ISIS Getting Slaughtered, “Moderate” Terrorist or Not

By |October 19th, 2015

This video is amazing. At the 4:23 point mark you are seeing Russian pilots waging suicide attacks against ISIS, Stalingrad style. They are flying directly into anti-aircraft fire, in full daylight.

Select Children’s Books by Madonna

By |March 26th, 2015

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like Madonna's sham. Would you like her shitty books here or there? I would not like them here or there. I would not like them anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham, "The English Roses," or Viagra spam. I do not like Madonna, ma'am. I do not like them, Sam-I-am. Would you like them in a house? Would you like them with a mouse? I do not like them in a house. I do not like them with a mouse. I do not like how you inquire. I hope you all die in a fire.

Scientific Method and WTC Bldg. 7: Video, Audio Update

By |February 13th, 2015

"The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined giving immediately advantage to rogue states and Islamic terrorists."


By |October 30th, 2014

Video slideshow. Critical videos on 9/11 for understanding the neocon regime change that came after the terrorist attack.

Report: 70 Percent Of All Praise Sarcastic

By |April 20th, 2013

Is that compliment real or not? A new report tells you how to know the difference.

Inexcusable Huffington Post Censorship

By |March 31st, 2013

Aren't racist tirades damnable no matter who they come from? Or, to borrow a phrase from George Orwell's Animal Farm, are some people "more equal" than others?

Obama Girl: Hillary! Stop the Attacks!

By |March 17th, 2013

In our continuing Impious showcase of the most notable campaign music videos we can find while scouring the net, we offer Obama Girl's latest.