Message From the Pleiades

+ Thank you very much. – It concerns a young man with name F.O. from U. He has ……


139. This is enough. I don’t need to know more details.

140. I uill comply with your requests as soon as possible and transmit you the result in thoughtly level.

CR 019, Friday, May 16,1975 Results of F.O.:

Nineteenth contact

Friday, 1S.May75, U.o9h

Contact in thoughts’ transmission


1. It was an easy thing for me to satisfy your uiish in respect to the person of F.Q. in UJ.

2. While longer hours I have occupied meself with him and have searched into him a3 far as it uias demanded.

3. Such was connected with no essential difficulties, because this person puns no directable forces of defence, she understood

to bring in use.

<+. Though better knowing this person but pretends being able to

bring in use same ways defense forces, as For example several

Forces of other Forms, which base in pure spiritual Forms. 5. F.O. is able to bring in use tiny hypnotic abilities, but this

includes already whole his ability/evaluations of talents. □. He likes to esteem himself in this respect very decisive

greater, than with truth he is. 7. He believes himself being a spiritually far developed human,

though he deceives himself by that consciously. 8* Astray, half-religious acceptances of belief hold him prisonned

in an extremely strong material-intellectual thinking, from

which he is not able to free himself. 9. His evolutionary position of evolution lays in the average of

the normal average earthhuman being. 1o. So in respect of spiritual abilities he still is very far away

from the paint, where he would reach in range of sight the

limitation area between material-intellectual and spiritual-

– 231 –

intellectual thinking.

11. Uhole hia consideration lays still captured uithin halfreligious uays, uhich rules him to spiritual slavery.

12. In ignorance of the truth of the spirit and the Creation his processes of thinking in material-intellectual kind loose themselves in ruling pouers about him, so in god-acceptances

and this uays in belief-acceptances.

13. Like ueak and insignificant flashes here and there thoughflashes touch forward into the third main position, but neither they are able to hold themselves there nor to withdraw any knouledge or cognitions touards them.

14. Such happens at him only in cause of hearsay, not yet from oun initiative of recognitions.

15. His spirit is easily confusable, uithout any farce means were necessary.

16. There lack at him the smallest cognitions of spiritual-intellectual mode of thinking, in cause of uhat he not even is able to explain for himself the forces of his small hypnosis talent.

17. From out his uhole unspirited mode of thinking he lives uithin immoderate acceptance of belief, uhich moreover makes him very presumptious, too.

18. I mentioned already, that he inclines, though better knowing, to pretend things and abilities about himself, about uhich he neither Is master and uhich nor he is able to conceive.

19. His absolute single recognizable ability is the one of the minimal hypnosis, with uhich but his by him recognizable abilities and evaluatable abilities already are drained.

at uhere he not even may analysate the of the hypnosis or to explain them.

20. His exaggerated displayed “knouledge”, which in truth only embodies belief acceptances, does not origin in his very own labour of thinking or any recognitions, but it comes from irreal literature works.

21. As this uiays he neither has found truth nor cognitions or abilities, he tries to suqare this by pretentions against

22. But the utilization in cognition of the knowledge in truth

are fully away from him, and he has to content himself with

the minimal use of his hypnotic abilities, which not even

allows him a penetrating into the thoughtly spiritual form

of his fellow-creature.

+ You once again speak very hard words, Semjase, where necessarily I must think of some things, which some time ago have led to differences.


23. You by sure know, that the truth always 3aunds hard and that I have done certain mistakes, as you hint at that.

2<*. But I may ensure you, that I have remoted the known to me

mistakes and will not undergo them anather time, but you know this quite exactly.

25. Why do you remind me then of it?

+ I only wanted to be sure, that all keeps its Tightness. By no means it should be a reproach or similar.


26. I see, – and other things have I not to say to you in the moment.

CR 020, Teusday, May 20,1975

Billy first Contact with Pure Spirit-Form, Arahat Athersata:

8. These should you get: Cur high council has concidered, tl are not alone enough knouing for contacts uith fo: life of higher spiritual position, but that you even are enough to have contact uith very much higher forms of sp uho already have proceeded over the rebirth and are pure forms.

9. In that purpose ue informed the being of this spiritual uho joined contact uith you.

10. Ee conscious, that this exposes an extreme exception and not similar uhile the last tuo thousand years.

11. Trouble yourself because this for mcst extreme concentra and ability of perception to fulfill the given to you mi

12. It uill be hard and time-consuming.

CGthinks Billy’s wording in writing is too Harsh:


– 235 –

+ 0T course, here I have brought for you two scriptures, wh you should read and on uhich you should pass an opinion. The one presents a handbill fromout my feather and the se a birth-haroscope-analysis for my person. About ths first said by my group to be too hard In unrd and style and to too open uritten, than to find resonance- One explained t the readers uould get shacked. For ths second I just uant knou, uhat you mean about.


25. I like to comply uith your uishes. ••…….X i

the both writings)………………-

Some minits later

+ What do you think about?


26. I find nothing in your handbill, uith uhat I could not at 27- Too, I see no cause for reproval respectively a too hard

quite in contrary: The words are quite chosen and pleasir and they name facts.

28. Facts of truth are important, and that these get called I

29. It uould be unservible for the matter, if pretty sentenci be used.

30. The truth can alone be desribed by clear facts, but not I circumwriting and speechifying.

31. Such a form uould be from all beginning be sentenced to uhat matter already many truthbringers before you had to experience.

32. Their circumuritings and speechyfyings uoke urong impres and consequenced, that all became urong exposed and inte and in purpose diffused, uhat led to new heresies.

33. From this I must consider your style for right and advis criticans of a mistake.

34. They find offence in ths? words of this handbill, for the have not recognized the truth in its basical orders and themselves by plain wrong understanding of love, justice use of laws in crsational meaning against a given reason use of farce af the natural laws.

– 236 –

36. Their minds base still too much in the worldly, where thi intented on their esteem and name.

37. They well like the truth, but to represent her in clearm embodies another thing for them.

33. hie do not want to settle a global truth-organisation or swamp your world’s civilians by the truth while short ti because such a proceeding were not of use for our matter

39. Alone small groups are servible, if their members stay f and quite to the truth.

40. By these the truth slowly becomes diffused and will seiz mankind during generations and centenniums.

41. You just perform the baslcal ground work.

42. The truth but has to be guaranteed in your group members yet can only happen then, when the truth gets offered tc by clear words, even if these words are according to the truth hard.

43. This but gives the security, that no doubts, heresies ar wrong opinions undermine the meaning Df the matter, whal basic importance.

44. From such is to advise, that further handbills get spre; this pattern, for elsehow or spoken by fine talk would t be damaging.

45. The group’s members ought to be in consideration to cant the truth in its hardness and tD defense it, because on] this is of benefit.

46. The truth is hard and never can get exposed by soft wo; what they ought deliberate.

47. They should with calmth deliberate of the ancient true | whos lessons of truth laid in much harder expressions, is the case in your hantlbill.

48. The truth gets never heard with delight, and so persecu enmity.

49. So experienced already the old prophets, who often had

+ This have I also tried to explain, with nearly the same which is Jmmanuel. But I do not believe, that my exposuj have beared large fruits.


5o. Make known to the group-criticans my exposures, for thei learn the logic from them.

Meier’s Birth-Horoscope Analysis by a Person:


– 237 –

+ This have I also tried to explain, uith nearly the same uhich is Jmmanuel. But I da not believe, that my expoaua have beared large fruits.


50. Make knoun to the group-crlticans my exposures, for the* learn the logic from them.

+ I uill do so, yet nou give your opinion to the second u:


51. Several things are there very quipped, uhile other thim correspond most extreme irreality.

52. Uhile years ue have studied you in all aspekts and test abilities of spirit-basically.

53. Here ue have been made attentive on, that you possess e ordinary good ability of intuition, uhat expressively b contested in this analysis.

54. A pretention, uhich misses each basis and uhich by full ness got said from lou motives.

55. The originating person of this analysis must have bscom mated about any things in respect of your person, for a leads to this.

56. Disclosed from the uhole statements, it uill be uith th a very little-minded human being uithout uorthful spiri cognitions.

57. Alsa everything points ta there, that this human is vei sessed in favour of himself and his knouledge from book because that also tries to push higher earthly spiritua into the meanlessness.

58. Further on is this person not only religious depending slaved extremely by her, but he has uickedly fallen to

59. Respectively the spiritual position of this person I a] have mentionned, that she misses uorthful spiritual cat in respect to analysatic abilities too.

Go. The called in the analysis according to the truth fact:

in ahsnlufcp RiirpnpRB frnm am/ hnnlrn’ ufczrlnma ,.,hi 1 a hm

61- This ways this person believes, she could vindicate her:

before you and does not know, that she suffers so a sami

fallacy as in her slavedness to religion.

+ Thank you, Semjase, this was more, than actually I uanti I only asked yet for your opinion respectively the anal’ With your whole talk you yet you compliment me much and meself like a superman.

CR021, Tuesday, May 27, 1975

-Billy received transmitted message from Arahat Athersata

Finances required other thanthat for Nourishment are strange to Semjase:


+ Why? I find this a comic question from you – isn’t it ev that I have to nourish and obtain my family? I can not j wife and family hunger, moreover but many other things c taoether, which cause new problems each month, that are expenses for house interests, telephone, electrizity anc insurances etc. These give for me each month alltogethei rounded 21oo Francs, of what but I only earn barely one in cause of what I also had to require my bank account s drain it- The equipments far filming and photographing h horrible much money.


S. Now I understand: You not only have to be cared about tt cial for nourishments etc., yet moreover for many other which are important and inevitable for you.

+ Just so it is.


9. Truely,-I have not taken this in account, as such probli strange for us.

1o- You but never have spoken thorough about these things, I always had the opinion, that with your lifelihood it concerned facts of nourishment.

11. So but the matter looks otherwise and I now understand, you have problems in this.

12. Under these circumstances it is better, if for the firs behind some things of our missions and take them up fir future years.

Eliminating ExtraTerrestrial Radiation from Crystals & Minerals:


1u. ^MM1 several times I came to you uith the prcposal

bring cristals to you, uhich you could sell.

+ You contradict youself, because you have explained to rm for the present I ought “enbalm” them.

Hum insh

19. This uas not meant, like you interpret It.

20. I ordered only quite certain security means, in certain

+ Ulell, but hou should I offer these things to the people uhat is, if at controls any rays get noticed, uhich are earthly origin?


21. You uill find the uay uith help of good friends; in thi you burden upon you needless problems.

22. Also in respect of the rays you can be calmed, for here

best analyses uould shou no results.

+ Do then other planets radiate the just same rays onto c as it originates from our earth?


23. Uith this assumption you have passed by the aim, for th different rays, uhich from all material things of caurs get adsorbed.

24. Our technic but allous for us, to distract such rays at all material forms, if not these forms contain alternat

25. Then I have remated all ray apoearings from the given t minerals and cristals, by uhat uhen reaching the earth] they lauful took up uhile feu moments the rays, uhich e of the earth, by uhat in comparison uith same earthly c and minerals no difference any more can get found.

26. If the extraterrestral rav3 got not extracted, then int they uere recognizable and even often dangerous for mar of life.


+ So does it behave, and when I understand right, then you me; with alternative life all living forms, which we name fauna and flpT*a ttfcB* and for organical. As you are not able to fr those forms of life from the rays, you had to eliminate the two trees too, which had caught rays from your ship.


27. Your intuition is very expressed.

+ I will deliberate once a time thoroughly. There remains at just said things now but yet left the question according tc cristals and minerals: How can you free these from their x How is the process and how does all this operate?


33. Again one of your questions, which I am not allowed to ansii for the earthhuman beings.

34. Your scientists already in small worthes know the adsorbatJ of certain rays by certain matter, but at first within quit little worthes.

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