Message From the Pleiades

89. You certainly have stored them all right?

+ Of course, I just waited for the permission to read, and hev all good stared. Gut how happenned, you knou Asket very well


9a. Past the finishing of contacts with you in the year of 196*. India, she took up communication with our. High Council, and there succeeded a fast contact and a fast cooperation.

91. By the assistance of her race from the DAL-universe ue reach the knowledge of highest technical possibilities, and this w. we also got the most exact dates for the construction Df the greatspacers, which now ue have in use since four earthyears

92. For the people of Asket the transmitting of these dates was I problem, because her race masters this form of passing distai of which these ships are able, since more than 7oa years.

93..From earthly counting of time Asket’a race is at all technic concerns before us far a development time of 35o years.

SUm As this small time distance no more plays a decisive roll, wi

a certain position of development at all fields is reached,

only uas without saying, they assisted us by very important

cognitions and acquisitions, and that they transmitted for u

the cognitions for the construction of the greatspacers.

+ First now I understand the connexions. If once a time you ui see Asket, then give her my best greetings.


95. Surely, surely ……….

+ You say that so peculiar, and also your smile is so strange; why?


96. Just so.

+ You have to hide a secret again. Idell, If yau don’t want to say about it, so keep it at youself. ^MB^H^VMIVHHBt

Elsa Schroeder:

There I have heard such a strange story, Semjase, in which I want to ask yau far an explanation. Mr. Veit Eroro misshapen has brought there a letter from a certain Ella or ElsaS. or similar, who has talked about, she would have observated in the land of T. longer time ago a woman, who had digged with a peculi graver something out of the ground, a cylinder or so. The woman then would have taken this thing with her and then disappeared with an UFO, which just had disappeared into the sky high up. Thi3 woman or young lady S. shall have moreover spoken with that LFO-uoman, and she then had made herself known for Semjaze or Semjase etc. – Can you report me anything about that, do you know something about that story?


Semjase (smiles roguish)

Sure, sure, this event is known to me. „

Turkey IRan

It happened Out not in the land or”., but in the land I

near to 2. early in the morning.

I digged out From the earth a time-spiral, what was very We have searched for It For three years, until we Found It concerns a time-projectile in exploration-purpose. At least you would call it so certainly. Here – that is this projectile. (Semjase brings Forward and spiralic something).

This also is the cause, that we go to the universe-barrl because it came From another universe-structure. So does that behave. And when have you digged out this t


While the First monthes of this year.

Mount Chimborazo Vs Mount Everest:

11d. We have passed the ship’s centre, where the essential city is located.

+ Man, dear man, then while this short time we have climbed i higher, than our highest mountain is on earth, higher than Mount Everest.

5emjase (laughing)

115. We have climbed up very Fast, here you are right, but in n

to the Mount Everest have I to correct you, as he is not tf

highest mountain on earth.

+ Now you Force me laughing, Semjase, the Mount Everest is ri the highest mountain on my dear mother earth.


116- My words were meant true – they accord to the Facts.






1o5. 1o6, 1o7.




117- Naturally you can’t know this, For in logical way you start

From reason-according premises. 11B. These say, your scientists account the heigth oF a mountain

or a land etc. by meters above sea-level. 119. Just here but lays the mistake, because For such measures n

the sea-level must be taken as starting point. 12a. At a planet always his actual centre is valid as starting-p

or all measurements.

121. That, because planets never have an exact spherical Form.bu more look like an ellipse.

122. Linen then you call the Mount Everest for the highest mounta of earth, then this is right so far, he overtops most the sea-level.

123. In truth but he is about 215o meters lower than the highest mountain of your earth.

12*i- If you want to survey the earthly mountains, the centre of

planet is decisive, and measured from there, you uill state

the highest mountain on earth not being the Mount Everest.

+ I understand. Your exposure is quite evident. From this, on had to search the highest mountains there, where by the ell the extensions of the earth are enlargened. As far as I kno dxist in these zones the mountains of the Andes in South America, and in consequence I had to find the highest mountain there, or am I wrong?


125. You are quite ingenious, as your considerations are very ri

126. You know the mountains in the Andes?

+ Dnly very few – one of the highest mountains is, as far as know, the Chimborazo in Ecuador.


127. Certainly, and with this one, you have called the highest mountain of earth.


Shooting Pictures in Great-Spacer:

ue do now? And what about shooting pictures of here? Semjase

131- I regret not being allowed to admit that to you, please undi stand it.

132. Later you uill be allowed to ban apparatures etc. on your f: but more can’t be, if ue don’t get permission far that.

Adressing Human Life-Forms:

+ but how behaves actually with the addressing habits at

you, 5emjase? I really don’t know, how I shall adress the yours, whether with Mr., Mrs. or not.

Ptha3 (smiling)

7. When I tnlnk in your designations, then our habits are very easy.

B. As each creature had to be equal valued, each one gets adres;

in the same kind. 9. In your terminations then by YDU.

10. So call me “^fftlAA” and in the named Jay.

11. But now I have to direct a question to you: Do you speak besides the here used language still anotherone?

Language-Translator & Language-Former:

11. But now I have to direct a question to you: Oo you speak besides the here used language still anotherone?


+ Yes, a bit English and Greek . Pthaa

12. The farm of the ol Greek language? + No, New-Greek.


13. That is very good, because I also master that language. Iff. Then we can talk in this language and I haue nDt to use my

translator. + ?????????


162. Natural you can not know that: My father speaks no word Germ;

163. LJhat he until now has spoken, was our own language. 16**. Yet you realize the small apparatus on his gii^-s.Belt

165. This is an language-translator, a language-standard or translator, as you would call it.

166. Ue can alternate each language into anotherone and effect he] understandable for everyone.

167. Ue yet like to speak very much other languages and so readili dispense with the gears, when the chance is offsrred to us.

+ Dh, I see! Again rather a phantastic thing. There is only tht problem in the matter, that I neither master the English nor the Greek perfectly. Linen then I later have to write ail dowr I become to skidding.


168. Do not fear things like this, because at the transmitting sui effects get removed and all will be understandable for yau word by word, and this way you will all write down,too.

+ Then all is right; I really had already worries ebout that.


(Semjase engages herself and evidently explains for her feth uhat I mean uith Fabulous. He surely uill not understand my expressions exactly. It is asthanishing, I knou these uords in Greek ianguage, uhile I never before kneu them so. I sudti speak perfectly Greek. This I don’t understand again and ask

+ Un uhat consists, 5emjase( I can suddenly speak quite perfec Greek?

Sem jase

1S9. My father has turned off the language-translator and for thi turned on the language-former.

170. This one puts in operation the language-computer in the spac ship.

171. This computer nou continually transforms the Greek language into impulses and radiates them.

172. Your brain suscepts these impulses, and so you can talk any

uords you desire, uithout you knou it before.

+ I don’t knou, I aluays only can say phantastic. Girl, uhat c you think, hou long it uill last, until ue also on earth are so far?


26. This lasts still some thousand years of your counting of tin + Oh dear – that is still long! But look out, – uhat is that?

Instrument showing the Velocity of Great-Spacer:


+ Pthaa, how fast do uje nou fly?


16. Look here, this instrument shouis the velocity.

17. You can read her easily by yourself, even if you don’t uncle stand aur writing.

18. In your uncerstanoing these marks mean the decimals ana the sharp arroushaped indicators shou the nominators of the hun

19. These half-passing lines mark the thousands and these point the hundredthousands-

20. These ring-raws here mean for you the velocities of the lig

21. You may add from that the worthes by yourself and this uays

count the velocity yourself.

+ Yes, just a moment ……. (I count very exact and reach a

result of 39 values in the decimal area. Betueen it lay two pointlines, that are hundredthousands, the third is only still eleven values distances from them. From Adam Hiese does this result 289.ooa).

They result kilometres per hour. Is it right, Pthaa Pthaa

22. You consider and understand fast.

23. You counted right.

2**. If yet our terms are others, they but result the same value as from your terms. + Fabulous.

Comet Observed by Meier in Great-Spacer:


(Out of the still transparent dome I realize uery far auey a very great object)


27. This is a comet, uhich still is unknown for you on earth. 26. He keeps on his uay a very long course and because that, is still not knoun to your astronomes.

29. For yet he runs towards the just left by us sun-system,

he uill get realized within short time by your astronomes.

30. Ulthin some weeks the earthhuman beings can even realize hirr Du naked eyes, when he passes.

Transmission/Time-Travel through Hyperspace:

WM^HB^B^^^ Vet new long uill ue fly In this mode through the universe?


31. Still about thirty minits, then ue transmiss to another and far-distanced system.

+ Transmiss? That means but time-travel, doesn’t it?


173. Surely, such is already known for you.

+ Yes – but that was with Asket and not uith such a gigantic ship. And uhat results, when I return to the earth again? Lie had to travel into the past to reach the earth at the right time again. This yet gives no sense for me, because you said, you had to do something at an universe-barrier. When this belongs temporary to our time, it uill no more be passible.


32. You don’t take in consideration some important things:

At earlier times 5emjase has explained you the abilities of

our progression, uhat i3 the fact of the use of the hyper-spac

where space and time get paralysated.

+ Oh my dear, I believe, I slouly become old and stupid. I’m res rather a silly one, finding that not earlier.


Plejaren got Time-Travel Technology from DAL Race:

52. At the present time you ouin bs the single human being on the earth this From your designations phenomenal callable knouinc and the uith it connected ulsdom.

53. This yet partly has to find its cause in, that you have got great knouledge-assistances by Asket from the DAL-universe and became advised of the truth.

5<t. A basic cognition but did you reach by the travel into the ps uhich thoroughly and for all times has freed you from the existing heresies.

55. On the earth does this mean an evented enterprise, being sine lar until the present time.

56. You even had experienced the form of the travel to the past and knoun, before ue uere able for such uith all means in oui disposal ourselves.

57. First uhen Asket came in contact uith us and ue got by the DAL—race the possibilitico for constructing of time—travel— apparatuses and -equipments, ue succeeded in such sort of travel.

58. This uas before four years from earthly determination of time uhile you had done already seven years ago the first travel to an earlier time, together uith Asket and your friend. Jitsch

59. This is the position of the matters around your knouings, uhj this uays is extremely great and does not find similar in thi respect in your race.

Workings of Hyper-Space Travel:


^^■^^■^■^■■■I^HMM^^S: Semjase has given me on explana about the utilization oF the hyper-space, as you already hav mentionned. As I conceive the matter now, then in this utili zation of the hypef-space it just treats of the phenomena, t earlier I experienced, that is a real time-travel, which off all possibilities, past, presence, future, other dimensions and other spaces– Semjase former explained, a hypersprung ta in use only second’s parts through unlimited distances, what unfortunately I at first in advance noticed stronger- In my esteem there can’t it treat of a common hyperspace-passing, still alone of time-travels, where time and space become paralysed, uhich surely uill not be the case uhile a normal hyper-leap- From that results for me the moment of the equal point-view in an equal-time: Space and time get this uays pa lysed, and that taken in uordly sense. That means, they been pushed to one another, if I can speak it so, by uhat an aosc timelessness rises and also a spacelessness. That time- anc spacelessness then can get passed by unmeasurable speed uhil seconds’ parts, without any shiftings- Ulhen Semjase uses wit her small beamship then the hyperspace, also there is has tc treat of the same thing. By that way of using the hyper-spac it uill be possible to do a time-travel also in stagnant tin by what one appears at the same second at the aim-location, when just one disappears from the starting-point- From my estimation it does not treat about another thing, than about a technical generated dismaterldllsatiun and reinaterialisati

when the timetravsl gets done presence-kind2d. Only then pre tically no time can pass over and everything remain free of shiftings and contortions.

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