Message From the Pleiades

314. So in the presence and in the next future is only one sing direction of thinking the right one, that i3 the relegeous the again-combining.

315. The earthhuman being has to find the truth and combine hei together into the right measures and forms.

316. So he has to consider relegeous and act, to find this ways the truthes out from the real religions acain and to builc them into the gathered complex of the relegeous knowledge.

317. Alone this ways he walks the right way and observes the lawfulnesses of the spirit’s evolution.

318. In special measurement consist the heresies of the earthl\ cultic religions in, that becomes cursed at the Creation and slandered and denied.

319. She as allmight gets put to question ana substituted by blaspheming heresies by a god, who cets cailed the creato:

320. The Creation yet is in truth the ~ost nouerful, the allmii and the magnificence itself.

321. By certain circumstances and not at last by the megaloman of human creatures IHUJHs, wisdom-kings, nation-leaders am human-race-leaders, being called in earthhuman designatioi as GOD, got pressed into the designating farm of a creato and lieful declared for the highest in the universe, name for the Creation itself.

322. This is still today evident in the adressing form of the earthhuman beings, uhen they talk about their god as abou “THE CREATOR”.

323. The term of the male, of the HE and HIM and THE GOO could even while many thousand years not get remoted by t religion-advocates, from that still at the present time t term witnesses on earth from the human-being of the god a the creator and the deitils.


324. The earthhuman being uith his thoughtless stupidity and h: reluctance, to devote himself to the truth, is already sxi very long time inabie to make his thoughts about these th

325. Foolhardy the further on defends the cultic religions, ui exception being tuned on any earthhuman being, on a relig donatar, uhich venerate him for creation-chosen and uith only exercise a human-cult

326. The Creation itself gets here fully neglected and condamn to nullity, because by these cultic religions it gets sub tuted all right by the delusion of a human representative and by A creator.

327. The Creation itself as absolute allmight and magnificence all being gets wickedly denied and .damned.

323. Uhether this happens in knowledge or in observance of cul religious heresies or because other concepts of world, remains in itself the same.

329. In every case it means the hugest slandering of Creation, uhich can be thought or spoken by any creature.

330. Besides the Creation itself is nothing venerable, univers loveful, allmighty, eternal and respect-commanding.

331. She is the beginning and the end of all existence and ths being itself.

332. Besides it is nothing existing.

+ This is very thoroughly, and I beliave, this in itself si get understood by all human beings, even by those, who ai captured in their irreal religions. I think, this explan; from you should really suffice, to efface the impression general just the religion in itself uers wrong and had ti eradicated. In my esteam is quite evidently said by your in negative sense being only spoken from the cultic relii that is, uhich got falsified by human dogmas or else her! until indiscernibleness and by which the Creation become! slandered in most uicked forms. To these slanderings ball by tnat also all adorations and sacrifications of any nui beings and objects, and by same measure also the calling heaving-up of a human being into the d33icnative form of creator or a creation-messenger, bacause a creator in cu religious meaning is never the Creation.


A gad, a creator or else anyhou a human being or another living form can never be the Creation. The Creation is ne a HE nor a SHE, for it is just simply THE Creation, sexless, by that effectively an IT. So at least I think about that.


333. You evoke in me asthonishing feelings, as your uords corr

to the true circumstances of the truth. 334- You have become very wise.

ET’s working in Governments are Fairy Tales:

^^■^■^p- yet anotner question: anort time 203 to m ga^ex^r^iried, several governments would keep cn our earth extraterrestral intelligences, doing their working, and ev uould be fast employed there. Uhat is about that, is one alloued to believe it?


34o. You call such matters fairy-tales.

+ This means, in our earthly governments are no star-human-t emplaied? ‘–



341. So does this say.

342. – IF these reports uould accord to the truth, then on ear had since long time communed tranquility and the earthly mankind uould have got taught about the truth by the gave ments.

343. Because ue extraterrestral living foms yet have ng autno to interfere by Force uith the terrsstrai concerns, ue ha to limit u3 into the form, searching earthhuman beings, t become able to transmit by these our knouledge.

344. IF ue had the legitimation of an interf2r2n.ce in the kind that ue could act in governments, then ue also could reve ourselves in all publicity.

345. We then needed not to have any ucrries to get hurt by gov

ments, militaries or criminals etc.

+ It is said yet, these extraterrestral cooperated secretly unrecognized in or at government institutions*


346. This also does not behave, as your logic itself can shou you.

347. When this really uould be, then uitrtin only feu days no authority, no government and no military farce uould any hunt for our ships, because .ue indeed Dun the abilities, to stifle such things in the germ, if ue _ould act in an\ government institutions.

348. This are not more than lies, uhen then such things get affirmed about any extraterrestrals.

349. Such lies can manyfold traced back tG 3ny religious piec; of uork of any sectarious elements or of unscrupulous phantasts.

+ That but is a hard beat, man oh man.


350. Eut is the truth.

351. Unfortunately yet just the truth often gets distorted by religious sectarians and^phantasts and evaluated, for the oun favour-

352. Then moreover exists several groups, uho pretentively dccu;

themselves for the exploration of the matters uiith us and

our ships, uho in truth yet only take this as pretence, to

fasten their religious sectarity and diffuse it, to be3t b

this the world still worse into religious bondage.

+ Can you give more detailled informations, as far example, what kind of groups these are?


353. You will get known to this shortly by one of these groups itself.

Earthly UFO’s Origin, First German UFO, Cover-Ups ;

I already have heard some and read about, our scientists a: endeavouring for building own earthly osanahips. Is that right, and haw far are these things developed?


355. These informations accord so far with the truth, such fligl

instruments get built on the earth. 35S. This matters yet here not for bearships, yet for similar t

our ships flightapp3ratures, which only are equipped by

explosion-motors or newly by jet propulsicns with repuisio


357. The construction of such ship3 on aarth in the modern time is but no more quite new, because the first ships in this kind gat already finished in the year 1941 by plannings and started to get built.

358. In the middle of february the first flights gat exercised until heigthes of nearly 12.5oo maters, while velocities of some more than 2aoo kilometers per hour got developed.

359. Given as mission got all by the laadar af the second worlc war, Adolf Hitler.


36a. At uar end yet all got detroied, ta let it nat Fall in tri

hands of enemies. 351. Several plans and equipments and apparatures yet got ovei

looked and fell into otherone’s hands.

362. From this, different groups developed the today existing

ships of discformed kind and earthly origin.

363. These “Flying d3rts“, like they are celled by their cons’ need of course of their test flients, to test their Chan etc.

364. Many of such objects can sa get oeservated by the earthht beings, uhen they get floun around, to make test flights or to proof them.

365. The largest of these flight bodies from earth in this so: reach already nearly log meters in diameter and exists already quite numerous.

366. Df course this gets contested by the governments af the ouning states quite vigorously.

367. Yet already often have their machines crashed daun, beca they but are rather unsufficiently developed uithin all things.

36B. The uninitiated human beings of earth but live in the er

belief, these by them realized “Flying darts” uould by o

the same kind like our beamships end uoula come from ext

terrestral uorlds.

+ So does this behave. Then several of the in all the uorl seen UFOs are not such, but just simply earthly “Flying



369. Sd it is, yes.

370. They often also are forced to make a farced landing, bee their constructions, gears and apcaratures still are rat failful.

371. By their explosion motors and jet propulsions, uhich rec they also run atomicly, at this often burning_dama5es ce done. .jg

371. For human beings, uho come then near to such burn cores, this uays often menaced by atomic radiation.

373. When Forced-down ships of this sort get ne3red by observe in uhat I mean, that these go near, they often get set in fear and horror by the pilots or even kidnapped and depoi to ensure oneself of their absolute silence.

374. Such like events unfortunately are not rare on earth, but the unreasonableness of the human beings and of different unloyal “elucidating” groups this witnout except gets adc to extraterrestral living forms.

375. In truth also bad-minded intelligences exist from the unj who haunt your reath or loose their ways to there-

376. Of such are but not so many, that they had greater imporl

377. The most observations of “Flying Darts” and kidnappings ; of earthly origin.

378. Of this should the earthhuman beings be conscious, when they anywhere meet any “Flying saucers“, uhos users are i known about the fact, many human beings assuming these ol far extraterrestral origin.

379. This knowing gets often even utilized by them, when they themselves known to any credulous human beings to be ext terrestral intelligences.

380. Conscious of the religious power, they don’t shrink from pretend themselves for angels or cad-sent and to appear “rescuers” of the earthmankind, while they then dasignat the deceived credulauses far contact persons and order mysterious missions for them, which pretentively serve f the benefit of the earthhuman beings, but in truth only serve for the own profit and for the advantage of espion for the own state.

381. The most starting-places call these deceiveing elements pilots of earthly “Flying Darts” as l/snus, I-iars, Saturn Uranus.

382. Yet also the next neighbour-systems of your solar systen

have to be in for it.

+ tYou wonder me, Ptah. I know all these things since my cr Alreddy Sfath and Asketlfrave told these things to me, ys always got strong ordered to keep silence about the3e m; and to give them by no means public.

Now but you explain them to me once more, while you yet know, that Semjase will later all transmit to me, as I shall write down all. Or get these things excluded and later simply not transmitted? Have I further on to keep silence about them?


353. The time has very much proceeded, and so you also have gal the permission from Asket to reveal this all now.

384. So it behaves, too, with that knowledge.

385. The time has become mature, and su you are also allowed tc tell this knowing, and your duty for silence becomes solve

385. So Semjase will transmit to you my explanations litteralli

CR 033, Friday, September 12, 1975

Attempts of Gfzeh Intelligences to Kidnap Billy & World Domination:

4. Ue uer so much occupied with this, by you realized, object, that I really could not talk with you and had to question you to wait.

5. The yesterday and before-yesterday appeared abject was the same, which already in the evening of the Zoth April yuu had seen and photographed.

6. It concerns here yet not a beamship, as you assume, but a small-spacer.

7. It also does not belong to us, yet to other, rather unkind intelligences.


6. These are very much endeavoured for disturbing our mission

and even perhaps to distruct her. 9. Exspecially since monthes their interest passes for your

person, because they uant to catch hold of you.

10. The reason for this is: These intelligences are very inter in getting the earthmankind and her world under their cont

11. For this they use very dishonest means and even don’t shri from kidnapping.

12. It concerns with these in one of these groups, who operate with the earthly religions and earn with that very much su when uninitiated persons come in connection with them and religously influenced.

13. These by the intrigues wrong-led contact persons then work unconsciously in bad meaning of the disturbers, ta bring t slowly step by step towards their aim.

14. That is the aim, uhich msan3 the gcvering of the earth and earthhuman beings, for what these intelligences work at si some thousand years.

15. The urong-led ones unfortunately often walk out of their

silence and spread the religious-baaed heresies, given to


lieful from the uicked-mindsd ones.

16. And that they have much success uith this, do you self knc

uell enough, as the earthhuman being is extraordinary strc

prisoned in his irreal religious trails.

+ That is knoun to me, yet uhat is with these “birds” ? To t group do they belong? Are they possibly members of the “pyramid-moles” ?


17. When you aim uith that the intelligences from Gizeh, than it to agree.

+ I nearly have thought so from your words, yet what do the* foold uant from me? You have said, they mean a danger for


13. Sure, they are a danger, even a very great, uhich you shot not undervalue.


19. They knou very goad the background of your life and as well your mission.

20. They knou, you have to initiate as prophet of the truth thi human beings, and that you have to bring back the true spiritual lessons.

21. This means a great menace For them, as by -hat the modern human being goes away From the urong religion and searches the true religion in connexion with the relaqeon.

22. As he, said in other words, will Find and recognize the real truth.

23. By this, of course, these wicked intelligences get hurt in performance of their imperial plans, and tr*eir long-termed undertaking gets put to question.

24. The kind of their former proceeding, the secret working ui the wrong religions, was and is their single chance to rea their aim and to appear as gods and angels.

25. They have no other possibility, because they know very goo when they would start the government Dver the earth by paw then the earthhuman beings uould recognize the truth and oppose against this and defend themselves cy all possible means.

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