Sorcha Faal

American Shock Drop Of “Mother Of All Bombs” Sends Russian Nuclear Forces To Highest Alert

Following President Donald Trump telling his Pentagon chief that he doesn’t want war with Iran—and his then Tweeting out “My Campaign for President was conclusively spied on. Nothing like this has ever happened in American Politics. A really bad situation. TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!”—unknown elements within the American military establishment sent out an “Ominous Message” via a non-descriptive suspiciously timed video showing one of their B-2 stealth bombers dropping what is fearsomely called the “Mother Of All Bombs”—that comes during a week in which Russian fighter aircraft have had to scramble to fend off 21 foreign aerial vehicles conducting reconnaissance in proximity to Russia’s borders—and mere hours after the MoD alerted the world about US-backed radical Islamic terrorists in Syria preparing to conduct a “false flag” chemical weapon attack that would be blamed on Russia—thus leaving President Putin with no choice but to activate the “Escalate to De-escalate” military doctrine which allows the first-strike use of nuclear weapons as an instrument of strategic deterrence.  […]

Sorcha Faal

American Troops By The Tens-Of-Thousands Flood Into Pacific Region

A tersely worded new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today confirming the 2017 prescient warning of President Putin that “the nation that leads in artificial intelligence will be the ruler of the world”, states that the United States and Peoples Republic of China are now careening towards a catastrophic war with each other in their bid to prove this “Putin maxim” (a short statement expressing a general truth) true—the latest event of occurring just hours ago with the dramatic escalation of the US-China trade war that saw the Americans slamming the Chinese with punishing new tariffs Beijing is vowing to retaliate against—but has nothing actually to do trade, as its main conflict point is “which of these two nations will be world leaders in technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence and robotics”—and is a conflict the US is preparing to win at all costs with the over 85,000 military troops it has flooded into the Pacific Region. […]

Sorcha Faal

German-American Friendship “In Shreds” As Trump Prepares For European Socialist Destruction

The German media establishment announced earlier this morning that their nation’s friendship with America is now “in shreds”, states that this friendly relationship demise of the West’s two most economically powerful countries is due to “Monday being the most important day of Trump’s Presidency”—a truthful declaration made by one of his top advisors Steve Bannonwho who warned Trump “we’re in an economic war with China…it’s futile to compromise”—a warning Trump acted upon Monday after finally losing his patience with China when they returned a draft trade deal with strikeouts eliminating virtually all of the major concessions made during the past few weeks—but whose greatest significance of is Trump’s punishing new tariffs on China that “are a harbinger of what is coming for Europe”—and whose soon to be destroyed socialist leaders preparing for new EU-US trade talks now know that they “are doomed before they even start”. […]

Sorcha Faal

New York Times Issues Death Warrant For Trump And American Jews

According to this report, in 2005, Professor Laurel Leff of Northeastern University published her seminal history of The New York Times titled “Buried By The Times: The Holocaust And America’s Most Important Newspaper” wherein she documented this powerful newspaper’s catastrophically failed coverage of the fate of millions of European Jews barely existing under the tyrannical and despotic rule of the actually demonic German Nazi Regime—with her further examining how the decisions that were made by The New York Times ultimately resulted in their minimizing what turned out to be modern history’s worst genocide—and whose cause of doing so she traced to its publisher Arthur Sulzberger—who, while millions of European Jews were being slaughtered, sent a memo to all of his reporters stating: “I have been trying to instruct the people around here on the subject of the word ‘Jews’, i.e., that they are neither a race nor a people, etc.”. […]

Sorcha Faal

World Trembles In Fear As American Heartland Becomes Apocalyptic Wasteland

Over the past fortnight, this report concludes, the now near totally in control radical leftist “coastal elite” media establishment in the United States has consumed itself in an orgy of hate fueled hysteria due to President Trump having been exonerated from the lies they made up and told against him—but have shamefully done so at the expense of their failing to warn the American people of one of the greatest natural disasters their nation has ever seen—that if warned about would enable these peoples to protect themselves against the soon coming catastrophic rise in food prices—most particularly because this apocalyptic catastrophe is only getting worse—and whose most affected victims of will be those who actually believed these radical leftist monsters were telling them the truth in the first place—and for their blind ignorance and trust, will, undoubtedly, see them collapsing into tears, fears and denial, like they did the night Trump was elected. […]

Benjamin Fulford 

New American “Bill From Hell” Pushes Russian Nuclear Weapons Arsenal Behind China

US Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Philip Davidson warned the US Congress that China poses the greatest long-term threat to the United States, and Republican Party US Senator James Inhofe further warned his US Congress colleagues that China is preparing for World War III, this now completely dysfunctional lawmaking body for the American people has decided to completely ignore these warnings with their, instead, pushing for a new “bill from hell” which imposes sanctions on Russia’s banking and energy industry—an insane move which the main consequence of will see Russia placing its largest in the world nuclear weapons arsenal firmly behind China when war comes—and is why the Chinese are celebrating  and declaring that these sanctions now open doors for Russian companies in their nation. […]

Sorcha Faal

Over 5,000 American Troops Will Be Killed In Opening Minutes Of Looming “Pistachio War”

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari directly threatened Western powers by declaring “you should be afraid of the day that our precision-guided missiles roar and fall on your head”—the first of whom they fall upon being the nearly 8,000 US troops stationed in Bahrain just minutes away from Iranian missile launch sites, 5,000 of who are estimated will be killed—but none of whose grieving wives, children, parents or loved ones will know that these needless deaths were due to a commercial dispute known as the “Pistachio War”.  […]

Sorcha Faal

Russia Floods Southern Border With Troops After American Spy Capture

The outlines of this “Deep State” plan to provoke war with Russia, this report continues, began to become clearer this past year with the FSB arrest of Frode Berg—a 62-year-old Norwegian citizen who admitted that he was in Russia as a courier for the NATO-Norwegian intelligence service, and when captured, was found in the possession of two envelopes with €3,000 to be posted to a women named Natalia—and whose further FSB counterterrorism investigation of led to the 28 December capture of the American spy Paul Whelan in Moscow—both of whom are charged under the Article 276-Espionage Law of the Russian Criminal Code, which allows for sentences of up to 20 years in prison. […]

Sorcha Faal

American 911 Emergency System Crippled After Chilling Trump Message “We Are Coming”

Large portions of the 911 Emergency System in the United States have been crippled over the past 24-hours—a system managed by the American telecommunications giant CenturyLink, whose President and Chief Operating OfficerJeffrey Storey, former President Barack Obama secreted onto the critical National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTACjust weeks prior to President Donald Trump taking power. The sudden attack was pre-warned about by the feared Trump supporting private intelligence and mercenary company Blackwater who, on 26 Decembertook out a full page advertisement to chilling warn the “Deep State” that “We Are Coming![…]

Sorcha Faal

“QAnon” Sends Warning From US Generals To American People

According to this report, entirely lost in the memories of the American people (and if remembered would enable them to fully comprehend what is now occurring) is one of the most momentous events that ever occurred in their entire history on 10 September 2001—and was when then US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced to the US Congress that the Pentagon had lost track of $2.3 trillion in transactions—but that was followed, less than 24-hours later, by a catastrophic and devastating attack on both the Pentagon and New York Citynow known as 9-11. […]


Russia Bans Talks With US House Democrats After They Threaten To Nuke American Gun Owners

According to this report, Ambassador Antonov, this past week, sought MoFA leadership permission to seek meetings with the new Democrat Party leadership of the US Congress to mend Russia-US ties—with his stating that with the midterm elections now over, he wished for a serious discussion on ways to mend relations, and restore inter-parliamentary dialogue between the two countries. […]

Foreign Affairs

American 2018 Midterm Election Exposed As Most Dishonest And Manipulated In Modern World History

According to this report, with the World Economic Forum having just announced that the United States has the most competitive economy in the world—due to President Trump having created over 4 million jobs for his citizens, thus creating record low unemployment for American blacks and Latinos—one consuming only leftist mainstream propaganda could rightly get the impression that in less than two years since taking power, Trump has turned America into a racist despotic nightmare that only the Democrat Party can save—but who obviously forgot to warn the rest of the world of what Trump has done as evidenced by the tens-of-thousands of illegal brown skinned Central American migrants who are now battling with Mexican police as they surge towards the US southern border. […]