Sorcha Faal

Trump First President In History To Survive “Deep State” Coup

President Putin’s “regret that documents of such poor quality have a direct impact on Russian-US relations” in regards to the release this past week of the Mueller Report—and his further questioning about it “what has US taxpayers’ money been spent on”—states that the American peoples verdict about this sordid and deceiving document prepared by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been shown by their massive 250% increase in donations to President Donald Trump’s campaign war chest—matched by their equal massive donations to Trump’s Republican National Committee—and are war chest monies sure to be needed by the first President in US history to survive a “Deep State” coup—one of whose main leaders of, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, is now loudly “beating the impeachment drum” against a vengeful crusading knight Trump vowing to make sure that was done to him, never happens again.  […]