Washington Post writer Chris Cilliza breaks into tears after pleas go unheeded and world collectively tells him to go fuck himself.

crwtl3gxyabg7 crw2whagChris Cillizza, in his cam ho blonde wig, makes a poignant plea after serious concerns over Clinton’s health pop up around the world. Fine. Let’s get back to the pay-for-play then?

Pending perjury impeachment?

Maybe he’s right, since there is so much malfeasance and corruption left to talk about.

But wait! It was Clinton herself who used her concussion, and the subsequent brain damage, to excuse events she couldn’t remember in an FBI interview of July of 2016.

Speaking of intervention, Chris, your cognitive dissonance also requires immediate professional attention. Please step away from the keyboard, and pick up that phone RIGHT NOW. Operators are standing by at 1 800 IMA CUCK.

There’s no shame in asking for help, but there is in questioning the sanity of others not sharing your affliction, you emasculated stooge. You are to journalism what explosive diarrhea is to a hot tub party.

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