A Boycott App to Stop the Corporate Media Smear Machine: The Cuomo

Based on a dipshit politician convinced that support of a boycott movement against Israeli companies constitutes a criminal act, this app was proposed. In the Old South, authorities tried to punish blacks that participated in the bus boycotts, so they tried to arrest any black people they saw walking. It backfired. An app like this could automatically boycott businesses behind this attack on free speech.

ZIONISIS: Bullies as Victims

Don't play victim when you have the Senate, Congress, the US media, Hollywood, the United States armed forces and intelligence agencies under your thumb. You're a fucking bully, everyone knows it, and you're embarrassing yourself. Unless you're Benjamin Netanyahu. Nothing embarrasses a psychopath.

ONN: Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

After jerking off to birther nuts, particularly himself, Beck went on to call Obama a racist. This was the last straw, since it has always been clear that Beck is the actual racist. A boycott was launched.

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