How Fanatical Atheism Gave Us the Tea Party

When you have a closed community of scientists no good can come of it. Nazi Germany is a sobering example. One of Hitler’s most trusted science advisers was a Nobel Prize winner. At the time, Germany had an incredible pool of scientific genius. Einstein came from Germany, but left because it became a closed community intolerant of non-conformists; that is, those who were not in the Nazi Party and hungry to persecute and kill Jews like Einstein. They bought into the pseudoscience that was accepted as fact back then: eugenics. This belief would launch the globe into World War II and the Holocaust before at was reappraised, and quietly discarded. The dogma of a master race and social Darwinism also existed in the United States and many western countries. It was responsible for decades of forced sterilizations in America, but in Nazi Germany they took it to a whole new level.

Since some of the greatest minds in the world back then accepted eugenics as fact, those who questioned eugenics were ostracized and the scientific journals wouldn’t touch them. They were falsely labled “Catholics” and dabblers in pseudoscience because they engaged in the taboo practice that’s also known as the scientific method and critical thinking.

There were false dogmas then, and there are now. A closed and intolerant community of scientists will ensure these false dogmas hobble or prevent the advance of humanity, and it will always lead to the persecution of great or better minds. It is already happening.

Otherwise Smart Men With a Very Poor Understanding of Cause and Effect

This is why Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins are dicks, no better than “God hates fags” Rev. Fred Phelps or any snake-handling fanatical Pentecostal preacher. As it is now we have a volunteer army that is fighting a religious/geo-political war in the middle east. That’s exactly what fighting a jihad means. How could we possibly survive another religious war amongst ourselves? Unfortunately, this isn’t hyperbole and in this nightmare scenario it won’t be a war over nothing: should it happen, it will be a civil war ostensibly fought over freedom of religion; replacing one oppressive indoctrination with another. So how bad is the ideological war now?

When you hear of states seriously considering secession, particularly Texas, surprise! It’s run by extremely fundamentalist Christians. Texas schools still teach creationism. The evidence could not be more obvious: the explosion of public and private schools teaching creationism is a reaction to a fanatical atheist movement that has launched an unwinnable and self-destructive ideological war against them. The counter-offensive now appeals to voucher schools where both creationism and evolution are taught.

As  you can see, this aforementioned caustic and condescending approach has already backfired. Once moderate Christians feel their faith threatened, so they give money to right-wing extremists who promise to protect “the Christian way of life” or simply freedom of religion. Sometimes they have no idea they are doing it, because the money they tithe or give to televangelists is spent at the discretion of religious leaders. The vast majority of atheists and agnostics minding their own business who leave their neighbors alone to find their own path in life can thank Bill Maher and Dawkins for their role in putting the very people they fear and hate, unstable creationist doofii, quickly into power.

Now I ask the fanatical atheist this: who will you get tithing from each week? Do any of you collect 10% of everyone’s wages on a regular basis in gatherings as ubiquitous as churches? who will fund your war chest? Atheists don’t tithe, most detest war and it’s why atheists hate religion. We are already in a religious war against a jihad, so why instigate this unfathomably moronic and destructive one among ourselves? Ideological conflicts have a long history of bursting into deadly ones. Read a fucking history book.

So why quote Einstein on God and religion? For one thing, it demonstrates that belief in a universe as the product of an unknown, unfathomable intelligence does not equate to belief of religion. That said, it is a logical fallacy and injustice to attribute the irrationality, hatred, and superstitions of weaker minds to those who are not religious, but believe the following: intelligence can manipulate matter and engage in creation, which is self-evident, as opposed to the unproven theoretical: that matter can engage in creation randomly and did, and it is the only answer.

Assuming we do finally understand how the universe was created, this one and the infinity of others in the multiverse, we then have to ask what created the multiverse? As for parallel universes, there may now be proof they exist:

Whatever the case may be, if you want to read about Albert Einstein’s true stand on religion and science, don’t take my word for it. Read it in his own words. Take a look at The World As I See It.

As an interesting aside, after the Women’s Patriot Corporation went batshit crazy in the attempt to convince the FBI and media he was a dangerous alien and should not be allowed to enter America because he was an anarchist, a pacifist, and communist; Einstein wrote the following.

Never yet have I experienced from the fair sex such energetic rejection of all advances; or, if I have, never from so many at once.

But are they not quite right,  these watchful  citizenesses? Why should one open one’s doors to a person who devours hard-boiled capitalists with as much appetite and  gusto  as the  Cretan Minotaur in days  gone  by devoured luscious Greek maidens, and  on  top  of  that is low-down  enough to reject every sort of war, except the unavoidable war with one’s own wife? Therefore give  heed to your clever  and  patriotic women-folk  and remember  that the Capitol of mighty Rome was once saved by the cackling of its faithful geese.

So this is the kind of mind that would have banned Einstein then, and now through an anonymous board.

As for the Tea Party, it can be argued the backlash against fanatical atheists is what prompted moderate Christians to elect those who were perceived as “defenders” of their faith, but there was a group behind the extremism that always made a great show of its Christianity while notorious for burning its symbol. It was a group that had been, and are experts in electing extremists that could be easily manipulated by monied interests simply by mind-fucking them with their own hate. It was a very bad seed in a soil rich with religious intolerance and it was bound to grow, and grow well.

Click to access women-patriots-fbi-einstein.pdf

FBI file on Einstein. Letter from Women Patriots Corporation who wanted to keep Einstein from entering America. Click to download PDF.

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