Message From the Pleiades

brought to explosion, and three days later the second.

10. By this, the earthly atmosphere got impregnated by deathly clouds, which since then injure whole the nature, evoke cllrr tical alternations and disturbed the weather conditions.

11. The consequences of these explosions will further on show: themselves by many forms, so as well in the human life.

12. Fauna and flora will mutate, and also the human form Df life uill suffer wicked mutations and metamorphoses.

13. This bad misery has already begun with the explosions and ui spread further on.

14. So already is knoun to the earthly science, but by no means they trouble themselves to change the consequences of their delusion Dr to prevent themselves from new attacks.

15. In contrary: Further on, they will work for the same form of destruction, to incite newly atomic bombs for examination purposes and by this force the earth towards still larger danger.

16. And as this unreasonableness is very great, am neither I nai any other creatures of extraterrestral rise allowed, to reveal secrets, which would enable the earthly form of life to create material or spiritual life or even only to work oneself up into great heigthes of spirit.


3d. It will also be of advantage for you, that until then the by me called organisation in Germany though the negative reiigic Factor uill have performed very good and important uork, uhic uill become For you and your mission oF benefit, by uhat youi seed soon uill bear rich fruits.

31. Thousands of small and greater groups uill have formated ther selves until then already on the uhole earth and exercise tht according uorks, to affect clearing-up and to uork the most necessary things.

32. But don’t go astray Dy thoughts for large assistance from these groups and From the most important organisation, for,a; they all are halfuay3 dazzled by the intriguous machinations of the evil-minded extraterrestral group stay ahead the real truth, they uill for the first only give to you limited help

33. The pouer of the BAFATH-creatures, ths called wicked intelli gences in the pyramide of Gizeh, originated from the far ring-fog area and descendants of the earthmankind1s originat is very large, and everywhere do they understand to obtain their influence.

34. They do not shrink from any intrigues and no infamous pieces uork, and even use the clear-up-tries of the earthhuman bain for to reach the goals of their delusion and greediness.










CR 032, Monday, September 8, 1975

-Billy lost Asket con tact reports after Jmmanuel event

-Semjase talks about her illogical actions in photograph event to Billy & Asket

-Semajase uses’Eliminator’ to destroy the films & Projects ‘Light Energy’ to overexpose the film

-Asket weeps as Meier leaves along with Semjase

-Ptaah makes the first hyper leap in return Journey

New Photography apparatus constructed by Asket:

+ w : ~’J told, the gear for chotograpning uould be

useless – I mean the one from Ser.jase. What about the one, you uant to construct in cooperation? Do you mean, later I can shoot better pictures uith it and not aluays come in conflict uith the screen-frame?



212. I think, the gear uill be uell.

213. Yet uhat do you mean uith comming in conflict uith the screen-frame?

+ Knou, the gear from Semjase is some intricate for photog; phing and a bit small. Uhen I make a pioto, then me disti aluays the small screenframe, and always I have this confounded thing in the picture. Aluays the half-oval form i the frame appears in the picture-


214. I uill care for, that these disadvantages don’t appear ii next apparatus.

+ When uill I be able to use this instrument?


353. Uhile the next travel, of course. + And uhen uill thi3 be?


354. This is still not fixed – at all it may last very long u then.

355. Before a further travel at first ‘-Jill I “ebduct” you int another dimension.

Meier’s trip into Parallel Worlds(After GJ):


355- Before a further travel at first uill I “abduct” you into another dimension. + Uhat mean you uith this?


355- Every world-body keeps several parallel-ucrlds, same so yo

native world, the earth. 357, These parallel-uorlds yet exist in over- or under-arderec

dimensions, so in for the normal time strange dimensions. 356. At these parallel-uorlds is nearly all same like at the uc

of the normal time. 359. Just small differences exist, so exspecially within the ti 36o- And into such a parallel-world do I want to travel with yc + Phantastic – when shall this be?


361. That is still not cleared up.

+ (dell, may at least I take pictures there?


362. Surely, yet they will not be otherlika, as if you had mad them in the normal space of your earth.

363. There are the same human beings and buildings as on the e

+ Though. – Uill but then you not interfere again and spoil pictures, like you have done uith the group-picture?


364. Surely not, I do allou the photographing for you all righ Closing of Unviersal-Barrfer:




2<*3. Ue are starting in the moment, to change over into our am universe.

244. Then ue uill remain uhile fifty minits at the end of the barrier, to close her again.

+ Does that need so much time? SgBttesg

348. Sure, because ue ought not just let it break together, yet

349. This needs its time and demands very much carefullness.

350. From universe to universe are only very feu places in the barrier, uhich can get used for passage.

351. Then they must not get too much strained or even overcharged, else the structure oats destroyed, uhat can lead to a cosmic catastrophy.

352. All has to get performed very exactly in its order and fro

the given laus, needing aluays its time, of course.

+ I understand, then uill I be unneeded for the next fifty minits?


245. Ue may all right talk together.

246. Uhole the process of the closing is programmed and runs self-supporting uithout our special interference.

Meier’s Return-Great Journey:

At first, I want to know, ue

do after performed closing of the barrier? Pthaa

248. The question is Justified: It is provoded, to jump into several galaxies, where you shall vlcit same planets and forms of life, with Semjase. + Dear, that is marvellous, can I also talk uith these creal


353. By my regret will this not be possible.

354. Ue are allowed to show our ships only on the fewest world:

355. So we also must not leave the ship and have to content wi realizing all from the beamship.

Logic in Existence of Creation & Life :


250. As uith all matters, everything needs a certain preoaratli

251. Nothing can get undertaken and performed uithout accordini preparations.

252- Uhen so but although gets proceeded, then results an arbi act, being never of uorth.

253. An arbitrary act is equivalent to unlogic and undeliberate

254. And from such an arbitrary treatment can because that onl consequence unlogic.

255. If for example the Creation itself uould behave arbitario then uould no laus and bids exist, vouching for the exist of all creatures etc.

25S. There uould rule plain unlogic and by this, fully confusi 257. That means, nothing could then exist – the Creation not, 25S. An arbitrary act premises, no thinking force destinies th

act or can destiny. 259. This means, a treatment proceeds arbitrary, undeliberated

and uithout consistency, uhat aluays has to lead to negat

effects and occurrences. 26o- For such arbitrary acts are yet only creatures able, uho

not have recognized the thaughtly consistency in its proc


261. In other words, this says, such ways thinikng creatures lay within spiritual forms still in very s^all worthes ant still do not own control over their kind of thinking and thought-power.

262. Because this, they can act arbitrary – that is, without anterior deliberation – without former,according thoughts labour.

263. They simply have not learnt to think really.

264. If so behaved also with the Creation, then nothing existei because the unlogic of this form uould destroy everything before at all it were created.

255. A not-arbitrary act or process means in ccntrary to arbit riness real life.

256. This means, an instinctive treatment premises a reasanabl thought, which is able to destiny the consistency Df an a

267. This means, the existence of an act gets consistent vouch for.

269. This reverse means: The consistency of the act is logical secured.

269. Instinctivity from this is logic and deliberatianess and sucures the existence of the acting.

270. So by the logic of the Creation itself clearly evident, 2 she treats voluntary, deliberated and logically and this guarantees the existence of all life.

271. First, where an instinctive thought is, the consistency c an act can get destinied and by this, life created.

272. The voluntarity so i3 necessary in all things, so also ir searching and diffusion of truth and knowledge.

273. To make a truth understandable, first has to get done a t for understanding by help of the voluntarily.

274. The voluntarity means in that the communication means be1 unreasonableness and reason and between ignorance and kni

275. By the voluntarity, embodying in this form so the pure ds reation- and thinking-process, the reasonable brains ge< incited for labour and slowly led to cognition.

Religion-Relegeon, Creation/Creator/GOD:


276. Uhen the cognition has the proceeded in sufficient lot, fi lesson means can get added, uhich then further on ondeed i voluntary elaborated and used, from uhat then further cogi get uon.

277. In a course of instruction so voluntariness is of very hi importance, because alone by her the logic consistency of run of the education gets guaranteed.

270. fto times yet can a lesson in its deepest cognitions get transmissed in ths start of the education.

279. First come the necessary preparations and introductions, reach step by step the center of the lessens and to trans the essential knouledge.

280. This process can not get turned around, as this uould mea an arbitrarious act, uho’s consistency in course of the a uould have to lead to a catastrophy.

281. Take here for an example a profession’s ecucation, like c is usual on earth:

262. Uhen a human being of your earth uants to oecome a physic then he can not at once occupy hi-.self uitn the deepest secrets and knowledges of this profession and learn these

283. For the first, he laborously has to ualk into the preparJ uorks and all to learn slouly from the beginning.

284. Uhen he has done so and reached a certain knouledge, ther cab meet uith more profound things and slouly penetrate : the centre Df knauing of the profession.

285. Same like it behaves uith the spiritual lessons.

286. Because that, my daughter has until nou not gone into thi deeoer facts of the spiritual lessons and explanations, I first the seed had to get throun out.

287. This reverse first had to adapt uith the zround, and as is fell on fertile qround, it had to enrich itself uith vening forces, to be able to germ.

238. This means: The former by Semjase offered lessons and ex nations etc. uere and ar§ the foundation stone for the essential, first nou follouing main uork.

289. The until nou transmitted in truth embodies only the pre operation, by uhat the earthhumaa beings have to get pre for the root of the truth.

29a- So this is an introduction and preparation, to be able to understand the Fallowing advices and explanations and to conceive them.

29*1. When Until now Semjase only had spoken by negative Form ab the earthly religions, then this finds its justification i that by this the earthhuman being had to gat made attentiv for the wrongness and irreality of his religions, beca these are in each form wicked and unreal, like it is not t case elsewhere in universe.

292- Uhen so is the speech about the earthly religions, than th are meant in their forms, so, Ilka they exist on the earth and find their exercise and effects.

293. Religions in this meaning are a deadly danger, not only or the earth and for the earth, but they contain deadly dange in themselvas for the whole universe.

294. Religions in the kind, like exist on earth, are one time i this universe, and they find not their equal.

295. As deadly danger they gover the earthhuman being and the t planet and effect embitter your world in spiritual rasped since thousands of years.

296. Each spiritual proceeding is blocked by these religions and finds no development.

297. The spirit’s evolution is hampered by the heresies of rail govering your earth.

29fl. Well contain your religious transmissions still real wort! and wisdoms of the creational laws and bids, yet these an falsified by humanly procreated heresies and are made so indiscernible, that only some feu human beings are able fa recognize the real truth from there.

299. These few ones but, who may elaborate the real truth from the scriptures and transmissions, get outlawed and cursed the followers of these wrong religions, for they can n diffuse the truth.


300. Uhen then 5emjase talked in negative form about the religi on earth, then by that get adressed the falsifications anc lies, constructed in them partly consciously deceiving.

301. By this yet also are adressed those pure human unscrupulot pieces of uork, you just knou as heresies and dogmas; plai infamous pieces of mark of unscrupulous or mad earthhuman beings, uho by these by themselves constructed heresies ue able to beat your uhole mankind into spiritual poverty an< bondage.

302. The earthly religions get only by name called religions, I by truth they are not such, but alone cultic degeneration! in very uicked meaning.

303. Religions in this form are aluays urong and deadly.

304. By truth, one does not call them religions, but cults.

305. In your case ue call them cultic religions, because real religion-conditioned facts are interspersed by cultic dog; and heresies and so falsified.

306. Religions themselves are same as urong and of deadly d3ng like this are the cultic religions in earthhuman form.

307. One religion is the measure of all religions, that means, of all backtieing facts.

3o3. This one is also only then creaticnal-Iauful right, uhen bases on harmonical cooperation uith the RSLEGEPN.

309. This means, the back-connecting and the again-combining h ta stay in harmonic unison and cunsequently to uork tocet

310. Religion but can’t exist uithout relegeon, same as feu ca relegeon exist uithout religion.

311. Both factors have to uork into one each other and to camp one another.

312. In the earthly case, uhere the cultic religions prevail, the single rescue, that these existing urong cultic relic become eradicated and destroied, to enable place for the religion in accord uith the relegeon.


313. This can only and alone event thia ways, that the milling human beings straighten themselves so long only for the RELEGEON, until they have won the fight over the cultic religions.

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