Message From the Pleiades

11. The whole writing represents just plain a product of her own

thoughtuays and phantasies, uhich partly she very talented

conclosed in combinations and in consequence was able to fori

futural destinations, uhich but in different phases could no’

prove rioht, because she started from urong premises.

81 –

12. It is very much regretable, that in respect to this work th elaboration and addition of a suited introduction got not obeyed and the the literature spreading person took the la into her own hand-

13- By this the truth further on gets very much endangered and untruthes diffused.

14. At this diffusor of this script it concerns the person H.J. for which we troubled ourselves past cognition of these fac specially and stated, that in certain things she only very hardly lets herself advise.

15. The thoughts and the will-according appearings in this pers incline much towards arbitrarity and to unjustified doubts.

16. So we also recognized, this person not being able to elabor certain offerrsd lessons and suffering doubts.

17. We all right esteem the trustworthyness of this person, but steady doubting and querying of the most important lessons the spirit and his arbitrariness is not to be arrangable wi our obligations.

1B. For if we settle destinations, ue have our causes for thi3, then our destinations ought also get observed.

19. If also we have not reached the improvement and necessarily have to undergo mistakes, we but have evoluted us so far, that we are by many forms superior to the earthhuman being.


2a. From that, ue only issue orders, uhich base in absolute logJ and are caused in this.

21. If then uie issue destinations, ue know uery exact, what ue t and for uhat purpose they serve.

22. If there gets treated against them, they become meanless am worthless, because the uay of truth not can get walked and t in neglegation.

23. So can not be admitted, our destinations being neglected ant ways all put to question.

ZUm It ought not be, that fellow-laborours just simply go over i orders and act from their own judgement in these things.

25. Ue just there issue orders, where they are demanded and ougl be observed too.

26. Ulhere yet we all leave for own deciding, just there may get treated from awn decision.

27. From natural and creational laws everything owns its brazen and this has also the earthhuman being to observe.

23. In this respect we are the leading and advising factors befi the earthhuman being, and so it is not admitted, some persoi rely on their iniogic and treat not from the issued orders.

29. IF also their unlagic lets not realize our logic, this mean: license of arbitrariness for them.

30. Ue only then may offer the spirit’s lesson and all things e useful towards the earthly human being, if becomes treated our advises.

31. Unlogical arbitrarinesses but injure uith great measure our mission.

32. Uithin all steps of evolution we are from earthly counting i the time etc. about 3aoo years Oefore the earthhuman being, uhich fact should be considered by all.

33. If then an earthhuman being, who lays behind us this span o evolution, is of the opinion, that with his uniogic ignorant he would surpass the logic knowing of us, then this equals a selfish megalomania, as you like to designate such.


37. Clearly shall nou get Fixed, that ue can not engage us in t mode oF treating oF single persons.

38. In Further cases of such events ue uould have to issue the that such persons Fully become exclosed From our concerns.

39. Ule have not to menace by them our mission.

40. Lie don’t care in this about the thanklessness For our loyal endeavours, but single and alone about the large menacing a our mission. –

41. IF then ue give special orders, then these ought be observe uould they get useless by the oFFenses in respect oF the pe mance of the mission.

42. The performance of the mission is in need of a harmonic con nlty, not yet of degenerations.

43. If a single human being disregards a law or bid, he then nc alone causes for himself a damage, but also affects otheror by this.

UU. This is a law of the spiritual force, which spreads her rac onto each forms of life.

45. By a consciously commited fault far waves get thrown, which hit guiltlesses by their beating powers.

46. This is a law of the nature, to generate in cooperation a l ‘i7. In matters of H.J. I endeavoured meself for personal cognit

and stated here, a desire for arbitrariness being much expi by uhich he also inclines to advocation of oldfashionned hE 4B. Dnly very hard he lets himself advise about the truth and c its Tightness.

49. Many old heresies are very powerful insides him and hamper proceeding towards the truth-

50. So the advise should be given to him, to trouble himself vg for the newoCferred spiritual lesson and to stay positively of her.

51. He may turn himself personally to our contact-person for ue discussions, who may give him thorough explanations, for he knowledge is the knowledge of the truth and of prophetic gi ness.


52. The instruction uill not be easy, but of according use.

53, His endeavouring also must be established also in, to fight | his arbitrariness and to observe once from us issued orders.

5km If but he uill not follDU this, then ue have to dispense uit! his cooperation, as undesired this uould be For us, for, iF I deliberates uithin the true forms of the truth, he then emboi a very uorthful member in the chain of our mission,

55. Another paint has to be called in respect of the contact repi As ue found out, you Finally endeavour yourselves for the el. of the reports far their diffusion.

56. Here but a factor appears, that not is in cur desire, as in respect ue very thoroughly have cauncilled together short before.



55. Another paint has to be called in respect Df the contact rei As ye found out, you finally endeavour yourselves for the e of the reports for their diffusion.

56. Here but a factor appears, that not is in oijr desire, as in respect ue very thoroughly have councilled together short before.

57. From judgement of some of your members the reports should oi partly get elaborated and diffused, uhile all personal matt, should decome removed.

58. Uith that ue can not agree from our side.

59. Our degree directs in consequence there to, that the report diffused uord for uord from fixed words1 spell, like all is

So. By that also all personal points are inclosed, uhich so ougl get remoted.

61. The reports are only then uorthful and complete, if they ge reproduced uord after uord and contain all factors.

62. This is a destination, uhich bases on very scrutinized delit tions and uhich founds on logic base.

63. All personal and elsehou matters, uhich not should be mentii in the reports and also have not to be diffused and ought m became hold auay from the reports since beginning.

SUm All contact reports laying “in front contain so just exact tl uhat should get offerred and explained to the earthmankind.

65. An omittance of any facts, uords, explanations, corrections other talk parts etc. can ue not judge for acceptable.

CR 029, Monday, July 7,1975

– Motor damage of Karl Viet -family

– Semjase’s opinion on Karl Viet’s work

-Attacks on Billy from religious circles, secret organisations, authorities, militaries as he


is causing them damage

– Semjase informs Meier of his next Great Journey, which in the past 2000 years no one hasgone

-Plejaren made a speical apparatus for photographing & wants to test it in next flight

Pseudo-Contactees of ET’s from Planet venus will be exposed by Earthly-Science in few years:

M« ^ ^ the of

certain deceivers and charlatans, who worldwide passed wrong declarations in respect to pretented contacts with human beii of your neighbour planet Venus.

UZ. Within not very much far years will shown for true to you by science, on this planet existing not any human forms of life the form, as they were described by certain charlatans and deceivers, neither of spiritual nor of material kind.

**3. If so my explanations to that also get refused by different earthhuman beings, this is not of great importance, for the j scientists themselves will witness and show proof my statemei past few years, by what at the same time the proof is given, that several pseudo-contact-persons are only bad deceivers ai charlatans, or were such.

115/lrius it is that human life o:i tliis planet is up to ro still impossible i£ not accorded technical neans for help 116/In the sense then, mentioned by deceivers, no life ii fact exists on Venus. 137/But completely other forrrs (o: llfel does exist, but there can be no comparison betweei these and hunan form3.

Second Highly Developed ET’s who visit Earth:


34. Presently ue are the most high developed Forms of life, uho I outsides of your uorld travel to your earth and also are st3tionned here.

35. Although still other living shapes penetrate into your earth, space, fly in it and partly have also their stations here, hi ue accord to the highest developed level of evolution of all

36. The second high developed form of life lays feu -, than 13< years behind us In the uhole evolution.

37. Ule are before all presently extraterrestral forms of life, ul enliven the earthly space,then by feu more than 134o years ii uhole-evclution position.

Types of Comets:

44. For the really interested earthhuman beings uill I trouble r to give some important explanations in respect to the planet Manyfold the earthly solar system gets passed by comets and planets or traveling stars, to uhich the follouing is to exj Comets appear by different forms, once as travelling planet: as travelling stars, uhich gets draun by the huge attractin( forces of other stars and planets and by suns into their bar circles.

45. In cause of their high velocity pasa through or break throut most times they but the girdle of the attracting Forces and again, uhile but they by the risen rubbing uith the planet-, and star-Forces they become liqueFied on their surFace and stuFF.


46. This draws itself then as often very long tail behind the hi away.

47. By sun energies etc. the pushed-away particles become then I as shining tall.

48. On the other side,’ even the empty space la not empty, becau is animated by innumerous particles and other things, which the steady rubbing uith the travelling planet or the travel star effect him and his tail for illuminating.

49. Yet there exist besides these comets still the fog-similar comet-bodies.

50. In common, comets own quite excentrical trails and circle 1 the system-planets, too, around the sun, but in very more f courses.

51. These system comets usually develop first in near to the su their impressive long tails, uhich often can be many millio kilometres long.

52. Yet really gigantic comets are very rare, so the greatest p all comets is not visible by naked eye.

53. Alone really big and near to earth comets become seen by th human being uith naked eyes.

54. The averaoe comets are often not more than small and very o light intensity globular clouds without tail.

55. But of this kind of comets are just unnumerous.

56. The fog-kinded comets are the most numerous, and they have main characters: They are surrounded by a foggy coma, uith uithout inner central concentration; the core; the tail.

57. The forms of the coma can be very different, elliptical or round or twisted into any direction.

58. The central concentration appears this ways, that the coma lighter towards insides and more compact.

59. The core itself forms a strong lighting area and embodies t

essential comet, which can be great in sizes between feu hu

metres up to many thousand kilometres, uhile the uhole diarr

of the comet head with the coma measured very often measure

up to many hundredthousand or even millions kilometres.


60. Each from the sort of the planet and the influences the tail consists of dust particles or of gas forms or of gas farms a dust particles together.

61. Pure gas tails keep themselves together in much more narrow dimensions than the dust tails, which only appear with much greater comets and are very light, while the gas-tails are o few light intensity and enormous slim.

62. The system-hound comets have very long and slim courses, whi reach very far into the cosmic space.

63. These courses lead very often halfways of even very much to near of other systems, before they start their return flight to the originating system.

64. But even the courses can run so far, that the way leads thro one or more systems and according to this, the way becomes longer.

65. Because the long courses the comets need often many decades, before they fly return to their home system, while system-wanderers, comets, which fly through several systems, have revolution periods of many hundred or even thousands of year

66. And like all planets, submit these comets to the law of grav tian too, and according to this, they form their courses.

67. And just these different kinded courses and their lengthes a decisive for certain alternations and events in the differen star- and solar-systems, even if these events and aiternati aru unly very, very rare.

Origin of Planet Venus:


69/5o this is necessary for the explanation that on Veaus exists no foin of hunon life: Millions of years aqo a huge ‘. ii •• star Sestiuyed Iialf of a planetary system may litfit-yp*r* frm your solar Hysbsn. 7D/A£t_ex Uic destruction of that far away sysrm, Ute wdiiJeiei ix.blA.-d uuL to the widths of the universe, *nri hpdl up its course towards EaxUi, where it was forced by the great, planets and the sun into a new orbit which in consequence, of that brought it on again and again into this syetivfi. 7t/Kncwn as “the_ destroyer“, it followed its new course and prorliiced tor itself in the course of — millions of yoarc, a stable orbit. 72/lhii course led the destroyer uncontrollably cloea te stars and systems, or to other wandering and eomots, wnxen war* by its gi-

gantic sice then forced out of orbir or war* attracted by its gravity and were ‘kidnapped“. 73/This happened as well only a few thousand years ego, when this Lnrwnsc destroyer drew an object into Its gravity ar.d course, and 1 i it ever nany millions of kilometers toward the Earth’s aolar systor.. 74/Tlie destroyer itself flew very far cutaidc the reach of Earth gravity, but Uie object trailing in its gravity field u-iH»tx] dangerously close to Earth and evoked great catasIxuMiIkb. 75/Hie whwle oa\ox system waa plon-jod into die—

535 mid diam at Lhat time and oil ita planets woro purhec into new orbits. 7G/The new object disturbing tho harmony was forced by Uie gravity of the greater piano tc and the Six, Into a Es— between Birth and Hsrcury, and waa unable tc leave the systeau TI/PrA being the brightest jM sect reflective planet of Garth’s solar system, circles since then around the sun and is called by the Earth husun3 Venus”. 7fi/These events, .>(-■• Venus was captured by the Earth’s solar a/aten , happened 3#453 years ago. 80/Dy the events of the tiraes Venus was yulded into a very quiet course, for which it has one of the least eccentric orbits– 82/lriis is the essential effect of that ancient close passage to Earth, by which the rotation of Venus was also in£lusnosdt 83/By the gravity of Earth, the rotation of Venus was alwec down and it started rotating in Uie opposite directs j.. 64/Anc in effect: of the vsry short time of passage tiircuuh Garth’s gravity, the rotation of the slowad planet waa nut able to increase itself, for which reason It attained B extremely long tine for only or* rotation, and rain tains Iron that day the slccoaet rotation tine in the whole solar uysten. 85/ Since than one day m Venus lasts 117 Partil days, wtUle the

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