Illustrated History of Scientology

The Illustrated History of Scientology, by Rick Vodica, perhaps the funniest and most dangerous work to ever haunt the Church of Scientology.

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L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Audio Proves he’s Batshit Crazy

Now this is Hubbard in his own words, his own lectures. They have not been tampered with and are consistent with member accounts. Video features artwork of L. Rick Vodicka and actual Hubbard audio describing the history of Earth, the evil galactic overlord Xenu, how souls (thetans) came about after he drugged trillions of earth inhabitants, stacked them by volcanoes into which he then dropped h-bombs.

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The Teachings of Satanist Aleister Crowley vs. Neo-Con Morality

"Cheney and his like are the evil people and we certainly are not going to prevail in the struggle with radical religion if we listen to people as he... With people such as Cheney assisting them, they are far more likely to succeed."