a creature by name SEFj

53. He namely was a living form from Alpha Centauri, who For during 11 monthes expeditionned the earth.

54. In this connexion 5EFH and the man unexspectedlv met ano and settled Friendship, as you call this.

55. In course oF the 11 monthes 5eFh initiated the man about several things and Facts and also explained him the com.-? oF your and my person, because was best inFormed about t by time-visions.

56. Ue but da not know one another and have never neither se nor spoken.


57. Sefh, too, got known by the man about many things, and got conviction, For the human beings on the earth had several things to be told.

53. So he ordered the man, to oFFer some Facts in respect oF extraterrestral liFe etc. to his Fellow-creatures.

59. And because SeFh knew many events csF the future, he also ki about the existence of you and me, and explained that For with the desire, to spread thea knowings.

60. The man but Feared From this step and told SeFh, he would not be enough For this mission.

61. Disappointed SeFh retired himselF and leFt the earth again

and this ways the contact with ths man Found its end.

+ Wow I conceive the course of the matters, and in fact noth secret is about that. One has only to know the circumstanc Is there but really no possibility, ue came in contacts ui that man?


62. Really, the chance exists, but the probability is very sms

63. The man is interspersed by fears end doesn’t find the caul

ta give himself knoun.

+ – Then you could influence him anyhow, far at least

he announces himself once mare at us.


SUm I am not alloued for that.

65. It would mean a coercional interference to his awn liberty in decisions.

+ So then not, how yet is it passible, that uithin so short you coudl explore all these things?


66. That is alone possible by our analysators, uhich but offii I am not alloued ta describe yau detailled-

Ashtar Sheran & Thule Society:


questions in stare

I haue there still other so ror example a question respective

certain Asthar Shesan. Do you knou anything about him?



67. That name is uell knoun ta me. + Sa do speak, uhat is about him?


63. I don’t uant to talk about.

+ Because uhat reason? Ue have some scripts from a group in Berlin, uhich occupies herself uith this Asthar. Uhat is, that you don’t uant to speak?


69. I may explain the matters of facts fcr you, but only alone you.

7a. Officially I am only alloued for feu explanations. + Then at least give these. Semjase

71. I already said, the name is very knoun for us.

72. Ue knou but, too, the by yau mentioned scripts and several things moreover.

73. Though all endeavours from our side, uhich ue keep already for years, ue ueren’t able to come in contacts uith these forms of life.

74. Ue neither could find them out at the rentioned locations, nor ever orientate.

75. Ue searched through numerous systems of the normal time ar also innumerous dimensions past these, but nouhere an esse point uas to find about them.

76. All is very secretful, and interestingly all trails from z systems of these and other times and from all dimensions lead back to the earth, and that exspecially to Germany.

77. There the trails bundle and concentrate themselves in a qt certain place and a quite certain formation.

73. It is this a centre of a very pouerful secret organizatior

uhich you knou by the name Thule-Scciety. 79. During year-long uork ue could not explore until nou, uhy

behaves like that. Bo. But it is absolutely cleajg, all impulses doubtless rise f

that centre.

81. The initiators of these impulses dispose of great knowledi and many powers.

82. They are in possession of telepathic forces and manyfold knowing about extraterrestral technics, occurrences and a extraterrestral intelligences etc.

B3. Ue have stated absolute sure, they send out this knowlsdg by telepathic impulses and influence many earthhuman bein by that.

8*+. uie but also have stated oy absolute sureness, in these in tors of these impulses a countersign with the aim: Presar and multiplication of the white race on this earth from t posterity of the Arus-race.

85. Until the present time we could not reach clearness, what

sense of the whole is and which essential forces are hide

in the originating. 66. All is very good screened by spiritual forces, which onl\

hard are to break through. 87. Fixed at all is the one thing: The tglepaticly sent-out i

get received by different human groups and uritteh down. BB, This are partly very good transmissions and explanations,

come asthonishing near to the trut-i or even tell this in


89. out the cause for that was until now inexploraole and uni

90. Ue yet have about this certain cognitions, which I but ar allowed to tell officially, because they still do not gii whale image.

91. Evident is yet, all concentrates itself around the Arus-l but from where this essentially gets leaded, is still uni

92. The told scripts contain asthonishing much knowledge abo< warthful and good things and about facts, rather unknown the earth.

93. Between these truthes yet intermixed are also very stran untrue facts, which appear in the alack of the good like evil foreign body. 3Q

94. 5o For example serious wrongs are interspersed, like the

names of wrong contact persons, whD appeared on the scene

in deceiving form. 94. These at once strike as bad strange bodies and result in t

nomination no sense. 96- Until now could not be cleared up, why thase wrongnessas z

interspersed and pretented for truth. 97. In the whole is certain, the telepathic transmissions oair

in extraordinary many things very uorthful and equal to t\

truth, to which thp interRpprRprl mrnnfjnossp.s hut hy nn uia» agree.

93. The whole consequences just no meaning, aa the logic of tl

very many truthes interestingly gets outnumbered again by

an unusual large inlogic. 99. It is not to doubt, the telepathic impulses got Fixed in

written Form, as the this doing parsons are very truthlov 1oo- It is but not understandable, that the real truth briefly

destroied by intruth and put to question.

+ Is it possible, perhaps any earthhuman beings have their in that play? You have but spoken oF the Tnule-Society, t Arier-Allied. –


101. About this am I not allowed to give oFficial explanation.

+ I see, you already have answered the question for me. Cka then we let this. Could you then raport me more, when you know all in details?


102. Then far the initiation opposes nothing more.


Bermuda Triangle – Full Story:

+ All right, nou I have still one question. Je already have talked about it the last time, but have risen From our discussions still some questions, namely a-out the Bermuda’ Triangle. Since the discussion it seems For me once more, that you again have only told the halF Facts and hidden th most important part. I got knoun, airplanes, too, disappea there, and not alone ships.


1o3. You are really untired and content really not earlier, ur you knou the last details. + They are important for us all. Semjase

la**. Not only you seem to be very inquisitive.

1o5. – So I uill explain to yau same rr.ore detailed.

1d6. At earlier time I explained for ycu, being on earth threi

different places, uhere periodicly quite natural dimensii

doors rise.

1o7. These doors mean a natur-canditioned danger, cos,ical ca1 and generated by time-3treams.

1aB. This natural-caused danger is the originator of many eve uhich interfere uith the normal time on the earth, but o just at these places, uhere the cones to appear.

1o9. About this, uill I later give you an explanation.

11n. First T want t.n riisnuss snmp nt.hp- facts: Thp occurr?ncp the Bermuda-Triangle are uorlduida knoun, which yet gets ated by certain dark elements for their advance.

111. This are sea-travelling earthhuman beings, uho run in th Bermuda-Triangle their dirty jobs, from the simple pirac mass-murdering.

112. LJicked-kinded they grapple cargo- and passenger-ships, possession af the cargoes and the worthes and then kill creus and passengers.

113. This is one kind of the events, wr.ich happen there from to time.

114. A further kind of events in the Sarmuda-Triangle consist an earth-natural process, about ur.ich I already told uhj the last contact uith you.

115. This region is earthnatural much ~enaced, oy uhat many I place travelling ships get shipurecked and often sink u: the uhole creu and passengers in the ocean, never ta ge’ found again.

116. This had I really alrea®/ explained for you.

117. The cause of these events is based in, at this place thi sea-ground being in continuous movement and rises and s timeless.

118- 8y that, often within feu hours huge subocaan mountains an plateaus get pressed upwards and change tha s=3-surface an groundface.

119. Often these changes get recognized far tec late by the shi leaders and their crews, and they run with their ship full speed in the up-pressed masses.

120. So behaved already in earlier timgs, when there still lay a continent above the sea-level.

121. That was a very great continent, and it was domiciled by a high-developed race.

122. 8y an extreme great catastrophy, for which the inhabitants and their enemies were not quite innocent, the continent sank in the sea and got damaged.

123. Wot et last yet at this event also the dangerous earth-mo\i and a cosmic event played part.

124. The dimension-door played a very important roll, too. 125- The occurrences in the Bermuda-Triangla are as less secret

as it is the case at the two other places.

125. All is explicable, and the occurrences stay truely not in connexion to extraterrestral intelligences, who are told to exercise there kidnapping and satanic intrigues.

127. Certainly, there exist in the Bermuda-Trisngla sore statii

deep in the sea, hgpUated by extratgrres.rai intelllgenci

126. These yet are essential very far descendants cf the forme] continent-occupiers.

129. They are of absolute peacefull nature and “menace by no me; earthly creatures.

130. Their space-capable flight gears are also seaworthy and al to dive into very great depthes.

131. That is necessary, because their stations lay very deep di the ocean.

132. Very often they also can be realized in these places, whe they dive up and disappear in the atmosphere.


133. They but indeed do net interfere utith the events in the

Bermuda-Triangle, as unfortunately gets pretented about tt

13*». These affirmations base actually only on relifious pieces uork of certain ufology-groups, who according to their ir character of uarking and reiigiou3-caused need to have tut kinds of forces, good and evil, in their lessons and here; to seem uorth of belief for their followers and believers.

135. Nou yet I uant to explain the dirransion-dsor for you: As : told, it treats of a cosmic appearance.

136. Such 3 dimension-door represents a natural cosmic eppearai a barrier betueen your normal time 3nd a strange to you dimension.

137. This other dimension, in this case it is a parallel-uorld to your earth, uhich but by landscape keeps in some point: larger differences.

13B. The dimension barrier or the dimension-door gets evoked b cosmic elimination-transmutation-racistion, uhich appears staggering and periodicly.

139. Their originating places are several large suns in Strang you galaxies in the universe, uhicn beam out their rediat and meet at ?2a lightyears distance auay from the earth.

14o.There they start to flou into one another end to bundle together.

1*»1. The earth is here the exact endpaint, uh;re thia radiacio hits highconcentratedly on and generates the effect of a dimension barrier.

142. As the earth yet moves like all formations in the univers this parted in three arms radiation hits the planet only uhen the earth moves exact in the focus of the uandering radiation.

143. The radiation itself generates the effect of an elimjnati of the normal time in the form, evoking a change.


144. This means, the structure of the earthly normal time get3 changed into the timeless, by uhat the normal time gets eliminated-

145. This alternation-stratum exists still Far outsides oF the essential center, uhich already lays in the other dimensi

146. It is this a similar process, like at the For you known hurrlcans.

147. In the actual center oF the storm gcvsrs calm, uhile the uhirl contains the real storm.

148. The outside rings and uhirl are the passing stratas From calm to the storm.

149. It behaves similar to the dimensicr.-door.

15a. The outer stratas embody the change-ovsr-stratum From the earthly normal time to the other ci-ension.

151. The radiation oF the uhirl hides in it tne essential pas uhile the center is already the othar dimension, an other world in an other time level.

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