Take Heart, The Highest Law of the Land is With You

April 9, 2016 Independent Press 1

In the final analysis, any candidate that is unwilling to defend even the first article of the American constitution doesn't deserve your support, they should be dead to you, as the Constitution is dead to them. Indeed, these articles are what they will be swearing to uphold on the day of inauguration. Your most potent enemy now is the corporate media hydra that acts like the propaganda arm of an occupying power, because that is exactly what is it, that's what control by foreign bankers in an international banking cartel actually means.

If you had any doubt lawmakers had to sign a loyalty oath to Israel…

January 13, 2016 Independent Press 0

If you had any doubt lawmakers had to sign a loyalty oath to Israel, and this in an open embrace of treason, follow the events regarding their outrage on NSA spying on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The truth is, the NSA would have been derelict in their duty had they not spied on Netanyahu. We are talking about a highly narcissistic, unstable and impulsive leader whose atrocities exceed Recep Erdogan's by a mile, and whose murders include countless Americans. We are talking about a man who actually made a thinly veiled threat on Obama's life in  a Grassy Knoll reference, and this even before trying to undermine an international Iranian peace agreement. As for the loyalty oath, watch Rubio and his ilk as an example of how emasculated neocons defend the complete surrender of American sovereignty to a foreign power, Israel, using Jesus as an excuse. It is an open embrace of treason you see in someone so familiar with hypocrisy they are immune to its stench.

The One Country It’s Illegal to Boycott

August 11, 2014 Independent Press 0

You can boycott any American company, or foreign company except one. You can protest any government's foreign policy, except one. As a student, or professor, you can actually get kicked out of a university. Guess which government that is, and who exactly back policies that put this countries interests before America's?

Netanyahu Did This: ‘No child of God should ever suffer such horror’

July 24, 2014 Independent Press 1

How is it that we could believe that three murdered Israelis justifies the genocide of over 2,200 Palestinians? Where did we see that before, and did it not warrant the Nuremburg War Crimes Trial? The Nazis warned that if you killed one German, they would kill an entire village. Oradour-sur-Glane is one example. In retaliation for the killing of one Nazi officer 642 French civilians were massacred.