Message From the Pleiades


+ This suffices, I only uanted to knou, whether my assump ^ffte^jfjl^ – How does it now behave at you with the sac matrimony, join there together man and woman also like □r gets a procreation of descendants otherwise done tha do you perhaps breed your childrens in test-tubes or in breeding-farms?


£,3. (laughs loudly) – This is typical human nonsense of ear a product of sick phantasy:

The Creation has equipped each single kind of living form

by quite certain worthes, by what they can reproduce thems

in very natural ways and mode. kk* The law of unit is of same value in the whole universe, th

two each in themselves unitary worthes result in conclusic

a great-unit or a hyper-unit, same ways also in the reproc

of any material-caused forms of life. **5. Alone these reproduct and are connected to the law of repi A6. Higher spiritual forms are about this position, as they h«

got free of their material body and then too of the demanc


t*7. They but are not enabled to create new spirit, for this a’.

the Creation itself is able to do. **3. The propagation act embodies a uniform character in uhole


tf9. This means, that universal-uniform aluays both worthes, pi and negative, man and woman, have to find together, to vot for the propagation of descendants-

5o. This got initiated this uays by the Creation, and there i: other possibility.

Spiritual Procreation:


+ But always again gets pretended, a procreation could ge cised in spiritual way, too- Besides this, the Chrlstia pretends Maria having got child by spirit’s Force.


51. This is nonssnse of wicked human phantasy, constructed abnormal thinking earthly human beings, who press the t oF spirit in their morbid-overboardinc phantasy into in ways.

52. Each truth and each knowledge leave From these all, by they degrade the earthhuman being to the most evil cree the whole universe, although the earthly human being is or less inFerior than all other living Forms oF uniuers

53. Sure, at presence the earthhuman being lives in slidinc a evil abyss, but though he is because tnis not more hi other living creatures. For other creatures have to li\ same stage of development.


– 26a –

54. IF then From our side or too From Far over us laying s levels earthmankind gets reproached in great measure, in the meaning, earthmankind being worse than other f life.

55. The truth sounds always hard, and nowhere she gets war listened.

56. If so the truth about the development of the earthly r being sounds harsh and surly, then no overvaluation of must be done from this, for as told, the earthly mankj better and not worse than all other forms of life in 1 verse, who sameways have to pass their evolution stage

57. fanatic or also only wrong leaded religion-aCherers ai advocates incline unfortunately very much to the tendi clothe each for them non-understandable into phantasy sick wish-imaginations.

58. So in their delusion, they imagine, the from the Crea destinied and created way of reproduction in sexual fi be something degenerated.

59. Their morbid delusion lets them not recognize the tru Creation itself having destinied this kind Df reprodo and proved to be good.

So. These Fallen to this delusion creatures believe so, s reproduction would be inspiritual and unpure.

61. Not at least this delusionary idea rose From old here religion oFFerers, who by certain wrong-intelleged la wanted to restrain certain degenerations of the earth being at sexual reaches.

62. As actual world-betterers they only wanted to bring u only the sexual degenerations of the earthly human, y deliberating about, tfcat they forced by the wrong and Dthers unintelligible explanations the human beings t acceptances and confusion.

63. As I already told, in uhole the universe the reproductii is one and the same, and a spiritual reproduction in a i form of life belongs to the area of morbid phantasy.

6t. Maria too, the mother of Jmmanuel, got not with child b spiritual powers or by the “Holy Spirit”.

65. She exercised cohabitation uith the heavenly son Gabrie uith child by him, and that from higher order of the at time govering some earthly human races leader of the he sons, who kept the designation IHWH, that is god.

66. Here and there impregnations of womanly forms of life a without that a male form had generated the decisive pro

67. 9ut also in these cases it does not concern any toss-up spiritual forces etc., but simple wrong regulations anc leading of hormonal factors in the feminine hormonal p3

Male Sperm & Unplanned Impregnations:


66. Here and there impregnations of womanly Forms oF life a without that a male Form had generated the decisive pre

67. But also in these cases it does not concern any toss-up spiritual Forces etc., hut simple wrong regulations anc leading oF hormonal Factors in the Feminine hormonal pJ

63. At these things but still a Further Factor must get cor which can lead to undesired and uncontrollable cohabits Male semen oF several Forms oF life are partly able to themselves alive during some days, when they have left producing organs.

69. If they fall on suited places, then they can work thems forward to those regions, where then they can call fori an impregnation.

70. If we withdraw the earthly humans for an example, such of impregnation can get described by Fallowing uords: I woman is very sensible respectively an impregnation am tive, so it is sufficient to lead an impregnation into way, if at her the male semen places itself outsides at to the conceptive organs.

71. According each to the live-consistence of the concerni; this is able to work himself into the conceptive organ impregnate the there placed uomanly ovum.

72. While very crass cases it is even possible such an impre nation, when the male sperm gets placed farer away, so f example in heighth of the bosom.

73. As talked, the male sperm is able to keep itself alive e often longer time, even in seldom cases up to three days

Ik. Two days are already less rere and 12 hours are quite nt


Marriage & Procreation of Plejaren:

iMHH^^^H^BB^HI^pMHHI’ – how doe

it behave at you uith the matrimony and the procreation of descendants etc.?


75- Basicly are our laus and bids in this concerns still partly preserved in many of your old literatures, for they became transmissed to you by our far ancestors ail right: In our races only matrimonies of monogame form oat closed, past before thoroughly clarification of all facts in respect of a belonging together.


7S. Mistakes can not be disclosed of course in these matters, t these become, if necessary, later still eliminated.

77. The quantity of descendants gets decided by the highest col in the meaning, that a certain number of birthas has to be observed uhile a certain time limit, to preserve this uays the race and not to effect overcrowding.

78. According to the nature it is obligation of each single foi of life, to create descendants for preservation of species and to exercise control over this.

79. In a matrimony conclosed forms of life, man and uoman then, remain for the time of their life arranged into this alliat

80. Divorces, like you knou them, are not admitteo and only al. in those crass cases, where gets offended against the laus and bids of matrimony coarsely, uhere culprits then fall t) the exilation.

81. This but are events, uhich at our races belong to absolute rareness.


82- The exercise of the laws and bids for the single matter matrimony and of intercourse etc. do I not need to ment here specially, for you can read these in the Talmud Jm

83. Our laws are the same since thousands of years and corr to the lau explications of Jmmanuel in the Talmud.

Bk* An alternation has alone come in the kind of punishment she got according to our time and our evolution humanis and changed. The uniform penalty at these matters remai

the lifelong banishment.

+ If I remember right, then the finder of the Talmud has these things in chapter 12 uith the title “About matrin and the sexual intercourse“. You do mean, these laws ha still today their validity, like in the time of Jmmanue 2ooo years ago, and that youselves for your races have the heigth of punishment to your time and your spiritUE level, so that as uniform penalty you sentence just a 3 long exilation?

Semjase 65. Certainly.

Falling in Love with Sub-developed HumanBeing of another Race:


^^■^■^^^■^^^■m^^^B^^^ft but hou behaues uith the bility, a human being oF your race could gat “madly in For a human being oF another and subdevelopped world?


SB. I don’t understand, what you say.

+ I mean in this: Uhat will happen, if a human being oF \ race Falls in love with a human being oF another,spiri: not so much developped race?

Semjase (laughing) SB. Just the same, as at you: The humans love one another i all their feelings, as like I love you. + Do you want to say, that you have yours……….


B9. Sure, I am fallen in love to you.

+ You are crazy, my child. You could seven times be my gi and on the other side it is ……..


1oo. I’m sorry, I have not heard this: If a human being of ol should fall in love with one of an otherworldly and spii below us race in that meaning, that these both want to jj together, then this possibility gets cleared up from oui

lot* If* the facts result, the necessary premises of all sorts fulfilled, so the matrimony can become closed.

102. There really does not play a roll, whether the otherwor; form of life lives below our own spiritual level, for i: cases 3he becomes higher developed according to our levt our scientists.

+ I find this quite fair; belong such events to the norma.


103. No, they are truely rather seldom.


Love & Friendship between Billy & Semjase:

+ I mean in this: Uhat will happen, if a human being of v race falls in love with a human being of another,spirit not so much developped race?

Semjase (laughing)

SB. Just the same, as at you: The humans love one another i

all their feelings, as like I love you.

+ Do you want to say, that you have yours……….


89. Sure, I am fallen in love to you.

+ You are crazy, my child. Yau could seven times be ny g: and on the other side it is ……..

90. Stop, stop, – first, I know your attitude respectively la\ very exact, and on the other side I an myself conscious of your deep friendly feelings to me, and that you also love

91. So you have not to disturt your words consciously and give another tone to the things, as you really feel these.

92. You also then have not to do such, if by this you only war tD cover your happy feelings.

93. Give all right free course to your feelings in this respei as I nkow them too good, as you could hide them from me.

94. Gn the other side I know exact about n:e and you, that our feelings are pure deep friendly natured and we have not t be ashamed of them or to worry about.

95- If this would be this ways among all earthhuman beings,

you already would have the paradise.

+ So, so – you thus know my feelings and my differenciation between love and love.


96. Surely, and because this, I feel happiness insides me, li

you use to tell this.

+ So you know, that my opinion is, that many kinds of love possible, and that love in friendship and love in the mat only can be differenced by small things, and that the tru love to fellow-creatures in general hangs on the same cha


97. Surely I know that, and your meanings in this respect are admirable.

93. I only esteem, that in this you get misunderstood and pei

with hostility by your fellow-creatures manyfold.

+ Unfortunately you are right. But I am very glad about yoi. truely love- Your friendship is immense of worth to me.

99. Thank you.

+ Don’t thank for that, for the thank is quite on my side.


Population of Plejaren Federation;

Meier- Still another question, Semjase- Hobf great by is your nvvi>cinC?

Semjase- 104/1 can only answer you this cp^stlcn wher plain that we are cormpr-tred to an ?1 1 inr.ix (of. p] which extends icself far mm the Cosr-ms. 105/Td U liance belong different ccl?.r systems, and tr*» total of inhabitants cf the human fcind of life amounts to c! 127 lOO/TViftr** are still innuTPrable other U gent fonrs of 1 If© of nnn-human characrter arQ staiKlan sides ioira of rMtsn (and other) beings vrto are unJa us or with iJtctp simply are in no cmrnmicatior. (3)

Inhabitation of Neighbouring Planets:

^■^■^^■^^^^^^^^■^^^^■H^^V • an you at

least tell scrrethinc about the possibility of Inhahi^ation of our neighboring planets?

Semjase- IGSyi an only allowed to explain so much, that different of those planets haw; in former times been occupied by our racee, and arc by minimal roaaaujft still today important for us as baeoo……

Meier- Are you sure of that?

Semjase- n5>ttaturaUy, for I have troubled myself very


+ Hou has to be explained the expressions of certain perse uho say, they had flown by UFOs to other planets of our and uould have seen and talked uith human beings there? uhat about those, uho have pretentive done astral ualks such planets?


110. That all is nonsense and quackery.

111. Exspecially uhile the last time I have studied many of and writings, uhich you have given ma respectively such

112. Here partly get mentionned planets, which are really no for any life and which uould not offer any possibilitie living to any forms of life.

113. In these books worlds of your system ape described as h uhich in truth have created only very minimal life and uithin millions of years uill be able to bear higher li forma.

11*t. Told visits by beamships or in from of astral walks are nothing more than quackery or very strong self-delusion uhich rise from phantastic uish-dreams Dr urong accepts + Are you really sure of that?


115. Naturally, because I have troubled meself very much abc these things.

116. Moreover I knou each single planet of this system, and do not speak only assumptions.

117. Surely, there are some different Forms of life from thE of the universe uorking in the earthly solar system, tf are not settling here.

118. Like ue, they have their bases, but yet their races live outsides in space on their oun uorlds.

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