Message From the Pleiades


Earth-Contactees of High Spiritual Beings are Self-deluional/Consicous Lie:

+ I see, but uhat about very high spiritual beings, uho in contact uith earthly humans?


119. About this already one time I gave you explication: Ma human beings pretent fully in unrightness, they uould inspiratively by high spiritual forms.

120. Their pretentions but base alone on self-delusion or c lie.

121. They knou inspirations alone from hearsay, at uhat the the symptoms by no uays.

122. You can make sure the truth of my words all times at t beings, uho pretend, they uould be ceiled inspirative]

123. Ask them for the appearing form of the inspiration. If

answer clear and evident to ynu, they ……..

(gets not told in causes of clearing up of fraud or se

……., then they either suffer from bad selfdt

er yet they are conscious charlatans and deceivers.

12*i. Further I already explained for you, that no higher sj forms in course of the last 2aoo years have come in c( uith earthly human beings and this ways haven’t transi any things of any kind, too.

125. Since 2ooo years you are the first earthly-human Form adressed again by a high spiritual Form.

126. The circumstances and the made of the inspiration appi are known to you, from what alltimes you can judge, wl concerns an inspiration and when not.

127. To some human beings is to give the praise, having wr good words for the earthly civilians, if although the fallen to self-delusions.


128- In their mind ySt, to make the earthhuman being attentive for the creatianal path and to change them by that uithin their uhole attitude, their uorks are so far good, as they do not fall in religious trails and heresies.

129- Though these humans got self-delusions then in respect t inspirative suggestions and uill always get, they have but the worth, that many of them offer partly acceptable uorks

13o. In loyalty they but although should explain, that these uorks come from their own thought processes and have no inspirative background.

Gloria Lee – Guide Booklet:


^^^^^^■^^^^^^^^■■■■t do you np’j knou the certain Gloria Lee, and uhat is about that? Unfortunately I myself do not knou it, but if necessary, I could get it for you.


131. It is known to me from another side-

132. It does yet not treat of a book, as you assume, but it is a script.

133. This but has reached already since longer time worldwide publication.

13^. In the whole it trats of a worthFul scripture, which also should read and study – if but it will not offer any new i for you.

135. On the other.side, things get offered there, which in eoc are strange to the reality and unxeaj., exspecially those which concern godly spheres.

136. But as said, is this scripture in the great and whole goo recommendable, at least for humans, who still are searchi for the way of truth.

137. For higher developed forms but it is fully worthless, and still interesting.

13S. The writing consists on no inspirative form, but represen

the product of own thinking of the originating person. 139. So it did not rise from an inspirative transmission, but

by the thinking of the writing person. 1*.o. In ignorance of the spiritual truth and function but, thi

person sufferred a selfdelusion and declared her writing



11*1. Nevertheless I uant to declare you again, that the script is uorthful for the still searching human beings,but only if they separate certain things, uhich are able to produ unreal kinds of thinking and lead astray because that.

1i»2. An understanding guide for elaborating of this text uould suited.

+ Thank you, Semjase, this uas extensive again. A member of group namely has copied this book resp. this booklet, for esteemed it as good. You mean, one can spread it careless*!


1i*3. Only under the reservation, that an understanding guiding for reading, else this booklet uould lead like many other; unreal uays of thinking, though she may be valid for a gre exception.

+ Would not be sufficient a guide in uritten form? Semjase

1i*i*. Surely, if you can take upon you this labour? + This have ue to look far.


11*5. Then I uould recommend, you talk in this matter uith the t and you compose a uritten guiding addition.

CR 024, Saturday, June 7,1975 Requirements for an ET Contactee:


For the lacfc tin*, I shall now Wiplaln trur rryiL*.Tfc mm. any of tho othorc 1g out ot tne question and nnr ;rs:-,l: ii , and that for tho following reasons:

1. If wo open contact with an Earth himwi, thpn this 1s baaed x\ his prior pre-ccrditiering, often lasting drearies, Lncl : -i.-c study and guidance* in nany concerrw. (1)

2. We can only open ccmoeticr. with Earth himans when rec-aaaory conditions are fulfilled.

3. Ho can only open contact with an Earth human if his □evelccnent has proceeded so tax that he ie able to work out and recognize basic truths by il-rcelf, alone, without the help of fellow creatures or any books or literature bcutc inserted to.

4. If nevertheless we initiated contact with an Earth hunin .-.Mi Uiese premises being, fulfilled, then auch a contact i» utily a preliminary undertaking for a special purpose, and dfUtfi achieverunt of the objective the rrarory is eliminated, os for excarplv tkippened with the perscn whor. wc let find the Taimxl. Jtevertlielese such humans mat be especially auitad

for the objective, as for the finder of the TaLTod, who had been an expert in languages, but of whan, regretfully, we expected too much. (2) (3)

5. If we open contact with an Earth human, than wq undorqc this in accordance with higher authorization, and exactly with the porscn designated for this. One reason is tec many hunans in the Eirst position may upset everything. Ycu have o proverb, “Too many cooks spoil the stew”.

6. Vfc axe not allowed to make ourselves visible to rare Earth beings than corresponds with our objectives. Ihis precaution concerns private and mi lilory oik! official desired ciiutfcd at taking poscssioci of one of our ships and other such objects of our contacts. Because of this, we only cultivate contact with Earth humans known tn us as trustworthy, and in whan we have confidence in the security of the objectives, exactly as for cur special cilssla’i with ycu and your qroup.

7. Then with the selected human contact, we initiate can-liuriication in secret ways and rreet them at difficult and lard to reach places which often discourages those less sincere, and ths sensation seekers as well. Still, there art? many others who upon sighting us, panic and hecraiie frightened, wlilch might lave uong^rcus consequences Tut SQDB. (4)

Hans Jacob brings* Earthly Woman Visits Meier:


19. But I still have other matters, which I have to make known you: You have settled an agreement with H.J.

20. So tomorrow he comes to you with on earthly woman, who wit certain points has Far proceeded in the development.

21. Past recognition of this agreement I troubled myself Far t woman and realized some things in respect to her abilities and her cognition of truth.

22. The result is the Following: Within certain matters this w walks on pathes of truth, which manyfold yet are connected to unclearnesses and Even to heresies.

23. From this exspecially result things, which are strange to reality and unreal.

2*». Exspecially this applies to matters of religion and the wi this connected heresy of deity and the spiritual progress.

25. Be recommended to you, to watch For, this woman is fallen unreal acceptances in reaoect to spirit, 30ul and body etc and lives here in assumption of a threefoldness, even of e fourt‘olrtneHo.

25. So it would be very good, if you make her attentive on thJ

27. If yet she will not be able at first to recognize the fad but yet a certain substance remains in her.

28. The moat wicked heresy in her is the one of religious inti pretation, for as far as I recognized, she goes backwards in her truth searching, that i3 religious.

29. This means, that exact in meaning of the religion she sea; the truth in the backwards running and backwards connectei by this not may recognize the real truth.

1*7. This then are the facts,Bhich you should explain to the vis you woman tomorrow, for it is worthful for her.


1*3. 5he is a human, who already has conceived the ability of di

ment and who should get sponsored. f»9. It yet will be difficult to free her from her heresies, bu the trouble will be worth while, if yau do so. + I will care for this and talk to her in this purpose.

Religion & Relegeon:


32. All truth and all knowing are until the presence transmits and kept consisting, even if they got forgotten, despised e lost by the earthhuman being.

33. And because truth, knowledge, wisdom and love and all force the spirit etc. are unchangeable and durable, in the today of the presence, too, so it has to be conceived there and led forwards.

31*. In other words, this means, that truth, knowledge and wisdi

and love etc. must just get led together again; they must I

collected again and taken together. 35. As you call in an old language at you the backconnexion re

gion, so in this case the demanded to exercise releceon ha;

to be called in the same old language. 3S. This means, that all has to get taken together once mare,

so releceous started, never but religious.

37. The already existing has to get newly taken together, to 0 able to lead into the future,

38. Past exercise of the releceon then the way of evolution ha get walked, what yet keeps twofold meaning.

39. At your side you only know still one meaning, what is, tha evolution would mean a development and unfolding in the meaning, something already existing, which yst is in the hidden, should get developed and unfolded, what means in the spiritual then, something has to rise from the unconsc to the conscious.

ho* The second meaning of the designation has gone lost for yc already long time ago, that is, something still not existi shall get explored, developed and unfolded.

*t1. And as the meaning in this way has gone lost for the eartr being, he also lives with the acceptance of erring, all ac ding to evolution would already exist insides the human be and only had to get unfolded and developed.


1*2. The in the human being living spirit now has stored all th things and facts in him, which in course of his existence I has learnt in material bodies and lifes and collected.

1*3. From your estimation this is a huge lot, but in truth very

l*i*. Ulhile innumeraus further lifes the spirit has to inquire m search and find; he this ways has to collect further knawl cognitions and experiences, which then ablish themselve as ability in him.

1*5. Because the spirit stays past the material death of the bo in the opposite life areas and elaborates there the in the gained results and establishes in himself firmly, this eff the by you called unconscious.

1*6. Having become human form again, the so gained knowledge ar ability anchors then in the unconscious and has to get eve by the material form of life slowly by new lessons and cac until conscious ability.

Life on Venus, Mars, Saturn & Uranus:

+ Well. – It concerns, that for example in the script from G Lee creatures from the Saturn get called. In other writinc get called besides Saturn creatures yet also Uranus-creati etc. Can you explain for me, as you know these planets, wh indeed there gain any forms of life their living?


51. I know all these scriptures, which you have left for stud\ me.

52. I found but only evil nonsense in these books, scriptures works.

53. The there described living forms etc. correspond to none i and embody not more than degenerated phantasy creatures.


5*t. Otherwise there but really exist living forms, but they are of plain other worthes, than the earthly human being imagir this.

55. it is to say about that with absolute clearness, the creatL

of these planets never, until this hour, I give this explar

to you, have contacted with earthhuman beings.

+ Llhat is in this respect with the Mars and Venus and the otr planets as well?


55. There remain the same explanations. Semjase brings ‘Ruby’ for Meier from Mars:


57. As yau talk about the Mars: Uhile the last days I uas there and have found something beautiful.

58. I brought it uiith me for you.

59. Here. – – – It is a larger piece of ruby in Zoisit Qase. Go. I have only easily tooled it mhile untieing.

+ Oh, – much thank, Semjase, it is really phantastic nice.


61. Surely, but keep it for your awn.

62. Further I have here another piece from my home world, which a friend has brought for me.

63. It is a piece according the wish from your friend, and so y

can give it to him.

+ Thank you much again, Semjase. He surely will be glad. Could you just for my own collection bring a piece of malachite and a smaragd?


Si*. Surely, but I don’t want to bring smareqds in pure form, as

well no other things of precious worthes. 65. The causes for that base in your materialistic form of wor.’

CR 025, Monday, June 16,1975

* Time has come for Meier to go public

Destruction of Ozone Layer & Atomic Danger:


22- The most important neui Factor is here the fact of the desti of the ozone girdle, uhich in rapide measure becomes more i more destroied.

23- Elaborate in this purpose also a fejjcj&ll and spread it. 2U. Reach uith it also to newspapers and television etc. and c;

the menacing danger from the roafs-

25- Further has to get plaited into the lecture, that the atom

menace has increased in huge measure egain.

+ You have good talking, Semjase, as First one offends every thing at me, uhat I urite daun on paper, as pretentive it uritten. MB^M^MHI^HMmVI^VHI

Billy wants to Quit the Mission:

I^^^H^^H^H^B. Otherwise always the silly question gets asked, uhy you not assist me financial etc. Sometimes it is really to weap, for I find such things just damned unreasonable Several times uhile the last days I have met uith the thought, doing best, if I just throw all away and take up any daily uork First I loose then my financial sorrows, and second I have not to trouble meself uith unlogic questions, etc.


– 288 –


26. The performance of your mission lays in your own judgeme

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