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Know, O Shem, that without 5 Elorchaios and Amoias and Strophaias and Chelkeak and Chelkea and Aileou, no one will be able to pass by this wicked region. For this is my memorial 10 that in it I have been victorious over the wicked region. And I have taken the light of the Spirit from the frightful water. For when the 15 appointed days of the demon draw near he who will baptize erringly – , then I shall appear in the baptism of the demon to reveal 20 with the mouth of Faith a testimony to those who belong to her. I testify of thee, Spark the unquenchable, Osei, the elect of 25 the Light, the eye of heaven, and Faith, the first and the last, and Sophia, and Saphaia, and Saphaina, and the righteous Spark, and the 3° impure light. And you (sg.), east, and west, and north, and south, upper air and lower air, and all the powers and authorities, 32 you (pl.) are in Nature.

And you (sg.), Moluchtha and Soch are from every work and every impure effort of 5 Nature. Then I shall come from the demon down to the water. And whirlpools of water and flames of fire will rise up against me. Then I 10 shall come up from the water, having put on the light of Faith and the unquenchable fire, in order that through my help the power of the Spirit may cross, 15 she who has been cast in the world by the winds and the demons and the stars. And in them I every unchastity will be filled.

Finally, O Shem, consider 20 yourself pleasing in the thought of the Light. Do not let your thought have dealings with the fire and the body of Darkness which was an unclean 25 work. These things which I teach you are right.

This is the paraphrase: – For you did not remember that it is from the firmament that 30 your race has been protected. – Elorchaios is the name of the great Light, the place from which I have come, the Word which has no equal. And the likeness is my honored garment. 35 And Derderkeas is the name of his Word in 33 the voice of the Light. And Strophaia is the blessed glance which is the Spirit. and it is Chelkeach, who is my garment, 5 who has come from the Astonishment, who was in the cloud of the Hymen which appeared, as a trimorphic cloud. And Chelkea is my garment 10 which has two forms, he who was in the cloud of Silence. And Chelke is my garment which was given him from every region; it was given him in a single form 15 from the greatness, he who was in the cloud of the middle region. and the star of the Light which was mentioned is my invincible garment which 20 I wore in Hades; this (i.e. the star of the Light) is the mercy which surpasses the thought and the testimony of those who bear witness. And the testimony which has been mentioned: 25 the First and the Last, Faith, the Mind of the wind of darkness. And Sophaia and Saphaina are in the cloud of those who have been separated from the chaotic fire. 30 And the righteous Spark is the cloud of light which has shone in your (pl.) midst. For in it (i.e. the cloud of light) my garment will go down to chaos.

But the 34 impure light, which appeared in the Darkness (and) which belongs to dark Nature, is a power. And the upper air and the lower air, and the 5 powers and the authorities, the demons and the stars, these possessed a particle of fire and a light from the Spirit.

And Moluchthas is a wind, 30 for without it nothing is brought forth upon the earth. He has a likeness of a serpent and a unicorn. His protrusion(s) are manifold wings. 15 And the remainder is the womb which has been disturbed. You are blessed, Shem, for your race has been protected from the dark wind which is many-faced. And they will 20 bear the universal testimony and (bear witness) to the impure practice of (Nature>. And they will become sublime through the reminder of the Light.

O Shem, 25 no one who wears the body will be able to complete these things. But through I remembrance he will be able to grasp them, in order that, when his thought separates from the body, 30 then these things may be revealed to him. They have been revealed to your race. O Shem, it is difficult for someone wearing a body to complete [these things, as] I said to you. 35 And it is a small number that will' complete them, those who possess the particle of the mind and the thought of the light of the 5 Spirit. They will keep their mind from the impure practice. For many in the race of Nature will seek the security of the Power. They will not find it, nor 10 will they be able to do the will of Faith. For they are seed of the universal Darkness. And those who find them are in much suffering. The winds 15 and the demons will hate them. And the bondage of the body is severe. For where the winds, and the stars, and the demons cast forth from the power 20 of the Spirit, (there) repentance and testimony will appear upon them, and mercy will lead them to the unbegotten Spirit. 25 And those who are repentant will find rest in the consummation and Faith, in the place of the Hymen. This is the Faith which will 30 fill the place which has been left empty. But those who do not share in the Spirit of light and in Faith will dissolve in the [Darkness], the place 36 where repentance did not come. '

It is I who opened the eternal gates which were shut from the beginning. To those who long for the best of 5 life, and those who are worthy of the repose, he revealed them. I granted perception to those who perceive. I disclose to them 10 all the thoughts and the teaching of the righteous ones. And I did not become their enemy at all. But when I had endured the wrath of the world, I was victorious. There was not 15 one of them who knew me. The gates of fire and endless smoke opened against me. All the winds rose up against me. The thunderings and the 20 lightning-flashes for a time will rise up against me. And they will bring their wrath upon me. And on account of me according to the flesh,

they will rule over them according to kind. 25

And many who wear erring flesh will go down to the harmful waters through the winds and the demons. And they are bound by the water. 30 And he will heal with a futile remedy. He will lead astray, and he will bind the world. And those that do the will of Nature, their part will [...] 37 two times in the day of the water and the forms of Nature. And it will not be granted them, when Faith disturbs them 5 in order to take to herself the righteous one.

O Shem, it is necessary that the thought be called by the Word in order that the bondage of the power of the Spirit may be saved frog the frightful 10 water. And it is blessedness if it is granted someone to contemplate the exalted one, and to know the exalted time and the bondage. For the water is an 15 insignificant body. And men are not released, since they are bound in the water, just as from the beginning the light of the Spirit was bound.

O Shem, they are deceived 20 by manifold demons, thinking that through baptism with the uncleanness of water, that which is dark, feeble, idle, 25 (and) disturbing, he will take away the sins. And they do not know that from the water to the water there is bondage, and error and unchastity, 30 envy, murder, adultery, false witness, heresies, robberies, lusts, babblings, wrath, bitterness, 35 great [...].

38 Therefore there are many deaths which burden their thoughts. For I foretell it to those who have a heart. 5 They will refrain from the impure baptism. And those who take heart from the light of the Spirit will not have dealings with the impure practice. 10 And their heart will not expire, nor will they curse. And the water – <nor> will they be given honor. Where the curse is, there is the deficiency. 15 And the blindness is where the honor is. For if they mix with the evil ones, they become empty in the dark water. For where the water has been 20 mentioned, there is Nature, and the oath, and the lie, and the loss. For only in the unbegotten Spirit, where the exalted Light rested, 25 has the water not been mentioned, nor can it be mentioned.

For this is my appearance: for when I have 30 completed the times which are assigned to me upon the earth, then I will cast from me [my garment of fire (?)]. And 39 my unequalled garment will come forth upon me, and also all my garments which I put on in all the clouds 5 which were from the Astonishment of the Spirit. For the air will tear my garment. For it (i.e. my garment) will shine, and it will divide all the clouds up to 10 the root of the Light. The repose is the mind and my garment. And my remaining garments, those on the left and those on the right, will shine 15 on the back in order that the image of the Light may appear. For my garments which I put on in the three clouds, in the last day they 20 will rest in their root, i.e. in the unbegotten Spirit, since they are without fault, through the division of (the) clouds.

Therefore I have appeared, 25 being faultless, on account of the clouds, because they are unequal, in order that the wickedness of Nature might be ended. For she wished at that time 30 to snare me. She was about to fix (to the cross) Soldas who is the dark flame, who attended on the [...] of error, 40 that he might snare me. She took care of her faith, being vainglorious.

And at that time 5 the light was about to separate from the Darkness, and a voice was heard in the world, saying, "Blessed is the eye which has seen thee, and the mind which has 10 supported thy majesty at my desire." It will be said by the exalted one, "Blessed is Rebouel among every race of men, for it is you (fern.) alone 15 who have seen." And she will listen. And they will behead the woman who has the perception, whom you will reveal upon the earth. And according to 20 my will she will bear witness, and she will cease from every vain effort of Nature and chaos. For the woman whom they will behead at that 25 time is the coherence of the power of the demon who will baptize the seed of darkness in severity, that it (i.e. the seed) may mix with unchastity. 30 He begot a woman. She was called Rebouel.

See, O Shem, how all the things I have said to you have been fulfilled. [And .... And the things which] you 41 lack, according to my will they will appear to you at that place upon

the earth that you may reveal them 5 as they are. Do not let your thought have dealings with the body. For I have said these things to you, through the voice of the fire, for I

entered through 10 the midst of the clouds. And I spoke according to the language of each one. This is my language which I spoke to you. And it will be taken from you. And you

will speak with the voice of the world is upon the earth. And it will appear to you with that appearance and voice, and all that I have said to you. Henceforth proceed with Faith

20 to shine in the depths of the world.

And I, Shem, awoke as if from a long sleep. I marveled when I received the power of the Light and his whole thought. 25 And I proceeded with Faith to shine with me. And the righteous one followed us with my invincible garment. And all that he had told me 30 would happen upon the earth happened. Nature was handed over to Faith, that she (i.e. Faith) might overturn her and that she (i.e. Nature) might stand in the Darkness. She brought forth a 42 turning motion while wandering night and day without receiving rest with the souls.

These things completed her 5 deeds.

Then I rejoiced in the thought of the Light. I came forth from the Darkness and I walked in Faith where the forms of 10 Nature are, up to the top of the earth, to the things which are prepared.

Thy Faith is upon the earth the whole day. For all night and day she surrounds 15 Nature to take to herself the righteous one. For Nature is burdened, and she is troubled. For none will be able to open the forms of the Womb except the mind 20 alone who was entrusted with their likeness. For frightful is their likeness of the two forms of Nature, the one

which is blind.

But they who have 25 a free conscience remove themselves from the babbling of Nature. For they will bear witness to the universal testimony; 30 they will strip off the burden of Darkness; they will put on the Word of the Light; and they will not be kept back 43 in the insignificant place. And what they possess from the power of the mind they will give to Faith. They will 5 be accepted without' grief. And the chaotic fire which they possess they will place in the middle region of

Nature. And they will be received 10 by my garments, those which are in the clouds. It is they who guide their members. They will rest in the Spirit without suffering. And because of this the 15 appointed term of Faith appeared upon the earth for a short time, until the Darkness is taken away from her, and her testimony is revealed 20 which was revealed by me. They who will prove to be from her root will strip off the Darkness and the chaotic fire. 25 They will put on the light of the mind and they will bear witness. For all that I have said must happen.

After I cease to be upon the earth and 30 withdraw up to my rest, a great, evil error will come upon the world, and many evils in accordance with the number of the forms of 44 Nature. Evil times will come. And when the era of Nature is approaching destruction,

darkness will 5 come upon the earth. The number will be small. And a demon will come up from the power who has a likeness of fire. He will divide the heaven, (and) he will rest 10 in the depth of the east. For the whole world will quake. And the deceived world will be thrown into confusion. Many places will be flooded because of 15 envy of the winds and the demons who have a name which is senseless: Phorbea, Chloerga. They are the ones who govern the world with their teaching. And they lead astray 20 many hearts because of their disorder and their unchastity. Many places will be sprinkled with blood. And five races by themselves 25 will eat their sons. But the regions of the south will receive the Word of the Light. But they who are from the error of the world 30 and from the east – . A demon will come forth from (the) belly of the serpent. He was 45 in hiding in a desolate place. He will perform many wonders. Many will loathe him. A wind will come forth from his mouth with a female likeness. Her name will be called Abalphe. He will reign over the world from the east to the west.

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