Message From the Pleiades


226. This will be with sureness, but the truth ought no longer be suppressed.


227. It hcs became af urgent need ta speak her.

+ As you mean, because for me it does not play a roll. – I al ready since long time have recognized the truth and tolerat her.


226. This is very well known for me by Asket, who has all explai to me.

229. So I know, you have explored the truth by a time-travel int the past, with her.

Religions- Immense Danger for the Universe:

215. As the since many thousand years on many worlds in the univ pure materialistic developed creature the earthly human bei exposures in uhole the universe the single so deep to the materialism fallen form of life, to uhich each spiritual evolution misses since thousands of years.

217. Knaun at many uorlds, human being coursing each spiritual evolution and developing alone uithin most evil materialism it were a paradaxy af first size, if just such a race, unan at all spiritual regions, uould get chosen for a mission ouning universal importance.

218. Yet, that the earthhuman being ventures though this fact ta this assertion, represents on the one side a huge assumptio and ui (,iit-:iatfo on Llie uLher £>ide uf earthhuman megalomania, containing uithin both forms not equals in this or another universe.


219. And just that represents an immense danger Tor the universe because, when the earthly human being becomes master of space-travel-technics and travels to strange worlds and bea-them by weapon-power and lies and deceit under his ban, he necessarily will include then his delusion or diffusion of religions.

220. If tbis yet happens, then the single or several religions socn owns the form of an universal diffusion, by which the still existing harmony in universality would become destroii

221. This means, that by these heresies of the religions the sti guaranteed peace would get destroied and degenerate to murderous wars and fully destruction of the universe.

222. To prevent but this, is the largest and most difficult miss of spiritual hlghdeveioped and able for spacetravel rorms o life.

In this also the deepest cause lays, that we and other race from stars endeavour Ear spreading of the truth on the eartl when we search some single earthhuman beings and transmit the truth to them, which then they should spread to teach this ways at last the earthhuman being about good and truth

223. 9ut this mission is very, very difficult,to perform, becaus the delusion of the religions has already so much prevailed on earth, that there is only with extremest troubles to get up with it.



(Semjase interrupts our talk;) Semjase

251. Lie have reached our aim.

+ ? ? ? ? ? 7 Uhat is that?

(X realize in Front nf me ni* nuer us n pxtpnsiv/p rayshappri and uith all colors Iridescent appearing, uhich more than just phantastic seems for ma.)


231. That is our aim.

232. IF you uant it, you can take a picture of it.

233. This Formation gets generated by a spaceship, uhich you car realize there very Far in front in the ringshaped centre.

234. Here our universe ends, and this formation represents the door to another universe, uhich ue call the OAL-universe.

+ My dear, this is yet vast, it surely uill have nearly 3okm in diameter. And then the length of this tunnel, man, oh me


282. You go quite urong in this measure-acceptance. The diametei of this tunnel is nearly 77km and its length runs for aboul 1.3million kilometers. + Phantastic, but uhy do ue go so near to it? Semjase

233. Because ue walk over there.

+ Ualk over – into another universe? Semjase

284. Sure, over to the OAL-universe. + I become crazy.


285. By sure you uill not, because you can more endure, than yoL want f.n rnnFpaH t.n unnfcplF.

+ Have ue to go there into other time-dimensions, too?

And – uhat concerns actually uith the DAL-universe, it seems so much knoun to me?


286. Ue remain in the normal time and normal space.


Asket Offers Meier a new Half-Organical Arm:

7. I realize yet, an alternation has evented on you; I regret. + YDu mean my arm7

Asket 6. Ye9 SO.


+ Do you knou, Z have since long time accommodated meself in that, and I can even no more imagine a life For me with two arms. I already have since long time forgotten this.


9. when you explain it thia uays, then it is, as you say. to. I know this very good.

11. Yet why do you not wear a help?

+ On earth unfortunately these things are still very primitivt Asket

12. I could let prepare one for you, which would substitute youi arm completely.

13. A halforganical gear.

+ Thank you very much, Asket, that is real very kind by you, I believe me, on the Dne side I can no more imagine for me a ; with two arms, and on the other side I knou very good, not having losz my arm simply uithout meaning. The accident and the loss of the arm had to be. I have learnt extremely much by it, and uill further on certainly learn very much.


1U. These thoughts are very dignant to you. I only thought, a hi

for some things uould oe certainly servible for you.

+ I am really very grateful to you, Asket, but I really don’t uant. Know, such an instrument would evoke on the earth evei many difficulties, too. We have there very many limb-amputa’ who then also uould uant such gears and ahead these it uere unfair from me to uithhold these gears from them. To this ai itself the problem, that many of these human beings, if the* had such help means, uould become again for incontant creati You know, it aehaves so at us, the human being manyfold Fal. at once again to the materialism, when he is uell up again. Dn the other 3ide, even scientists and governments mould ge* knoun to the matter, and this could lead to a catastrophy. IF I had such a halforganic apparature or artificial limb, I surely could not long time hide that. The-consequence uou. be, one uould take her auay From me and explore very scruti-nized. And uhen she already is halForganical, then the uay to clearing up and recognition of all details uere no more . to reach from him deep recognitions, from uhich then the scientists could construct robots and similar. These again uould get used For wicked and uar-minded purposes, from uhii inevoidable the catastrophy uould come upon the earth. As a’ tive your offering even is, dear Asket, I alone by this rea: could not take it up.


15. These are very unselfish ujQgds, dear friend, and you are rit in these, too.

Asket &Nera:

(Nou left in the background a uall opens, and a further

uomanly being walks inside.)


19. She’s iMera.

20. She is my deputy.

(I shake spontanuous hand with r.’era, and again I notice a very pleasant hand’s pressure.)

+ I am glad to get known to you.

(A bit Gilly uords, yet uhat else should I say?)


1. Your uords are good, don’t esteem them for stupid.

2* From my side I am delighted, too, to uelcome you here.

+ Have you fumbled in my thoughts?

fern (laughing) 3. liJhen you mean, I had burst into your thoughts, then no. Your thoughts out are extremely strong, by uhat they can not

misunderstand. + I see, yet in uhat matters do you represent Asket?


5. I am the second-coordinator.

+ This means, the point-localization in space, or similar, does it? –


312. Sure.

+ Asket, then you are not the commander of this ship? Asket

21. Wo, here I am the first-coordinator.

22- The leadership or the command about the ship obtains Stalor.


+ Man or woman? Asket

23. That’s the name of a man.

24. By my regret, you will not see him.

25. We stay together down here in this room.

26. In your designations, we are here quite private.

27. Before yet we talk together, 1 first want to clear up the to order facts.

26. In the meantime you can talk with Nera.



7. You let youselF much lead by Feelings” movements and these feelings are very sincere.

8. Until noui, I never noticed this at earthhuman beings. + 7 7 7 7 7 Do you knou some?


9. blhy shouldn’t I ? I have been several times on earth.

10. Eut that was already long ago.

+ Because that; I understand. Yet can I knou, whether you or Asket will cpme there again soon?


11. No more while your tine.

+ Yet then, when I am already since long time dead and rotted? (Vera (laughing hearty)

12. You seem to have overcome the in yog implantated horrors Fro the death.

+ Should I not? It is this just nonsense.


13. That is true.

14. Yes, First past your going away From earth will we go to the again, – very long tine later.

+ hJhy? IMera

15. It is all in connexion to the earthly evolution.

+ Ah, then a question For the how and why will be meaniess?

Why only Women ET’s in Contacting Meier:


MB Yet could you once explain tor me, wny 1 get at

Semjase and now at you nearly only knoun uith womanly beings? Until nou, I uere not able to ansuer For me this question. Does it keep a certain cause, or is it toss-up?


17. Hasn’t Semjase explained you this? + Wo, yet I also never asked For that.

” ‘□r ~

16. Well, then I uill give the ansuer to you: Dn the one side it behaves at our and also at Semjase’s race, that ue do not knou any uorth-separations between male and womanly creatures, like it behaves on the earth.

19. Both sexes get acknowledged at us For same valued.

20. Because this, our beamships are accordingly commanded by male and womanly Forms qF life, where also the diFferentest positions get alternatively Filled up by both sexes.

21. In your special case now formerly Asket had stated while your contact, that you can much better deal with womanly creatures, than this is able far you with male forms of life.

22. This fact is extremely strong expressed in you and you have a, until now unknown for us, ability, to place youself by feelings into womanly forms of life, by uhat you may conceive their deepest feelings and analysate these, when just you wani so.

23. So it was only consequent for us, to bring you in contact mainly alone with womanly forms Df life and to engage male creatures only there, where we could state by highest dates of probability, they would result in you the necessary oscillations of feelings.


ZUm From highest probability-dates consists this existing fact in you on the knowing, that on the earth on the one side the womanly forms of life got since ever suppressed and slaved by the male forms of life, and on the other side in practise the male creatures kppt thp originator’s guilt for all those things, which led the human being3 on the earth into heresies wars, slavery, exploitation and spiritual bondage.

25. This is our prabability-reckonning in highest values and the

cause for, that in practise we nearly alone promise you

contacts with womanly creatures.

+ The things uith the feelings are not new for me, yet your reasons surprise me. It yet may indeed be possible, that you hit the nale on top, because I really think in this direction This may also be the reason for I am very choosy in respect to men, when I have to occupy rneself more uith them. It reair is not the case, I could not stand them, or I even hated or despised them, no, quite not. It is only, they sometimes horrify me by their appearings, thinking and treating and aluays uant to uitness, the uomanly creatures uould have to be subject for them and they themselves were the masters of the uorld. They are also very much more materialistic thinker than the women in general, and also at their delicacy and uith the sensibility they are not very up. The uomanly being Is much more developed in these things, maybe because, too, it is since thousands of years suppressed by the mens’ uorld and condemned to nullity. This further-developed in the uoman uill be, also, uhich draus me touards her and lets me find in her a better and more judicious interlocutor.


25. That is a true word, in which but still many other things are hidden.

Spiral Shaped Time-Missiles of Timmers :


* 9 9 yet WnHre hau^ Semjase and Nera gone, they just

beTorenave gone over to the sluice case?


26. Semjase brings back to us a time-projectile.

27. They uill have gone for taking this.

+ Ah yes, Semjase has spoken something about it. Are you alloue to tell me, about uhat matter is treats here?


28. It is na secret: Since nine years ue explore a neu technic for time-travels over immense distances and time-dimensions and alga through several universes, without here needs to be opened a barrier.


29. In this purpose ue have elaborated little spiral-shaped time missiles, which ue provisionally transmit from presence to presence, and that from our universe to yours.

30. And as Semjase .understands much of this technic and uorks together uith us, it is only understandable, that we lead our missiles to the earth.

31. Three years ago ue have transmitted the last missile to ther where unfortunately it could not get found for long time, because a very small mistake had risen in our time-accountin

32. Because this, the missile landed some thousand kilometres mo in East, than was provided, as the earth had gone further

in rotation for this distance during the travel of this miss

33. But this mistake got found by us some months ago, and so we could find out, where the missile had really landed.

34. Semjase then found it there indeed and has brought it to us, because it is very worthful for us. Yet there they already come back.

+ I conceive, but why has Semjase not otheruays transported this thing to here, by time-travel or hyper-transport or such things? -‘–


35. For she has arranged a meeting-again uith you uith Asket,

uhile that also the time-missile should be brought back.

+ Man, oh mar, then they have done this huge travel in truth only because my own little self, to enable a meeting for me with Asket?


3o. It is really so, because also I wanted to see you again.

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