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And my garment of fire, according to the will of the Majesty, went down to what is strong, and to the 30 unclean part of Nature which (the) power of darkness was covering. And my garment rubbed Nature in her covering. And her unclean 35 femininity was strong. And the wrathful womb came up 19 and made the mind dry, resembling a fish which has a drop of fire and a power of fire. And when Nature 5 had cast off the mind, she was troubled and she wept. When she was hurt, and in her tears, she cast off the power of the Spirit 30 (and) remained as I. I put on the light of the Spirit and I rested with my garment on account of the sight of the fish.

And in order that the deeds of Nature might be condemned, 15 since she is blind, manifold animals came out of her, in accordance with the number of the fleeting winds. All of them came into being in Hades searching for the light 20 of the mind which took shape. They were not able to stand up against it. I rejoiced over their ignorance. I They found me, the son of the Majesty, in 25 front of the womb which has many forms. I put on the beast, and laid before her a great request

that heaven and earth 30 might come into being, in order that the whole light might rise up. For in no other way could the power of the Spirit be saved from bondage except that I appear 35 to her in animal form. Therefore she was gracious to me 20 as if I were her son.

And on account of my request, Nature arose since she possesses of the power of the Spirit and the Darkness 5 and the fire. For she had taken off her forms. When she had cast it off, she blew upon the water. The heaven was created. And from the foam of the heaven 10

the earth came into being. And at my wish it brought forth all kinds of food in accordance with the number of the beasts. And it brought forth dew from the winds on account of you (pl.) and those 15 who will be begotten the second time upon the earth. For the earth possessed a power of chaotic fire. Therefore it brought forth 20 every seed.

And when the heaven and the earth were created, my garment of fire arose in the midst of the cloud of Nature (and) shone upon the whole world 25 until Nature became dry. The Darkness which was its (i.e. the earth’s) garment was cast into the harmful waters. The middle region was cleansed from the Darkness. 30 But the womb grieved because of what had happened. She perceived in her parts what was water like a mirror. When she perceived (it), she wondered 25 how it had come into being. Therefore she remained a widow. It also was 21 astonished (that) it was not in her. For still the forms possessed a power of fire and light. It (i.e. the power) remained 5 in order that it might be in Nature until all the powers are taken away from her. For just as the light of the Spirit was completed in three clouds, it is necessary 10 that also the power which is in Hades will be completed at the appointed time. For, because of the grace of the Majesty, I came forth to

her from the water for the second time. 15 For my face pleased her. Her face also was glad.

And I said to her, “May seed and power come forth from you 20 upon the earth.” And she obeyed the will of the Spirit that she might be brought to naught. And when her forms returned, they rubbed their tongue(s) with each other; they copulated; 25 they begot winds and demons and the power which is from the fire and the Darkness and the Spirit. But the form which remained alone cast the 30 beast from herself. She did not have intercourse, but she was the one who rubbed herself alone. And she brought forth a wind which possessed a power 35 from the fire and the Darkness and the Spirit.

And in order that the 22 demons also might become free from the power which they possessed through the impure intercourse, a womb was with the winds 5 resembling water. And an unclean penis was with the demons in accordance with the example of the Darkness, and in the way he rubbed with the womb from the beginning. And after 10 the forms of Nature had been together, they separated from each other. They cast off the power, being astonished about the deceit which had happened to them. They grieved 15 with an eternal grief. They covered themselves with their power.

And when I had put them to shame, I arose with my garment in the power and — which is above the beast which is a light, 20 in order that I might make Nature desolate. The mind which had appeared in the Nature of Darkness, (and) which was the eye of the heart of Darkness, at my wish reigned over 25 the winds and the demons. And I gave him a likeness of fire, light, and attentiveness, and a share of guileless word. Therefore he was given of the greatness 30 in order to be strong in his power, independent of the power, independent of the light of the Spirit, and intercourse of Darkness, in order that, at the end of time, when 23 Nature will be destroyed, he may rest in the honored place. For he will be found faithful, since he has loathed 5 the unchastity of Nature with the Darkness. The strong power of the mind came into being from the mind and the unbegotten Spirit.

But the winds, which are demons 10 from water and fire and darkness and light, had intercourse unto perdition. And through this intercourse the winds received in their womb 15 foam from the penis of the demons. They conceived a power in their womb. From the breathing the wombs of the winds girded each other 20 until the times of the birth came. They went down to the water. And the power was delivered, through the breathing which moves the birth, in the midst of the practice. And 25 every form of the birth received shape in it. When the times of the birth were near, all the winds were gathered from the water which is near the 30 earth. They gave birth to all kinds of unchastity. And the place where the wind alone went was permeated with the unchastity. Barren wives came from it 35 and sterile husbands. 24 For just as they are born, so they bear.

Because of you (pl.), the image of the Spirit appeared in the earth and the water. 5 For you are like the Light. For you possess a share of the winds and the demons, and a thought from the Light of the power of the Astonishment. 10 For everything which he brought forth from the womb upon the earth was not a good thing for her, but her groan and her pain, because of the image which appeared in 15 you from the Spirit. For you are exalted

in your heart. And it is blessedness, Shem, if 20 a part is given to someone and if he departs from the soul to (go) to the thought of the Light. For the soul is a burden of the Darkness, and those who know where the root of the soul came from will be able to grope after Nature also. 25 For the soul is a work of unchastity and an (object of) scorn to the thought of Light. For I am the one who revealed concerning all that is unbegotten. 30

And in order that the sin of Nature might be filled, I made the womb, which was disturbed, pleasant – the blind wisdom – that I might be able to bring (it) to naught. And at my 25 wish, he plotted with the water of Darkness and also the Darkness, that they might wound every form of your (pl.) heart. For by 5 the will of the light of the Spirit they

surrounded you; they bound you in Faith. And in order that his plan might become idle, he sent a demon 10 that the plan of her wickedness might be proclaimed. And he caused a flood, and he destroyed your (pl.) race, in order to take the light and to take from 15 Faith. But I proclaimed quickly by the mouth of the demon that a tower come to be up to the particle of the light, which was left in the demons and 20 their race – which was water – that the demon might be protected from the turbulent chaos. And the womb planned these things according to my will in order that she might 25 pour forth completely. A tower came to be through the demons. The Darkness was disturbed by his loss. He loosened the muscles of the womb. And the demon 30 who was going to enter the tower was protected in order that the races might continue and might acquire coherence through him. For he possesses power from every form. 35

Return henceforth, 26 O Shem, and rejoice [greatly] over your race and Faith, for without body and necessity it is protected from 5 every body of Darkness, bearing witness to the holy things of the greatness which was revealed to them in their thought by my will. And they shall rest in the unbegotten Spirit 10 without grief. But you, Shem, because of this, you remained in (the) body outside the cloud of light that you might remain with Faith. And Faith 15 will come to you. Her thought will be taken and given to you with a consciousness of light. And I told you these things for the benefit of your race from the cloud of light. 20 And likewise what I shall say to you concerning everything, I shall reveal to you completely that you may reveal them to those who will be upon the earth

the 25 second time.

O Shem, the disturbance which occurred at my wish happened in order that Nature might become empty. For the wrath of the Darkness subsided. 30 O Shem, the Darkness’ mouth was shut. No longer does the light which shone for the world appear in it, according to my will. And when Nature had said that 35 its wish was fulfilled, then every form was engulfed by the waters 27 in prideful ignorance. She (i.e. Nature) turned her dark vagina and cast from her the power of fire 5 which was in her from the beginning through the practice of the Darkness. It (masc.) lifted itself up and shone upon the whole world instead of the righteous one. And all her forms 10 sent forth a power like a flame of fire up to heaven as a help to the corrupted light, which had lifted itself up. For they were members of the 15 chaotic fire. And she did not know that she had harmed herself. When she cast forth the power, the power which she possessed, she cast it forth from the genitals. It was the demon, 20 a deceiver, who stirred up the womb in every form – . And in her ignorance, as if she were doing a great thing, she granted the demons 25 and the

winds a star each. For without wind and star nothing happens upon the earth. For every power is filled by them after they were 30 released from the Darkness and the fire and the power and the light. For in the place where their darkness and their fire were mixed with each other beasts were brought forth. And it was in the place 35 of the Darkness, and the fire, and the power 28 of the mind, and the light, that human beings came into existence. Being from the Spirit, the thought of the Light, my eye, exists not in every man. 5 For before the flood came from the winds and the demons, rain came to men. But then, in

order that the power which is in the tower might be brought forth, 10 and might rest upon the earth Nature, which had been disturbed, wanted to harm the seed which will be upon

the earth after the flood. 15 Demons were sent to them, and a deviation of the winds, and a

burden of the angels, and a fear of the prophet, a condemnation of speech, that I may 20

teach you, O Shem, from what blindness your race is protected. When I have revealed to you all that has been spoken, then the righteous one will 25 shine upon the world with my garment. And the night and the day will be separated. For I shall hasten down to the world to take the light of that place, the one which 30 Faith possesses. And I shall appear to those who will acquire the thought of the light of the Spirit. For because of them my majesty appeared.

When 35 he will have appeared, O Shem, upon the earth, [in] the place which will be 29 called Sodom, (then) safeguard the insight which I shall give you. For those whose heart was pure will congregate to you, 5 because of the word which you will reveal. For when you appear in the world, dark Nature will shake against you, 10 together with the winds and a demon, that they may destroy the insight. But you, proclaim quickly to the Sodomites your universal teaching, 15 for they are your members. For the demon of human form will part from that place by my will, since he is ignorant. He will guard this utterance. But the 20 Sodomites, according to the will of the Majesty, will bear witness to the universal testimony. They will rest with a pure conscience in the place 25 of their repose, which is the unbegotten Spirit. And as these things will happen, Sodom will be burned unjustly by a base nature. 30 For the evil will not cease in order that your majesty may reveal that place.

Then 30 the demon will depart with Faith. And then he will appear in the four regions of the world. And when 5 Faith appears in the last likeness, then will her appearance become manifest. For the firstborn is the demon who appeared in the union 10 of Nature with many faces, in order that Faith might appear in him. For when he appears in the world,

evil passions will arise, 15 and earthquakes, and wars, and famines, and blasphemies. For because of him the whole world will be disturbed. For he will seek the power 20 of Faith

and Light; he will not find it. For at that time the demon will also appear upon the river to baptize with an 25 imperfect baptism, and to trouble the world with a bondage of water. But it is necessary for me to appear in the members of the thought of Faith to 30 reveal the great things of my power. I shall separate it from the demon who is Soldas. And the light which he possesses from the Spirit I shall mix 35 with my invincible garment, as well as him whom I shall reveal 31 in the darkness for your sake and for the sake of your race which will be protected from the evil Darkness.

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