Sorcha Faal

Russian Intel Chief Blasts Trump Loyalists For Revealing Communist Terror Cell That Was Running CIA And FBI

A “frustrating exchange” [exact wording Это так раздражает] relating to Trump loyalists Rudy Giuliani and US Congressman Devin Nunes beginning to expose the workings of the secret communist terror cell that had operated at the top levels of the Obama Regimes intelligence agencies—with Congressman Nunes first revealing that that the fabricated Trump-Russia Dossier was created by the “Russian propaganda arm of the Democratic Party” working within the FBI, and Attorney Giuliani revealing that former CIA Director John Brennan, a known communist, was the mastermind behind the coup plot against President Donald Trump—and that SVR Director Naryshkin asserts breaks an agreement made with Trump’s former CIA Director Mike Pompeo to keep this information secret until mass arrests are made, but that Chairwoman Matviyenko maintains is out of the control of Trump whose nation is nearing civil war. […]