Message From the Pleiades

+ To me uhole the enterprise seems crazy, Semjase. In this sm; gondola live tuo humans.


t*3. It Is true, the capsules are very small and offer really no space for living.


sealed all around?

Scmjaso- 47/You do not know tho possibilities of our ted nology, which allewc us to distort any matter in such a by our radiations, that it boccmes invisible to the eyt 4S/We are able to da this in .1 very utiictij OCT trolled irar ner, and can guide tho offset very exactly in this respect

Moior- Them please let ma see you* wonder-piece.

(Semjase occupies herself with some apparatus, while I vei interestedly look through the especially built viewLr screen for photographs, in the direction o£ the Goyuz caj sule- Very sudden Ly a part of the capsule quite siicply Jkii appears, and I look in astcniehroent onto the two human bs ings who rest lying within the seats, which look like loafea or scene thing like that. Without in tending, I spoke to Seat jase because of that5) (4)

Metier- Semjase, them……

Semjase- 49/Do not fear, because nothing happens to thai 5C/Ib them the matter of the capsule is still the same 3 before, because only for us it has besoms transparent t sight.

Moior- But that is nothing more than a flying metal coffin Semjase I Ihe man are really squeezed into this boec. An how is anybody able to shoot this thing up here, becaus ewesrything iE really so primitive. Just look at that insic equipment and apparatus – really primitive.

Sanrjaso— SI/Be not excited, because there will really be r accident to those humans. 52/Ihey will get back to Eart again quite well… 5 3/Everything nay look quite primitive by which you express the right wsrd, but consider here, ths you Earth beings are just at the beginning of space-exploo: ation, bo to speak, still standing in the baby shoes, Because of that your technologies can not yet be very high I developed.

heier- That may te correct, but when T look at your ship then……

Semjase- 55/Here you cannot make any comparisons, as ou technologiee are thousands of years in advance of yours 56/Frcm your level, this priinitive capsule and its Gqaipneji


that: you ml<jhl_ be reason to feel llXe that.

44/1 knew, you leax to Inside. 45/You have good

m^ter- Von speaX In riddles, Seniase.

Smjase- 46/tn tlire ynu will understand my vtorcs, – but, do you want to see Inside tlie capsule?

Moxcx- .-iow will this toe possible? The cbject is cloned and

represents a very important and highly dsvelcpGc technolo 57/So you should not be unjus-, as the ditferer.ces in dew oprent between you and us is too nach.

Meier- Yes, that allright – bat this flying netal coffin

Semjase- 58Atan‘t vorry about it, as ycu still are not al to solve the riddle of your thoughts, which trace way b into the post, of a past life. (5)

Meier- You ere making rws crezy, because you turn ne ti quite special thought. Is it really so, Senviese?

Semjase- S9/Ycu have pick&l Uie first IfoughtSi ref oa it and atiKe U‘jc solving of it yuux tabk.

Meier- I will trouble myself Cor tiiat.

Semjase- €0/&irely you will 3a this, but lock, there nt tlsdt is tie BQOODd ccpsuler ana” iiiside it cit tljw hiumn;

Meier- Ch yes, the Americans. At: what tire will the nl cle orrur?


6*». Then ue fly auiay and let us take up by our in this system stationned great-spacer, uith which ue then uill fly to different other systems, galaxies and an universe barrier luhere I then have” to do some uork.

65- You shall get a surprise then also.

66. But nou take up your work.

I nou look closely to the both space-capsules of earthly cons’ uhich slouly come near together. I notice, the Apollo-capsule quite decisive greater than the Sojus—capsula. Semjase oxplali

this uays, the Apollo-capsule of the Americans uere because tl greater, as an her is built the actual link piece, uhich past coupling uould serve so to say as ualk-cannel from one to the capsule. This link construktion shall then past the end of al manouvres and laborings at later time get loosened From the A| capsule and “1st gone” •

I use my camera and shoot several films uith Semjase, uho nee takes up several pictures uith her second camera. – As said b by Semjase, the caupling-manouvre gets very fast done and uitl very great precision. iJhen finished the take-ups Semjase uork again at her instruments, and I can see this time the both ca; and also the link piece and,of course, all humans again in th rooms. I notice in the Apollo-capsule, she spacial is in rela to the Sojus-capsule not much greater and seems for me also q primitive and like a flying metal coffin. Yet at the insides instruments I see, the capsule of the Americans is quite deci more instrumented than the one of the Russians. Though my uor feelings in respect to the coffin-like narrou in these spacs-capsules I nou have to laugh, for just I notice Dne Kmerican I his head uhile floating and touches to his head. This uill be cause of the unexperiencedness in the gravitilessness. 1 can i realize, uhich this concerns, for I don’t knou these capsi users by name nor from a photo.

Nou Semjase turns out the apparatures and the coupled capsul □re normal visiole again.



61. Feu minits later the Final mancuvre gets induced.

62. Start already neu uith shooting the photos, at uhat I will b assisting you also.

63. Past the connection of the tuo capsules, uhich besides this event rather Fast, you also may photograph some differrent satellites or earthly and extraterrestral origin.

Details about Great-Spacer:

71. Nou yet see here Frouards, there stands our greatspacer, uh uill take up us.

(In a For me only diFficult to esteem distance Floats a huge me sphere in the dark space and reflects only extreme Feu In lioht the sun- Very slouly nou the speed of our ship louers. Semjase very attentive before her instruments and equipments etc. and 1 skill towards the huge sphere, uhich look for me like a small p I can realize, in the down third a bit left chaps in the side a hole, which I soon recognize for a hatch. Doubtless a hancar, i which we slowly fly in. Innumerous beamships oF same type like stay here correct in rank and File, and only an about loo x loo broad square in the hangar inFlight is free. I look back to the hangar-flight-in and still just see, as From down to heigth a u lifts itselF up and closes the approach. All around everything lioht illuminated, and the light, which seems a bit blue, seems to come just out oF the walls.


ested, uhat extensions this space-giant nuns. Can you at least tell me the middle diameter?


Surely, for this is no secret.

In your measures are that exact 17.132 meters.



That seems very high to you. ?7?7??-0h girl – I am just confused.

Then recover soon, For you uill see still other things, and hear

Already happened, but I first had to digest this, really. It is just mythical, I felt like get turned intD the ground. That seems………. eh – a propos turned into the ground:


11o. Kou yst ue can leave our ship, For the space is atmospherics poised nou.

(Ue let us slide out af the pit by the transport-beem and s1 on the metal Floor oF the greatspace-giant. First nou, as I out of the beamship, I realize, the Free landingplace of abc 1oo x 1oo meters is limited by qlasstransparent ualls and innumgrous small peamships are placed behind these ualls, ar many human beings scurry there betueen the ships, uho quite evidently occupy themselves uith the ships. I but also see walking mechanic apparatures, evidently any robots, uhich sz uays hurry around quite laborous here and there and perform any workings. Very Far behind I just still can realize some greater spaceships, which have plain other look than the unt nou knoun to me ones. Semjase is engaged uith a small gear i her hand, and I realize the plain transparent uall before us gapes asunder and admits entrance. Then Fully silently a smi vehicle floats there, not larger than the ground plan of a

Mi-car. It Floats narrow Zo cm about the flopr, and the surf

is equipped by very comfortable seats, Semjase orders me, tc take place on the sears, then the peculiar vehicle Floats Frowards and slowly lifts higher and higher. I look back anc see, that the transparent uall closes herself again, when 01 ship has got brought by the already beFore seen robots into actual hangar hall.

The hangar hall seems to possess in this belou third oF the space-giant his uhole diameter and to have a heighth oF surE near to 600 until 800 meters.


(Slowly ue walk on small pathes through tha parks. The ways are soft and not metallic, any systhetics or similar. There exists a phantastic flouer-uorld with often fully unknnum to me flowers and smells. I cut also see flowers, shrubberies and trees, uhich are same, like I know them from earth. Simply a true paradise. Ute need only feu minits for passing the park, then again ue stand in front of a transport pit, uhich ue once more drive by a standing-before float-vehicle, if I may speak it so. In increasing velocity ue float higher, and suddenly the free, sky is agave us. As far as my eyes reach, over the end of the pit I see the unfinited extension of the universe. Stars shine, and I ask meself, why just ue float there out, as there ue put: can’t live, far there is no air. But soon I understand the matter, uhen the pit ends, for at this end is the cockpit, about uhich Semjase had spoken. A huge plane is there with any desk-similar formations, into uhich apparatures and screens are set. Before these are human beings and a living kind unknown far me, uhich but I soon recognize for mechanical. Real maching-nu-an-beings, androids. The uhole cockpit is a hige dome of several kilometers in diameter. Over the uhole spreads the free space and I wonder, that ue though can breath here. Then but I remember of the fully transparent walls in the hangar, and I see clear, the uhole dome has to consist of this transparent material. So I ask Semjase for that.)


+ Semjase, are you allowed to explain for me, of what this transparent material consists, which forms this dame? Is it a kind of glass?


U9. No, it is no glass, even no kind of glass.

150. It is a very strong alloy metal, as also the walls in the beamship-harbour.

+ Uquuuuuu ……. ?


151. Think of the earthly space-capsules, into which you could 1 in unhampered.

+ You mean, everything has just became transparent by any apparatures?


152. Sure, all the walls and the dome also are fully stabile and of strongest metal.

153. By the by our apparatures generated radiations but we can m all transparent for sight.

15**. This then appears for the eye just like nothing would exist there, or as if you would look through clear glass. + Phantastic.

Semjase 155. Come now.

(And we float further on by the vehicle, quite exact toward the center of the huge command central. There I already rea a horseshoe-shaped equipment in about 1oo cm of heigth, cro with apparatures and screens and in the whole not greater t a medium room. A single human stands insides this horseshoe looks towards us. Ulhen Semjase sets down our vehicle in an encircled field about Go meters before the horseshoe, the 1 at us human being moves, a man, as now I can realize goad.


295. Come now, let ue bring us doun to my beamship.

(Semjase takes me at her hand and draws me to a kind of meta box besides the hprseshpe-shaoed switch– and navigation-qea There is no door at the box, yet for that an about 1 meter in diameter hole in the floor, lightened by hlue-qleaminq light. pit, ehich leads into endless depth and not seems t haue an end. I look down and realize very far dDun, the wall of the pit go narrow and at last touch themselves. I can not realize an end. It is evident for me, the narrouing of the pit is an optic illusion. Man, and here should ue nou step i


296* Simply step into the pit and let youself glide doun.

(My dear, that is yet crazy, there I hurry like a torpedo into th depth and come directly into the hell. Yet well, Semjase has saic I should jump in it. Well, well, so I do it, she has to know, whe ther that thing is really suited. Let me try, I can’t more than breaking all my bones, and deeper than on direct way hurrying int the hell, uill I also not be able. Mow go on jumping, camerade. I really jump. Man, I hang in the ai.r, ah, now it slowly goes dau now it goes faster and faster. Man, that is really a glide-pit. Ah, I look high still a time; aha, there also 5emjase comes, Man, that is marvellous, but why get I lowered suddenly in the falling? Ah, there is ground under me. I stand on solid ground, z here also are again all the beamships, the many. Uie are in the hangar.)

Semjase knows Asket & Asket’s Contacts with Meier:

+ So please tell me one thing: Yau short time aga have inform me, you would know very well Asket?

Semjase B2. Certainly.

+ Please don’t let buy from yau each question; from what do y know Asket and what do you know about her and her race and i do you know in connection with me?


Spin J35E


S3. Secrets do not exist.

84. Asket has all explained to me, and so I know, you had contac round a decade ago.

85. All details are known to me – also your time-travel into the

past, by which you thoroughly have became healed From all he

sies of the at you existing religions.

+ You are Frighting openhearted, Semjase, when I consider, Ask had strictly Fcrbidcen, not to speak about that earlier, tha once a time she would allow this by a sign.


86. Just now you have got that sign.

+ You mpan, ynur just exposed knnwing about these matters shal be the sign?


87. Certainly, but there is still ordered a limit in speaking to in the respect, that you still have to keep silent about the time-travel and its cognitions.

88. The written in 196fr by you reports about the contact uith As yet are you now allowed to spread.

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