Message From the Pleiades

27. If you so want to retreat, thia would De of uery had beh for your whole mankind, on the other side we don’t levy distress on you and with coercion, anc so you can free d

28. But consider, it is alone with you, whether the earthman earns a great advantage and gets able to walk a better u

29. I know well, you think, each human had to carry his own towards market, but it is not done with that.

30. Consider, only uery few human beings on earth own simile abilities like you and that these mostly do not rise the courage, to offer facts openhearted.

31. As human being is it your duty, to spread your knowledge and to help your fellow-creatures Oy this.

32. You did know from beginning, that all oecomas uery hard that one would not just stay helpful at your side.

33. So I find, you take a bit too hasty a finish of our miss into consideration.

3tf. I have………..

+ You really have easy to talk.


35. Let me please finish my words.

36. I see, that you are angry, because the success for help great get exspected and much unlogical gets carried tow;

37. But there is no need for your anger, for you have but ti recognize, that your fellow-creatures stay far behind y* spiritual form and first have to learn.

38. You know this very well.


39- Human rags is only there demanded, where the knowing about laws and bids and other things is clearly existing and although gets offended.

Uu. Ignorance but ought not incite rage in you, as this offend: against the laws.

M. As a help far you, I want to explain to you, that you shou. all once more consider very thorough and with calmth, befo: you put up a negating decision.

1*2. Think about, that the mankind is in need of your help and that you are able to give more to her, than ever a human b was able:to give her, if we abstract from certain prophets who but got disregarded and fell to falsifications.

**3« Consider, that since about 2ooo years no earthhuman being chosen for a contact by a very high spiritual form and an portant message got transmitted to him, like it is the cas with you.

t*U. So deliberate, as how much important you get esteemed by u and by the creatures of the high spiritual plains Arahat Athersata’s, what not gets done causelessly.

**5- You are the first prophet of the new time, and in this the most improtant person of your world, for you are the basic way-preparer for the new time.

**6. You have to endure the very heavy preparating labour for 1 truth-announcers, who will come past your time.

<*7. Consider all this very thoroughly, before you undergo a decision, that only rises by rage.

*tfl. Ue know indeed the rising-up rage in you earthhuman being: for at all times we had such problems uith you.

**9. Xany prophets were agitated uith great rage because the unintelligableness and unreasonability of their fellow-creatures.

50. And often they needed this rage, to fulfill their mission

51. 3ut be just, as your rage is not in need of being existim

because your fellou-creatures are ignorant.


Why Plejaren dont Help Financially:

52. Belonging to the unlogic questions in respect to financial aid etc. here I want to glue an declaration for the questic Consider each earthhuman being, that at first ue have no similar things with goods and money means etc., like they are usual and common an the enrth.


– 29a –

53. Even if we wanted so, we could not serve you with financi help, which yau call money, for we have no possession of such goods.

5^. itle will never manipulate hazard games etc., for these art of excessive bad worthes and evil worthes.

55. As third important point is to say, that ue don’t let us challenge by t3lks and questions etc., for this earth is your homeland and not our.

56. If but we are here and want to help the earthly mankind ; its spiritual and elseway development, then means this a for us self submitted obligation, which we don’t let mak for an ought by orders from earthhuman beings.

57. Dur mission corresponds to a voluntary obligation.

56. This is our position, to which still comes your side, uh that the earthhuman being has to trouble himself too, an contributes his share to all sameways.

59. This means, that the earthhuman too has to take up a cer voluntary duty and to bear certain things by himself.

60. It is plain wrong from him, to think, he just could take use help and goodness without to contribute himself some to this help.

61. The earthhuman being has to learn from this, that his se ness, his borderless egoism, is fully depiaced and obtai no justification.

62. When there shall be helped for the earthhuman being, he has to give his share to this help.

63. This share now concists in your worthes in the supply of necessary capital and of all necessary labour.

61*. If the earthhuman being but believes, he only could sei; and had nothing to giva^pfor that, then he moves on unre; trails.

65. He only then is able to overcome his bad egoism, if he t clear about, that always two in themselves forming a un: result a hyper-unit.

66. This says by other words in this case, giving and taking mu: joined together into a unit.

67. IF we transmit to you spiritual knowing and goods etc., thet it is your duty, to elaborate this goods and knowings and ti contribute also certain shares For reaching oF the uhole.

6a. If the earthhuman being but deliberates from the base oF

his unlogic and treats, taking were more blessed than givin then he uill not free himself from his evil egoism.

69. And the earthly human being is egoistic, in the single one as in the mass, from what exploitation is uritten great in your world.

+ This uas damned clear, Semjase.


70. Sure, but is must be said.

Spiritism or Channeling:


for X haue a question in store: Hou does it Oehaue with tht spiritism, should one talk with the died, and is this at a.’ possible? I haue in this direction my special opinion, whit I now yet do not desire to tell you- Please explain to me, what is the occurence uith that, as ue haue had some talkir about this recently.


71. As you uant: Essentially seen, at you earthhuman beings ge” exercised much spiritism, but uery amateurish and without callable knowings or successes.

72. More than 95% of socalled spiritistic meetings consist so i deception, self-deception and quackery.

73. So quite conscious wrong things get pratentad and stressed magic tricks, etc.

7U. In uery, uery many cases lays self-deception before, for t the spiritism exercising persons are in the urong acceptan beyond creatures or died would answer them.

75. A medium of this kind is uery susceptible for telepathic oscillations of the unconscious and “taps” by this ability the subconscious of other human beings, by uhat they exper things, which are futural or gone.


76. Hot introduced or ignirant humans believe so, the medium hg

indeed medial abilities.

77. Human beings are so very often asthonished, if by such acts things about these selves or relatives get told, uhich the\ selves had long time forgotten and no more were able to remember of..

75. Such a form gets moreover even exercised by one of your qrr

members, as I made certain. 79. He lives near to you and has fallen to a self-deception. So. This farm of a pretentive spiritism evokes in the medium a

self-delusion, by what the assessors too get enclosed.

31. Each reality gets here lost.

62. Such wrong forms are unfortunately much spraad and can not get constrincted within short time.

32. The time would yet never be enough, if I uould like to tal about all the different forms of the spiritism, while I wa to content meself uith an explanation about the true facto By ignorant and unlogic human beings should neither a simp deads’-conjuration nor real spiritism be exercised.

83. These things are firstly very dangerous for the exercising person, and secondly they get deceived by the dead or used for jokes.

8**. A died form of life awns also in the opposite sphere only the knowledge, she had collected in the material world.

65. If then she gets called from the material world, she then only discuss once more and to tell, what she just had leai in the material world.

H6. Exspecially Bre mast weighting the points of religious doc which a died form of life always lets appear in foregrounc and by this badly lead astray the still living ones.



67. So, because the religious facts in their material existence ready have played the decisive roll in their life-

88. Many died do not agree uith the calling of their being and because this, deceive badly the still living ones, if they are called.

B9. Many make evil jokes and prophets urong things, uhich but then even event, because the ignorant living ones believe i and withdraw the events like uith a magneto.

90. Wow but exists also the form of the true spiritism, of uhic as far as ue knou, only four earthhuman beings are able:

In this form died of higher forms get called and even creat of other spheres.

91. And because these are often spiritually very high developec have they laid aside many heresies too and have become uise

92. And these spirit- and being-forms are the only ones, uho truthful answer all questions of still living and neither exercise fraud nor jokes.

93. Basical the truth of the spiritism leys in that, that in f; line it is not desired from the died and not offers any bei for the living ones, but only bad things, if it concern thi exercised spiritism of the low kind.

9<«. The human being should so never venture to call deads.

95. Very much need and misery could even alone by this get rami in your world, if you would omitt this wicked and wronglea spiritism.

96. Of worth is only the spiritism of higher form, where deads higher spiritual spheres or higher creatures get called an can be asked.

97. But as already told, exist an your earth presently only fo human beings, who are able for such doing.

98. In your socalled total-european area but not lives not a s one of these four able ones, and to call them, have I not right.


CR 026, Wednesday, June 13,1975

– Semjase disrupts the first meeting between Billy & Karl Veit family

Semjase’s Mission to SOL-Planets & Moon (Interference in AstroScience Developments)::


Twentysixth contact Wednesday, 18. »

lull h


1. By ray regret is today a further talking not possible, bs

I got ordered far a special mission. 2* Sa it uill not be passible for me during the next time,

join very often in connexion uith you. 3. So please understand, that ue have to put larger times

between our contacts. + Do you uant to go away?


This is this uays ordered to me, but I don’t leave the 3 sy-Btem.

+ What about the demonstration at the moment? Semjase

5. It does not concern here my longer going away, before t want to perform the demonstration.

+ Oh so, I thought already, it were finally so far.


6. The time forces not for that, for I have much to do bef

7. My new order leads me only to some worlds of your syste your sattelite, the moan.

8. This in connexion to some events, which have occured du


last time.

9. There have gat started by the earthly scientists different probation- and exploration-enterprises to explore the space and some worlds, which need our attention. 1o. Besides this appear some new aspects of certain things, whic two of your great powers will exercise from about middle of July.

1*1. This are the states America and Russia, which in cooperatiar to clear up different important factors, in what cause in communitary labour they want to work in a space-station.

12- This demands extreme attention and manyfold controls from at side, far the participating must not reach more cognitions, than the earthly scientists and mlghtkesper are able to beai

13. The danger of reaching of too large cognitions has come inti seizable near unfortunately, and so we have to check all ani to control.

14. If got reached too many new cognitions, then this could brii heavylasting consequences for the earthly mankind, exspecia then, as the human being of earth is not mature enough stil For certain things and mould evaluate according new cogniti for power-strengthening of certain states.

15- The greatest danger but lays in, that the new cognitions can lead to the fully destruction of the earthmankind and their world, if they find exercise in certain principles.

15. This would show a very wicked consequence of solar extensia by uhich the uhole harmony uould be drawn in affection.

17. Further neighboured systems would also became affected, and each from the case, under circumstances evoke a smaller cos catastrophy.

+ This is very interesting, Semjase, but I thought, this entE prise would first get started in the early eighties?


19. It is already so far.


+ I uander yet, that you speak sa open about these things, uhat at other times is not Just your proceeoing, for until now yoL only offered such things to me under the seal of silence onl


20- Surely, but the here called facts are in purpose of quite certain cansequences.

21- The human being has to become informec about, thet not ainrj all might belongs to his scientists and politicans, and tht still other forms of life exists, uho care for a certain 01 from what fact then the human being must not live with too sorrows and worries,

22- Dn the other side it shall get clear also for the mighty or of yaur earth and the scientists, that they can not just g: free course for the delusion of destruction simply from thi discretion.

+ Here I have to say, I find this quite all right, for many i these misters fall only too easy to megalomania and delusii

Plejaren Intervention in the Development of Earthy Science & technology;


But – haue yau done such things already more often? Semjase

23. Yes, uie did – but not only ue.

2k. hie have uatched whole the development and influenced too uit certain forms.

25. Dn the other side, in different cases ue even had to induce eliminations, or at least to sentence different enterprises to failure.

+ This sounds just like, as if in a way yau always at all thir would have interfered something.

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