Message From the Pleiades

35. Our mode of working gets justified by apparatuses in regenc working ways, while the yours is constructed on destructini

36. Our machines withdraw the rays from the objects and set

alternated in good form free again, this ways they c adsorbed again from the concerning planet.

37. At the whole process it treats of an regeneration proce natural order.

38. From your designations the appliance could qet named ne + Dh yea, that seems evident For me, but for my fellow cr

this explanation will we too scarce. If but you are not to talk about this, then I will not force you.


39. Your cognition is intuitive and it tells yau much more, your words da.


CR 022, Wednesday, May 28,1975

-Karl Veit & his wife wanted to meet Billy Meier on July 2nd

Plejaren not allowed to use Future Cognitions:

+ I think, that you make out certain things oF importance Future?


8. Surely, but only then, iF they really are oF vary import

9. For these matters but ue just have to give Free course e let the Future uork, From uhat it uould be useless for l look the Future.

10. Here it concerns, that diFFerent persons direct their mc thinking into the right trails and Find by themselves e> cognitions the eFfective truth.

11. Lie yet must neither by coercion nor by revelation oF Fac the Future inFluence this, From uhat the Foreseeing oF 1 Future becomes unreal in the respect, as the knouing oF Future brings no use For us, because ue are not alloued use these cognitions.


12. The future should first then became foreexperisnced, if recognition from this can find useful and successful exE

13. The foreliving of personal matters and developing facts

forms of life in the future ought not get exercised in 1

cause, as each form of life has to go her way of the noi

development and not is allowed to became influenced thrc

knowings of futural kind in a way, that she just could t

development stages without having experienced the neces;

wisdom of this stage. ‘

+ I esteem this for logical and the meaning is also clear From that, it is senseless too, that further on we’d di: about this meeting.

Semjase’s Transmissions are Stereotyped & no Repeats – Special Apparatus:

+ IH^^BHHtfHM^^B – Can you explain me once a time, thoughtly transmissions at later point of time always a so stereotyped insides me and that no repeats of any wo sentences appear?


249 –

These later transmissions of our conversations are then otherwise, than when we have thoughts’ exchange together At the transmission of your reports I often have much di culties in writing, for you just dictate concinuous and repeat even a single word. Vour report transmissions rea into my conscience equal like we have run the conversati


16. I exspected these questions already for long time from v and I wondered already long time, that until now you ha\ so constantly kept silence in such. + I wanted to find the solving of the riddle by myself.

19. Have you found?

+ I am not sure. Sometimes it seems for me while your trai like your thoughts were a mechanic series, like they woi From nut a machine- I always have to think of a tape rei which repeats just, what he just had recorded. So I havi Lu the conclusion, that you do not personally perform yt transmissions, but let them give my a machine or anythii The cause for that could be, that you suffer from the s like we earthhuman beings, which is, that also you can hold in brains word for word, which was talked among us elsewhere. As yet the forces of unconscious never forge thing and surely you are able to tap these, so you will too with a machine or similar, which then radiates all to me. These are my essential deliberations. Of course be wrong within all these things, but the grade of prob seems to me the greatest in these deliberations. These rations could be agreaded with, that not a single word rep.eated_ in your transmissions and I have because that trouble, to write down the comming sentences and uords enough.


20. If I had not just heard the explanation from you person if this would be given to me from third person, I woulc their truth and first had to prove this.

21. So but I myself have he&rd her and know about their coi

22. Your explication is much puzzling for ne and your explc logic of a kind, that really makes me horrified.

+ why – I don’t understand.

Semjase 23. You still ask for that?

2U. Your explanation accords so much to the facts, that I an alone surprised about, but even startled by it.

25. Any abilities in you must have increased in strngth quil enormous while our contacting time, what I will clear u[

26. This might get dangerous For the earthly humans, iF you your deliberations in certain circles open, Far the hum; oF yaur world, exspecially the scientists, are not matu: enough For the recognitions oF those Facts.

27. They would endanger the liFe oF whale your warld and gi to question.

23. Have you deliberated thoughts even about the details oF

called by you apparature?

+ OF course, For iF I da anything, then I uant to da is t So I made my considerations about the inner living of t machine and have Found, it would only be necessary, an scred……….


29. Stop, this must you not explain, at least not Far thp h oF your world.

3a. I told you already, this uould be able ti get very dang

31. Your scientists might Find by these knowings their eval ny what then they were able to subjugate the earthmanki Fully while Few hours and banish her.

32. They uould heave themselves to gods and do, uhat just u to prevent.

33. I uill have to coucil with the others and judge uith tr probable our high council will have to make decision at this, because, iF ue have to eliminate certain things, must ……..


Semjase wants to Eliminate some Cognitions in Billy:

23. Have you deliberated thoughts even about the details of

called by you apparature?

+ Of course, for iF I do anything, then I uant to do is tl So I made my considerations about the inner living of t machine and have found, it uould only be necessary, an sured……….


29. Stop, this must you not explain, at least not for the h of your uorld.

30. I told you already, this uould be able to get very dang

31. Your scientists might find by these knouings their eval ny uhat then they uere able to subjugate the earthmanki fully uhile feu hours and banish her.

32. They uould heave themselves to gods and do, uhat just iu to prevent.

33. I uill have to coucil uith the others and judge uith tr probable our high council uill have to make decision at this, because, if ue have to eliminate certain things, must……..

+ Moment, moment, Semjase – do you possibly uant to say l that you uant to eliminate something in me? There you c uait long uhile, because you uould suffer your blue mai So easy uould my mothers son not stand such.


– 251 –


34. Don’t incite youself, for First I may not decide this by and second you would neither Feel anything nor later any injured at any ways.

35. It only concerns, that the knowing about quite a certain

system gets removed, oF which you have become conscious

considerations, etc.

+ And you believe, that simply I admit, that you elaborate brain into salad and voluntary let eradicate my perscnaJ brain’s good?


3S. If it gets destinied so, then you should not incite yous because this.

+ You make me phantastic hopes, but do not think, that sir I would let this happen.


37. Our possibilities in this respect are so much precise ai

absolute sureness, that neither you would be able to do

against this nor would Feel the smallest whilst.

+ I but would know, that something just Is no more existii sides me, yes?


38. Surely, for alone a certain factor gets remoted, not ye reminiscenses.

+ Ulell so, then I but could defence me against it. I thin without my reminiscenses 1 could no more satisfy my mis respect of our things, or do I err in this?


39. Your logic precises the Facts.

+ So do, what you like, Far the consequences are of your your obligation’s disadvantage. If you believe, that I simply your guinea-pig, then with everything is vinegar

Semjase 4a. How do you mean this?

41. I but do not want to make an experiment or test with yc


– 252 –

1*3. The ability and the performance of such eliminations st;

absolute sure and their precision admits not the smalle

substance of an unsecurity oil undefinity.

+ Then I am not yet a guinea-pig, but an execution-pig» i like this designation more.


I do not understand your excitement, as you will not su the jot of any hurt.

+ This is fully the same for me all. My thoughts* good is thoughts’ good, and just this aught it remain also. If and the your neglect that, then I simply close the shup destroy whole the material and travel into the waste or jungle to never return into the civilisation.


1*5. You really would do such? + Exact, and this wuthout any hesitation.


1*6. You would destroy your own mission, and the aurs tagetr + Have I expressed meself too little exact?


klm Now I really do not understand you any more.

+ Do you truely believe, that I would let take away my tf so easily, where otherwise with trouble and need as un earthly creature I have to develop my spiritual knowini know me so little, that you believe, yau just could el: my achieved thoughts’ good? This is damned unlagical f: and just that had I never credited with you. But you at yours can have it, like you want: Either you da not fl insides my brains etc., or we have talked last time to

Semjase US. You insist on that? + Uas my talk not clear ^enough?


1*9. I only want to be sure and I see, your eyes speaking t speech.

– 253 –

53- So I believe, that I can account for it, if under one a I Qive you the promise to …..

+ I da not trust in matters of believing; this do you as g as I.


54. I want to explain with my words, that with sureness I c

far, that no manipulations in respect of an elimination

made, if you assure to me, that never even one single uj

will tell about your knowings to any human.

+ I am heavily wondering about your crazy behavement. Sen for there exists so much unclear in it. You know but ve goad, that I never do hat and haughty oathes, but that or no answers a question decisively at me. Uhy donft yc me from begin, whether I want to keep silence about thE mentioned facts, or not, to what you would have gotten concerning answer, which is, that I keep quiet, if you this for goad. Why da you at once throw with skyscrapei me and menace so to speak with an elimination of the ( ning knowing? This is unintelligible for me.


55. It would soon have become understandable for you, if yi

not played so high your excitement. 56- You had found the logic of my words.

57. For you but now can not da it, I will explain this to 1 The elimination of the factor of knowledge was only me by me, because you were no more endangered.

5fl. Uhen you had no more this knowledge, then never anyone explore it out from you – even not by force, with what unfortunately must be counted, for even this possibili must get drawn into consideration.

59. You now have given me your word, to keep silence about knowing, and I know, this corresponding to your honest

So. In this farm one could®elicit from you by force and pa your knowledge, without you wanted it.

61. This means a factor of insecurity, which would be remc an elimination.

CR 025

12. It is the matter about the elimination of your knouing

of certain things: All have agreeced, ;o observe an eventual elimination exact like you desirec.

13. Your compromise has Found very large agreement and it seems even For us the best uay.

Crystals & Precious Stones are Dangerous:

I uant to take up another thing, about uhich once ue ta beFore the leave, uhat is in respect oF the cristals ar stones, uhich according to your explanations can become danaerous For the human beings, uhen they are in their or even get uorn by them.


78. But about this I already have given you explanation.

+ Really, but I have talked about these matters uith somt ue have come to the opinion, it only uould be good and if ue described this thoroughly in aur contact reports, it is oF importance Far the human beings.


79. This sounds logical, and so I uant to discuss the sing, once more:


– 256 –

Each cristals, semi-cristals, jewels and semi-precious s as well different minerals of earthly origin are receive transmitter of humanly feelings-according citements and thought energies. emotions

So. Each from its kind they store more or less these energit at their owners themselves discharge again and influencf by strong measure.

81. The earthly sphere is but now in an energy level of most negative forces, which surround the earth like a heavy (

82. These negative powers rose, and each second become devei still further, from the huge negative thought energies i earthly-human forms of life, who by their heresies and i kinds of wickedness lay whole the world into the ban of destructive and deadly radiation.

83. As but now cristals of each kind as well as jewels and minerals and so on are very strong adsorbers and receiv such energies, it could not stay away, that by these ne human thought-energies of wicked sort they overmeasured got charged and have become to dangerous need- and mis bringers.

8*». Each from their kind and character many of them became of sickness, languishing state and death, when by human they came into their’s possession.

85. Exspecially cristals and precious stones of all kinds 3 very sensible receivers and collectors of negative hume thought energies and negative movements.

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