The Lost Books of the Bible

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[The Epistles of Ignatius are translated by Archbishop Wake from the text of Vossius. He says that there were considerable differences in the editions; the best for a long time extant containing fabrications, and the genuine being altered and corrupted. Archbishop Usher printed old Latin translations of them at Oxford, in 1644. At Amsterdam, two years afterwards, Vossius printed six of them, in their ancient and pure Greek; and the seventh greatly amended from the ancient Latin version, was printed at Paris, by Ruinart, in 1689, in the Acts and Martyrdom of Ignatius, from a Greek uninterpolated copy. These are supposed to form the collection that Polycarp made of the Epistles of Ignatius, mentioned by Irenaeus, Origen, Eusebius, Jerome, Athanasius, Theodoret, and other ancients; but many learned men have imagined all of them to be apocryphal. This supposition, the piety of Archbishop Wake, and his persuasion of their utility to the faith of the church, will not permit him to entertain; hence he has taken great pains to render the present translation acceptable, by adding numerous readings and references to the Canonical Books.]


1 Commends them for sending Onesimus, and other members of the church to him. 8 Exhorts them to unity, 13 by a due subjection to their bishop.

IGNATIUS, who is also called Theophorus, to the church which is at Ephesus in Asia; most deservedly happy; being blessed [*1] through the greatness and fulness [*2] of God the Father, and predestinated before the world began, that it should be always unto an enduring and unchangeable glory; being united and chosen [*3] through his true passion, according to the will of the Father, and Jesus Christ our God; all [*4] happiness, by Jesus Christ, and [*5] his undefiled grace.

2 I have heard of your name much beloved in God; which ye have [*6] very justly attained by a [*7] habit of righteousness, according to the faith and love which is in Jesus Christ our Saviour.

3 How that being [*8] followers of God, and stirring up yourselves by the blood of Christ ye have perfectly accomplished the work that was con-natural unto you.

4 For hearing that I came bound from Syria, for the common name and [*9] hope, trusting through your prayers to fight with beasts at Rome; so that by [*10] suffering I may become indeed the disciple of him [*11] who gave himself to God, an offering and sacrifice for us; [*12] (ye hastened to see me). I received, therefore, in the name of God, your whole multitude in Onesimus.

5 Who by inexpressible love is ours, but according to the flesh is your bishop; whom I beseech you, by Jesus Christ, to love; and that you would all strive to be like unto him. And blessed be God, who has granted unto you, who are so worthy of him, to [*13] enjoy such an excellent bishop.

6 For what concerns my fellow servant Burrhus, and your [*14] most blessed deacon in things pertaining to God; I entreat you that he may tarry longer, both for yours, and your bishop’s honour.

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7 And Crocus also worthy both our God and you, whom I have received as the pattern of your love, has in all things refreshed me, as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ shall also refresh him; together with Onesimus, and Burrhus, and Euclus, and Fronto, [*1] in whom I have, as to your charity, seen all of you. And may I always, [*2] have joy of you, if I shall be worthy of it.

8 It is therefore fitting that you should [*3] by all means glorify Jesus Christ who hath glorified you: that [*4] by a uniform obedience [*5] ye may be perfectly joined together, in the same mind, and in the same judgment: and may all speak the same things concerning everything.

9 And that being subject to [*6] your bishop, and the presbytery, ye may be wholly and thoroughly sanctified.

10 These things I [*7] prescribe to you, not as if I were somebody extraordinary: for though I am bound [*8] for his name, I am not yet perfect in Christ Jesus. [*9] But now I begin to learn, and I speak to you as fellow disciples together with me.

11 For I ought to have been stirred up by you, in faith, in admonition, in patience, in long-suffering; but forasmuch as charity suffers me not to be silent [*10] towards you, I have first taken upon me to exhort you, that ye would all run together according to the will of God.

12 For even Jesus Christ, our inseparable life, is sent by the [*11] will of the Father; as the bishops, appointed unto the utmost bounds of the earth, are by the will of Jesus Christ.

13 [*12] Wherefore it will become you to run together according to the will of your bishop, as also ye do.

14 For your [*13] famous presbytery, worthy of God, is fitted as exactly to the bishop, as the strings are to the harp.

15 Therefore in your concord and agreeing charity, Jesus Christ is sung; and every single person among you makes up the chorus:

16 That so being all consonant in [*14] love, and taking up the song of God, ye may in a perfect unity with one voice, sing to the Father by Jesus Christ; to the end that he may both hear you, and perceive by your works, that ye are indeed the members of his son.

17 Wherefore it is profitable for you to live in an unblameable unity, that so ye may always [*15] have a fellowship with God.


1 The benefit of subjection. 4 The bishop not to be respected the less because he is not forward in exacting it: 8 warns them against heretics; bidding them cleave to Jesus, whose divine and human nature is declared; commends them for their care to keep themselves front false teachers; and shews them the way to God.

FOR if I in this little time have had such a familiarity with your bishop, I mean not a carnal, but spiritual acquaintance with him; how much more must I think you happy who are so joined to him, as the church is to Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ to

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the Father; that so all things may agree in the same unity?

2 Let no man deceive himself; if a man be not within the altar, he is deprived of the bread of God. For if the prayers of [*1] one or two be of such force, as we are told; how much more powerful shall that of the bishop and the whole church be?

3 He therefore that does not come together in the same place with it, is [*2] proud, and has already [*3] condemned himself. For it is written, [*4] God resisteth the proud. Let us take heed therefore, that we do not set ourselves against the bishop, that we may be subject to God.

4 [*5] The more any one sees his bishop silent, the more let him revere him. For whomsoever the master of the house sends to be over his own household, we ought in like manner to receive him, as we would do him that sent him. It is therefore evident that we ought to look upon the bishop, even as we would do upon the Lord himself.

5 And indeed Onesimus himself does greatly commend your good order in God: that you all live according to the truth, and that no heresy dwells among you. For neither do ye hearken to any one more than to Jesus Christ speaking to you in truth.

6 For some there are who [*6] carry about the name of Christ [*7] in deceitfulness, but do things unworthy of God; whom ye must [*8] flee, as ye would do so many wild beasts. For they are ravening dogs, who bite secretly: against whom ye must guard yourselves, as men hardly to be cured.

7 There is one physician, both fleshly and spiritual; made and not made; God incarnate; true life in death; both of Mary and of God; first , then impassible; even Jesus Christ our Lord.

8 Wherefore let no man deceive you; as indeed neither are ye deceived. being wholly the servants of God. For inasmuch as there is no contention nor strife among you, [*9] to trouble you, [*10] ye must needs live according to God’s will. [*11] My soul be for yours; and I myself the expiatory offering for your church of Ephesus, so famous [*12] throughout the world.

9 They that are of the flesh cannot do the works of the spirit; neither they that are of the spirit the works of the flesh. [*13] As he that has faith cannot be an infidel; nor he that is an infidel have faith. But even those things which ye do according to the flesh are spiritual; forasmuch as ye do all things in Jesus Christ.

10 Nevertheless I have [*14] heard of some who have [*15] passed by you, having perverse doctrine; whom ye did not suffer to sow [*16] among you; but stopped your ears, that ye might not receive those things that were sown by them; [*17] as becoming the stones of the temple of the Father, prepared for [*18] his building; and drawn up on high by the Cross of Christ, [*19] as by an engine.

11 Using the Holy Ghost as

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the rope: your faith being your; and your charity the way that leads unto God.

12 Ye are therefore, with all your companions in the same [*1] journey, full of God; his spiritual temples, [*2] full of Christ, full of holiness: adorned in all things with the commands of Christ.

13 In whom also I rejoice that I have been thought worthy by [*3] this present epistle to converse, and joy together with you; that with respect to the other life, ye love nothing but God only.


1 Exhorts them to prayer; to be unblameable. 5 To be careful of salvation; 11 frequent in public devotion; 13 and to live in charity.

PRAY also without ceasing for other men: for there is hope of repentance in them, that they may attain unto God. Let them therefore at least be instructed by your works, if they will be no other way.

2 Be ye mild at their anger; humble at their boasting; to their blasphemies return your prayers: to their error, your [*4] firmness in the faith: when they are cruel, be ye gentle; not endeavouring to imitate their ways.

(3 Let us be their brethren in all kindness and moderation, but let us be followers of the Lord; [*5] for who was ever more unjustly used? More destitute? More despised?)

4 That so no herb of the devil may be found in you: but ye may remain in all holiness and sobriety [*6] both of body and spirit, in Christ Jesus.

5 The last times [*7] are come upon us: let us therefore be very reverent and fear the long-suffering of God, that it be not to us e unto condemnation.

6 For let us either fear the wrath that is to come, or let us love the grace [*8] that we at present enjoy: that [*9] by the one, or other, of these we may be found in Christ Jesus, unto true life.

7 [*10] Besides him, let nothing [*11] be worthy of you; [*12] for whom also I bear about these bonds, those spiritual jewels, in which I would to God that I might arise through your prayers.

8 Of which I entreat you to make me always partaker, that I may be found in the lot of the Christians of Ephesus, who have always [*13] agreed with the Apostles, [*14] through the power of Jesus Christ.

9 I know both who I am, and to whom I write; I, a person condemned: ye, such as have obtained mercy: I, exposed to danger; ye, confirmed against danger.

10 Ye are the passage of those that are killed for God; the companions of Paul in the mysteries of the Gospel; the Holy, the [*15] martyr, the deservedly most happy Paul: at whose feet may I be found, when I shall have attained unto God; who [*16] throughout all his epistle, makes mention of you in Christ Jesus.

11 Let it be your care therefore to come more fully together, to the praise and glory of God. For when ye meet fully together in the same place, the powers of

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the devil are destroyed, and his [*1] mischief is dissolved by the [*2] unity of their faith.

12 And indeed, nothing is better than peace, by which all war both [*3] spiritual and earthly is abolished.

13 Of all which nothing is hid from you, if ye have perfect faith and charity in Christ Jesus, which are the beginning and end of life.

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