Message From the Pleiades

29. Such auestions would lead too far and finally but bring more cognitions to the earthhuman beings, than were good for them.

3a. Their spiritual development is just still too much locked in each respect.

31. ‘Jhen yet you offer questions from youself, and they lay in your awn interest af development, then I can tell decisive more in the answerings; you know.

32. Yet you are then not allowed to talk about certain things and are requested to keep them for you alone.

33. Your friends and acquaintances are by no means still proceeded so far like you are.

3<». Some of them can you qualify according the scnerne inta the

period 3/2 and 3/1, also 3/3. 35. Gnly one single of your present friends falls in the position


35. They yet all are still subjected to the inclination and the desirs, wanting to run further forwards, than this is advantageous for them in spiritual respect.

37. From this, they also put quetions on you, which surpass the abilities of their elaboration.

33. And from out the same desire they also want to Join connexion

Ml f f> I IB

– 94 –

39. This, though they know very good, that this will not be possible.

40. They have first to recognize the basic elementary truth ana to acknowledge her for itself, before they can proceed.

41. Still but they are in state of the doubting and don’t want to let the truth of the truth uork in them as such.

+ I didn’t want to vex you, Semjase.


42. I haven’t felt it this ways, yet I had to explain you all.

Molecular Biology:

+ Jhat is with our moleculary biology: Are we hers on the right way of development?


44. Very far-reaching, even.

45. There do only miss still some few cognitions, which will open unexspected doors for you.

46. Your scientists stay short before very great discoverings and cognitions with from these resutling very great possibilities.

47. More to tell to this, am I not allowed.


+ I am satisfied uith that, thank you! – My next question concerns tfis qeng, which Forms tho hereditary factors. Ara yau ailousd tD tell fr.E something auout her?

St?- ;*3 3h

43. They are the carriers of hereditary characters, in the coiour-dodies.

+ This is evident Tor me, taut hou does a gene condition itself -and axe the chromosomes unitary constructed at all living farms?

US. They are not, uhat concerns the second question.

50. Acccrainq to the kino or creature ere they clstlnct ana also ciffsrent in thsir nu-iher.

51. Human creatures yet normally own the game numoer of enromoaone pairs.

+ Have these colour-tonics tnsn any inFluencs on the limit of age of the form of life? Gr is the age a geneticai-causea Factor?

– 95 –


52. Sure, It is Gene-conditioned.

53. The genes regulate via the brains and the spirit the functions of the cells and they regulate life, regeneration and disintegration of the cells.

+ Thank you, this suffices already. Ulhat functions da then the chromosomes themselves obtain?


54. They destiny character, form and sex of the creature.

55. They are also the essential carriers of the genes, which effect their factorial influences onto the chromosomes and cause them according to the existing factor to normal- or urong switching and can also evoke mutations.

+ Is also the mongolism to arrange under sucn a mutation?


56. In the connexion only partly, far this essentially consists on

a hurt of the germs by manyfold possibilities, which in many

cases surplus chromosome can generate.

+ Unfortunately I understand too few of this, but the answer suffices for me. But out of what do the chromosomes consist?


57. In the main from albumines and nuclein-acids.


+ Is also the mongolism to arranoe under such a mutation?


56. In the connexion only partly, for this essentially consists on

a hurt of the germs by manyfold possibilities, which in many


few of this, but the answer

cases surplus chromosome can generate. + Unfortunately I u

suffices for me.

Heredity & Heredity of Intelligence:

+ Idell, yet what is with the heridity? Semjase

53. Yau simply let not loose.

59. Each gene conditions the heridity of once a time consisting characteristics.

50. Each single mark contains in it the characteristics of both decisive Factors, that is the negative ana the positive, the male and the Female.

51. By occasional inFluences Dut also result “wrong switchings” or “wrong breedings”, From which can rise mutated creatures.

62. There may happen, a dominant gene overscreening a recessive gene, by what this can not reach to development then.

63. Though but both genes can get heritated.

G4. SelF-evident also genes car change in run of the time, because

they are, as everything In the universe, also subjsctec to an

evolution- or degeneration-process.

+ I understand, even iF it treats here not just aF a special

knowings’ Field oF me- But what is then the case with the heridity of knowledge or simply with intelligence?

– 97 –

76. This results, that an intellectual or very wise human being can bear descendants, which the earthhuman being designates for insane and idiotic, while raveroe spiritual and intclli-gencial weak human beings can create descendants oF monstrous spiritual and intelligencial development.

77. This is really only connected with, how Far the haditating in a body spirit is himselF developed by knowledge.

73. IF wisdom and intelligence but were gene-conditioned, then a new spirit would never Find a habitation (body), while the already existing Form of life became very Fast destroyeo and would die out, because she were too Fast spiritualized.

79. This, because alone always higher developed liFe became created and thus For new spirits no liFe- and development-chances were given any more.

– 9S –


65- This is by nothing connected with the gene, because intelligence is caused by spiritual evolution.

66. Spiritual thinking and his from it resulting factors as are spiritual knowings, wisdom and intelligence are pure factors of spirit, which but also precipitate organicly – in the brains, which consist of acid substances.

57. These acids form the carriers of soiritual wisdom and intelligence in solid form, while the soirit yet hides in itself the same knowledge essentially, as finematerial factor.

66. Also as coarse-material form of life everything is two-factorial destinied, in which consequence the pure spiritual or fine-material fnrm of life has also to be existing as coarsematerial form.

69. In this case this then means, wisdom and intelligence existing as spirltual-eneroetical as well as in coarse-material form, in organical acid.

70. This enaoles wisdom and intelligence getting able to become –transplanted coarse-materially.

71. This means also, that these acids can become taken from a brain, to plant them into another brain.

72. 3y such, whole races of creatures can get brought to an unitary level of ujisdom, knowledge and intelligence, without each single being had to run through the different evolution periods.

73. By this, even a form of new spirit (who the earthhuman being often in error calls insane and idiotical) can get made for a highdeveloped form of knowledge and life.

74. But in this direction do your scientists work alreacy since long time, and have to sign also good successes – even if this is not known in the broad public.

75. Thus intelligence and wisdom is by no ways genetically caused, because they become alone transmitted and brought along by tho enlivening the Dody spirit.

Inheritance of Mental Diseases

Ifeier- But why are mental diseases inheritable?

Semjase- 80/Real mental disease consists of powerful confusion of the already knowledgeable and t^ucatc^^piriit. 81/And as tne genes are influenced by spirit, they absorb


the confused impulses, store them,, and create the confused idea to a confused form of life. 82/Because of this, injured creatures normalize again from generation to generation – by the irres is table further development of the spirit; by the periodically conditioned evolution. 83/This means then, that for the confused spirit, life-Important functions of the genes are affected by mis-regulation of certain factors. 84/This mis-regulation forwards its impulses, to intermingle the brain’s acids with similar ma 1 factors evoking confusion, a confusion which is only organic. 85/In the evolution of the spirit, the confusion can become normalized again over generations, “~ T have ,-ijhm«.iy irmt.-ionacT 86/ln such a way injured forms of. life can each be differently burdened, as well as their descendents, too. B7/Each, from the position ot development of the ensouling body spirit, can be more or less injured; a lesser developed spirit being affected decisively more than a more developed one, which may even be able to neutralize such mis-regulation. 88/So it is quite possible for an insane creature to generate descendents being in no manner abnormal. 89/But it can happen after nony generations, when all seems normalized, that small remaining factors in exceptional case examples may experience an outbreak of the affliction in same form.

Meier- Fantastic. But there are so many mental diseases.-. Semjase- 90/lhis would lead too fax.

Theory of Relativity & Dilation of Time:

Meier- Naturally. May 1 put another question to you then? Semjase- 91/Yes.

Meier- “Bus concerns the problem of relativity, especially the dilation of time.

Semjase- 91/You are already informed about this.

Meier- I do not ask for myself, for the question givers want an answer fran you.

Serajase- 93/Oh yes, of course — for this I have to qo bock some; as there oust different possibilities for the overcoming of cosmic space. 9A/To describe them all would make no sense because they axe too inccnp rchms ib 1 e for the Earth hunan, and too fantastic to hub 9!>/For flying objects there still exists the possibility of mastering space. 98/ One possibility is through hvuersnaee. in which a dilation

of time is removed, and in whicn the theory of relativity


remains just that, namely a theory. 97/The tuming-off of a time-dilation or time-shift noedc but the penetration of hypornpace, as I have already explained. 98/1 am not a 1 lowed to reveal greater details. 99/TTv “jump” occurs very fast by momentary paralization of the protective screen under

flash-like increased velocity, with the consequence of a

flash-like increase in mass. lOQ/Thls means that the initiation process runs so fast, that by the speed of certain processes, generated by the apparatus, matter is distorted within the millionth part of a second, and becomes fine-material form, which is able to pass hyperspace timelessly. 101 /As T have said, it does not only consist of speed, even though it surpasses a miilionfold the speed of light, hut thorn ,-irrr nthc-r processes iiivoiv.-i:. m?/Ry sp&ed itsoll tho

process is initiated, mass differentiating itself, by which hyperspace is enabled. (4)

103/The mass of an object increases in relation to the growth of its speed. 104/This means, mass grows towards unliiutedness. 105/0ur ships are still protected by protective-screens, and prevent this process, until the turning off of this screen enables the distorting effect. 106/Just Qiis process is utilized then, to accelerate the essential distortion and to call up the ricnvitcriaiization… 107/By this, at the same? time, space and time axe paralized and disappear, in consequence of which the ship already re-mat

crialJBoo itcolf at itc dor.tinaticn piaca, as it is ttonat-erialized at its place of departure. 108/lhe whole process needs no longer than a millionth part of a second, thus also for creatures, passing hyperspace does not take alterations of any kind. 109/When spaceships fly below the speed of light, this inevitably takes much time, which is always the case with newcomers to cosmic flight. 110/Pirst, they all do learn from experiences and cogniticfis. Ill/Second, this space-traveling is very dangerous and leaves its purpose open to question- 112/When spaceships reach lightspoed without passing directly into hyperspace, then catastrophy for the ship and its passengers is assured… 113/Speeds above that of light hold many danqers, when the barrier of hvpersoace is not penetrated and made an ally. Il4/’lhe

1do –

114. The time-dilatation is only one of these dangers.

115. A further danger is that one, that also in this case the mess of a spaceship enlarges itself in relation to his speed towards unlimitedness and can have for result under certain circumstances the destruction of the ship and its passengers.

116. 6ut there are still many other dangers.

117. 3ut all forms of life have to accomplish their evolution’s process, thus they collect experiences and knowisoge.

116. Our forefathers, too, had to fight with these problems, and uent astray in space and time.

119. Same mays happened with other creatures and happens, exactly same.

120. So always again happens, that any “time-travellors” appear from the past and often bring with them great problems.

121. They often do no more find their home uorlds or find them fully destroyed.

122. Here and then also strange to the galaxy creatures of this kind appear, who also have come to earth already, and will further on come always again.

123. Some of such “time-travellors” have already wrecked in earlier ages on earth and nave never got able to go away from here again.

124. About such, do you know old, peculiar mythes and tales.

125. In run of the time yet many of these beings died out, or they degenerated or mixed themselves with the earthly forms of life.

126. Not seldom even today occurs, that such “time-travellors” meet the earth.

127. And there are many among then, which never find their home uorlds again and jjst settle anywhere on another world.

12B. They but also often loose the way in the wideths of the space and die.

129. Wot seldom they are for milleniums or even million of years on the way, while for them but oass only few minits or few years.

130. The dangers of speed are very great and they do already begin at few kilometers zer hour, if the fiightmachines or vehicles

131- Already small velocities of feu kilometers per hour injure

the matter in form, structure and stability, when protective means are not there-

132. A natural consequence is the enlargening of mass and the dissolution of matter.

133. This means, that already at low speed the mass of a vehicle or a flightoody enlarges itself insensible in relation to the speed and calls up the effect of slow destruction.

134. As told, does this already apoear uith feu kilometers par hour and uith, in your technics nearly not to show, minimality,

135. By lou speeds this process neeas very long, too, ana by circumstances can need hundreds of years.

136. At very high speeds but this time reduces to decades or to feu years.

137. The creatures, too, are injured by this process, because also their masses change by the speed.

138. The function of the brains get afflicted, because the mass changes.

139. This conseouences, all functions becoming retaroed and missings come up.

140. Told in other words, this means, that suite suddenly the functions of thinking and reaction turn off and an emptiness rises.

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