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in order that his light may be pitied and 35 the likeness brought up from Hades.

And when the Spirit had looked, flowed 7 out – , the son of the Majesty – like a wave of bright light and like a whirlwind of the immortal Spirit. And blew from 5 the cloud of the Hymen upon the Astonishment of the unbegotten Spirit. It (i.e. the cloud) separated and cast light upon the clouds. These separated in order that the Spirit might return. Because of this the mind 10 took shape. Its repose was shattered. For the Hymen of Nature was a cloud which cannot be grasped; it is a great fire. Similarly, the Afterbirth 15 of Nature is the cloud of silence; it is an august fire. And the Power which was mixed with the mind, it, too, was a cloud of Nature which 20 was joined with the Darkness that had aroused Nature to unchastity. And the dark water was a frightful cloud. And the root 25 of Nature, which was below, was crooked, since it is burdensome and harmful. The root was blind with respect to the light-bondage which was unfathomable since 30 it had many appearances.

And had pity on the light (of) the Spirit which the mind had received. returned to my position in order to pray 35 to the exalted, infinite Light 8 that the power of the Spirit might increase on the place and might be filled without dark defilement. And 5 reverently said, "Thou art the root of the Light. Thy hidden form has appeared, O exalted, infinite one. May the whole power of 10 the Spirit spread and may it be filled with its light, O infinite Light. (Then) he will not be able to join with the unbegotten Spirit, and the power of the Astonishment will not be able to 15 mix with Nature. According to the will of the Majesty," my prayer was accepted.

And the voice of the Word was heard saying through the Majesty to the 20 unbegotten Spirit, "Behold, the power has been completed. He who was revealed by me appeared in the Spirit. Again I shall appear. I am Derdekeas, the son 25 of the incorruptible, infinite Light."

The light of the infinite Spirit came down to a feeble nature for a short time until 30 all the impurity of nature became void, and in order that the darkness of Nature might be blamed. I put on my garment which is the garment of the light 35 of the Majesty – which I am.

I came in the appearance of the 9 Spirit to consider the whole light which was in the depths of the Darkness. According to the will of the Majesty, in order that the Spirit 5 by

means of the Word might be filled with his light independently of the power of the infinite Light, and at my wish, the Spirit arose by his (own) power. 10 His greatness was granted to him that he might be filled with his whole light and depart from the whole burden of the Darkness. For what was behind was a dark fire which blew 15 (and) pressed on the Spirit. And the Spirit rejoiced because he was protected from the frightful water. But his light was not equal to the Majesty. But <what> he was granted 20 by the infinite Light, (he was granted it) in order that in all his members he might appear as a single image of light. And when the Spirit arose above the water, 25 his black likeness became apparent. And the Spirit honored the exalted Light: "Surely thou alone art the infinite one, because thou art above 30 every unbegotten thing, for thou hast protected me from the Darkness. And at thy wish I arose above the power of darkness.

And that nothing might be hidden from you, Shem, the thought, 35 which the Spirit from the greatness had contemplated, came into being, 10 since the Darkness was not able [to] restrain his evil. But when it appeared, the three roots became known as they 5 were from the beginning. If the Darkness had been able to bear up under his evil, the mind would not have separated from him, and another power would not have appeared. 10

But from the time it appeared I was seen, the son of the Majesty, in order that the light of the Spirit might not become faint, and that Nature might not reign 15 over it, because it gazed at me. And by the will of the greatness my equality was revealed, that what is of the Power might become apparent. You 20 are the great Power which came into being, and I am the perfect Light which is above the Spirit and the Darkness, the one who puts to shame the Darkness for the intercourse of the impure 25 practice. For through the division of Nature the Majesty wished to be covered with honor up to the height of the Thought of the Spirit. And the Spirit received 30 rest in his power.

For the image of the Light is inseparable from the unbegotten Spirit. And the lawgivers did not name him after all the clouds 35 of Nature, nor is it possible to name them. For every likeness 11 into which Nature had divided is a power of the chaotic fire which is the hylic seed. The one who took to himself 5 the power of the Darkness imprisoned it in the midst of its members.

And by the will of the Majesty, in order that the mind and the whole light of the Spirit might be protected 10 from every burden and (from) the toil of Nature, a voice came forth from the Spirit to the cloud of the Hymen. And the light of the astonishment began to re- joice with the voice 15 which was granted to him. And the great Spirit of light was in the

cloud of the Hymen. He honored the infinite Light and the universal likeness 20 who I am, the son of the Majesty. It is said: "Anasses Duses, thou art the infinite Light who was

given by the will 25 of the Majesty to establish every light of the Spirit upon the place, and to separate the mind from the Darkness. For it was not right 30 for the light of the Spirit to

remain in Hades. For at thy wish the Spirit arose to behold thy greatness."

For I said these things to you, 35 Shem, that you might know 12 that my likeness, the son of the Majesty, is from my infinite Thought, since I am for him a universal likeness 5 which does not lie, (and) I am above every truth and origin of the word. His appearance is

in my beautiful garment of light which is the voice of the immeasurable Thought. 10 We are that single, sole light which came into being. He appeared in another root in order that the power of the Spirit might be raised from the 15 feeble Nature. For by the will of the great Light I came forth from the exalted Spirit down to the cloud of the Hymen without my universal garment.

And the Word took 20 me to himself, from the Spirit, in the first cloud of the Hymen of Nature. And I put on this of which the Majesty and the unbegotten Spirit made me worthy. 25 And the threefold unity of my garment appeared in the cloud, by the will of the Majesty, in a single form. And my likeness was covered 30 with the light of my garment. And the cloud was disturbed, and it was not able to bear my likeness. It shed the first power, the one (which) it had taken from 35 the Spirit, that one which shone on him from the beginning, before (I) appeared in the word to the Spirit. The cloud 13 would not have been able to bear both of them. And the light which came forth from the cloud passed through the silence, until it came into the middle region. And, 5 by the will of the Majesty, the light mixed with him I (i.e.) the Spirit which exists in the silence, he who had been separated from the Spirit of light. It was separated from the light 10 by the cloud of the silence. The cloud was disturbed. It was he who gave rest to the flame of fire. He humbled the dark womb in order that she might not reveal 15 other seed from the darkness. He kept them back in the middle region of Nature in their position which was in the cloud. They were troubled since they did 20 not know where they were. For still

they (did> not possess the universal understanding of the Spirit.

And when I prayed to the Majesty, toward the 25 infinite Light, that the chaotic power of the Spirit might go to and fro, and the dark womb might be idle, and that my likeness might appear 30 in the cloud of the Hymen, as if I were wrapped in the light of the Spirit which went before me, and by the will of the Majesty and through 35 the prayer I came in the cloud in order that through my garment – which was from the power 14 of the Spirit

– the pleroma of the word, might bring power to the members who possessed it in the Darkness. For because of them I appeared 5 in this insignificant place. For I am a helper of every one who has been given a name. For when I appeared in the cloud, the light 10 of the Spirit began to save itself from the frightful water, and (from) the clouds of fire which had been separated from dark Nature. And I gave them eternal honor 35 that they might not again engage in the impure practice.

And the light which was in the Hymen was disturbed by my power, and it passed through my middle region. It 20 was filled with the universal Thought. And through the word of the light of the Spirit it returned to its repose. It received form in its root and shone 25 without deficiency. And the light which had come forth with it from the silence went in the middle region and returned to the place. And the cloud shone. 30 And from it came an unquenchable fire. And the part which separated from the astonishment put on forgetfulness. It was deceived by 35 the fire of darkness. And the shock of its astonishment cast off the burden of the 15 cloud. It was evil since it was unclean. And the fire mixed with the water in order that the waters might become harmful. 5

And Nature which had been disturbed immediately arose from the idle waters. For her ascent was shameful. And Nature took to herself the 10 power of fire. She became strong because of the light of the Spirit which was in Nature. Her likeness appeared in the water in the form of a frightful beast 35 with many faces, which is crooked below. A light went

down to chaos filled with mist and dust, in order to harm Nature. 20 And the light of the Astonishment which is in the middle region came to it after he cast off the burden of the

Darkness. He rejoiced when the Spirit arose. For he looked 25 from the clouds down at the dark waters upon the light which was in the depths of Nature.

Therefore I appeared that I might 30 get an opportunity to go down to the nether world, to the light of the Spirit which was burdened, that I might protect him from the evil of the burden. And through 35 his looking down at the dark region the light once more 16 came up in order that the womb might again come up from the water. She (i.e. the womb) came up by my will. Guilefully the eye opened. 5 And the light which had appeared in the middle region (and) which had separated from the Astonishment rested and shone upon her. And the womb saw 10 things she had not seen, and she rejoiced joyfully in the light, although this was not hers — the one which appeared in the middle region, in her wickedness, when he (i.e. the light) shone 15 upon her. And the womb saw things she had not seen, and she was brought down to the water, she was thinking that she had reached to the power of light. 20 And she did not know that her root was made idle by the likeness of the Light, and that it was to her (i.e. the root) that he had run.

The light was astonished, the one which was in 25 the middle region and which was beginning and end. Therefore his thought gazed directly up at the exalted Light. And he called out and said, 20 "Lord, have mercy on me, for my light and my effort went astray. For if thy goodness does not establish me, I do not know where I am." And when the Majesty 35 had heard him, he had mercy on him. '

And I appeared in the cloud of the Hymen, in the silence, 17 without my holy garment. With my will I honored my garment which has three forms in the cloud of the Hymen. 5 And the light which was in the silence, the one from the rejoicing Power, contained me. I wore it. And its two parts appeared 10 in a single form. Its other parts did not appear on account of the fire. I became unable to speak in the cloud of the Hymen, for its fire was frightful, 15 lifting itself up without humility. And in order that my greatness and the word might appear, I placed likewise my other garment in the cloud of the silence. 20 I went into the middle region and put on the light that was in it, that was sunk in forgetfulness and that was separated from the Spirit of astonishment, for he had cast off the burden. 25 At my wish nothing mortal appeared to him, but they were all immortal things which the Spirit granted to him. And he said in 30 the thought of the Light, ai eis ai ou phar dou is ei ou: I have come in a great rest in order that he may give rest to my light in 35 his root, and may bring it out of 18 harmful Nature.

Then, by the will of the Majesty, I took off my garment of light. I put on another garment 5 of fire which has no form, which is from the mind of the power, which was separated, and which was prepared for me, according to my will, in the middle region. For the middle region 30 covered it with a dark power in order that I might come and put it on. I

went down to chaos to save the whole light from it. For without 15 the power of darkness I could not oppose Nature. But I rested myself upon her staring eye 20 which was a light from the Spirit. For it had been prepared for me as a garment and a rest by the Spirit. Through me he opened his eyes down to 25 Hades. He granted Nature his voice for a time. '

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