Message From the Pleiades

23. The predeterminated form uias a gigantic picture of an eye, i today looks through the universe as a evil memorial of humai delusion and thurst for might.

24. According to the eye-similar appearance this formation is c; since its rise in connection to its producer uith the dasigi IHhlHMATA.

25. This designation means translated to your language: Eye of or god’s-eye.

26. From your astronomical dates and designations you find the eye in the star sign of lyra and you call it ring-fog or M5

27. This are the facts, uhich tooay I have to you.

28. If nou you still have a question, then I have still short t

to answer this for you.

+ I feel meself set into the kingdom of phantasy, Semjase. Bu me, uhere in the heaven I can find the “God’s eye” 7


29. You need a greater telescope for that.


+ !dhat pity. – In respect to the travel in stare i still have question: Uhen I count the distance in kilometres, what numt results then?


30. It exceeds all your mathematical abilities of determination! by a manyfoldness.

31. A calling of number, uhich I only could do in my design3tior uould so be absurd.

32. Sut be conscious of, that never before a human being of the

has travelled before you such a large distance and also uilj

dD uhile the next 2ooo years, because this travel leads you

a barrier of this universe.

+ I get crazy – – – you mean, ue hurry to a place, uher this t touches another one?



+ But then these feu hours uill not be sufficient. Semjase

34. You don’t remember of the parasylatlon of space and time by i of the hyperspace.

35. A hyper-leap over uncounted trilliards and still even higher

denominating worthies of light years lasts only parts of seco

4- Oh man, then this uill become just fastly a short travel to the end of universe. A travel into eternity, so to say.


36. Your thoughts are wrong, because ue don’t reach to an end of the unlvprsp, fnr such rinPR nnt. pxist..

37. UJe merely travel to a barrier of this universe.

+ I meant so all right. I only expressed meself unsuited.

But hou can ue do this travel, uhen you are so much occupied in this matter with the Americans and the Russians?

3B. The further work gets done when I leave,by others, because

an added work got transmissed to me, which is connected with

the great travel, as you call her.

+ Then you do not just fly to this universe-barrier, as you Ju would want to grant this travel for me?


39. You conceived it, because quite a certain mission is connect with it.

ka. But now I can’t talk with you more. The time pushes and I ha still to do several things.

CR 031, Thursday, July 17,1975

– Introduction of Ptaah

– Meier blocks transmisson from Arahat At he rsata( called Meier as Prophet


of New-Age)

– SEmjase explains why Billy was called a ‘Prophet’ and also speaks about the lives of Previous Prophets

– Semjase writes a letter for the group

– Semjase often uses the word,”My Father”..she says this is the case as long as we are in material form and only change in Pure Spiritual levels

– Meier experiences the 7 minute in Eternity

– Meier Meets Asket & Nera

– Billys plans to buy a printing machine to publish monthly magazines & booklets

– Asket Contact Reports Great Journey Route-Map: Venus






Apollo-Soyuz Docking(5 ET ships, 1 belongs to Plejaren) Great-Spacer

1st HyperLeap – Pleiades – 500 ly

2nd HyperLeap – Orion Nebulae -1800 ly

3rd HyperLeap – Crab Nebulae – 3150 ly

4rth HyperLeap – HOrse-Head Nebulae -1810 ly


5th HyperLeap – Trifid Nebulae -6th HyperLeap – God’s Eye – 5600 ly 7th HyperLeap – Rosette Nebulae(M57) 8th HyperLeap – Omega Nebulae(M17) 9th HyperLeap – M16

10th HyperLeap – Dumb-bell Nebulae(M27)

11th HyperLeap – NGC 67B1

12th HyperLeap – NGC 7293

13th HyperLeap – NGC 7089 – 47,000 ly

14th HyperLeap – Andromeda System – 2.2 million ly

15th HyperLeap – Universal Barrier

Newly Constructed Camera Apparatus by Plejaren:


12/But look here now: We have produced tlus apparatus ner tn givr yrai tetter possibilities for qettiny photograph 13/fou can told your camera qaite siinply before this acre and then photograph outside. 14/Aa ycu sec, you arc able look through tills transparent material to outside, like would he a simple pane of glass. 15/The device fixed on i side is fnr generating different radiations which make vi ible existing tones of colors, etc., of the objects to photographed, or siraply illuminates these so they can stored on film. 16/In that way you can obtain better coJ pictures, .. .we hope. 17/For our pent, we have another cs era quite similar to yours. 18/So if you have a film J re, then T can assist yew with this second camera,

Meier- Naturally. – But somehow I wonder, as you once tt me that you use quite another technique for getting phoi graph-like pictures. And now you suddenly cone up witl suitable camera.

Semjase- (Lau^iing quietly) This camera is a product of y technology, which cne of us has obtained.

How Plejaren Move on Earth without any ID papers:

Meier- Naturally. – But soiehow I wonder, as you once te me that you use quite another technique for getting phot graph-like pictures. And BOW you suddenly cone up with suitable camera.

Semjase- (Laughing quietly) itiis camera is a product of yt technology, which one of us has obtained.

Meier- This surprises roe, as then you would have to qo ir our villages nr towns.

Senrjaae- 20/Is that bo strang© for you?


rvir.?– i aiuays gcc you only -n your [epaae] i::^f andvil these, neither you nor any others of ycu could walk (ur discovered) before the eyes ox the ferth humane.

Semjase- 21/£irely, but we also own dresses o£ ycur fachior 22/wp rta nepri these, because here and there we walk in ycu circles.

Meter- inat actually dc*8n’t surprise me, but why don’t yc go ant for an evening with me?

Semjase— 23/Abcut this matter, wo can make a date.

Meier- Tnat Is nice, but with us we have tho co-oallo pni_ice, who sometiTOc check up on different persons, Wia wi 11 happen if somebody demands from you your persona (idenr i f i carl on) papers?

Semjase- ^4/You have many questions, but have no worr about this. 25/We do not use personal papers liJee yours because we do not need such things in that form. 26/Sut i that should happen, that we get aekec tor such kind o papers, then we are able to take care of this by thought


27. This arrangement cansits in, that by the force of our though ue generate sham-pictures For the concerning questioners and illude to them dates etc. of really existing persons of your world.

28. An eventual policeman would then really be of the opinion, to hold in hands any documents etc. and to control these.

+ This is even deceit, 5amjase.


29. Wo, it only treats of the generating of a halluzination, if uant to name it so.

Description of Semj’ase’s Beamship Interior:


(The flight Venus drv>q nrt take wry long, and to I

have Riimcient tirw for examining in rmre detail the muris for the photDgraphing: The viewing tcrroan molts to lUe clear glass, through which everything outside can oa oo-■erved. only I aa* that this vtole viewing screen is vary iirely s-aroed .*-wrT»»iec inane , sim r.r to |i.ise- s-a-ir—! photographs. lr» – -.. 0f the acraan was about bOgp bv SOcm, while the color-radiation devica is installed inside the side of it and recessed, and thus I could not examine its

iiwr wortcxnge. Deeidee fchia device, n-~ were marry wcxk

different apparatus of all kinds ail anxnd the cocgpit rem, installed within a cirrailar contml console and in

the walls. These Hlr<jnqc ou^caiing to me apparotuo, which I already had pjn on Uk first flight, quite evidently sorve for the goiaiJij and wnlrolling of the bcarohip. while avi-cer.tly so servinq <u well for exploration devlooc, distance netcib, nJLd_i.*i _u.Li-_a_rv.-im, irr. other au-A ‘hinjn, anc play an Lnujrtatit rule [In the operation of tho flight-nachlnel. All uf Uic viewing and picture dioplay ccroons differ bOBldy frun all other known to rrc apparatus of tho sane CtaVBCtBC, of BaiUi origin. All of the form, Gymbnls and f1o.ireb. In tiiese screens were dinplaycd :n boautiful and nft«i lalffMflf culuro and erroya, and woro displayed in fiepTti, LxmtXary to the kntwi to nc Earth dioplay or picture Brreens, vrtildi in practice ore only able to ohow displays Of hIuiih and pictures by foreground [flat 2-dlmmnlonal, no depth 1 liiujci., wiille these acreena shc**yj everything in vivid 3-d!3Bfaiuial effect, like they were rrnhoHally real, and not Just JTtfTTT’T* by lnpu;ac3. When wc approachVenus, T luvu tu tear inypelf fron thia consideration because Sem-) … ji talking.)

Great Journey – Venus:



3q. Now yau can take some pictures of the Venus-cover,

31. Then I shou you the surface of the planet itself.

32. By my regret I can only do this from out my sightscreens and the board-windows.

33. I have to close the sightscreen of the instrument for photog phing, because the temperatures of the planet are too great.

34. The screen is able to resist very enormous coldT but not lar heat.

35. But don’t be disappointed by the look of this world.

36. The planet stays first in the phase of first development of lowest life.

+ You already have talked about that, and so I am not disappai Semjase

37. Surely, but there exist some things, about uhich yau have to quiet.

+ Df course.

1 08

Fast I take the admitted photographs, then already the beamsh runs away From its position and hurries very fast towards the Venus. Vast thick masses of clouds of very differrent colours suddenly surround us. Unbelievable many &ilometers thick is t clouds’ strata, and she seems not want to end, when we sank d through her to reach on the surface of the planet. Yet then w are so far, and the clouds lighten themselves. It is about Uq kilometers of helgth, when we leave the last masses of cio and I see the surface of Venus on two differrent sightscreens Wild and cratersown is the landscape, which only partly is dr from halFheigh mountains. At one side I see a vast mountainle plane, which but is full of craters. A pale plane, as Semjase explains ta me, and mountains do not reach until the pole pla

+ It is nearly all cold and lifeless, Semjase. It seems for me like a second noon.


38. Sure, I explained it but this ways for you. + But, what is that there on ground – there near the small crat


39. An explorersound from your earth.

+ Yes, and what were, if yau just run two or three times arounc the planet, for that I see other regions, too, and the nights


*io. Surely, I wanted to do so, too.

+ Thank you. (And already Semjase effects the ship to fast run and ue surround several times the Venus.)

(Certain here done observations are by regret not allowed to be said, besides, that no human creatures are located on the Venus.)

Great Journey – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Uranus:



M. The next aim is the Hercur, and then ue fly to the greater planets, uhich already one time you have seen.

42. But the coaming things you uill realize, are you not allowed

to tell to ether persons.

+ Well already, you da knau, I correspond your desires.

(From my urist-uatch ue fly untii 16.3oh towards several plar of the sun-system, while I can shnot some times photos, by n but only from larger distance. Close-uos and ohDtos of detaiJ get not allowed by Semjase. She gives na nearer causes for W During the whole time different very important things get taJ about uhich only so much can be said, also possibilities of ( forms of life on solar olanets uere drawn in consideration. So exspecially, because manyfald is talked and written in boc such creatures uauld have had contacts with us earthhuman bei or with some of us.

Such affirmations mainly exist about creatures from Jupiter. Sat and Uranus, as well from Mars. So exspecially I am interested ir these planets and ask Semjase for the possibility for visiting e observing of these planets. Kindly she agreeded in it and lets n from only few kilometers heigth observe very scrutinized and cor these planets and also their moans. But even by extreme enlarger of the pictures on the siqhtacreena 3nd in nature, too, not the smallest signs of those pretended forms of life can be seen, uhc affirmative are located on these planets and said to uphold con1 uith us earthly human beings. At all these planets, which only j may be designated for planets, because not all of them are real planets, none of such creatures exist, which should be reliable pretended inspirations, telepatic effusion etc. to earthhuman bi The existing forms of life are plain of other kind than human ar also are fuily desinterested in the earthhuman being. As except: count some existing stations of extraterrestral intelligences, l show human shapes. But these intelligences or forms of life are not domiciled an this planet, but only stationned there for cerj missions. Socalied human races or civilisations in human-used meaning or of spiritual form do NOT exist there! )

Apollo-Soyuz Docking & 5 ET ships observing It;


Uhen at 1S.4oh ue again are aver the earth, I realize in the fn space differrent flying objects; besides tug satellites of eartl origin I also can see five objects, uhich by sureness are space ships of extr3terrestral forms. In an according question, Seroja agrees for that- Only one of the five ships yet beionos to her, uhile at the four others it treats of spaceships from other raci and uhich are here, to obaervate the Apollo-Sojus-coupling. Peci I can not realize the objects from the board uindoua or the sigi screen of the pnotograbh Instruments, but alone on the screens i the beamship. Semjase explains in this, all the ships were screi against vieu and only could be recognized on their special zero-picturg-scrsgns. The zerosight-screen gets this uays explained, here it crests of a special sight instrument, uhich is able to i and reproduct all, uhat can no more be seen by primitive contra instruments like radar or uith the naked eye, and located. I put up uith this explanation, for Semjase does not uant to be more detaiiled, and so I turn towards a neu appearing object, ul high above the earth appears an the horizon. Unvisible for all human eyes and outsides of any ability for location by earthly technical apparatures ue near very fast to the neu object and f aside him by only narrou distance. It is the space capsule 5oju uhich ougnt become coupled uith the Apollo-capsule. Very clear and evident 1 see the literals CCCP on the rear, uhich there an greatly painted. I knou, in this capsule being tug russian humai and peculiar touched I turn for that towards Semjase:)

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