Message From the Pleiades

26. A war were inevoitable, and just a such aren‘t these Intel gences able to afford, because they are only few tenthDuse people.

27. Their technic is much antiquated and they rave to fear in repsect the earthly explosion weapons.

28. Because this, in the present time they still less can sta] into a uar with the earthhuman beings, than it was the ca: already earlier.

29. Their only chance consists indeed in, to be able to push I

earthhuman beings into the last delusion of their religioi

to appear then as gods and angels and to seize at themsel’

the world government, so, like at earlier time they alreai

one time did, but then became expelled again.

+ Girl, that is famous, thel2 perhaps within the time will bi quite a nice fireworks.

3a. This possibility is still open, and it depends just tin, uih the earthhuman being uant to take up reason on matter reli or not.

31. lile ourselves endeavour already very long For a finishing a the advance of these intelligences, and ue can put them in their proper place.

32. Nou yet sonce some monthes they try to kidnap you, to hemp you from the truth-revelation.

33. By their appearance they hope, you uould let you seduce tc to a suited place, uhere they can kidnap and deport you.

34. Because that, be very much careful and don’t let youself mislead to unconsiderated steps.

35. All right ue uatch about these uicked-uanting ones, but u5 several things they are equal to us and ue have our trouble uith them.

36. Exercise then also by youself extremest caution, as they

really don’t shrink from any intrigues.

+ This are really nice exspectations, yet I uill at all use by myself.


37. Surely, you also unburden us this –ays.

38. – Keep so like before and come to my contacts only then, i you are sufficient secured.

+ Of course, – I aluays have my artillery uith me.

Self-Defence & Banishment/Elimination as a Creational Natural Law:



39. Yau act very quad uith that, as this apparatus is a good

protection for you.

+ You cause me smiling, girl, that is no apparatus, but a poc artillery, a fire-arm.


40. It is a ueapon.

+ You uith your damned logic, leave the fun far me yet!

– – Hm, I believe, uhen later I shall write the talking, tt same people uill excite,because that, as many can’t underst one may function uith a deadly ueapon.


fel. This is only a matter of the reason, ths brains and the ot

vance of the natural laus.

+ So tell one time to my dear fellou-creatures. It uould but better, uhen these matters uould not get uritten doun.


U2. This uould be urong.

1*3. Also these problems form such in themselves, if they get i understood.

44. So they find justification to get discussed.

45. The nature’s laus teach, alone the balanced corresponded right lifeuay, I already explainded one tina.

(*6. Force find only in force its compensation.

47. The pouer yet appears by unlimited many foms and kinds, 1 very little a3 uell as by very great measures.

48. Pouer can never get broken by offered peace or otherwise put to an end.

49. A settled pouer by an offered peace bubbles further in th substratum and uill one day again Drake out to pouer.

50. Negative matters can never get overcome by positive matte or get subordered or settled doun.

51. So may alone event by a neutral positivity, by a balanced

52. She contains in itself in same parts positive and negativ

53. When so force should become led to a natural-given balanc then the used pouer against the force is not alloued to b equal negative od positive force, like ths opposed or to subject one.

54. She must be neutral-positive, that is balanced-

55. The laus of the nature teach, this life has to become de= uhich is a menace for the further living of otherones or creatures, if it uses degeneratively forces.

56. The human creatures but are beingj uho are able for devel thinking, and so they can frame reasonned laus for obser\ of the nature’s laus.


57. By these “are the chances given to them, to withdraw onesi from the elimination of creatures, uhile they bring these a certain place in detention, uhere from tha degenerated is withdrawn each chance For return into society and same the propagation oF species.

58. Under certain circumstances but exist aluays exceptions, such laws can not get used and so has to oa seized to the laws oF the nature, when tha order shall net get disturbe obtained.

59. Each from the given circumstances eliminations or living can not be excluded, if a danger can only this ways get b or iF it concerns the preservation or further creatures, as these live in right behavement.

So. This representation and use of natural laws yet ought onl be exercised by pureloglc form and with exact knowledge about the to exercise nature’s laws.

61. This premises an enormous knowing of the laws themselves about their use.

62. This is maintained in your case.

63. Also the use of the nature’s laws is given in your case, you have to trouble youself for your protection against 1 wicked-kinded intelligences.

64. LJe but will be very attentive and rule the avents.

65. 5o from your side is only demanded sxtremest caution and

readiness for all cases.

+ You think in whole the matter not to be a single case, wf perhaps yet might be?


66. The probability agrees not for such, yet caution and real is suited.

+ I understand. It means then just to keep caution and be l ready, not mare.


67. Surely.


Satan & ET Kidnappings linked to Bermuda Traingle:


Now some

days ago I haue read something respectively such kidnappings, from uhat exspecially in the socailed Bermuda-Triangle so to speak en engros human should be kidnapped by extraterrestrais. So already should behave since many years, and a certain _fclr. Ll.v. Bernus in Gut Uustefelde, 6441 Athelrode In Germany even tells in a new article of the “fteuas Zeitalter” in the number 13 from 7i,f-‘;=irnh i^^s, the there fjnctionning extraterrestrais uere, practically seenindlrect birthes of the 3atan. Contrary to that, some ueeks before I got an article about these events in the Bermuda-Triangle, so from a group member- In this othez article the events at this place, where continuously bu~an beings and uhole ships disappear, get addicted to a kind of high-sea-plraty. Are you nou informed about these things, and if so, uhat is about this matter?


3. These events are known for me, but they are not in the least mysterious.

3. It is really only nonsense, these occurences should traca bad

to extraterrestral mights. 3. Sure, certain thinos exist in the Hermuda-Triangle, which

belong to extraterrestral Intelligences, but not in the

pretended kind.

1. The thesis, satan-like forces and creatures took part, rises indeed only from religion-fanatics, who in all for them inexplicable events have to search satany mights, to make

a secret or event explicable for tnenselves.

2. First Satan is only a product of pnantasy Df your christian religions, and second this phantasy-body embodies not the darkness and the black, as gets pretended, but the light and the force of radiation of truth.

3. The events on the Bermuda’s, respectively in the Bermuda Triangle, trace back to very natural things.

4. In first line this place is very suited for hiqh-sea-plra’v, as you call this, and such pillage-events happen always again there.

5. On the other hand this region is natural conditioned very endangered, from what many driving in this place ships suffer shipwrecking and often sink uith whole the crew and the passengers in the sea, to8get never found again.

76. Certain circles in religion-conditioned meaning but utilize these Bermuda-Triangle-events for their omr. favour and clot them into satanic powers.

77. Since about two decades these former for the earthhuman be! inexplicable events get additional otherwise used, as certE religion-depending and unclear working croups of ufologisti drive the events into the trails of extratarrestrals.

78. For these were the occurences a faun me3l, to feed credulai human beings by untrue and unloyal infcr.^ations, when they invented religion-caused phantasyfully dark, satanic extraterrestral powers, which should be reliable for the events Lhe Bennuda-Trlangle.

79. Uhat lay nearer religiously than this step, because like tl irreal religions themselves, also the ufolcgy had to own a form of a Satan, to keep by this the believers in check.

80. As their ufology uas based on religious ground, it necessa: had to create also in this respect two kincs of powers, na good and evil, black and white, godly and satanic.

81. This could all thE better succeed, because the extraterres don’t defend themselves basically against sjch pieces of w because this lays not in their competences.

82. On the other side, a defence is also net ds~anced for them because such intrigues run slowly dead again, for the trut can never kept in silence and pushes always again towards light.

83. For many yet these inpure pieces of uork r.een a uay toward evolution, by uhich they may elaborate tharselves towards truth.

84. To walk the uays of truth is very difficult and manyfoldec

85. Uhen so human beings are raligious prepossessed, they have fight themselves through to certain labors on such a relic uay, to reach then at given time the necessary cognitions and to recognize their former wron- behevs-ent and thinkir


66. The occurences in the Bermuds-Triancis correspond then alon a speculative Form, if they get brought ir. connection to extraterrestral intelligences.

87. This should be evident far yau. + Such have I nearly assumed.

CR 034, Sunday, September 14, 1975

Hans Jacob received a letter from 1 Alois Rickenbach1 whom contacted Gloria Lee:

+ Thanks. – Know, the questions are very important far us, as should have clear knowing about sc~e things. In the first m. it concerns: Mr. Hans Jacob from our group had explained, ii the morning of Saturday, the 13th September, that is the la Saturday, he would have got a some peculiar letter. In this letter, of which we don’t know, whether he came from a man or a woman, is the talk, the writer of the letter would occ himself spiritualistic and by this mode also would have occupied herself with Gloria Lee. “r. Jacob has shortly sen his copy-book about Gloria Lee, on what nou this letter ref This person assures now in this letter, that about one year ago she would have had contacts with Gloria Lee while a seance and she there shall have said, she uould sorry, havi written her! book, as the informations namely were wrong respectively the Jupiter-beings, The book namely would be a free invention of herself, that is only a work of her own thinking. Uhat do you mean about?


8. These events are unknown to me.

9. On the other hand correspond these informations, as you jus told them, to a certain expert knowledge of the real phenon around Gloria Lee.

1o. I myself explained differently to you, her work would be ar own-Inspiration in belief of, she really would have bean inspirated by a Jupiter-creature.


11. 5o it treats of an inconscious seif-daceit.

12- That uas possible, as Gloria Lee uas very r-uch mlsleaded by her environment and lived in an extremely mystical uorld.

13. Mystic yet is not good for finding the truth, at least not in the sense, as it is used by the earthhuman being in conn tion uith his irreal religions.

14. Gloria Lee yet couldn’t knou so, cacajse she uas never teac about the truth.

15. This truth uas she first able to recognize after her leave from this uprld.

15. Because her experiences and by many kinds of books she coli

a certain knouledge and put up great combinations. 17. By these she uas able to explain many conming events, uhicr

she also urote doun in her uork. 1B. Many things are there rather beating called and also of

importance, but they do not represent transmissions from ar

Jupiter-creations or other living forms.

19. They are only and alone the uork cf her c–n thoughts, uhicl” yet she could lead into very good and even admirable trail:

20. By that, her uork exposures for searching human beings in beginning of the search for truth something uorthful, qett: at different aspects for signposts.

21. These knouings keeps evidently this person, uho urote to M: Jacob the by you mentioned letter.

22. where from she but knows this knowledge, trat is unknown fi me.

23. It yet may uell be possible, that this perssn could came ii contact uith her and reach things from ner.

24. This yet uould condition, this perscn really being master of spiritualistic farces.

25. As yet I already one time explained to you, are such earth human beings only feu and only very seldom they came into the publicity.


+ I remember your uords, but could you Find this person For n or at least prove, whether her declarations are right?


26. Have you no details about her?

+ No, the letter got delivered, when I rememoer this right, i MannedorF, yet without sender’s acress. A name was yet sail as Mr. Jacob told; Ackermann, I believe, or Rlckenbach?


27. Then does this person not uant to oe identiFied?

+ So evidently behaves, but wait, all cones 3till better, because this ……..


26. IF this behaves so, then I can not do anything for you:

29. Ue never are alloued to hurt the personal liFe sphere oF a creature and so act against her own will.

30. Ulhen she doesn’t uant to reveal herselF then, ue are not

alloued to do this From our side.

+ Very pityrul, as ue uould have been very much interested i that. Yet can you help us so far at least. Finding out, uh her declarations accord to the truth?


31. Surely, this chance is open For us, uhen ue ……

ExtraTerrestrial ‘SEFH’ – AloisRlckenbach:


+ Uell, Semjase, then I uill throw up in this connexion some other problems at first: Do you knou anyone uith the name Seph? Unfortunately I don’t knou, whether it concerns a man or a woman.


32. A very peculiar name – but – – – no, – it is unknown for me; why da you ask?

+ This is as peculiar, Semjase, as the matter with Gloria Lee. Tha same person affirms namely in the same letter for Mr. Jacob, she would have been about tan years 3qo in connectior to an extraterrestral living form. Whether this was by pure telepatic form or by material one, by regret, I don’t know. At all must this person, if her declarations are true, have obtained certain things from this creature, uhich quite evident refer on us. 5a at least tald Mr. Jacob, as in this letter, so to speak, uould be the talk about you and me, ant that in the year 1975 I should appear here in Switzerland as contact-person.

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