Message From the Pleiades

Photographing Asket, Nera & Semjase :


Nou yet one time a special question to you, Asket: Already f a long time I try to get From Semjase the permission For a photo From her- UnFortunately I but can not reach an agreement Fran her- UJhat but about, IF nou here I may ban you and Nera on ny Film – uould yau agree in that?


33. IF this delights you, then oF course.

3*». Uith Semjase this unFortunataly is not so; iF you uould mani. Fact a picture uith her and spread it on earth, her security uere no more guaranteed.

35. Because this, she Formerly Forbide this also, uhen certain diFFiculties had risen in your group.

36. I’m only aFraid oF, if even you shoot photos of me and Nera, that these not uill become goad.

+ But uhy not?


37. I knou from my earthly stays, pictures aluays being very bai uhen ue had done them in our ships or their surroundings.

38. Mostly they uere very foggy or simply blurred.

39. That is connected to certain, harmless for living forms

energy rays, uhich distort everything and even often at col*

films irjiirn ths rnlnrs and nhange these.

+ Have you troubled youself uith filming, and uhat about the apparatus, Semjase let construct for me, to make better pho


**o. From oun interest I occupied meself uith the photographing and by this also realized the difficulties uith the stagger energy-radiation, uhich even may destroy the films in certa cases.


Uiim But of uhat apparatus do you speak?

(Asket turns to Semjase and talks shortly uith her, and nou she explains the Following to me:)


4Z. Semjase has explained to me the kind of the apparatus, uhat by regret you could not understand.

43. Unfortunately I but have to tell you, the pictures surely u also with this gear not very good.

44. But ue will endeavour together constructing an effective ge to offer for you later the chance for better photo-material

45. When thcugh you uant to make some pictures of us, then you do this now.

46. If you make no use of this and keep It alone for you, then you arc olloucd to make a group’s pictura with us, togothai with Semjase.

+ Thank yau, Asket. Df course I will keep it alone for me, if it becones well.


47. So shoot now the pictures.

4B. At later point of time yau also will be allowed to make sor pictures of Semjase, when she is no more menaced on the ea:

49. This but may last still some years.

50. Belonging to me, a recognizing really does not play a roll because for the present I will no more come to the earth.

51. Same belongs to Nera.

Life-form Look-Alikes:

52. On the other hand, in the universe block can be found farms of life, which look with striking resemblance, by what anyon can be esteemed for another one.

53. You call such doubleganggr.


Evolution-Overleaping for Meier on Asket’sShip by 470 years:

317. You nou uill become introduced to Facts, uhich are before th earthly mankind by more than *t7o years of evolution’s time e uhich in consequence you are never allaued to say.

318. Each forn of life owns a certain span of time, uhich accordi to the evolution can get jumped over uithout that damage ris by such.

319. In average amounts this possibility at the earthhuman being only 9,k monthes from the spiritual position of development of the present time.

320. Some feu exceptions form highdeveloped earthly spirit-human

beings, to uho can be alloued an overleap-span of 89,7 year!

+ I can accept these explanations, Semjase, even if I can not account the by you told dates myself. Uhat but you further I said about my person, is no more illuding for me, as it jus stands in contradiction to your explanations. Anyhau must h run a heavy mistake under you. You have just before said, y uanted to introduce me in things being for **7o od more year of evolution before the human beings of earth. That is not evident for me. You just had Called the average time of 9,** monthes and a maximal time of 89,7 years. I don’t uant to judge it by myself, yet I assume in my megalomania laying a bit before the average and so being able to overleap about 15 or 2o years in evolution by very good help. 5o it uill b a heavy offence against the laus of the Creation, uhen you uant to initiate me to things, uhich are before my oun deve ment by more than kla years.


5*t. Dear friend, even your modesty has to knou limits.

112. And still a uord to your assumption, Semjase uould have ern uithin the spans of tine of the evolution-overleaping years Truely it behaves not so, dear friend.


113, As presently single earthhuman being are you by spirit aire so far developed, that to you can be addicted 5oo years of evolution-overbridqing.

114. This is the highest quantity of all time, and you already r reached this.

115- You are by youself able to recognize that, uhen honestly yc observe all existing spiritual positions of earthly forms c life very thoroughly and analysate them.

116. You in truth are in the present time the single human beim your home world, who inperturbated =nd obstinate and with absolute knowing stays to the real truth without doubting.

117. This had once a time be told to you.


321. So does really behave – and indeed it had to be said one t

Other ET races visiting Earth whose level of Evolution is closer to Earthhuman:


151- Besides us, exist still different other extraterrestrals, tr in the earthly space, who yet stay in unequal much deeper 1 of evolution than ue, and uho are in advance by evolution t the earthhuman being only by feu hundred, and in maximum on by 1243 years.

152- These creatures may so meet uith communication to the avere and same mare intelligent earthhuman beings and come tD an understanding uith them.

153- As these intelligences but comparatively in their develapme have not outrounded very far the earthmankind, they often behave like governors and even let themselves lead astray and influence by the earthly religions, in uhat cause very much higher developed creatures in the universe have to

interfere arranging, to prevent evil consequences. 154. For, uhare religions get diffused, rules aluays already pa: very short time chaos, slavery, exploitation and spirit’s slavery, by uhat each spiritual progress becomes put to question.

True & Untrue Contacts with Pure Spiritual features:


155. Some earthhuman beings haue taken possession of contact

reports about real contacts uith such extraterrestral Intel ligences and phantasyful formed neu tales out of these.

15G. So they appeared uith it before publicity and pretented lie even they selves uould have contacts uith strange to earth creatures, or had had.

157. Other earthhuman beings received the truth or pretentive ar inapirative messages from such lau levels, falsified them c unconsciously gave them untrue public.

158. From there also rose uicked phantasies, pure spiritual ere. uould have started communication uith earthhuman beings, at uould do so further on, too.

159. So but in truth does not behave, because pure-spiritual fQJ of life take up touch only uith extremely high developed creatures, as alone these may receive their radiations and offer the necessary understanding.

1So. When then other pretentions get maintained by earthhuman bi then these do not correspond to the truth, but conscious o: inconscious deceiving pretentions and phantasies.

161. Matter of fact i3 alone, since ever notimes very high deve creatures or even pure spiritual forms were able to come ii touch uith earthhuman beings, except if these accorded to i extraordinary high spiritual level, uhich led into same ex high levels.

162. In each casmic age a uorld creates only very feu so high c tures, uhile the average form still stands in a very lou field of evolution, like it behaves uith the earthhuman be

163. These highdeveloped creatures of such uorlds, the prophets appear on the other side but also only at the given times, uhere they are necessary.

164. And on the earth has this case approached again after near 2ooo years nou in the present time.


True & Untrue Contacts with Low level Spirit-Forms & Evil-minded high ET’s(Gizeh Intelligences):


+ Good and nice, uhat you say here, Asket, yet many pretent, staying in contact uith human beings from tha stars, from t other uorld, spiritual beings and pure-spirituals etc.


166. This is truly only so far the truth, as these earthhuman be stay in touch uith creatures etc., get jnsplrated or but al urang led, deceived and denied, uha still stay in very lou levels and are spiritually only by feu more developed than earthhuman beings.

167- Moreover but other lou intelligences appear, uho mightthurs

uant to hold the scepte above the earthhuman beings, and ir

consciousness about the religious earthly heresies make foi

themselves these as benefit, to influence by that the fall*

to reliqions ones free from their might desires.

+ 1 see, about that also Semjase had one time talked. Nou yet me the point seems good to mention, Semjase as uell Arahat Athersata toldr since rounded 2ooo years happening no cont; of any kind any more to earthhuman beings, that is from extraterrestrals and pure spiritual forms etc.


168. I have just explained, this concerns only on truly very hii

forms, not but an louer and spiritual not high forms.

+ Uhat do you mean about the influences of these louer farms life and beings – offer or have they a use far the human b of eartn?


169. Such have they only partly, like all itself developing.

170. Manyfold but menaces behind these contacts etc. also a ver large danger, uhich the earthhuman beings yet unfortunatel are first then able to recognize, uhen evil uars and catas phies have broken in upon them.

171. Manyfold might-leaders of earth get uickedly influenced in unconscious by such intelligences, and this uays initiate desired death and damage, ignorance, condemption, urong le hate and destruction.

172. This in political as uell as in religious fields, yet but single human beings get influenced by these evilolnded int gences, in consequerces faKuhat they then commit maS3-murc and cause catastropries.

173. These by other intelligences influencable earthhuman beings but belong without exception to any religious directions of belief, which from the essential nourishing ground for influences.

174. To these earthhunan beings gets met in the way, that to the the delusion gets transmitted, god in person or Jesus Chris or Satan etc. would have ordered to them the command for murdering etu. – IiHien tlit* earthhuman being uauld at last re himself of his deathbringing religions, then these wrong-leading or wicked extraterrestral intelligences would loose the power about him, as, where truth and logic and ooservan of the creational laws govers, there the evil may no more maintain itself.

175. As but these evil-minded intelligences are very well consci of this, they guide and gover very talented the life of the religions.

176. They even understand to push the delusion of the religion almost more and to force the earthhuman being the more, towards an evil religious fanatism.

177. In this, the infamous pieces of work of contacts are very by them, while they pose themselves before the earthhuman I as “by God sent”, “keepers of peace”, “guards of the unive) “angel”, “in order of Jesus Christ” and as “praise and hea. announcers” etc.

173. While inspiratively transmitted influences tney pretend thi selves in the same kind, pretent but differently too, beini any highpositioned spirit-beings, died ones or even pure-spirit-forms etc.

179. In utilisation of their differentest power-abilities they are also able to generate halluzinations and for the earth being phantastic illusions, mostly in religious base, as f example figures of saints, Christ-pictures and images of t Virgin Mary and crosses etc., which appear for the religio depending earthhuman being as “marvels” and entangle him s deeper and mad into the religions.

180. And that this really is.^o^” this could youself convince yo when I led you to the cruzificatian-equipment3 in the dept the pyramid of Glzeh.

181. But as there the demonstration of this fact was not suffic

Creation/Existence can be Represented ‘Mathematically1:


Asket’s explanation from the 4th February 1955

(Hardly repeat by Asket’s help. Uritten in the *-.9.1964 in Kehr /Jndia. Partly distract from the uhole explanation. The not uri part of this explanation falls to the secret-duty and so is not alloued to be told.)

1. The uhole existence of all crgational uniuersea, uorld-bodie and fnrms nf life etc. can became imbedded into a perfect mathematic, uarking like a faultless machine and bringing li to rise and perishing.

2. The elementary formulas consist in the mathematically import numbers 3,7 and 12.

3. All reckonnings in these three numbers result aluays and at time the same result in the equation itself – and the equsti is a perfect circle, uhich infallible can get accounted in manyfolds of the multiplication 7×7.

Um The uhole mathenatic consists in a closed circle, uhich at e times can be reckonned by the numbers 3,7,12 and 7×7, becaus the ancient-eternal itself embodies a perfected and until th smallest improved rounding – a rounding of the perfect in mastering of the rise and perishing in the Creation herself.

5. But to explain this and to shou in all details and by this bringing the solving of the large secret to the earthhuman t that is not admitted to me, because by this uould I offense

against the laus of the Ancient-Eternal itself, as it lays : the uill of the Ancient-Eternal itself, an out-self develop!! form of life urastles herself through tauards the solcing o; these riddles, to gather THE cognition, uhich enaDlss t! concerning forms of life of the most different universes an uorlds, to exercise their knouledge according to the nature and in the creational principles and ta use it.

Gizeh-lntelligences transmitted dangerous Knowledge to Earth-Scientists & sends Religious Impulses:


6- If then a form of life uould reach in a too early grade of tl” aun development the large knowing and the great wisdom, so ar unpreventable and irresistabla cat3Strophy would be the effec and consequence, as for the present also menaces for the eart because by the unsrcupulocsness of the evil-wanting extratera intelligences (of the already some times called kind) they hi transmitted to some earthhuman beings, socalled scientists, ; knowledge, of which they still are not able, to bear it.


7* Namely the knowing for the foundation stones of life – the

atome, by what then by the revelation of this secret the ato

bomb could become generated. 6. One time in posessian of this dangerous destruction weapon,

step was only small until its use and a repeat of the earlie

events in Sodom and Gomorra. 9. In the 6th of August 1945 the first of these deadly weapons

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