Message From the Pleiades

tir* tor rotation around the SO degree inclined avis of the poles amounts to 243 Earth days.

8b/By the gravity of Earth Venn* MM rorbed in its flight i,4bt years aco of its <*jn rotational energy, and there arose a very grear heat of friction. ft7/flnd this frictionsl heat is also tne cause of the physical conditions which presently reign on Veniie. Hft/’ihe physical conllrinns alone show the falsity of all rrvw who affirm that hunan life exicts on Venus. 89/This matter is completely outside rhe frame of natural chance, beeaiico the environmental conditions cn Van 13′ surface and the arnrwphere are absolutely deadly for human creatures. «0/’lrte surface tenperature nf Venus, measured at a depth of 13 kl lometers, is at present 457 degreoa Oalsaus. 91/Thie Is also the reason why all the water of this planet has turned to vapor and foms today the very thick stratum, of clouds. 9?/That ai«v produces an atmosphere sc dense that the pressure at an accepted sea level is 334 time higher than of the sir on the Earth. 93/And interpreted ir your sriertifir rem*, the atnosphere of Venus is also a danger to the life of human creatures, because it consists by volume of B7% mrtra dirty Ice, while the percentan? dttffcrr: 1″ MS pi * tor. Qa/Oyyoen exists at present in the lower stratum?; in only 4.23», and nitrogens and rare gasses are reported to he VV^7*. 95/watex vapor la vary rare at present, and the atnrwphHie is considerably greater than that of your Fartft. *)fi/TtiK actual pressure of the Venus aTrosnhere Is 107 Mnw aRMl^r than the pressure of your Earth’s armnsphem. 97/Arxl Uils is also a matter which is hostile to hunan forms nf life. 98/By this Oe-crwwing only very slowly great pressure, hutren forns of life would he srjuashed Intn liill jljuiability and deatroyed, and even —OflJlC form CM s.iffei Uie bdsc fate. 99/ln ewplanatlm, I wart to reveal here, that we have found on Venus, Earthly gpnaratus, which by Uns iantr-se preaaure of the arnrwphere of Verms was COWutelely quashed and damaqed o’.-rfl r»e-rtre they reached the surface of that planet. 100/ ■specially this has to do with the exploration reans of your state of ftiegua. uhich were shot towards VeiiLS by the scientists of that land. 101/Those, destroyed devices looked like they had been thrown at great velocity auainst a metal


167/Vemis has a magnetic, f1fl)rt, of very low meaaurement, and also what you call the “Van Alien Belt” is expressed


very lew, in consequence of which whet you call the “solar wind” factor is not screened very much. 103/Then must be regarded as well the very high tenKerature, which injures the belt. 104/But also the lack of water has its consequences in nourishing the hostility aqainst life of this planet. 105/Frcni the event of 3,453 year* agn. the planet is at present in the first phases of recovery and restoration. lOEj/Slowly, over the course of centuries and ntilleniuras, natural conditions for life, and forms of life of the nest primitive kind will develop, as ticse are usual on each emerging life-developing world… 107/Thus for even the irost unreasonable one It Is evident that we are dealing, in the case of Venus, with a planet that Is making its first moves within the status of producing life.

108/with regard to the planet Itself, It must be explained that especially In its eqoatortai regions it is very flat with structured relief regions far away. 109/Crmcerning the temperature, day and night sides are nearly equal, while there are great differences in the strength of the wind between the lower and the higher regions. 110/At the surface itself the wind is still, and first develops in the higher

_ ‘j ■j. i... ill/fiL &t_Lll :~l‘-.;’.a ..lib U;t wU:Ub uii:ikhsh

very much oi,d reach velocities of 117 maters per second. U2/The lowest level of cloud exists at 43.17 kilcneters (above the surface), but this can always vary because cf atmospheric sterns etc. 113/This is especially likely over those regions where the winds are pressed downwards and reach the surface and blow against the mountains, which themselves reach heights of 2.3 kilometers on average. 114/ The climate and structural weather are on the whole very constant on Venus, tut nevertheless show certain differences. 115/Thus it is that human life o.i tliis planet is up to new still impossible if not accorded technical means for help, llti/in the sense then, mentioned by deceivers, no life in fact exists on Venus. 117/But completely other forms (of llfel does exist, but there can be no comparison between these and human forms. 118/’lhe planet is still very wild, for how else could this be after 3,dSJ years? 119/For example may sen** to you the l&rth NVjpn, as uhen you look at it you have nearly a ccpy of the verms which presents itself below the thick stratum of clouds. 129/When we or other forms of life go to Venus, which is rich in very different minerals and other naterials, it is only possible for us by



using special protective dress which preserves us trrm the dangerous Influences oC the Venuaian atnosphere, the great heat, etc., as well as In record to the different tones of poisons and gasseh wliich nuve as deadly clouds over the planet. 121/And because planet is a objected to certain

differences, we must also take this into consideration, as for example, for different locations vhexe the temperature increases to sore than 500 degress Celsius directly on the surface, and where also the values of carbon dioxides, of nitrogens, helium, argon and neon qanses change valueai while sIeo the ernr>spher1c pressures differ between 88 up to

122/lhese are the basic explanations which 2 have to offer in respect to the ability of human or aim ilex to human life exisfcing on the planet Venus. 123/lf T had to describe other planets of your sun system, then by regret dlt^j there 1 would have to refute at different planets the deceptive information of certain elements and substitute for it the real truth/ >mos= other supposedly inhabited planets of your avatent ccntoin no ouch forms of human life…

Life on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus:

115/Thus it is that human life on this planet is up to no still inpossible if not accorded technical means for help U6/In the sense then, nenticned by deceivers, no life ii fact exists on Venus. 117/But c-npleteiy other fbrra (c lire) does exist, but there can be m comparison bBcum* these and hunan foras. sjs^^^^^s^^^Hiia

122/Xhaoe are the basic «rpianatiori3 which 1 have to oft in respect to the ability of hunan ur similar to human 11 existing on the planet vemis. 123/XT T had to describe ofch planets of your sun system, then by regret also there would have to refute at dltterent plants the deceptive I forrroticn of certain el sewn ts and sttvtltute for it the re Liuth, beoSflN other cuppocodly inhabited planets of yo avatem certain no ouch forme of honar life…



During the whole time different very important things get talked about which only sd much can be said, also possioilitigs of furti form3 of liFe on solar planets mere drawn in consideration. So exspecially, because manyfold is talked and written in books, such creatures would have had contacts with us Earthhuman being3 or with some of us.

Such affirmations mainly exist about creatures from Jupiter, Sat and Uranus, as well from Mars. 6^bb1bb»1bbSbb1bvJb^Bbbbbbbbbbb^

#|^^H^^BiMBBBBBBBaW At aii these planets, which only i may be designated For planets, because not all of them are real planets, none oF such creatures exist, which should be reliable pretended inspirations, telepatic eFfusion etc. to earthhuman bi The existing forms of liFe are plain of other kind than human ai also are Fully desinterested in the earthhuman being. ^^H^^B

George Adamski- ‘Inside a Spaceship1

12<*. Especially I want to lead my talk once more to George A daw for he has put up, besides Karl Hichalek, the most monstrou assertions: By the excessive much manuFacturing of trlck-ph etc. he became in run of the years almost cheekier and mare lightminded.

125- As he saw and recognized, he found much approval in certain circles and his photos etc. got not proved by too hard exam nations and by this could delude even real experts, he vent for still larger allegations, that were, he had Flown with extraterrestral spaceships and had been photographed there, by extraterrestral forms oF life from ship to ship.

126. In this respect I relate specially on the book “Insides a s ship”, which kindly you gave to me for study.

127. In this book exists before page 161 a photo of Adamski, whi pretended has been taken From a venusian explorership.


128. Here gets pretended, in this picture George Adarnsky would early morning hours of the 25. April 1955 on board of a la spaceship and just together with an extraterrestral human at a sight hatch.

129. Alone this picture may give to every truthloving and inqui earthhuman being the tact, that the assertions of Adarnsky correspond to pure phantasy, as by the always in him incre ventures and appearing inadvertencies he here has committe extreme mistake, which convicts him of deceit, if earnestl following gets noticed: Gets the size of the sight hatch I to the real measurement ( the hatch, where Adarnsky has fix the picture of his head ), then results a size of 25 cent!

130. This is a very exact measure, very precise and correct.

131. If this measure now gets reduced for the whole extension c ship, whose length- and width-measures can well get count the picture, then would result a whole width and whole he of the ship with only 171 centimetres and a whole length c 527 cm., what would correspond to the reality measures.

132. Adarnsky yet had manufactured models, which not passed ovei size of 3o cm, most but only eere some centimetres, which he Fixed on glass panes before the optic of his instrument and then photographed.

133. This ways succeeded for him very deluding photos, exspeci? but then, when he worked with telescopes and draw near the as background.

13**. Some photos could he only this ways manuFact, when he arrs several panes oF glass, equipped with pictures, drawings e phosphorescing colors, and then photographed the whole.

135. He let produce a really good model by a meanwhile died Fri and that in metal.

136. He Fixed also this bell-shaped model on a very strong and pane of glass and used it this way for close-up’s etc., wt even were able to delude experts.


137. Adarnsky was enabled to hit by these heresy-creating pieces i work, into ban worldwide circles.

138. This was all the easier for him by the according straigthen of his character, ahead his Fellow-creatures.

139. In largest measure but his extreme suggestive ability was d by which he could evoke halluzlnatlons in well-known person and that by difFerent forms.

1^o. Running over many years, he this ways was able to influence realistic-thinking human beings From his will and his phant and to let work in them the conviction, he really would sta contact to extraterrestral intelligences.

1M. Besides Adarnsky are working several other same-kinded charl and deceivers, if yet their extensions do not reach the of

1*+2. But several among these play a very decisive roll and spons

furthpr nn fchp untruth.

■*• More evident could your explanations nearly not be, and so they will have to be enough For reasonable thinking human b

Diffusion of ‘Contact Reports’:

147. In respect to the contact reports I also explained for you, these should become diffused in internal circles, like they already existing.

14B« Only for external circles these should get elaborated in a where all personal concerns etc. get removed.

149* If yet any external circles appear, who want to get the un tened reports, then they should get handed over to them In whole form.

15o. The revised form of reports is only destinied For the broa + Same ways ue thought this too, Semjase.


CR 030, Tuesday, July 15,1975 Photographing Apollo-Soyuz Docking:

Thirtxest contact Tuesday, 15. July 75,

Thought transmission contact

1. Several times I have received your thoughts, but by my regret had to ignore them, because my present mission needs too much my attention.

2* If then I take up contact uith yau, then from quite certain c and only for short time: Prepare yourself for the early morn! hours of the 17th July, which is within two days. 3. At given time I will call you then and meet from a suited plE J*. Equip youseif uith sufficient film material, because this uil be of importance.

5. As First earthly human being you shall photograph an event, which is of extreme importance and weight for your race.

6. It treats of the connection manouvre of the both american anc russian space cases, which you ought to take up on your film.

7. In thi3 purpose ue have constructed a special apparatus, by i as we hope, you uill be able tD take better pictures uith yoi camera.

8. These uill be the first photographs, which show such a manouv independant of the earthly space capsules.

9» Prepare yourself to be absent while longer hours, as before t photo-enterprise and past it you will undergo a very long fli which even is still impossible for many space-driving forms c life.

Introduction of ‘Great Journey1:


10. In the universe do only very feu kinds of life exist, who an able to traverse such huge distances, because this only is a! by breaking and utilization of the hyperspace.

11. Uhen this but has become possible by highest developed techn there the universe forms no more limits.

12- Space and time, too, form no longer borders and the barriers between the differrent universes no longer, too.

13. As already from earlier time you know, also time-travels are known at certain forms of life ………………………..

+ You know these things?

Semjase 1<*. Sure.

15. Asket. too, is well-known to me.

16. Eut please don’t cut me short, for my time for contact is ve short. Ue will not be able to succeed the camming travel by i small spaceship, because for such distances it is not suited

17. Past doing your photo-work will we over into a ship, equipped for great space.

18. So try to have at least totally free thirty hours, because w will travel with this ship really very far outside of all to you known star-constellations and galaxies and run while thi through several milliards light-years.

19. Yau shall get the chance also, to take up some few pictures star systems and galaxies etc. and also to see from far the origin homeworlds of the human races.

20. This place today offers a peculiar picture, whiches origin bases on a powerful destruction of a very great star.


21. This destruction got effected uery long time ago, by a barbi and mightthursty IHUIH, uha himself found his end in this damage.

22. From his mind and his predetermination this destruction deui exactly the form of the considered picture, uhich should gl’ a memorial of his might to the creatures of the universe.

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